I Am the Monarch – Chapter 10 : Travias spear (1)

The Rose Battalion reached Ale village without any further trouble.
They encamped near the village entrance establishing long tents.
Roan, once again garners attention from a few people.

“Wow. Look at his hands.”
“It seems like they only teach you how to setup a tent in training camp.”
“Ey. That’s not it. Look at the other newcomers. It’s only that guy who is so skilled.”

The soldiers of the 13th squad talked amongst themselves while looking at Roan, who was the only skilled person from the new soldiers.

“You have to pull more this way.”

Roan helped Pierce and Glenn, teaching them how to put up a tent.


The two of them laughed awkwardly and scratched their heads.
Roan didn’t say anything and just focused on setting up the tent.


With the last bit of hammering, a huge tent became completed.

“Roan! You are simply the best, the best!”
“A really special one enlisted.”
“Did you see the expressions of the other squads? They were really envious. Kukuku.”

The soldiers entered the long tent with their luggage, while raising their thumbs.
Roan just bent his head without saying anything and then grabbed his spear.

“Where are you heading off to do?”

Tane approached him frowning.

“I’m off to do the extra training.”

He nodded along with a low exclamation.
It was punishment assigned by the meticulous Dosen, so he could be watching him from somewhere.
If he skipped for even a day, he would be given an impetuous order.
Tane looked at the spear and shook his head.

“Your palms are in such a mess, will you be fine?”
“I’m fine. Glenn’s bandaging done an excellent job.”

Roan raised both of his hands and smiled.

“Even so, focus on training your strength rather than your spear skills, be aware of Captain Dosen catching you slacking.”
“Yes. Understood.”
“And give me your kit.”
“Thank you.”

Roan bent.
Tane hit Roan’s shoulder like that and entered the tent.

‘Should I run for now?’

Roan stretched softly, and started running while holding his spear.

Clank. Clank.

The armor makes steel noises.
The armor only covered the important parts, whilst also low grade and worn out with many parts rusted away, in fact some even had small holes.
Roan, who was running around the outer parts, saw Dosen.

‘It seems like I really did become targeted.’

Dosen approached him while riding his horse.

“You aren’t just planning on running like that?”
“After running a few more laps I will train my spear skills, and perform strength exercises.”

Roan replied while running.
Dosen nodded and pulled the reins.


The horse slowly stops.

“Train like this for two hours everyday.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Roan yelled to Dosen’s back, whom was trotting off further away.


He ran out of breath because he was talking while running.

‘My stamina is really a mess.’

To run out of breath after only running this much.
Roan clenched his teeth.

‘At least, there won’t be any trouble until the plains of Pedian.’

Thinking about his memories, he couldn’t recall anything in particular after the Rose Battalion became wipe out in Ale gorge.
Then, this was the right time to raise his strength and stamina.

Clank. Clank.

Roan’s pace became faster.


The Rose Battalion rested in Ale village for a day and started to march towards Pedian’s plain.
Roan didn’t miss the extra training even while marching.
Not only that, he even participated in the group trainings.

“You will fall like that.”

So much so that Pete even had to persuade him.
However Roan, pushed himself to the limits.
He knew how much strength and stamina he could raise with the 20 years worth of experience.

‘If I come to that point in an even shorter time, I can look for a higher position.’

In 20 years from now will change.
Among that were strength, stamina, agility and skills training.

‘The training 20 years from now is much more effective than in this time period.’

Roan eluded Dosen’s eyes while training his strength, and stamina with the methods from 20 years from now. In having done so, in these short 15 days, his arms and legs became a little harder than before.
But just because of that, there was no one in the 13th squad who recognized the change.
No, there actually was only one other person who noticed these small changes.

“Roan. I think your body became better.”

The person who was blinking with an honest expression was Pierce.
Roan slowly looked at Pierce’s face and sighed inwardly.

‘His sight is really excellent.’

One of the many abilities Pierce had.
He had outstanding sight. No, precisely speaking, he had superb ability to see things.
Just because of that, even if they were in the same situation, place and saw the same people, the information he could perceive was much more detailed.
The ability to see things others can’t.
That was one of the driving forces for his ghost like spear skills.

‘Is there only one day remaining until we reach Pedian’s plain?’

Today was also the last day he could train to his heart’s content.
Roan reported to Dosen and ran out of the camp.
Because Dosen prohibited him from training inside the camp.
If he followed the rumours, it seems like the order came from Gale.
Just because of that, he could only do the extra training outside of the camp in the first days, Dosen came out to check on him.
However, as he recognized Roan didn’t show even a trace of disobeying, he left him alone.
Roan came outside of the camp and stretched his back.


Maybe it was because it was the entrance of Pedian’s plain, but there was a wide endless plain in front of his eyes.

‘First, running.’

If he didn’t want to become injured, it was important to warm your body.
Roan started to run towards the plain.
The weeds which were as long as his waist, swayed with the gentle winds blowing from the west.

The sensation of plants rubbing his skin tickled his ears.
Roan was enjoying the strange feeling, while running to a farther distance out than he’d usually go.

“Did I run out too far?”

The entrance of the camp was too far back and could only be seen in the distance as really small.
He changed directions and started to run towards the Rose Battalion camp.

The weeds shake because of the blowing soft breeze.
Movements and sound that’s no different from before.
However, Roan frowned.

‘Something’s weird.’

His eyes became more focused.
The movements of the weeds, which are in his left side were swaying and rustling.
Roan gripped his spear.

‘There’s something!’

He glared at the direction of the weeds which was swishing roughly.


Then, the the weeds parted to the left and also to the right.
Roan stopped the spear moving forward to stab by instinct, and frowned.
Because the things which appeared out of the weeds were out of his expectations.

‘What are they doing here…….?’

< Travias spear > End

Translator’s note: Thanks for reading!

Translator : Subak / Editor v3: Sai101 – Please note Barracks changed to Long Tents or just tent.

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