I Am the Monarch – Chapter 100: Salvation (1)


Simon swallowed his saliva contrasting the silence.
His happy face had now become dark.

“That more monsters that have appeared until now will pour out?”
“Yes. Based on what was analyzed by the information squad, it seems like there will be at least five times as many monsters.”

Roan replied calmly.
He knew that the final exodus happened in the last three days thanks to the memories of his past life.
Thanks to that, making up the information and convincing Simon wasn’t a difficult thing.

“Will you be able to stop it?”
His question came straight to the point.
Roan nodded.

“There are no problems.”

It was true.
You wouldn’t know if you were annihilated because you didn’t know, but in a situation where you knew it would happen, the preparations for it had already been finished.
Only, what had Roan worried wasn’t the region of Tale.

“We have to notify the other regions.”
“Right. We should.”

Simon smiled faintly and nodded in reply.
Right now, he wasn’t only in charge of the region of Tale that was located towards the north of the lake.
At least for the other nobles supporting him, there was a need to notify them of this a bit quicker.
But what Roan wanted didn’t amount to only that.
He took in a breath for a moment and then carefully spoke.

“We also have to notify the sides of the 2nd and 3rd princes.”

Simon frowned.
Roan quickly added.

“The two princes will also think that the stir of the monsters has ended. And naturally, the defenses will also become sloppy. In this situation, if five times the number of monsters appear, the region around the lake would become a mess. And the citizens that were relieved in the subjugation will also suffer great damages.”

Simon gulped in the silence.

‘Those things are important even when the competition for the throne is happening?’

He knew that Roan had great interest in the lives and well-being of the citizens, as a commoner troop commander.
But he hadn’t expected that he would worry about their safety in this situation.

‘If Tommy and Kallum can’t properly react to it, they would suffer a big blow and I would become even more advantageous.’

It was true that Simon was more open-minded about ranks than other nobles.
But for this, he was an ambitious person.
To climb on the throne, he would make even the cruelest and most horrendous choices.

‘Even so, there’s no need to make Roan feel bad here.’

Roan was really outstanding.
He was someone he had to bring with him until he climbed up to the throne.
Simon erased the displeased look on his face and put on a faint smile.

“I understand. I will send a message to my two brothers.”
“Thank you.”

Roan was still bowing, so he didn’t realize Simon’s change in expression.

“Then, I will be going now.”

There were many things he had to do with the final exodus in front of him.
Roan saluted and then moved out of the room.


Simon let out a long sigh.
The escorting knight, Ralph Tains who was behind him, asked in a low voice.

“Will you really send the message?”

At those words, Simon snorted.

“Hmph. I can’t do that. For me, it’s the perfect opportunity. As we have to trick Roan’s eyes, just pretend to send it.”
“Yes. I understand.”

Ralph bowed and left the room after replying.
Simon, who was left alone, fell into his thoughts.

‘Roan. Your insight and ability is outstanding, and you treat your underlings really well. On top of that, you have a good heart and even love the citizens. But…….’

That kind of temperament was only suitable in times of peace.

‘You will have to get a bit dirty.’

If that wasn’t the case, he may stand up against him at the final point.
Simon closed his eyes.

‘Roan. At least until I become the king, stay next to me.’

After that?
That was something that only Simon knew.


“Then. They are trusting you without any doubts?”
“Yes. They are.”

A handsome youth and a middle aged man were sharing a conversation in a low voice.
The youth was the 3rd prince of Rinse Kingdom, Kallum Rinse, and the man was surprisingly enough, one of the spies of Tommy Rinse, Viscount Jonathan Chase.

“Brother Tommy acts all intelligent but he’s a really sloppy person. Hahaha.”
“If it wasn’t only for Duke Edwin Voisa, he would have already been eliminated from the competition for the throne.”

A fishy smile appeared on Jonathan’s mouth.
His eyes were certainly smiling, but it gave off a kind of cold feeling.
Tommy wouldn’t be imagining it at all.
That Jonathan, who proposed joining hands with Kallum Rinse, was actually a spy for Kallum.


Jonathan’s nose frowned.
Kallum’s eyes shone.

“It seems like you have thought of something good?”

He knew that every time Jonathan had something good in mind, he frowned his nose.
And Jonathan nodded.

“There are two spies in the camp of the 1st prince that belong to the 2nd prince.”
“I know that.”
“And there are also two on our side.”

Kallum thought of the nobles he had won over to his side and nodded.
Jonathan’s voice became more covert.

“Send a letter to them and slightly leak the identity of the spies of the 2nd prince.”

Kallum let out a low exclamation.
Jonathan continued speaking.

“If rumors enter the eyes of the 1st prince, then he won’t stay still at all.”
“Right. He would make a fuss to cut the heads off of those bastards.”

At Kallum’s words, the smile on Jonathan’s mouth became even fishier.

“And the spies of the 2nd prince wouldn’t just stay still.”
“Make the two sides fight each other?”
“Yes. We are just watching how the fight proceeds.”

A weird laugh was heard.
Kallum slapped his knees with his hands.

“Good. Start it right away.”
“Yes! Just leave it to me.”

Jonathan bowed deeply.
An ambitious fire appeared in his cold eyes.

‘The one to become the next king is the 3rd prince.’

Abilities or quality wasn’t important at all.
The only one among the three princes that could do as they pleased was Kallum.
And among the nobles of Rinse, the one with the most ambitions could be Jonathan.
No, perhaps, his ambition would be the same as Simon’s.


A night which had a blue moon.
This was the night the final exodus started.
The first day really resembled hell.
The monsters poured out of the lake with cries.
They overflowed out of the lake as if they were really excited, no, perhaps stricken in fear.
But the northern region of Poskein Lake had solid preparations thanks to Roan.
Arrows poured over the heads of the monsters that appeared from the lake.
At the same time, fire surged up from their feet.
But this wasn’t the end.
Tens, hundreds of oil barrels floated over the lake.
The monsters that tried to get out of the water couldn’t move freely and had their legs tied up.
And above them, long spears that were set on fire flew.


Poskein Lake became a sea of fire with a loud explosion.
It was a really perfect defense.
Even so, the monsters pouring out of the lake started to push the defensive lines little by little and charged towards the ground.
The number of monsters was that overwhelming.
But Roan didn’t confront them head on.
They repeated hit and run tactics, and led the really excited monsters into traps and the troop’s bases.
Thanks to that, the monsters couldn’t properly resist and started to become exterminated little by little by the surprise attacks and traps.

“It’s the Amaranth troop!”
“Open the gates!”
The guards that were left in Mediasis Village yelled with all of their strength.
They had discovered the Amaranth troop approaching from the end of the southern plains.
And Roan was at the front of them.

“Amaranth! Amaranth!”
“Roan! Roan!”

The Amaranth troop put the pouring cheers behind them and went to the HQ located at the center of the village.
Roan and the Amaranth troop, who should have been facing the monsters at the front lines, had appeared.
That was because of Simon’s call.

‘What happened so suddenly?’

Roan looked at the building in the center and tilted his head.
Although he was blocking the monsters well, it wasn’t a situation where he could have some leisure.
Thanks to that, he had left his main force in the front and came with only two companies.

“Have some rest and reorganize your stuff.”
“Yes. Understood”

Roan laid down the order to the troop members and went to Simon’s office.
It was the first visit since he came to report about the final exodus several days ago.

“Mm. You finally came.”

Simon raised his head with a stiff expression.

‘It seems like it’s a really serious thing……’

Roan looked at Simon’s expression and took in a deep breath.
Originally Simon was roughless and magnanimous.
He had never seen an expression like this before.

“I came after receiving your call.”

Roan stood in front of Simon and saluted.
Simon gave him some papers instead.

“Read it.”

Roan slowly read down the contents on the paper.


‘Just what……’

The paper was a kind of letter.
It was sent by Baron Elton Coat, who was in charge of the northern boundary.

‘That Baron Luke Aip and Baron Mito Posis are spies for the 2nd prince…..’

Surprisingly enough, Elton revealed the identities of the spies that Tommy Rinse had planted through the letter.
On top of that, he even added proof that they were working for the 2nd prince.

“What do you think?”

Simon was locking his fingers while lowering his head a bit.
He couldn’t see his expression but it felt rough and heavy, as if his voice would explode at any time.

“I wonder…….”

Roan paused the last words.
It wasn’t because he couldn’t be certain or not about Elton’s words being true.

‘Right two days ago, we grasped the identity of the spies of the 2nd prince through the agency.’

The names of the spies Chris confirmed were Luke Aip and Mito Posis.
It coincided with the contents of Elton’s letter.
But there was another problem.

‘It’s that Baron Elton Coat is a spy working for the 3rd prince.’

The side of the 3rd prince had revealed the identity of the 2nd prince.
Roan thought that this would have some kind of meaning.

‘On top of that, we still couldn’t find the spy hiding from the 3rd princes side.’

According to the analysis of the agency, there should be one more.
Because of several reasons like this he couldn’t make any decision.

“In my eyes, they seem true.”

Simon’s voice.
It was still rough and heavy.
Roan placed down the paper and replied.

“Even so, I will have to investigate myself to know.”

He showed a careful reaction for now.
One brow of Simon twisted.

“Really? Then, will you go talk to him yourself?”

And then, he shook his right hand.
Ralph Tains, who was at standing at the back, fell back and then appeared with another middle-aged man that had a familiar face.

‘Baron Elton Coat.’

The man with a nervous expression was the one that sent the letter and the one defending the northern villages because of Roan’s orders, Elton.
Simon stood up and made a gesture with his chin.

“Roan. If you have something to ask, do it now. If those results end up being revealed as truth…..”

His eyes got bloodshot.

“I will behead Luke and Mito myself.”

At that moment, a nasty murderous intent was felt.
Roan breathed quickly and slowly blinked.

‘Anyways, Elton Coat is also a spy.’

He was planning to reveal the spies of the 3rd prince through this opportunity.
And to do that, there was a need to protect Luke and Mito for now.

‘There’s nothing more ridiculous than a spy with their identity exposed.’

Roan chewed down his lips and looked at Elton.

“Sir Baron Coat. How did you know that these two people are working for another prince?”

Elton paused for a moment and then started to answer with clear words.

“I realized it after I started to defend the villages in the north with Luke Aip along with you. As we were quite close, I started to see some strange things.”
“He started to send letters with Baron Mito Posis, who he didn’t have any relationship with, and people came to find him from outside of the Tale region.”

Half was true and half was a lie.
Luke and Mito had never sent and received letters.
Only, there were some times that people sent by the 2nd prince Tommy, came to find Luke.
The agency and the information squad didn’t miss that and it was revealed that Mito Posis was the other noble hidden as a spy after he started to show similar actions.
Roan, who already knew everything, asked back in a calm expression.

“If you see this, here is every letter sent by the 2nd prince and Baron Luke Aip, so how did you get this?”
“While I was patrolling, I discovered a suspicious person and thus, caught him. But this came out of his chest.”

This was a clear truth.

‘Actually, Viscount Jonathan Chase should have sent a separate one.’

Elton put on a smile.
Roan kept asking several things in detail after that.
And every time, Elton answered with confidence and without a hint of hesitation.
Just as if he had already prepared and memorized it.


Simon, who was looking at this from the side, couldn’t hold it in anymore and smacked the table.
His face was red.

“Roan. If it’s this much, there’s no need to listen to it anymore!”

His voice trembled.
He had a look where he was forcefully holding back his rage.

“I will immediately cut down this trash-like bastard!”

A killing intent, like a storm, came rushing in.

‘Fine. Done. Good.’

Elton yelled out in delight.
But it was lacking with this.

‘I will also have to spill this in the side of Aip and Posis.’

If he didn’t do so, there was a high possibility for this to get cleaned up easily.

‘It will end when the prince calls them to the HQ and captures them.’

That wasn’t what Elton and the 3rd prince Kallum wanted.

‘They have to clash swords and fight. Kukuk.’

It was funny just thinking about it.
Then, Roan who was silent, said in a calm voice.

“That’s impossible.”

At that moment, the cold atmosphere became even colder.
Simon’s face contorted with rage.

“What did you say right now?”
“Prince, think of the order of things. Monsters five times the normal amount are pouring out. For now, wait until the subjugation ends.”

Roan looked at Simon’s eyes fixedly.

‘If we get rid of them now, we won’t be able to find the spy of the 3rd prince.’

The moment the neck of the 2nd prince’s spies were cut off, the other spies would all be able to live.

“If Baron Aip and Baron Posis resist roughly, our entire force will break up. And in the end, we will take a blow by the monsters.”

Simon swallowed in silence with an uncomfortable expression on his face.
He didn’t like that he had to wait to get rid of the traitors that served him by his side and not be able to do it immediately.
But Roan’s words were true for several things.

‘Even if we do catch Luke and Mito, they can reveal themselves……’

As he saw that Simon was calming down his rage, Roan nailed down a wedge.

“Four days!”
“I will end up the subjugation in exactly four days!”

Roan’s expression was calm.
There were now two days remaining in the final exodus.
If he took a day to take care of the remnants and another day to retrieve the battlefield, the subjugation would end.

“Fine. Roan. I will do as you say. Instead…”


The sound of gritting teeth was heard.

“I won’t kill them that easily.”

Elton, who was looking at that, frowned.

‘Damn! That damned bastard!’

His sight moved over to Roan.
His plans that were about to succeed became foam.

‘Bastards that isn’t helpful at all……..’

When he thought up to that point.
Roan smiled bitterly and looked at Elton.

“Baron Coat, keep checking on the actions of Baron Luke Aip.”

Elton hid his thoughts and nodded.

“I understand. I will check up on him carefully.”

Elton nodded with a resolute expression.
A damnable act.

‘I have to reveal the spy of the 3rd prince as quickly as possible.’

He had to urge the agency and the information squad.
There were only four more days that remained.

‘Then I’m taking care of Luke, Mito, Elton, and the remaining one at the same time.’

Roan’s eyes shone.
Complicated plans were consecutively being raised up in his head.

< Salvation (1) > End

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