God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 6: Hunting the Star Lake Python (2)

Han Xiao Bao had already boarded another large boat, there were a total of three large wooden boats, each with a certain strength while on the eight small wooden boats were eight steel bows, each with a trained fishermen operating it.

Zhong Geng was on the large wooden boat which was the main force behind the attack on the Star Lake Python, as on the boat were two Milun masters. Taking on the Star Lake Python shouldn’t be a problem, the only problem they would have would be the Star Lake Python escaping.

“Pour more Scaly Crocodile blood and flesh, we don’t need to preserve it anymore.”

On the wooden boat, someone started beating a drum, causing a ‘dong dong’ sound to appear. XinFeng turned back and asked, “What’s the drumming for?”

Zhong Geng answered, “We use it to command the boats, or they won’t know what to do.”

This had the same purpose of whistling in Tiger Cliff castle and XinFeng didn’t care about it anymore. He asked, “Give me some steel harpoons.” And immediately someone carried four over and placed next to him, immediately, XinFeng placed it into his hidden Lun space. Now was not the time to use it.

As the large amounts of flesh and blood of the Scaly Crocodile was poured into the lake, the Star Lake Python from afar seemed to be elated, he could sense that from afar and begun writhing happily in the water, it’s back already revealed on the water’s surface. As it moved, water surged and at that moment, XinFeng could already tell its size. According to his calculations, this Star Lake Python was at least thirty to forty meters, it was absolutely an extremely large fellow. In his entire life, even adding on his past life, he had never met such a large fish.

But this was a lake, not the sea. There was actually such a huge lifeform, this made him extremely shocked.

Zhong Geng also saw the Star Lake Python clearly and he was instantly shocked, “This……this isn’t the Star Lake Python we met last time…..my heavens, it’s humongous!”

This Star Lake Python was bigger than the biggest boat they had. XinFeng asked, “How big was it last time?”

Zhong Geng answered, “At most as long as our small boats……oh god, how did we invite such a big one….” At that instant, he even had the thought to immediately escape, but he couldn’t bear to do so, after so long of preparations, if he did not act, then all of his efforts would have gone down the drain. He gritted his teeth, “Fuck, I don’t believe I can’t beat you!” His faith was placed on himself, and XinFeng. There were two Milun masters after all, they couldn’t possibly lose, right?

XinFeng laughed, “Without trying, how would we be sure that well lose, hehe, let’s work hard together!”

Zhong Geng had a blood rushing feeling as he commanded, “Surround it!”

Drumming sounds appeared as the eleven boats started to surround that Star Lake Python.

Suddenly, the Star Lake Python rose its body.

Only then did XinFeng clearly see the looks of the Star Lake Python, he couldn’t deny that Zhong Geng and Wu Zhen was right, this fellow was indeed beautiful, it’s body carrying a silver and blue light, just this glow made this Star Lake Python seem like a jewel.

The Star Lake Python did not seem to have any relations to fish, at least XinFeng couldn’t tell any similarities between the two, these two creatures are too far apart. The only similarity it had would be that it lived in the water.

XinFeng especially noticed that single horn the Star Lake Python carried, it had a triangular shape and seemed to be as sharp as a knife as it was perched on the forehead of the creature, with a silver hue and the occasional spark flashing, he immediately could tell that this thing was lightning attributed, but he also noticed a blue hue which should belong to the water attribute. This meant that the Star Lake Python was a double attributed creature. As for the half exposed body, XinFeng had already scanned it.

“It’s lightning attribute is rather weak with its water attribute stronger by a bit, despite this Star Lake Python being mature already, the star Python blood in it doesn’t seem to be thick, therefore it shouldn’t be too strong, we can deal with it!”

XinFeng quickly informed Zhong Geng.

Zhong Geng had his own suspicions and he immediately replied, “Right, I think so too. We should be able to take care of it but we need to use a method to make sure it can’t run, or we should injure it heavily first, it’ll make dealing with it easier.”

The reason behind why the Star Lake Python rose up was to both threaten the enemy as well as inspect them. Its silver eyes glanced around and it suddenly entered the waters again, causing a large wave to be pushed over. Immediately, the large boat informed the other boats to steady themselves.

But some weren’t capable of doing so. The fishermen of the small boats were scared silly, some even pissed themselves, therefore accomplishing the purpose of the Star Lake Python’s actions, it had at least terrified most of the people present.

How could normal fishermen go against such a powerful creature? If it weren’t for Zhong Geng’s powerful oppression and the fast and rushed beatings of the drummed causing everyone to imagine the anger of Zhong Geng, and their impending doom in Zhong Geng’s hands even if they were to survive this encounter, they all decided to  go all out.

After the scolding of the personally trained mortal experts of Zhong Geng, the fishermen and servants all regained their spirit and started moving the boat, daringly charging towards the Star Lake Python.

The three boats that served as backups all retreated, once the large boat in front sunk, the one behind would move forward to replace it, while the other two would assault the Star Lake Python. On these two boats were Wu Zhen and Zhong Geng each commanding one, the two of them were the main attackers. Of course, XinFeng wouldn’t just spectate either.

The two large boats suddenly charged forward while the eight small boats moved aside as they lagged behind, but under the rushing of the drums, their speed gradually increased.

XinFeng stood at the front of the boat, while Zhong Geng was at his side, the two of them stood at the forefront. In XinFeng’s hands was the black bow with arrows nailed to the deck, his eyes intently staring at the Star Lake Python.

Zhong Geng couldn’t understand why XinFeng wanted to use his bow, he didn’t understand how these arrows could harm the Star Lake Python. With the Python’s size, even if such fine arrows were to completely penetrate its body, what harm could it do? Of course, he didn’t reside in a mountainous area and did not know about how the people there hunted, much less would he know about the prowess of XinFeng’s black bow.

As the large boat got closer, not only did the Star Lake Python not escape, it increased its speed towards the large boat. XinFeng quickly understood that this large boat was plastered with the skin of the Scaly Crocodile and dried with its blood, that sharp scent of blood covered the entire boat. To the Star Lake Python, the boat was equivalent to an extremely injured Scaly Crocodile on the verge of death, how could it be afraid?

Therefore the Star Lake Python charged over, with its back above the water level, its entire head buried in the water as two waves appeared at its sides, it was as if a speed boat was heading their way. On the entire boat was a thick tense atmosphere, only XinFeng and Zhong Geng were calm. With XinFeng’s hunting experiences, this was nothing to be afraid of.

Zhong Geng threw out a harpoon with a shout.

This harpoon was as thick as an adult’s arm, it had a meter long tip carrying hooked steel barbs, with a throw, it created a ‘Wu Wu’ sound at it split the air, flying towards the body of the Star Lake Python. It’s accuracy garnering praise from XinFeng, such a terrifying aim, wasn’t correlated to the skills of a practitioner, but most likely to the skills of a fishermen. After throwing one, Zhong Geng carried on to continue throwing more.

In only a few moments, three harpoons flew out, and only then did Zhong Geng stop to observe.

The harpoons’ speed was extremely fast, as Zhong Geng had only recently become a Milun master, its strength was something that shocked even himself. It took him a dozen days to train to accurately bring out this terrifying strength, these three thrown out harpoons made him feel extremely satisfied, he couldn’t help but bellow, “Watch my harpoons!”

XinFeng stared at the harpoons as that Star Lake Python continued speeding towards them, if it had suddenly stopped, then these three harpoons would all miss as Zhong Geng had already calculated the velocity required to hit it, the head of the Star Lake Python was still submerged and it of course couldn’t see the harpoons heading his way.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

All three of the harpoons landed onto the back of the Star Lake Python, and in an instant, blood flew into the air. The three of the harpoons embedded deeply into the flesh, revealing only the handles.

Under attack, the Star Lake Python vigorously revealed its head and as it did, XinFeng attacked.

Ping! Ping!

Two sounds of colliding metals appeared as two steel arrows flew out as though it were lightning strikes, in an instant, it pierced the head of the Star Lake Python.

With XinFeng’s skills, he did not simply aim for the brain of the Star Lake Python, he knew that it may not be able to pierce its skull and therefore chose to aim for its two silver eyes.

An arrow successfully pierced its eyeball while another hit its brow, as the Python writhed with pain, despite piercing it, it didn’t affect the Star Lake Python.

The Star Lake Python, blinded in one eye, started to go mad.

Zhong Geng threw another harpoon, even despite its thick and big size, it couldn’t bring too much damage to the Star Lake Python, but only one arrow of XinFeng was able to heavily harm it, but at the same time, it incited its wrath.

The angered Star Lake Python was extremely dangerous, and with only a few hundred meters away from the large boat, it was only a small distance it could cover with a swipe of its tail.

Zhong Geng shouted, “Turn the boat!”

XinFeng kept shooting at the other eye of the Star Lake Python as a cacophony of ping ping sounds appeared, but to be able to shoot its eye again would be a hard task to achieve.

Only within a breath, XinFeng shouted loudly, “Be careful!” He had already vigorously jumped out as the Star Lake Python closed in to collide with the boat, his target the back of the Star Lake Python.

Zhong Geng had also jumped, pouncing towards the back of the Python, knowing that it couldn’t be stopped.


The large Star Lake Python smashed against the front of the boat, this collision didn’t shatter the boat but the silver horn on its head served the purpose of a sharp sword, instantly splitting the boat in two.

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Umuu, Puttty started learning Japanese (Though I say that I’ve only watched a single video about it) because of the slow speed of some translations (The irony), I’ll try hard but this newfound motivation would probably die out soon.


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