God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 7: The Churning Lake

Zhong Geng and XinFeng both landed on the back of the Star Lake Python’s back at the same time, Zhong Geng immediately grabbed onto the harpoon digging into its back and forcefully pushed it further into its back.

The black bow in XinFeng’s hand disappeared and in its place appeared a harpoon, which he viciously pierced into the Star Lake Python, with such a harpoon nailed into its back, he could immediately use it to stabilize himself.

The Star Lake Python vigorously plunged into the water, forcing XinFeng and Zhong Geng to let go of their harpoons and jump. In an instant, XinFeng threw out two boards, one for him to borrow footing from, allowing him to jump, and another for Zhong Geng to do the same.

Continuously doing so, the two of them seemed as though they were walking on water, speedily making their way to another large boat. As for the others that fell into the water with them, they were all swimming with all their strength to the large boats.


The Star Lake Python appeared yet again in the water’s surface and instantly smashed the already destroyed large boat into smaller pieces.

With a cacophony of ‘beng beng’ sounds, arrows shot from the eight steel bows of the boats, except for two arrows which missed, all of which penetrated the body of the Star Lake Python.

The entire lake surface was covered in the blood of the Star Lake Python. In its rage, it charged towards another large boat, and at that time, XinFeng and Zhong Geng had just got aboard, continuously throwing harpoons, causing a torrent of harpoons to befall the body of the Star Lake Python’s body nonstop.

XinFeng threw out three more before realizing that he did not have any weapons left, he yet again took out the black bow and aimed at the remaining eye of the Python.

While the Star Lake Python turned immediately and madly charged at the second boat, its speed truly breathtaking. Knowing the large boat’s incapability to block, Zhong Geng became flustered. He had not expected the large boats to not be able to withstand even a single blow, if it were to collide with another large boat again, then he was sure that the result would be the same with the previous one, he shouted, “Lure it away!”

XinFeng immediately replied, “Leave it to me!”

Battling on the river, the biggest disadvantage would be the lack of footing, but XinFeng had already planned for it and through using his strength, agility and wooden boards, he managed to create platforms to borrow footing from, along with his hidden Lun space, he managed to throw out boards casually, helping him to lure the Star Lake Python away.

A wooden board flew out and XinFeng pounced along with it, stepping onto it before jumping yet again, this cycle went on over and over again as he seemingly flew on the water’s surface.

And in only a while, XinFeng had already reached where the pieces of the destroyed large boat laid, despite being shattered, large pieces of the boat still floated on the water, this was a perfect place to gain his footing.

Ping! Ping!

Sounds of metal colliding appeared as arrow after arrow flew out.

Of course the Star Lake Python was riled up, it suddenly turned but did not charge over, with an open mouth it spit out a jet of water as lightning sparks danced on its single horn, the light from it was eye piercing. As it sprayed out water, a flash of lightning shot out from its horn towards XinFeng.

Lightning attributed creatures are the hardest to deal with, not only was their attack speed high, after being hit by an attack, even with defense, one would involuntarily start trembling, causing their speed to decrease.

But the Star Lake Python did not expect its opponent to be lightning attributed too, against the same attribute, both opponents would basically have an immunity against their attacks. This was why XinFeng only used the bow and not his tricks, if he were to shoot lightning and if it were to hit the Python, it’ll probably just cause an itch.

That lightning bolt as thick as a bucket hit XinFeng, causing his body to glow as the people on the boat shouted in shock.

Zhong Geng was depressed, he suddenly found out that the Star Lake Python was very strong, if this Lei XinFeng didn’t come and he didn’t level up, perhaps all of them would have died already. Thinking this, sweat flowed thickly down his face.

Ping ping!

Even though the lightning bolts hit him, the black bow in his hand continued firing nonstop, arrow after arrow shot out without rest.

Zhong Geng sighed in relief, he immediately understood that this lightning was useless against XinFeng.

The water jet hit only a while after the lightning bolt did.

It instantly destroyed the wooden plank from the destroyed boat under XinFeng’s feet, XinFeng jumped out again, he felt helpless as he watched the pieces of the boat destroyed yet again. He threw out a wooden board, glancing at the lake before him as he did, noticing a wooden boat not far away, that was a small boat which carried a steel bow, throwing three wooden boards continuously, he quickly reached the boat.

The Star Lake Python followed over, it carried extreme hatred against XinFeng, a silver glint dancing in its single eye which glared at XinFeng, carrying a determined aura.

The men on the boat tried to turn the boat to escape but XinFeng quickly shouted, “Shoot! You won’t be able to run, just fight!”

Those fishermen were on the brink of tears, who knew that they would lose their lives in this lake during this fish hunt.

They would suffer no matter what they did, everyone knew clearly that they couldn’t escape, even if they got on land, the Star Lake Python could simply do the same, this fellow had claws. Therefore, they could only risk their lives, no one wanted to die, and only by risking their lives was there a small chance for their survival.

Quickly loading the bow, they shot it.

XinFeng shouted, “Anymore harpoons and steel spears? Bring them over, hurry!” The threat of the black bow was too small against the Star Lake Python, it wasn’t that it was weak, but it was because of the large stature of the Star Lake Python. A steel toothpick against a human could only deal a small amount of damage, but using a spear would change everything, so if the arrows they used were the toothpicks in that situation, then the spears would be the barbed bolts.

XinFeng and Zhong Geng had the same idea, that was for the Star Lake Python to bleed, once a certain amount of blood had flowed out, then the Star Lake Python would lose its strength, and at that time, it would be vulnerable.

Zhong Geng threw more harpoons on the large boat, on the Star Lake Python’s body were numerous harpoons, all nailed to its body, as it moved, those harpoons would tear into its body and fall off, creating a hole in its body.

Finally, XinFeng found the chance and shot at the remaining eye of the Python, instantly pushing it into insanity.

Though it made the Star Lake Python more dangerous, it saved the boats.

The Star Lake Python suddenly jumped out from the water, its gigantic body terrifying everyone present, it was too scary.

With a “hong” sound, the Star Lake Python escaped into the water as it made heaven shaking cries, scaring everyone silly as XinFeng kept waving his hands, having the small boats retreat backwards. The waves the dive created had almost destroyed the small boats, causing the faces of the fishermen to go pale.

The steel bows shot nonstop, grabbing an arrow he noticed how special it was, it was similar to a steel arrow, but it was longer and thinner, he felt that if he were to use the steel bow, it would be easier to use compared to the harpoons for him, he threw it out forcefully and in the eyes of the fishermen, this arrow flew faster than the ones the steel bow shot out, and as it hit the body of the Star Lake Python it dug deeper too.

With a large amount of the steel arrows, XinFeng kept his black bow, he completely focused on using the arrows to attack. This was their best opportunity to attack, as the Star Lake Python was furious, it didn’t think to dive deeper to escape the attacks, and merely thrashed around in the water to find the enemy.

At this time, both XinFeng and Zhong Geng were relieved as they knew that this Star Lake Python was doomed.

The fishermen also reacted, the blinded Star Lake Python was less dangerous now and they all became bolder knowing this, daringly moving the small boats closer as they shot arrows continuously.

But the Star Lake Python was a beast after all, it’s body incomparably large. One of the boats went overboard and continued shooting causing the Star Lake Python to smash its tail down, colliding with the small boat and with a hong sound, it was smashed into pieces. As for the normal fishermen, against the tail of the Python, they were crushed into pieces while the Python suffered no damage at all.

Zhong Geng shouted furiously, “Shoot from afar! God dammit! Shoot from fucking further away!”

The entire lake was similar to boiling water in a pot with the thrashing of the Star Lake Python. XinFeng threw the steel arrows nonstop patiently, and in only a while, all of the arrows on the boat were used up, along with the harpoons. He didn’t wish to use the black bow anymore and after searching around in his hidden Lun space, he found a large knife that belonged to the weaponry of the barbarians, what attracted him to it was the size of the blade.

XinFeng tilted his head and spoke, “We don’t have anymore arrows, immediately retreat!” As he spoke he threw out a wooden board, stepping forward.

After using up eight boards, XinFeng once again landed on the back of the Star Lake Python, in his hand suddenly appeared a huge knife as large as a door and landed on its body.

Zhong Geng and XinFeng both jumped into the back of the Star Lake Python, immediately ordering everyone to stop shooting for fear of friendly fire, he then saw XinFeng take out a terrifyingly huge knife and could not help but curse, “What the fuck…..what weapon is this? How crude looking!” He hadn’t seen a barbarian before, and he certainly hadn’t seen their weapons before, these sorts of weapons were not something people would use, it’s far too big.

Once, twice, XinFeng forcefully chopped down multiple times, not to kill, but to create more wounds and drain more blood.

After a dozen continuous chops XinFeng kept the large knife and pounced towards the nearest small boat, he wasn’t dumb enough to wait for the insanity of the Star Lake Python to set in, with its large stature, this degree chopping needed a while before the pain is registered in its mind, causing it to go crazy.

Landing in the small boat, XinFeng shouted, “Go! Get away from it!”

The fishermen on the boats rowed with all their might, escaping outwards.

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