Hero – Chapter 6: The Slumbering Lion

King’s POV

30 minutes after the summoning

“…It should’ve been me.” I say to the dying woman lying on the bed.

Her once beautiful raven black hair now a silvery white. The fire that used to be in her eyes, completely burnt out save for a few embers. And on her face, was a sad smile that pierced through my heart. Staring at her now, I could feel my very soul being pierced by a trillion spears.

“The world needs you more than it needs me. After all, you are the one who brought about this new age.” She replied

“That’s bullshit and you know it. Even if everything, humans, animals, demons, plants, monsters, all go extinct, the world will continue to exist.” It was a simple truth. The vast world would always be. With or without creatures atop it, the world would always remain. Unless of course some godly being comes to destroy it.

“Sigh, even now you’re still like this… Time can’t be reversed you know? And even if it could, I’d make that choice once again. After all, because of you, I could see that dream of mine start to become reality. Even if it is no more than a budding sapling, not many people can even see that much. “

“Then why not just wait a little longer? A little more and that sapling would’ve become a tree.”

“Enough. I am tired and need to rest. Besides, could you have beared to sacrifice one of our children?”

Unable to reply, I leave the room and go to my office.

There, I begin looking over the reports I receive on a day to day basis. The reports talk about more or less everything. Thankfully, they were arranged in order of importance. Otherwise, I’d probably die an earlier death having to sift through all of them. Right at the top of the list, was one of a traitor. The worst kind of traitor. One that betrays the species.

“Hmm? A viscount? Oh? It’s a survivor of that suicide squad I used back then. That explains a good bit. He’ll be a perfect candidate. Send everything worth to him.” I say to the man hiding in the shadows.

“My lord? If you do that he’ll open a rift and the demons will invade the capital!” He said with worry. To that worry, my only thoughts are, “Sigh… I need more competent subordinates. Ones that can think properly. Or better yet, one that doesn’t disobey orders.”

“That’s the plan. Oh and since he’s a traitor that’s going to die anyway, list embezzlement under his crimes too.”

To my words, the shadow starts to panic. “But my lord! Thousand of people shall perish!”

Sigh, this is why subordinates that can think are annoying. They think they’re smart but they always fail to take into account the variables given.

“Have you forgotten about the [Hero]? This will be a perfect beginning to his legend! A subordinate trusted by the king betrays the human race, dooming the capital. Then, with a halo of justice overhead, the [Hero] steps in and saves the capital. It’ll also be a perfect excuse for me to slip away from the limelight. After all, I’m growing old. If the people don’t find a new hero soon, there’s bound to be a ridiculous amount of trouble.”

Of course, that’s only if that useless piece of shit decides to do his job. Why couldn’t I have gotten a retard that says “YAY!!! I’LL BE THE BEST HERO EVER! I GUARANTEE I’LL SAVE THE WORLD!” like the other kings? Why’d I have to get a useless bastard that’s greedier than a bandit with a mouth wider than a lion?

Total net worth of the country including all hidden assets as down payment? Ten times the amount after the job is done? That bastard is clearly going to run away with all the money. And worst of all he actually dares take my daughter? And still complain about her? Fucking bastard! Most ‘heroes’ would’ve refused the engagement, then set out to kill the demon lord while trying to win her heart during the journey. That scumbag didn’t even do that much! I should’ve killed him where he stood……

“I-I see. Understood my lord! I sincerely apologize for doubting your orders. Please forgive me.”

“Done. Dismissed. Now hurry up and fulfill my orders.” With that, the fool set out.


The next day.

Sitting on top of chair at the woman’s bedside, I say to her, “So, this will be the last I see of you huh?”

“My time is up after all.” She replies.

“Is it really worth it? To give up everything to protect this worthless reality? This was your dream you know, not mine. You should be the one to see it appear completely.”

“Sigh, will you just drop it? What’s done is done…… You two really are alike. The only difference is how the two of you became like this…”

“It’s exactly because we’re similar that I know your sacrifice wasn’t worth it.”

“It’s exactly because you’re similar that I know it was worth it.”

I could feel the first tears I ever shed dripping down as she spoke.

Seeing those tears, she smiles and says, “This is probably the first time I ever saw you cry. I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t leave me alone too long okay? I’ll miss you.”

With those last words, her eyes close and I wipe away my tears.

Before walking out, I leave behind the words, “Rest in peace. I’ll be joining you soon. And who knows? Maybe in the next world, you’ll see that dream of yours come to fruition. Oh and if it turns out that this wasn’t worth it, I’ll just bring that dream right to you. Christine.”

After leaving the room, I head to one of the watchtowers. There, I watch the hero as he begins his tour of the city. As I watch, I think to myself, “I sincerely hope you prove me wrong. Otherwise, even if you somehow survive, I will take your life. If that causes the world to end, then so be it. A world without her is a world without worth to me anyway.”

Author’s note: Alright, my enlightenment/inspiration juice is completely gone. I’ll be fading away for a week or two. That said, do you guys really hate the MC becoming a [Hero] that much? If so, I’ll have to rethink the plot. Could take a month. You can tell me via this poll https://goo.gl/forms/YL1w9dMPpUwfz2T33

Written By H0RR1BL3CPU

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9 Replies to “Hero – Chapter 6: The Slumbering Lion”

  1. exoasis

    this is a great novel and i love premise of him not wanting to be a hero, i don’t have a problem with him being a hero but if the time comes when he will be a hero don’t make him go all tsuntsun like “b-baka… im not doing this cause i want to” (ಠ_ಠ) that would be a real tragedy. but that doesn’t really get my opinion across hmm… if you could keep his misanthropist attitude throughout that is what i want, and that i a big IF, but anything you do i will continue to read.ヽ(´▽`)/

  2. Rexflexz

    Wait wasn’t Christine the “god” in his dream…?

    And as long as you give him legit reasons and don’t do a complete 180 on his personality I think it’s fine if he becomes the Hero.

    Anyways thanks for the chapter, I look forward to your return good sir!

  3. raul

    Yeah its shit if he becomes the normal good hero, since he will be playing(dancing?) in the hands os someone worst than the ones he should kill. He trully have 0 meanings to be a hero there… if he starts to be friends with the demon lord and helps him wipe out humanity would be cooler… or something else, but not a hero pls.

  4. Narnim

    Should the MC become a [Hero] ?

    First we must know what a [Hero] exactly is in this context :

    Is a [Hero] simply someone who play a central role in History ?
    Is a [Hero] defined by courageous acts and a nobility of character ?
    Or is a [Hero] a simple title granted to someone who possesses a unique ability ?

    If a [Hero] is someone who is destined to greatness, I don’t think people will care that much if our MC becomes one. After all, greatness is not goodness. And someone destined to great things can become a Great Evil if he so chooses.

    If a [Hero] is someone noble and just, that’s where you’ll have problems. Not only is our MC pretty much the antithesis of such a character, but after such a great start it would be extremely disappointing and boring if our MC started to act like that.

    A [Hero] who goes around shouting things like “I GUARANTEE I’LL SAVE THE WORLD!” while acting like a Goody Two–shoes is both boring and annoying.

    But a [Hero] who says things like “I’m never gonna be a hero.”, “I only saved you because it was in my interest.” but ends up saving the day anyway is MUCH more annoying.

    Now if a [Hero] is simply someone who possesses a unique ability, it could get interesting. The Goddess that brought our MC here said that “When you wield your sword as a [Hero] the power shall awaken and grant you the ability to act on your decision”. Our MC could simply accepts the title and the ability that goes with it but try to find ways aroung that rule to use his ability to do whatever the fuck he wants.

    So in conclusion, I have no problem with the MC becoming a [Hero] provided it’s not the boring type. Furthermore, the brackets seem to be hinting at the idea that a [Hero] and a hero are two vastly different things.

    1. Narnim

      But one thing is certain : our MC cannot make any sort of decision right now. He simply doesn’t have enough information about this world to make an informed decision.

      What the MC knows :

      – The MC was summoned to defeat the Demon Lord.
      – The Demon Lord was also summoned (kindred spirit ?).
      – The Demon Lord was sealed.
      – He’s not the first Demon Lord.
      – The ones who summoned the Demon Lord were the forces of Duke Hausser.
      – They summoned Him after the King decided to attack them.
      – Summoning cost a great deal.
      – Monsters and Demons are two different things.

      What the MC don’t know :

      – Are the Demons truly the evil ones here ?
      – Why are the Demons attacking the humans ?
      – Why would the forces of Duke Hausser summon a world destroying Demon Lord ?
      – What happened to the last Demon Lord ?
      – Who sealed the Demon Lord and how ?

      Basically what our MC heard : The King decided to overthrow a supposedly evil feudal lord. He then began to wage wars across the whole fucking continent. He invaded Duke Hauser before traping him and his forces into a place called the Abyssal Caverns. Duke Hauser thus summoned someone to save his ass and now that the King is in deep shit because of it, he decides to summon someone too.

      But of course the King is the nice guy who summoned a Hero while the vile Duke Hausser summoned a Demon.

      Yeah, I think we may need to hear about the other side of the story.

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