God of Thunder – Book 5 Chapter 9: The Search for Lightning

Leveling up to a true Milun master with a single True Ring body was the first bottleneck XinFeng had reached, with his practicing speed, he had already collected a sufficient amount, but he couldn’t level up yet. He also tried condensing a True Ring body but after three hours, he gave up, not knowing what he was still missing.

Taking out the Star Python record, XinFeng started to examine the later contents, especially those regarding the condensation of a True Ring body. With the Star Python records, he had the experiences of a senior with him, it was much better than having to experience everything himself.

A night passed.

XinFeng did not rest much but it did not affect him, if needed, he could go for days without sleeping.

XinFeng had spent the night with great energy, thinking non-stop regarding his breakthrough, the Star Python records had puzzled him greatly. It was a pity the old man Lei Bao wasn’t here, or he could have asked for guidance. At this moment he realized, how helpful the old man Lei Bao’s presence was.

Actually what XinFeng hadn’t realized was that the Lightning stamp within his body could help him condense a True ring body, as he only had Lunli now, the powers he knew about were limited to only three. One was Lunli, the lowest leveled useable power. Next would be Lun Yin Li, it was Lunli with small hints of yin nature. The last one was the most powerful one, it was Yinli, and in the lightning stamp was Yinli, he needed to control the Yinli in it to go into his Lunli, only a bit would suffice.

(Puttty: the Yin in Yinli means stamp.)

It was such a simple method that XinFeng knew naught about, this was a problem of experience, without it one’s progress would it hindered, therefore causing him to fail condensing a true body his first time. Even if one had better talent and potential, without the right direction, failure was imminent.

Walking out of the cabin, XinFeng came to the front of the boat and saw Zhong Geng standing there, staring afar, he asked, “Is there any change?”

Zhong Geng replied, “After restlessly moving the entire night, I can’t hear it moving anymore, it probably died.”

Wu Zhen walked over, behind him followed Han Xiao Bao, he spoke, “Master, we should be able to reap the rewards today, hehe, hearing water churn for the first half of night, and nothing for the next half, I think it’s about time for us to go check?”

Zhong Geng replied, “We’ll eat first, then go, we’re not in a rush.”

XinFeng laughed, “Alright, we’ll eat first.”

After a simple breakfast, the boat started moving forward.

After roughly half an hour, the crowd was greeted with the back of the Star Lake Python, it floated on the water’s surface without moving, on its back were still countless harpoons and arrows nailed to it, XinFeng laughed, “It should be dead, let’s go over.”

Zhong Geng replied, “Okay!” As he immediately ordered the boat to go over.

It had already died. This Star Lake Python was unlucky enough to meet humans aiming for its life. It’s body floated on the water’s surface, in this lake, normally none of the fish in it dared to come near, however, after its death baby fish started to emerge in the water, with the lake filled with its blood, attracting the small fish to come but the large fish hid, perhaps after a few days, they would lose to the temptation and come to eat the blood of the Star Lake Python.

Zhong Geng jumped onto its back and laughed, “It’s really dead, haha, finally I’ve killed a Star Lake Python, the efforts I’ve put in these four years wasn’t wasted.”

XinFeng also jumped onto its back and spoke, “How will we transport this, this fellow is too big, can we even carve it up.”

Zhong Geng laughed, “We’ll just drag it back, though it’ll take some time, it is possible to bring it back whole.”

XinFeng nodded, “I wonder if the meat of the Star Lake Python….will be delicious?”

Zhong Geng could not help but laugh, this fellow was truly a glutton. The entire body of the Star Lake Python was full of treasure, while the meat was the least valuable, but he didn’t know XinFeng was completely uninterested in these sort of stuff.

In the ancient Hidden Lun Space, good stuff was bountiful, causing XinFeng to become uninterested in this sort of low leveled beast, as for why he came on the fish hunt, it was to gather battle experience. Perhaps if it were a Star Python, he would be interested, but for a Star Lake Python…..nevermind.

Zhong Geng laughed, “We’ll cook its meat when we return, I too, want to taste its meat, haha!” He laughed heartily, this trip was too worth it, not mentioning the successful hunt, the thing that made him the happiest was his level up to Milun master, this was a great boost to his status. The difference between ten thousand Lun master and Milun master was very big, a ten thousand Lun master could become a land owner but a Milun master had a say in various matters.

If a Milun master were to visit other sects, no matter its size, he would be recognized. As for true Milun masters with a True Ring body, they were existences any sect would treat kindly upon their visit, but for the treatment of a VIP, one needed at least four True Ring Bodies.

This world was very straightforward, with what level of strength one would have a corresponding level of treatment.

The fishermen climbed onto the revealed back of the Star Lake Python, it was seven to eight meters long with a width of three meters. These fishermen returned to the boat after tying dozen of ropes to the harpoons on its back, dragging the carcass of the Star Lake Python, they set off.

Their speed was extremely tragic, and XinFeng couldn’t help but say, “This speed can’t make it, it’s better to call for the boats at the campsite to come over, if all of them were to pull it together maybe it’ll be increase our speed.”

Zhong Geng had his underlings set off signals, they weren’t too far from the campsite and so within two hours, the boats arrived.

With so many boats dragging the Star Lake Python, the speed increased considerably, and according to XinFeng’s calculations, with this speed they would take twenty days to return to the market, while there was only ten days to the arrival of the rainy season. Without really understanding much about the rainy season, he asked, “If the rainy season were to come, would it affect our return?”

Zhong Geng spoke, “There shouldn’t be a problem unless we meet with a thunderstorm, which would affect our vision. En, we should be fine, since we have quite a few experienced fishermen.”

Despite meeting with thunderstorms, the boats still successfully returned to the market, and when they did, the entire market was in an uproar. They had returned when there were the most people in the market, due to the rainy season, most of the boats had returned to the pier.

XinFeng did not go to the Zhong house, but to Uncle Zhou’s house.

Seeing XinFeng return, both Zhou Tong and Zhou Xin were elated, especially Zhou Xin, who circled around XinFeng jumping as he did, asking questions non-stop, he was extremely curious after hearing all sorts of gossip regarding how the Zhong family hunted a large beast monster, which was the Star Lake Python.

Zhou Xin asked, “Brother Lei, how big is that beast? I’ve heard it’s even bigger than the biggest boat we have here….”

XinFeng raised a bag in his hand as he laughed, “Here’s the meat of the beast, let uncle cook it for you.”

Zhou Xin then replied, “Wa, the meat of a beast, brother Lei, if I eat it, won’t I become a beast!”

Zhou Tong received it with one hand as the other gently patted Zhou Xin head, “Silly child, how would that be possible.”

The meat was dug from the back of the Star Lake Python by XinFeng himself, and Zhong Geng knew this was the only prepared portion, the rest of it still yet to be carved.

The three of them boarded Zhou Tong’s boat as the opposite boss Zhang asked with a smile, “So little brother is back!”

XinFeng nodded, “That’s right, I just did. Old Zhang, come eat and drink with us later, we’ve got something good.”

Boss Zhang laughed, “What is it?”

Zhou Tong raised the bag in his hands as he laughed, “This is the meat of a beast, want it?”

Boss Zhang replied, “Aiyo, that looks fresh, I’ll definitely be there to eat, hehe, I’ve never eaten meat of a beast in my entire life, I’ll bring some spirits over.” Remembering XinFeng’s fondness of prawns, he added, “I also have a basin of prawns I caught this morning, I’ll bring them over in a while.”

Zhou Tong smiled, “Alright.”

This sort of simple living was something XinFeng enjoyed, it was different from practitioners, what practitioners chased after was strength, while normal humans only needed food and clothes, living was the most important thing to them.

It was already evening, the rain had stopped once in the afternoon but had returned once again. A reed woven canopy covered the boat, almost all the boats here at the pier had such a canopy covering them, the people that lived on the boats all kept their activities limited to the front of their boats, it was probably exclusively where they ate, cooked, and chatted.

The ‘Hua Hua’ sound of rain hitting against the canopy became background sound.

Zhou Tong spoke, “Little Xin, go to the end of the boat and bring a basin of charcoal.”

The rainy season was when the fishermen rested, rarely would fishermen go far for fishing. At most, they would go to the market but they spent most of their time at the pier, spending their time eating or fixing their boats and their nets, this was the time they spent leisurely, each of their moods extremely good.

XinFeng noticed that to the right of Zhou Tong’s boat was boss Zhang’s boat, but to the left was a brand new boat, with no owner in plain sight. XinFeng asked, “Whose boat is this? I didn’t see him at all.”

Zhou Tong glanced strangely at him before speaking, “This is your boat, last time when you left, some people from the Zhong family came over, specially bringing over this boat, hehe, they said you wanted a boat. I’ve gotten Zhou Xin to help and the both of us cleaned it up, it has everything, bedding, cooking equipment and utensils and at the back of the boat there’s quite a bit of dried supplies surpassing the amount of food I’ve gathered.”

XinFeng suddenly remembered how he had asked for a boat from Zhong Geng, he didn’t expect it to be prepared so quickly. He nodded, “En, I wanted it, Little Xin, you’ll have this boat when I leave, I’ll give it to you.”

Zhou Xin was instantly dazed, though he was young, he knew what having a boat here meant, it was a home. Zhou Tong spoke, “Little Xin, thank your brother.” He knew XinFeng wouldn’t stay long here, after all, a practitioner was different from normal humans.

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