I Am the Monarch – Chapter 101: Salvation (2)

Baron Elton Coat returned to the region in the north.
And staff of the agency trailed his back.
Following and trailing.
Roan laid the order of tilting the force of the 3rd prince through the leak of the spy.
And fortunately, the agency was already investigating the people that had visited Elton’s camp.
They were analyzing if there was someone that had visited the camp of another noble.

‘I just have to entrust and believe.’

Roan entrusted the case of the noble spy to the agency and went to the south while leading his troop once again.
He had to end the final exodus the quickest possible.

‘I have to at least avoid internal disturbance.’

They had now started to make some distance with the 2nd and 3rd prince.
But if a battle occurs while they are finding out the spies, that difference would close in an instant.

‘Now that I see……’

Light shone in Roan’s eyes.

‘Didn’t prince Simon connote nobles at the side of the other princes?’

He wasn’t someone that would be sitting around.

‘Rather, he would have gone farther…..’

Although the three people had different mothers, they all had the same father.
But the enmity between them was more severe than thought.

‘The closer I get to the royal palace, the memories of my past life become useless.’

In his past life he hadn’t gotten along with a prince, noble or a high ranked person.
Thanks to that, the closer he got to Simon and the more magnanimous the things occurring around him became, his memories about the future wouldn’t help him at all.

‘I can only use what I remember now to the utmost. And……’

His mouth slightly rose.

‘It’s time for the ones called geniuses to appear in the entire continent.’

Roan was planning to gather the most essential ones faster than anyone.
And there were some people he could think of.

‘By the way, how will Pierce be doing?’

A genius among geniuses.
He remembered Pierce, that had naturally followed Reil Baker.
But after Poskein exodus started, he hadn’t heard anything about Reil and Pierce going to battle.

‘Did they go to another country? Or deep in the mountains?’

As Reil was a really unguessable person, his training methods wouldn’t be normal at all.

‘The day Pierce returns……’

The smile in his mouth became even denser.

‘I’m obtaining the strongest commander in the continent.’

His heart felt proud.

‘I also have to become someone comparable to him.’

Roan gripped the reins.
He unconsciously kicked the horse at the surging emotions.


The cry of the horse was heard clearly.


The warhorse ran towards the south.
He wasn’t simply running across the road right now.
He was running towards the future spread in front of him.


“Damn. It’s difficult in this situation.”

Elton clenched his fists and cursed out.
He fell in his thoughts after returning to the northern village.

‘I thought that prince Simon would behead Luke and Mito without even looking back!’

He didn’t know that he would listen to the words of a commoner troop commander, even if he favored him.

‘If I can’t finish this, I’m getting out of the eyes of prince Kallum.’

If he made a mistake, he could get his merits taken by one of his allies.

‘What to do……’

He felt anxious.
Then, troop commander Tony that was looking at the side, said with a careful expression.

“Sir baron.”

There was annoyance filled in his words.
Tony forced a smile and continued speaking.

“Let’s send a letter to prince Simon again.”
“A letter?”
“Yes. That the movements of Luke Aip’s army isn’t normal.”

Elton gulped.
His face became a bit bright.

“Troop commander Roan left to the front lines of the south. On top of that, most of the forces of prince Simon left the HQ. If we make a surprise attack on him now, prince Simon will fall in a really dangerous situation.”
“There’s no way Luke Aip will do that if he’s not mad!”

As Elton yelled, Tony approached even more.

“That’s right. Baron Luke Aip will obviously not do that. But isn’t it enough if only prince Simon is told that?”

Only then did Elton’s head become bright.
The key was making Simon believe it like that.
He was setting up the information and inducing him.
Tony’s voice became a bit faster.

“Say that Luke Aip realized that his identity got revealed. And because of that, they have to attack before they get attacked by Aip’s army. On top of that, if we say that we should attack them blocking their front and back and be able to capture him easily, he will probably charge out without even looking back.”
“Mm. That’s not a bad plan.”

No, it was more outstanding than what he thought.
But Tony’s thoughts didn’t end here.

“If we slightly spill this to baron Mito Posis, won’t he show some movements too?”

This was similar to what Elton had thought.

“What about Luke Aip?”

At those words, Tony shook his head.

“Baron Aip is currently in charge of the northern boundary. Because of that, there’s a possibility for him to flee immediately when things go wrong. Compared to him baron Posis is in charge of the east. It’s a place where fleeing is impossible. Baron Posis that’s already caught in a mouse trap……..”
“Will try to bite the cat.”

Elton smiled faintly and closed one eye.

“That’s right.”

Tony replied and nodded.
Elton patted Tony’s shoulders with a satisfied expression.

“Good. That’s a nice one.”

He gave him a yellow paper and a pen.
It was to write the letter to send Simon.
Elton’s expression, that was really stiff, became bright.
The long pen moved as if it was dancing.
Tony was looking at that with a bit nervous expression.
Then Elton’s voice was heard.

“This thing, if it finishes well I will also reward you.”

At that moment, Tony’s mouth became so long it was about to touch his ears.
He shut his mouth and bowed deeply.
His head and shoulders trembled.
Ambition of different sizes clashed and danced.


The final exodus was soon meeting its end.
The monsters that were overflowing got lead to the traps and troop’s bases started to get exterminated by Roan that striked back earnestly.
He mustered Simon’s troop and the noble’s armies and laid the order to charge towards the lake.


The monsters fell with their last words.


Above them, the charge of the soldiers was followed.

“Drive them back to the lake!”

The yell of the commanders mixed with the cries of the soldiers.

Puuuuuu! Dung! Dung! Dung!  Jing! Jing! Jing!

The sound of the horn trumpet, drums and jings was heard.
The battlefield was fierce and sharp.


And the damages on the soldier wasn’t normal as well.
The instincts of a beast to protect their territory.
They stepped over the corpses of the fallen ones and fought the monsters.


The monsters got perplexed.
They had never faced humans that were this united on something.
The guys that were charging fiercely started to get pushed little by little.

‘They are falling back!’

Roan didn’t miss this opportunity.

“Advance! Charge through!”

He jumped over the monsters while holding Travias spear.


The spear danced and sliced over the bodies of the monsters.
Every time Roan swung his spear three or four monsters lost their heads and fell.

“Follow troop commander!”
“Don’t get behind!”

Amaranth troop charged over from the scattered lines.

“E, eit! Follow Amaranth troop!”
“We are also going!”

The other nobles followed Amaranth troop late.
A charge similar to a raging billow.
The monsters didn’t have any strength or spirit to resist anymore.
They crumbled like that and got exterminated.


“Treat the injured ones!”
“Move the corpses of the monsters to the south, the corpses of our allies to the north!”

Sounds retrieving the battlefield was heard everywhere.
A bad smell and black smoke.
Red blood covered the entire ground.
But the expressions of the soldiers that were standing was really bright.
They got a hunch.

‘The subjugation ended!’
‘Monsters don’t appear anymore in Poskein lake!’

They had survived from the hell like battlefield.
The soldiers laid down on the ground that was covered by blood and patted each other’s shoulders.
A small comfort between the surviving ones.
Roan stood on top of the battlefield and looked at that.

‘Saving at least one more life of those soldiers is my role and task as the responsible one.’

It wasn’t a simple victory, but a perfect one.
Roan dreamt of that.
He slowly raised his head to look at the sky.
The sky was lit up in red light just like the ground that was covered in blood.

‘I wanted to see a blue sky.’

A bitter smile appeared in his face.

“Troop commander!”

An urgent voice.
It was Austin.
Roan turned his head to the direction the voice was heard at.
At that moment.


His sight passed over the perplexed expression of Austin and went behind him.
The smoke of the beacon burning black.

‘Why a beacon?’

The monsters were already perfectly exterminated.
No, before that, the direction the beacon was lit up was suspicious.

‘It’s coming from the north.’

A beacon has surged up on Mediasis village that had the troop’s HQ and was picked as a safe zone.

‘Something’s not right.’

His face stiffened up.
He ran towards his horse and yelled.

“Amaranth troop! Prepare to charge out!”

A sound waking up the recently fallen asleep soldiers.
The soldiers that were laying down lined up and organized themselves.
A surprisingly enough look.


The soldiers of the other nobles let out exclamations of admirement.
Roan kicked his horse and went to baron Rael Piad.

“Sir baron Piad! I request for the retrieval of the battlefield!”
“Don’t worry about here.”

Rael hit his chest with his right hand.
Viscount Tio Ruin also prepared to charge out late.
He also felt that something wasn’t right.
Roan pointed towards the north with Travias spear.


A loud yell.
Soon, Amaranth troop started to move with Roan at the front.
Even when they were exhausted, their movements was fast.
To the point they left behind Tio Ruin’s troop that charged out right after them.
Roan didn’t wait for Tio.
They had to return to the HQ the fastest possible because they didn’t know what situation it was.
How much would they have ran.
Roan, that was at the front, pulled the reins.
He saw the staff of the agency running towards him.

‘What happened that even the staff……..’

After a while, the staff that approached yelled with all their strength.

“The, the prince! The prince has charged out! He went to the northern villages with only count Lancephil accompanying him!”

At that moment, Roan’s face stiffened.
The staff that got nearer in that while said in a low voice.

“The bigger problem is that baron Mit oPosis, that was protecting the eastern region, is moving to the north.”


A feeling he got hit in the back of his head.
The staff members all lowered their heads.

“We are sorry. It seems like there was a hole on the surveillance of Mito Posis.”

But Roan didn’t blame them.
He knew that it wasn’t the fault of the staff.

‘We lacked people because we were finding the spy of the 3rd prince.’

On top of that, now wasn’t the time to worry about things that had already past.

‘Even if they say the prince and the army of count Lancephil, they only amount to 4.000.’

The other soldiers were dispatched to subjugate the monsters.

‘Compared to that, the numbers of Mito and Luke are more than 5.000.’

Because the numbers of Mito Posis was more than 3.000.

‘It’s obvious that baron Elton Coat will just pretend to help the prince and just watch the situation.’

No, perhaps, he may bare his fangs when he gets certain he can catch Simon.

‘The prince and count Lancephil are in danger!’

Roan ground his teeth.
WHen Elton first revealed the nobles working for the 2nd prince, Roan was even planning to tell Simon that Elton was actually a spy working for the 3rd prince.
But in the end he didn’t.

‘With the temperament of the prince, we would have beheaded him on the spot.’

It was obvious that if that happened, the situation would turn more difficult.
But thinking about it now, he felt a bit of regret in his judgement.

‘For him not being able to endure it for 2 days.’

Roan turned back and yelled.

“Infantry, return to the HQ! Ride on the remaining war horses and come to the village of the north!”
“Yes! Understood!”

As soon as he laid the order spearmen and archers ran towards Mediasis village.
Roan looked at the 300 soldiers that remained and took a deep breath.

‘I did good on teaching them cavalry.’
There was a need to increase their movement because the number of soldiers was too lacking compared to the region they were in charge of.
Thanks to that, most of the troop members of Amaranth knew how to ride a horse.
But of course, their level was poor.
Roan gripped a rein and raised his spear high to the sky.

“We are going to the north!”

There was no need to pass over Mediasis village.
Their destination was the village in the north.
Their objective was rescuing Simon and Io.


“Please, reconsider this prince.”

Io said really carefully.
But Simon, that was grabbing the reins, didn’t reply at all.
He was glaring at the north with a cold gaze.
Io let out a short sigh.
He knew that the situation wasn’t normal, but now was the time to protect the troop’s HQ.
Even if Aip’s army came attacking them just like Elton’s report, they would be able to plentily block them.
On top of that, if Roan and his troop regrouped, they would be able to take care of the traitors in an instant.

‘He just had to endure it for two more days……’

But as soon as Simon received Elton’s report, he lead his troop and charged out.
Io, that was returning from his patrol got surprised and also went out, but he couldn’t convince him.

‘He’s actually a really smart person……’

Simon despised people that betrayed him or talked bad about him in his back.
No, it was rage to the point he wanted to tear them off.

‘Whew. It must be because of his majesty.’

When Simon was young, he received the love and favor of the current king, Deni Von Rinse.
But every time Deni took in a new bride and gave birth to a new princess, he poured all his care and he ended up becoming cold rice.

‘He polished his studies and martial arts to get some interest from the king, but…….’

Deni III rather made more distance with Simon.
He felt burdened by his son that had abruptly grown.
It was since then.
Simon started to show obsession on his things, his people

“I can see the northern village.”

Just in time, Ralph Tinse the captain of the knights, said.
Simon opened his eyes sharply and laid a chilly order.

“Capture Luke Aip.”
“Yes! Understood!”

Ralph replied with all his voice and pulled his sword.


The force close to 2.000 people that were following the orders ran towards the village.

‘Elton will attack at the back of the village.’

Simon trusted in Elton.
That’s why he had gone out with a small force.
A troop sticked to the fences of the villages with Ralph at the front.
Aip’s army got confused at the sudden attack but in the end they took formation.
The battle that had nothing to do with the subjugation started like that.

‘Luke. I will cut off that sly tongue of yours.’

Simon felt great rage at the truth of one of the underlings he appreciated and trusted betrayed him.
Perhaps this could have been the real process by which he became the mad monarch.
The battle was really fierce.
But he couldn’t see Elton, that should have attacked them from behind the village.

‘What is it?’

When Simon was frowning.


The sound of a horn trumpet was heard.
At the same time, a troop with it’s flag risen appeared.

“What is it! What troop is it!”

At Simon’s yell, some soldiers went to check and then yelled with all their strength.

“It’s baron Mito Posis!”

At that moment, Simon’s face contorted in a nice to see way.

“He dares!”

The ones that were working for the 2nd prince Tommy had gathered in one place.
Simon clenched his fists.

“Fine! It rather turned out well! I will cut off your heads in one go!”

A voice filled with rage.
But his yell changed to that of a silence the more time passed.


In the first place, he couldn’t even face them through numbers.
Because he couldn’t see ELton, that had promised to attack them from behind.
On top of that, the position of the camp was also bad.
Simon’s and Lancephil’s troop was suffering attacks from the front and back.


Simon cursed out at the disadvantageous situation.

‘You dare attack a prince of the kingdom? This is rebellion! Rebellion!’

Attacking nobles that worked with his brothers was completely different to them attacking him.
Subjugation and rebellion.
It was completely different.

‘If I just overcome this situation you and Tommy will also suffer the consequences!’

But he couldn’t know.
That now that the situation climbed up to this, Luke and Mito knew that they would lose their lives however the situation turned out.
There was only one situation in which they could keep their lives.
And that was Simon’s death.
So because of that, they could only act while taking the heavily load called rebellion.

“Attack! Attack! Push them back!”

Simon continued to lay rough orders.


A sharp sound was heard.
Followed by.


One arrow pierced the head of the soldier that was next to Simon.

“Do, dodge!”

Io covered Simon’s shoulders with a surprised expression.

“Thi…. thi…….. this trash like bastards……..!”

Simon’s body trembled.
A yell he couldn’t hear at all until now was heard.

“Kill Simon!”
“Kill the prince!”

The situation was flowing to a completely unexpected pace.

< Salvation (2) > End

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