I Am the Monarch – Chapter 1 : Return (1)


A clogged breath exploded out.

“Pant. Pant. Pant.”

His chest heaved like he had been running for the whole day.

‘Did I die?’

He felt strange.
His senses felt dull just like when he had woken up from a dream, and his headache hurt as if it would split apart.
At that moment, he felt a sharp impact on the back of his head.


“This bastard of a greenhorn slipping out! You dare to sleep while we are on standby for battle?”

Roan looked back with his cloudy eyes while touching the back of his head.

“Oh? Are you glaring at me right now?”

It was a robust man with a square chin.
He couldn’t see well because his field of vision bothered him, but Roan knew who he was.

“Mister Pete?”

It certainly was Pete.
The Corporal of Rose battalion, 7th Division, that he’d first been assigned to 20 years ago.

‘But he died in the monsters subjugation 20 years ago……..’

Roan frowned.

‘In the end, you meet dead people again.’

At that moment, he stood up and extended his hand, feeling glad to see him again.

“It’s been a long time. Nice to see you.”

He gave a pleasantly warm greeting while he smiled.
However, Pete’s expression wasn’t that good.

“This bastard!”
A punch quickly flew out, along with a curse.



Roan rolled on the ground after being hit.
Severe pain exploded through his body.

‘Damn it. Can you feel pain even after you die?’

He moved his chin.
At that time, he noticed his right hand, along with feeling the rest of his body.
It’s a really feeble looking body.
On top of that, the back of his hand was soft and clean.

‘What is this? Do you get younger when you die?’

Everything left him bewildered as he questioned himself.
At that moment, someone hurriedly came towards him and stopped him.

“Roan. Are you crazy? Why are you suddenly behaving like this?”

It was a noise so small, it seemed like it was whispering to him.
Roan slowly turned his head and looked at the owner of the voice.


A surprised look appeared over his face.
Roan’s face was much more surprised than when he first saw Pete.

“Why are you here…….? No, you became younger on top of that?”
Pierce didn’t die.
On top of that, he couldn’t die.
Because after he became a Duke of Rinse Kingdom, he no longer put himself in dangerous places like battlefields.
However, more than anything, he couldn’t understand how he became young again. It made him remember the first time they met 20 years ago.

“Are you crazy?”

Pierce slapped him with an expression full of panic.


At that moment, Roan felt that his consciousness became clearer.
It was just like the fog in his head dissipated with the stinging slap.
And the dull senses became sharp just like before.
When that happened, he could clearly see the scene before him.

‘Is this the Rose battalion’s barracks?’

He was certain.
He was certain that it was the barracks the Rose battalion used 20 years ago.
It wasn’t a place such as heaven or hell.
On top of that, there were people seated in a line on the floor.
They were all familiar faces.

‘My comrades from the Rose battalion 20 years ago? What happened? Did I not die?’
It was a confusing situation for Roan.
However, his thoughts didn’t last for long.

“This bastard!”

Because Corporal Pete approached him with a solid front kick.


Roan rolled on the floor and quickly curled himself up.
He hid his vitals by instinct.
But fortunately, Mr. Pete couldn’t continue kicking him.
It was due to the entrance of the barracks opening up, and a middle aged man with scary eyes appeared.

“What are you doing?!”

A sharp voice rang out.
Roan recognized the owner of that voice, even without looking at him.

‘Lieutenant Tane.’

His head started to spin.

‘I didn’t die.’

He slowly pinched the inner sides of his thigh.
He felt an intense sharp pain.

‘It’s not even a dream.’

Then only one thing remains.

‘Did I return to the past?’

It was difficult to believe, but it had the highest probabilities.
If that also wasn’t it, maybe the past 20 years of his life was just a dream.

‘Whatever it is, I’m still alive.’

Just this was enough for him.
Roan slowly stood up from where he laid, and hurriedly returned to his spot on the floor.
Tane frowned, but he didn’t press the issue further.
He didn’t have the leisure to do so right now.

“Everybody prepare. We will march through Ale Village and reach Pedian’s Plain.”

At that moment, everybody’s faces distorted.

“Oh damn. For it to be Ale Village.”
“If we went to Varen’s Castle I was planning to seriously relax myself.”
“That bar last time was fine, right?”
“Yeah. The female owner killed it.”
They talked amongst themselves and soothed their regretful feelings. Tane clapped.


“Everybody shut your traps and move out quickly! Oliver take care of the new enlisted.”

Oliver, who was tall and had a slim body, replied in a loud voice while approaching Roan.

“Everybody take out your helmets and armor now!”

At his words, the new enlisted soldiers including Pierce started to slowly equip their armor.
Oliver glared at Roan and started yelling as he was about to launch into a tirade of abuse.

“You stupid bastard! You too, quickly put them on. I’m looki…….”

He couldn’t finish his sentence.
Roan had skillfully equipped the armor and even finished organizing his kit in an instant.

‘What is this bastard? Why is he so skilled?’

Oliver was at a loss for words at the moment.
Clearly looking at how Roan was packing the equipment, he was even a step faster than himself.

‘I did these kind of things for 20 years.’

Roan had a bitter smile on his face.
Oliver wanted to say something, but as he had nothing else to point out, he turned back with a disappointed face.
At that time, Pierce’s beseeching voice rang behind his ear.


His voice was so soft it barely seemed like he was whispering at him.
As Roan looked back, Pierce pointed at his equipment bag and wore a helpless expression.

‘You really are the same as 20 years ago.’

He was also like this back then.
Pierce, at that time, had a timid personality and didn’t have any talent. But on top of that; he had a small physique so he’d always asked him for help.
Roan walked towards him, and shook his head after packing his equipment in the bag.

‘For this guy to become the Duke of Rinse Kingdom surpassing even the Commander in Chief……..’

Just looking at him right now, it was something unbelievable.

‘He was fortunate. His life changed for the better; after he became apprenticed to the extraordinary Master Spearman: Viscount Reil Baker……..’

At that moment, Roan’s eyes became wide.
His fingers trembled.

“Roan. What happened?”

Pierce had a worried expression on his face, but it wasn’t a situation where he could mind that.

‘If it’s true that I have returned to the past, then I know what’s going to happen from now on.’

Although he didn’t remember all of the small details and accidents, he did remember the news that shook the world.
Especially, the battles and wars he had experienced for the past 20 years. He clearly remembered it all, to the point where if he was asked to make a report of it, he could write it all down.

Thump thump.

His heartbeat became faster.

‘I can become one.’

His two eyes became filled with a hot passion.

‘This time, I can become one.’

Roan’s face became bright red.

‘This time, I can really become a great general. A great general who can really command the entire nation.’

His smile dimmed all of a sudden.

‘No, no.’

The memories, experiences, and information he had weren’t at the level to satisfy him with only being a great general.


He tightly clenched his fist.

‘At the very least, I should become a Monarch.’

From ancient times, they’ve said to dream bigger.
The objective of his past life was to become a great general.
But he became a spearman.
So the objective in this life was to become a monarch.

‘If that’s so, won’t I at least become a commander?’

On top of that, the starting line in this life was already different.
Because he knew what was going to happen from now on.


His recollection of the memories from 20 years ago.
The first battle.
That fierce memory.
At that moment, Roan’s face froze.

He remembered.

The heartbreaking and miserable first battle.

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Translator’s note: This the my side project I was talking about. The quality won’t be that good because I wasn’t able to find a proofreader yet. So if any of you has any interest of being a help to me, send a mail to kobato 😉 There won’t be a fixed release date for it. But will try to get 3 or 4 chapters a week. Anyways, you will have chapters the next two days. Thanks for reading!
Editor Notes: Please note amendments:
‘Troop’ changed to ‘Battalion’ (Personnel 300 to 1,000 – Dependent unit: Five companies)
‘Senior’ changed to ‘Corporal’ (Personnel 2 to 5 people – Dependent unit: Individual combatant)

Translator : Subak
Proofreader: st8_lupe \ Revised Edit v2.0: Sai101

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