God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 8: The Churning Lake (2)

Zhong Geng also commanded the boats to retreat, this damage is enough, when injured to the brink of death, creatures like these were the most savage at these moments, to attempt killing it would have a success rate of barely 10%, it would be better to escape.

The small boat quickly ferried XinFeng to the large boat, XinFeng jumped on and walked to Zhong Geng, he spoke, “We only have to wait, no need to battle further.”

Zhong Geng nodded in agreement, “That’s right, let it get weaker, then we’ll take action.”

After the signal was sent, all of the servants and fishermen sighed in relief, they had met with the fearsomeness of the Star Lake Python and were all scared silly, if it weren’t for their will to live, then they would have become useless already, they had waited for orders until each of their limbs went numb, and now they spent all of their efforts distancing themselves from the Python.

The Star Lake Python thrashed in the lake, large amounts of blood mixing into the water as it bled endlessly, causing the beast to lose strength as it suddenly dived deeper into the waters.

A fishermen exclaimed, “Ah, it’s gone…..no, it dived downwards!”

XinFeng commented, “It won’t be able to escape, if it had tried to at the beginning then we would have been powerless to stop it, but now, hehe, it’s doomed.”

With the increasing water pressure, the blood loss of the Python increased, incapable of holding on, it’ll probably be forced to come up.

Zhong Geng was experienced and knew what to do. He instructed, “Spread out and check for survivors in the waters, we’ll save as many people as we can, send two boats and the rest spread out, don’t gather together!”

XinFeng stood at the front of the boat, looking into the water in front of him. The water here was extremely clear, one could see very deep into the water, but not right now, due to the blood mixed into the water.

Zhong Geng came to XinFeng’s side, looking down as he spoke, “I didn’t expect this Star Lake Python to be so powerful, hehe, a pity about its blood.”

XinFeng replied, “That’s right, and this one only had a hint of the star python’s blood, only God knows how powerful a Star Python is.”

Zhong Geng shook his head, “That isn’t something we can deal with, or something we can imagine.” Star Python’s were extremely famous, as long as one was a practitioner they would know about it, large sects all have the Star Python’s skins for recording information, or Star Python drums made for testing, which were more common, these beasts were rumored to have already went extinct.


The Star Lake Python sprang up from the water, its body still carrying an extremely large amount of harpoons and arrows, a blood-water jet sprayed out from its mouth before it immediately dived downwards.

XinFeng spoke, “Let the small boats return, they don’t have any use here, if they were to be hit by the Star Lake Python, it wouldn’t be good.”

Zhong Geng nodded, “Alright!” He immediately ordered for all the small boats to return, leaving only the large boat they were on and another.

The fishermen were all filled with vigor as they madly paddled, even the fishermen on the sides took up wooden boards and helped to paddle, as if wanting to get away as quick as they could.

XinFeng sighed, “They were terrified.”

Zhong Geng nodded, “That right, of course they would in this moment, now we’ve offended the Star Lake Python, we wouldn’t be safe until it’s dead, a Star Lake Python holding a grudge can destroy the entire water town.”

XinFeng nodded, he knew too that if the Star Lake Python were to escape and survive, then it would madly thirst for vengeance, and the fishermen here would suffer for it, without any methods of dealing with the large Star Lake Python.


The Star Lake Python appeared yet again a thousand meters away, it was extremely obvious that it had been weakened by a lot, lacking in explosiveness and strength, it quickly dived into the water yet again.

Wu Zhen laughed, “I can feel it, it’s weaker, hehe, we’re bound to win this time.”

XinFeng commented, “There’s still more, we’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow, today…..no, unless we attack it again.”

Zhong Geng shook his head, “Nevermind, we won’t attack it again, my arm’s swollen, I’ve thrown at least a hundred harpoons, I’m dead tired.” As he spoke, he used his right hand to gently massage his left arm with a helpless expression.


The Star Lake Python once again jumped out of the water and suddenly shot countless air jets, each containing a large amount of strength.

Zhong Geng commented, “Luckily….luckily we used harpoons and arrows, not skills, ai, these sorts of attacks are useless against us but the others, with only a bit, a lot would probably die.”

XinFeng added, “As for why it didn’t use its skills earlier, it was to save his strength, hehe, now that it wants to, it can’t find the enemy.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “Luckily you blinded it!”

XinFeng replied, “It’s a habit of hunters, especially against powerful beasts, our first thought would be how to damage its eyes, if it was successful then the hunt would basically be a success.”

The Star Lake Python emerged again and again, itself slowly losing strength and the ability to dive, it could only swim around aimlessly due to its lack of direction.

Zhong Geng carefully instructed the large boat following behind to have a few hundred meters between the two, himself not daring to go closer, inching slowly behind waiting for the Star Lake Python to lose its strength.

Someone came forward and reported, “The food is ready, will you eat now?”

This sentence made XinFeng excited and he immediately spoke, “Fuck, I’m dying of hunger, dammit, I haven’t eaten anything all day….hurry and serve it. Right, give me some boiled prawns! En, just add a bit of salt, nothing else.”

The servants quickly brought food to the short table at the front of the boat, serving a few plates, all of which were boiled fish with a bit of salt. The fresh ones were fine but those that weren’t made it unbearable for XinFeng, he started to miss Jin Da Pang, if that fellow were here then he definitely would have been able to eat good food.

There were fish, prawn and a few salted vegetables. XinFeng who was starving didn’t care much and ate large mouthfuls of rice, the most satisfying thing here would be the rice, it’s taste was good and even if there wasn’t other food to go with it, he would still be satisfied with it, it was truly too fragrant and sweet.

Zhong Geng and Wu Zhen who just leveled up were both at the period where they could eat a lot.

One ate faster than the other and another ate more then the other, stupefying the surrounding servants. Quickly, a bucket of rice was insufficient, another was served yet finished again, lastly, a total of four buckets were finished along with the fish and prawn, and incapable of keeping up with their speed, salted vegetables were served and finally, the three were full.

XinFeng placed his large wooden bowl down and patted his belly before saying, “I’m finally full, ai, this thing isn’t filling.” He preferred to eat meat but because of the ancient Lun space, he threw out his meat to keep more treasures in his hidden Lun space, or not he would have had meat to eat.

Zhong Geng replied, “It’s alright, this time when we return, I’ll have someone go buy some meat.”

There was meat locally, but all of it was raised in homes, not in the wild, it was lacking even to the fish in the lake. XinFeng shook his head, “Forget it, no need to specially prepare it, we’ll just eat fish.”

Wu Zhen laughed, “I think……the meat of the Star Lake Python should be not bad.”


The Star Lake Python vigorously jumped up and dived in immediately, obviously on the brink of collapse, slowly convulsing in the water as countless sparks spread.

XinFeng spoke in joy, “It’s almost done!”

Wu Zhen spoke, “En, It didn’t take as long as I expected.”

Zhong Geng asked, “It’s almost sunset, do we go and see?”

XinFeng shook its head, “No need, we’ll wait till tomorrow, it’s on the brink of death, we don’t need to rush it now. You may not be afraid, but your underlings are, hehe.”

An expression of gratitude appeared in the surrounding fishermen’s faces, if Zhong Geng had ordered them to then they wouldn’t be able to defy it and could only carry it out, it would be fine if the Star Lake Python was dead, but if it was only faking, the practitioners would be fine but they would be doomed.

Zhong Geng thought for a while and spoke, “That’s alright, I’m too impatient, let’s wait for a night, it should be able to last till tomorrow.”

XinFeng spoke, “Arrange for night guards, I’ll go practice.”

Zhong Geng replied, “You don’t need to worry, Wu Zhen will go and arrange a clean room for you.”

Wu Zhen invited XinFeng into the cabin.

It was a small room but XinFeng did not complain, as long as he could sit down it would be fine. After Wu Zhen left, he immediately started practicing, after a long day of battling, he needed to train and reflect, this was something the old man Lei Bao taught him to do, to review his fights.

After becoming a Milun master, XinFeng had been very hardworking in practicing, with his potential, once he uses maximum effort in practicing, then his lunli count would increase quickly. From ten thousand Lun master to Milun master required ten thousand lunlis, but from Milun master onwards, it was completely different.

To increase a level, one needed to condense a true body, upon success, one would become a True Milun master, this was a large change, to be able to condense a true body required a million lunli. Many were stuck at this step, incapable of gathering so many lunlis even until their deaths.

This required qualification and talent. Those with great talent, in a day of practicing, they would be able to gather thousands of lunli, but those without talent, would only be able to gather a measly amount of a dozen lunli in a day, the difference was truly heaven and earth.

The most important thing is still the threshold, from Milun master to True Milun master required a large amount of power, having enough quantity was not enough anymore, one needed to change the quality of their lunli to raise a level, this was something XinFeng knew greatly about, after all, he had a mega expert grandpa behind him, he was different from normal practitioners, he knew more, he understood more and he had more tricks compared to them.

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