I Am the Monarch – Chapter 104 : Triumphant Return (1)

Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.

A sound that was nice to hear rang through the entire building.
Biggs, who was known to have the best abilities even among blacksmiths, was cleaning a piece of gold the size of a palm.
And in his surroundings, the other blacksmiths, alchemists, and etc. were gathered.
No, on top of that, Roan and the centurions of the Amaranth troop were also gathered up.
Biggs raised up the piece of gold that had a circular and flat shape to it and put on a bright smile.
He had a satisfied expression on his face..

“Troop Commander. Ah, no. Baron of Tale. It’s finished.”

Biggs gave him the piece of gold with a humble posture.
And Roan carefully took it.
On the flat piece of gold there was the symbol of the Amaranth troop with one leaf and two spears and also one beautiful shield.
You could see a short sentence following the borders of the gold piece.

<Let our path be accompanied by the light of glory.>

Roan looked at the piece of gold with a moved expression.
At that look, Biggs asked with a careful voice.

“Do you like it?”

Only then did Roan turn to look at Biggs and the several other people.
A bright smile appeared on his face.

“I like it. I really do like it. Thanks everyone.”

Sighs of relief could be heard everywhere.
Roan raised the piece of gold high into the sky and continued to say.

“The symbol and sentence you made will be used as the crest for the region of Tale.”

At that moment, everyone let out cries of exclamation with moved facial expressions.
Biggs bowed his head representing everyone.

“To use a coarse and lacking symbol as the crest of the territory…… We are really grateful. Truly, truly, thank you.”

Several people nodded and agreed.
The piece of gold that had a symbol and letters on it.
That was the gift that the blacksmiths, alchemists, and artisans prepared for Roan who became a noble.
They gathered their strengths to repay the grace they had received from Roan until now.
The symbol was devised by the artisans and the sentence by alchemists.
And the crafting was done by Biggs and the blacksmiths.
And like that, a cool symbol, that was one of a kind in the world was created.

“I’m the one that should be grateful.”

At Roan’s words, Biggs shook his hands.

“Compared to sir Baron who has taken care of us and helped us, it’s only a small repayment. We are just glad that you like this symbol made with lacking abilities.”

At those words Roan put on a faint smile.
Because he could feel the feelings of Biggs and everyone else’s.
He looked at everyone once and slightly bowed.

“Let’s keep working hard from now on.”

At that moment, everyone had surprised expressions on their faces and bowed.
Roan wasn’t a commoner anymore.
He was a noble with the title of Baron.
But Roan had lived almost 40 years as a commoner in his past life.
It was impossible for his words and actions to change to become that of a noble’s.
Thanks to that, the members of the Amaranth troop and the residents of Tale didn’t feel any displeasure or rejection from Roan at all.
A noble that wasn’t like a noble.
But rather a noble that knew the feelings of the commoners and knew how to take care of them.
That was Roan.

“Sir Baron.”

Austin approached and slightly bowed.
He spoke as if he were whispering.

“The director of the agency, Chris, has arrived.”

At those words, Roan nodded without saying anything.

‘There are many things that I have to do before going to the capital of Miller.’

As he became a baron and also obtained  territory, there was a need to migrate all of the organizations that were scattered around everywhere.
In addition, it was time to slowly start the businesses and plans he couldn’t proceed with as he had wished.
Roan said his goodbye to the blacksmiths, artisans, and alchemists and walked away.
And the centurions followed behind him.
It was a majestic look.

‘We are now people of the region of Tale.’
‘We will become the main shaft of the region’s army.’

As Roan became a noble, the prestige and location of the members of the Amaranth troop became much higher than before.
Their steps became light.
At every step they took, strength followed back.



Kali Owells, the commander of the knights of the Lancephil family, couldn’t hold it in anymore and smacked the table.

“Damn it! Does this make sense?”

Curses surged up.
The men that were seated on the opposite side of Kali also shook their heads with a serious face.
They were the head of the mages, Tairon Bess, and the captain of the fief regiment Perry Wilson. 1
Tairon clicked his tongue.

“Tch. I didn’t know Count Lancephil was going to do this.”

Perry followed back.

“To give a part of the territory to that young and lowly bastard. It’s really a dumbfounding thing.”

As the two people added on, Kalis’ rage became fiercer.

“Damn it! I put my life into the war against Istel kingdom and also in this subjugation! This crazy old…….”

He forcefully swallowed the last words to follow.
He couldn’t say that Count Io Lancephil was a crazy old bastard.
But he couldn’t do anything about his boiling feelings.

‘Damn. If the Count retired or died, I wanted to share and eat up all of his territory!’

He had already finished speaking with Tairon and Perry.
Io was also very well aware that his territory would be floating alone if he died without leaving any successors.
In the end, it was obvious that he would be giving a title of nobility to the vassals that he could trust.
And Kali was aiming for that.

‘I even started a relationship with Duke Webster…….’

He was sending several offerings to Duke Bradley Webster in case other nobles aimed for the territory.
And thanks to that, he had received a bit of a pledge.
His plan was proceeding calmly like that.
But suddenly, Io took away a piece of his territory and gave it to Roan.

‘Actually, the territory he gave away wasn’t that wide and isn’t fertile ground…….’

Because he gave away a territory with the Tale region as the center, the ground itself wasn’t that charming of a place.
But the reason that Kali and the other two were quite angry.

‘He even gave away a peice of his territory with a light heart, but if he wants to name a successor for when he retires……’

Looking at the situation, it was obvious that Roan would become that successor.
At a slip up, the entire Lancephil territory would be given to Roan.
Kali, who was worried about that, was angry and displeased.

‘I didn’t like him from the start.’

When he first met Roan, he was a mere adjutant of a troop.
But even so, he received the interest of Io and Aaron and also the best spearman in the kingdom, Reil Baker.

‘On top of that he’s even been designated as the guardian for Prince Simon.’

It was a situation that couldn’t happen.

‘Thanks to that, it has become even more difficult to lay a hand on him.’

But even so, he couldn’t just continue watching.
And he couldn’t let the Lancephil territory be taken away any less.

‘I have to think of something.’

Kali gritted his teeth.
His two eyes started to shine.
But that wasn’t a good light.
It was chilly and creepy and also it showed a pair of nasty and disgusting eyes.


“Let’s move the main office of the agency to Mediasis Village just like we debated and focus on increasing the number of residents earnestly.”

At Roan’s words, Chris and several other people nodded.

“The blacksmith, artisan, alchemist, and etc. are to make guilds and establish a headquarters and focus on gathering people.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Followed by that, a short answer was heard.
Followed by that, stuff related to the establishment of a port, organization of the roads, reforming the beacon system, establishment of villages, and etc. kept coming out.
They had sufficient funds because of the mining of magic stones.
For now, Roan was planning to set the base of the region of Tale solidly.
And thanks to that, there were more things that he had to do than he had thought.

“About the academy, I myself will find someone in the capital of Miller, so keep that into account.”
“Yes. We will focus on increasing the training grounds and establishing a system.”
“Good. I will entrust Glenn to the things related to the training field.”
“Yes. I will notify him like that.”

Roughless conversations were heard.
Then, Chris, who was taking notes about everything thoroughly, wrinkled his nose.

“What will you do about the five merchants we are providing with investments?”

Actually, Lidia of the carpenter business, Eska of the cooking business, Tio of the transportation business, Nego of the money lending business, and Ford of the mining business just received Roan’s investment, they weren’t a force Roan controlled just like the Amaranth troop or the agency.
But of course among them, Ford of the mining business was directly administered by Chris, so they had a relationship where they couldn’t split apart.

“First, think if they have any thoughts in moving their head offices to the region of Tale. In the case of Mr. Ford, ask him if he is able to accept running his business with the name of the territory.”

At those words, Chris asked with a careful voice.

“What if they deny?”
“Then there are no more investments?”

A simple answer.
The profits Roan gained while investing in the 5 merchants were quite a sum.
But that was when Roan roamed around without having a base.
Now, it was time to raise a force himself with the name of his territory.

“I understand.”

Chris didn’t ask anymore.
Because he also thought the same as Roan.
Then, Roan crossed his arms and said.

“When you go to talk to the five merchants, ask them about our future.”

Chris tilted his head.
Roan smiled faintly and continued speaking.

“Whether they want to do business on the entire continent and not only in the Rinse kingdom.”
“The, the entire continent?”

Chris asked back with a surprised expression.
And of all the other people did the same.
The centurions opened their eyes wide and looked at Roan.
Roan smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

“Why are you like this? Isn’t it obvious?”

He leaned his body forward and rested his hands on the table.

“We are facing all the kingdoms, not only Rinse Kingdom.”

Roan looked at everyone’s eyes fixedly.

“We are going to spread our name through the entire continent.”


Everyone swallowed with their dry mouths.
Semi asked with a trembling voice.

“Will, will that be possible?”

At those words, Roan smiled brightly and nodded.

“Even until now, a sinner that was exiled became a baron of the kingdom.”

He was talking about himself, Roan.

“There’s nothing impossible in this world.”

He took out the crest that he had received as a gift.

<Let our path be accompanied by the light of glory.>

Their sights were fixed on the short sentence.
Roan spoke with a confident voice and clear and deep eyes.

“Our path will be filled by the light of glory.”


The capital of Miller was noisy.
Because news was continuously told while they were subjugating the monsters in Poskein Lake.

<Simon Rinse, the 1st prince. Complete victory in the subjugation!>
<There are almost no damages to the southern region of the lake!>
<1st prince, complete victory!>
<Tommy Rinse, the 2nd prince. Struggled desperately in the subjugation!>
<Kallum Rinse, the 3rd prince. Barely held on!>
<2nd and 3rd princes. Lacking in skills?>
<Prince Tommy Rinse and Prince Kallum Rinse hold hands!>
<2nd and 3rd princes. Were they careless? They suffered great damages at the end!>

The residents of the capital of Miller, that were among the wealthiest and most intelligent side of the kingdom, kept talking about the subjugation of the three princes when at least two of the citizens gathered.

“The 2nd and 3rd princes returned two days ago, right?”
“Yeah. It seems like they returned stealthily without even announcing their arrival.”
“They say they looked completely defeated.”

An amazing crowd was gathered on a long road to the castle of Miller that extended to the south.
They were all gathering for a small bouquet or a sky blue cloth.

“I even heard that the two of them gathered their strength together and lead the subjugation well…….Just what happened?”
“They say that the monsters coming out of the lake decreased and suddenly multiples of monsters poured out.”
“Aha! They were careless because they thought it was ending and suffered back.”
“That’s right! Because of that, they say that the western region of the lake became a complete wasteland.”

Mumbling sounds were heard.
Everyone heard similar stories.
Then, a youth that had thin eyes butted in.
The youth looked handsome and noble leaned his ear towards the conservation of the two people.

“They say that Prince Simon achieved a perfect victory compared to the other two princes?”
“Right. It seems like he didn’t get careless until the end and finished the subjugation perfectly.”
“Is it only that? I heard that some bad nobles rebelled and he cooly suppressed them.”
“Is a first born son really the first born?”
“Look at this. Looking that they announced that they were returning today, it seems like even the size of his plate is different!”

The people were now busy talking about Simon.
Then, the thin eyed youth that was just listening silently spoke in a really low voice.

“Um but.. as I heard, the one that lead them to victory was Troop Commander Roan who had the greatest merits……”

These were words he said as if they should start talking about it themselves.
Not differently, the surrounding people clapped and felt joy.

“Right! That’s right! What was it? Amass? Aranth?”
“Ei! Amaranth. Troop Commander Roan of the Amaranth troop led the subjugation to victory while holding the commanding and strategic rights.”
“That’s right! Amaranth! On top of that, he even captured the nobles that rebelled and saved the life of the prince?”
“Do you know what’s surprising? It’s that Troop Commander Roan is a commoner. A commoner.”

Cries of exclamations could be heard everywhere.
It seemed like they hadn’t heard yet about Roan receiving a title of nobility.

“Actually looking at it in another way, the hero of this subjugation is Troop Commander Roan.”
“Right. In the first place, they say that the region of Tale that the troop commander was defending, didn’t suffer any damages.”
“Kuha! The performance of a commoner troop commander! How cool! Really cool!”

The people became even more heated up about the stories of Roan.
They felt great satisfaction when they knew that the hero of this subjugation was a commoner just like them.
Then, the thin eyed youth threw a topic once again.

“As I heard it, Troop Commander Roan has a huge body and amazing strength…… Is that true?”

And the people were baited from everywhere.

“I heard that he was rather pretty and frail.”
“What are you talking about?! They said he was an amazing giant that made war horses look like ponies.”
“Right. Logically thinking, for a commoner troop commander to raise that amazing merit, wouldn’t he need an amazing strength?”
“Right. He has to be able to crush a rock with one hand.”

It seemed like they still didn’t know how Roan looked.
The thin eyed youth tried to bring out a topic again.

“Then, they say that he treats his underlings like his family and the residents as…..”

But he couldn’t finish this one.
An amazing cheer exploded from the side of the gate.
The people that were conversing noisily shut their mouths and turned their heads towards the side with the gate.

‘Hmm. I was curious if he was a commander that treated everyone like his family, without any discrimination……..’

The thin eyed youth smacked his lips as if it was regrettable.
But he also turned his head towards the gates.

‘I can only see and judge it for myself.’

A faint smile appeared on his face.

‘If he’s someone capable for me, Clay, to serve………’

His eyes started to shine.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

The sounds of the bell announcing Simon’s entrance were heard from the northern gate.


The cheers of the people became noisier.
The Regate Dagger, that represented Simon, entered the open gate while it was fluttering.
Followed by that, Simon, Io, Tio, Ralph, and etc. showed up riding cool horses.


Simon waved his hand towards the citizens shaking the flowers and sky blue cloths.
It was the look of a perfectly triumphant general.
Confidence emanated from his entire body as if it was water.
And Io, Tio, Ralph, and etc. also felt the same.
They waved their hands with a really proud and satisfied expressions on their faces.
And right behind them.
There was a youth that was forcing a composed expression while he was wearing normal armor.
On the left side of the armor, that was worn-out but clean, there was a crest that had a flower, two spears, and one shield drawn in it.
The short sentence written in it.

<Let our path be accompanied by the light of glory.>

The youth answered the cheers with a composed expression, different from the others.
He was the one being treated as a hero in this subjugation, Roan, no he was Baron Roan Tale.
The luxurious scene of the capital of Miller entered into his eyes.
At the end of the long road, he could see the high palace.
Roan gripped his reins tightly.

‘From now on……’

His chest heaved up.

‘It’s the real start.’

< Triumphant Return (1) > End


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