I Am the Monarch – Chapter 102: Salvation (3)

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Simon was a brave general so to speak.
He worked really hard to garner the love and interest of the king, King Deni III, and the result of that was that he gained unbelievable swords skills.
But the problem was his hot temperament and excessive ambition.
On top of that, his obsession with people was also severe because of the sense of loss he felt while growing up.
If the person didn’t react to his trust and love, he became greatly enraged. To say nothing of betrayal and rebellion.
If he got angry once, he didn’t care for anything else.
It was to the point that you couldn’t even expect a proper decision.
If his grandfather wasn’t Duke Bradley Webster, then he would already have been disqualified from the competition for the throne.
But even that Bradley was beheaded by Simon someday.
Simon already showed signs of becoming a mad monarch since he was small.
Of course, there was something else that affected his temperament, but the only ones that knew of this truth were Bradley, Simon, and his vassals.

“Prince. It is difficult like this.”

Ralph Tains, who was leading his troop and pushing back Luke Aip’s army, returned with a defeated look.
Simon trembled.

“Elton, why isn’t Elton Coat coming?”
“He’s only waiting at the rear of the northern village. He’s not showing any movements.”

Ralph bowed with a pitiful expression.
At that moment, Simon’s face contorted in a scary way.

‘Elton! You dare………’

His teeth were grounded automatically.
Elton not moving until now meant that he had betrayed him or from the start, wasn’t his vassal.

‘I don’t know about others, but for you to betray me!’

Elton had quite the wide territory even among barons and on top of that had outstanding abilities.
Because of that, he was someone he had raised with great care for the competition.
And actually after bringing him over, he had overcome several dangerous situations because of him.
On top of that.

‘He’s a distant relative of my grandfather.’

Although it was a collateral relation by blood, he was certainly someone that received the lineage of the Webster dukedom.
As he was a relative of Simon’s mother, he could trust in him more than anyone.
But that Elton Coat had betrayed him.

‘I didn’t even know that and told him to grasp the movements of the nobles on our side……’

He thought that he discovered Luke Aip and Mito Posis being spies because of that.
He had been tricked quite well this time.

“Trash-like bastard.”

Curses came out with a cold voice.
Simon glared at the battlefield, eyes filled with rage.
The battle flowed with more urgency at every moment.

“Catch the prince!”
“I will give an amazing reward to the one that catches the prince!”

The rebel army kept charging to the center of the troop thinking that everything would end when they caught Simon.
Although Lancephil’s troop and Simon’s army had a solid formation and went to defend, the difference in numbers was too great.
It was obvious that in this situation the entire line was going to fall.

“Prince! We have to take cover for now!”

Io yelled with an urgent expression.
And Ralph also did the same.
However Simon clenched his fists and didn’t move.

‘You dare to betray me?’

The trembling became bigger.
In that instant, his eyes that were filled with rage started to shine.
At the same time, his eyes that were almost brown turned black.


Ralph, who was looking at the side, had a surprised expression on his face.

‘He’s going to explode once again!’

He made a handsign to the back hurriedly.
One of the strongest forces of Simon, the Leo knights, came running.
They put Simon in the middle and skillfully took positions.
They were holding a rope that was made with Ogre tendons in both of their hands.
Io, who was looking at the situation, just had a confused expression on his face.

‘Just what is this…….?’

Then Ralph walked carefully and grabbed Simon’s arm.

“Prince. You can’t get shaken here. Please, get a hold of yourself.”

It was an earnest voice.

“There are even more people believing and following you. So please…..”

Ralph bowed with an expression as if he was about to cry.


A loud sound was heard.
Simon suddenly slapped his own cheek.
His lip burst and his cheek turned red.


Ralph and Io approached him while they were surprised.
Simon smiled bitterly and shook his hands.

“I’m fine.”

His voice was lowered and sounded more calm..
Ralph hurriedly looked into Simon’s eyes.
The blackened eyes returned to their original color.


He cheered up and made a gesture with his chin towards the knights.
The knights that were looking at Simon with a nervous expression hurriedly returned to their own positions.

“Yes Prince.”
“I could calm myself down thanks to you.”
“That’s not true.”

Ralph bowed.
Simon smiled bitterly and looked at the battlefield.

“Pierce through!”

The yells of the rebel army hit his ears.
The front line was getting pushed back little by little.
Simon took in a deep breath.

‘We have to take cover for now.’

The situation had already inclined towards the other side.
If he became stubborn here and was captured or died, all the merits that he had accumulated until now would become foam.

‘If I die here, Tommy and Kallum will step up to decorate this battle as a fair one.’

That was something that was absolutely unforgivable.

‘This is my fault, whatever they say.’

He should have listened to Roan.
It was his fault for having trusting Elton too much.

‘Nowadays, it’s becoming harder to control my rage.’

He clearly felt the changes in his body and heart.

‘The stronger my body becomes, the weaker my heart becomes.’

Simon bit his lower lip.

‘It’s useless regretting it now. They are all things I chose.’

It is true that he lacked self control and was hot tempered.
But the reason his temperament took a turn for the worse was because of the mana technique and sword technique Bradley Webster got for him.
They were a sword and mana technique that you couldn’t even name.

‘If my mana level increases more than this then it would become troublesome.’

If that happened, then there was a big possibility for him to lose all of his rationality.

‘Since grandfather has asked for the God’s medicine from the Holy Emperor, so I just have to endure for a little bit more.’

If he could just get his hands on the God’s Medicine, he would be able to cleanse all of the dirty evil mana and show an overwhelming power.

‘I just have to trust in my grandfather for that. First, I……’

Simon’s eyes moved to Io.

‘I have to get out of here.’

His brown eyes settled down calmly.

“Count Lancephil. If it’s true that Elton has betrayed me, this won’t be everything. Then, getting out of here will be quite difficult. But…….”

He bowed towards Io.

“I really have no face towards Count Lancephil, but I still can’t die.”
“Pr, prince.”

Io became surprised.

Simon raised his head and looked at Io’s eyes fixedly.

“Is there a method to get out of here, for me to live?”

It was a look he couldn’t understand at all.
Until just now, it was Simon that was caught up in his rage.
But soon he had found his composure back.

‘Can a normal person be like this?’

Even Io was astounded.
On top of that, the actions of Ralph and the Leo knights were quite suspicious.
But anyways, the prince had bowed and asked him for a favor.
He couldn’t just ignore and decline him.
Io took a deep breath.

“We are going to make a rearguard composed by my troop and your army and defend you. On top of that, we are going to hit the sides of the enemy with the strongest force, the Leo knights, and buy some time. Prince, you just go to Trem Village with Baron Tains.”
“To Trem village……?”

Simon asked back with a confused expression on his face.
Io replied back with a voice filled with confidence.

“If it’s the Amaranth troop, they would have certainly noticed this. Roan will certainly come. He will come and rescue us. Just endure until then.”
“The words of Count Lancephil are true, prince.”

Even Ralph butted in, so Simon nodded.

“I understand. I will do as Count Lancephil says.”

Right after he said that, Ralph raised his blade high into the air.

“We are retreating!”

Sounds of answering to the order were heard everywhere.
Simon was about to say something to Io before he left but decided to shut his mouth.

‘I will tell him when I meet him later.’

He was planning to bow his head and apologize for today’s mistake.
The knights and soldiers that were scattered around started to take formation.
And the one that departed first was certainly Simon.
Behind him, the troops of the Webster family and his own troops stuck close to him as if they were escorting him.
Then, Mito Posis, who was trying to pierce through the center, pointed at Simon and yelled.

“Huh? The prince is escaping! Chase!”

Luke also did the same.

“He must catch the prince!”

It was an order close to despair.
Luke Aip and Mito Posis grew tense.
There was only one method where they could live.
And that was beheading Simon.

‘Bring his head and find the 2nd prince……’

And even if that wasn’t the case.

‘If I escape to Byron kingdom or Istel kingdom, I would certainly be treated really well.’

Anyways, this situation didn’t permit him to live normally.
They chased after Simon with a flushed face.

“Where?! I can’t send you off like this!”

Io pulled out his sword and yelled.
Following his order, the soldiers set up a defensive line.
Behind him, the Leo knights quickly swung their blades.

Cheng! Checheng! Cheng!

Just like that, a battle started between the ones being chased and the ones chasing them.
And the battle flowed really urgently.


‘It’s difficult.’

Ralph’s eyes darkened.
He kept glancing back even while he was riding without stop.
The number of knights and soldiers following him clearly decreased.
The chase of Luke and Mito was really amazing.
Because they were also putting their lives on the line in this.
Thanks to that, only a minority of knights remained with Simon to escort him and the other soldiers and knights went to the rear to help Io.

‘The bigger problem……’

As they kept escaping to where the escape route was open, they were getting farther away from their destination that was Trem Village.

‘In this situation, we are going to get annihilated.’

But just because of that, they didn’t have any clear plans to overcome this.
They could only hope for anyone to appear and rescue them.


A sharp sound was heard.
And a shadow covered them from above.


A rain of arrows poured over the surrounding of Simon and Ralph.

“It’s the infantry!”

Yells poured out from the surroundings.


The soldiers that couldn’t dodge, became porcupines and collapsed.


The horses cried loudly and raised their front legs.
Simon and Ralph looked at the hills at the sides and frowned.
They were looking at the troop flag that was over the hills.
That was certainly Luke’s troop flag.
But it was quite a small troop.
Even so, it was true that it was difficult for Simon and Ralph to face even that much.
Even if they faced them and pierced through, they would clash with Luke and Mito who were chasing them from the back.

‘I have to at least save the prince.’

Ralph grinded his teeth.
Then, Simon’s voice was heard.

“It seems it’s up to here.”

He pulled out his blade with a pathetic expression.


Ralph grinded his teeth and bowed.
Simon didn’t mind and looked at the troop flag that appeared over the hill.

‘Even so, for the infantry to appear over here……. They prepared more thoroughly than I had thought.’

Actually, the troop that appeared on both of the hills were patrolling troops.
Belpis, who was leading his troop, was hurriedly returning to the northern village when they heard that the identities of Luke and Mito were exposed.

‘But to meet the prince here.’

It was simply a lucky situation.
A smile bloomed on Belpis’s mouth.

‘If we catch the prince, the road to flee appears.’

His heart beat quickly.


He swung his blade widely and kicked his horse.
Ralph looked at Simon with a hardened expression.
They didn’t have anymore time to waste.

“Prince! We will block them here however we can! You just try to flee!”
“No, there’s not even room to flee.”

Simon gritted his teeth.
Belpis’s troop was quite the small one, but they were pouring down from the cliffs.
Simon didn’t see any routes to escape.


Ralph had a regrettable expression on his face.
Simon forced a smile and nodded.
The two people looked at each other and then slightly lowered their heads.
It was a look like they were making their last resolutions.
If things didn’t flow as he wanted, he was planning to throw away everything at the end and explode.
Belpis looked at Simon standing stupidly and yelled.

“Prince! Catch the prince! We don’t need the other bastards!”

Belpis’s troop charged towards Simon.

“You dare!”

Ralph yelled loudly and went to the front.
And the knights followed after him.


The charging was stopped in an instant.


A sound splitting the air was heard.
At the same time, arrows appeared from over the hill.
They were arrows flying while the air was being split.
The tip of the arrows shone.


The arrows hit the space between the two troops.

“Wh, what is it?”

Belpis, who was charging, frowned and lowered his speed.
He was half astounded at the sudden rain of arrows.

‘Ma, maybe?’

Belpis’ eyes become wide.
Ralph, Simon, and the knights also had surprised expressions.
Their sights naturally moved towards the hills.


The sound of the horn trumpet rang through the battlefield.
At the same time, a troop flag appeared from over the hills.


At that instant, a faint light appeared in Simon’s face and everyone else’s.
It was the saviors they were waiting for.
The only person that could rescue them.
Roan had appeared.

“Fortunately we aren’t late.”

Roan appeared from below the high flying troop flag.

‘It’s because the staff members of the agency kept raising beacons.’

The staff members that were spread in the entire region of Tale couldn’t fight themselves, but grasping Simon’s position was easy enough.
They notified Roan that Simon was retreating to the west through the beacons.
Thanks to that, Roan and Amaranth troop could turn the head of the horses towards the west and not the northern region of Tale, and charge.
Roan let out a short sigh and gave the order.

“Prepare to charge.”

The soldiers that were at the back raised the shields they had on their backs.
And at the same time, they moved their chests closer to the horses.
Roan’s eyes shone.

“We are piercing through the rebel army.”

A short answer was given in response.
At the same time, an amazing vigor surged up.


Right after Roan sent out the order, the horses started to charge.
And Roan was obviously at the front.

“S, stop them!”

Belpis became perplexed and pulled the reins.
The entire troop halted their charge and turned back to look at the Amaranth troop.
Their raised spears and swords trembled.

‘We, will we be ab, able to face the Amaranth troop?’
‘The strongest troop in the region of Tale……..’

The troop members of Belpis swallowed with an expression filled with despair.
They were also very familiar with Roan and the troop’s abilities, to the point that their ears were wearing out.
And they had also witnessed it several times.


Horse clops were heard clearly.
And finally.


Roan and the Amaranth troop clashed against Belpis’ troop.
The soldiers that had their shields raised bounced off the swordsmen and spearmen.


The spears broke and the swords bounced off.
The horses didn’t lower their running speed but rather ran even more fiercely.
Roan took out the Travias Spear in that while and started swinging it.


A stream of blood splashed alongside a terrible noise.
In the first place, Belpis’ troop wasn’t an opponent for the Amaranth troop.
On top of that, they also had fewer numbers.


Roan’s horse kicked the ground and jumped.
He had a look that was splitting the air while he was drawing a line.
It was a really powerful and wonderful look.


The horse jumped over the soldiers and landed softly.
There was no more enemies blocking his path.
Roan hurriedly dismounted the horse and saluted shortly.

“Prince. Are you hurt anywhere?”

Simon, who was looking at the battlefield, got a hold of himself late.
He nodded with a pitiful expression.

“I’m ashamed of myself, but yes, I’m safe.”

Roan listened to what he wanted to and then turned back after bowing shortly.
Meanwhile, the Amaranth troop safely broke through Belpis’ troops.
Roan reorganized the formation with a handsign and slowly moved his steps.
He grabbed the Travias Spear and then glared at Belpis.
He had a cold and scary look on his face.


Belpis unconsciously swallowed with his dry mouth.
Roan breathed in slowly and pointed at the bastard with the Travias Spear.

“From now on……”

The voice spoke calmly in a settled manner.
Strength was put into his hand, clutching the spear.
Simon, Ralph, and the knights all leaned their ears towards Roan’s voice.
At that moment, a faint smile appeared on Roan’s mouth.

“Amaranth troop is taking over this battlefield.”

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