I Am the Monarch – Chapter 112 : Tron Academy (4)

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That was the first thing Roan felt.
No, to be exact, that was the first thing everyone in the training field felt.

“Just now, what did you……”

Before Roan could even finish his words.

“Please take me with you. I want to learn more by your side.”

Brian shouted at the top of his lungs.
He didn’t care about the gazes from the academy’s professors as well as his classmates and juniors.

‘I’m not embarrassed at all.’

Brian was sincere.
He was certain.
That he must follow Roan to escape the stagnation in his growth.
On the other hand, Roan was simply confused.

‘I do want to keep him by my side and use him, but……’

He definitely didn’t expect that Brian would approach him like this.
Roan awkwardly smiled and shook his hand.

“Even if you say something like that right now…….”

When he spoke that far.

“Since he’s that desperate, why don’t you just take him?”

A sharp voice was heard.
Roan, as well as everyone else’s gazes, turned and searched for the owner of the voice.

‘Princess Katy Rinse.’

The owner of the voice was Katy.
With her arms crossed, she had on a strange smile.

“You might not know much about things in the capital, but Brian is a genius amongst geniuses that the entire kingdom is paying attention to.”
“Yes, I know.”

Roan lightly answered back.
With an expression that seemed to ask what the problem was, Katy continued to talk.

“Then what’s the worry? The kingdom’s best genius is even kneeling and asking you to take him. Just take him with you.”

At those words, Roan replied in a calm and composed voice.

“Brian Miles is still a student. For now, he must graduate from the academy first. Then……’

His line of sight turned toward Brian.

“As princess said, the student Brian Miles is a genius that the entire kingdom is looking at. From the standpoint of the royal family, they wouldn’t look kindly upon such a genius going to a rural barony instead of the royal knight order.”

Several students and the professors nodded.
Particularly, some knight school professors strongly concurred.

‘A mere barony is absolutely out of the question!’

The amount of resources and interest that the royal family has poured into Brian was colossal.
And it was difficult to imagine him going to the Tale Barony, where its owner had just become a noble, instead of the royal knight order.
At that moment.

“Sir Baron Tale!”

He heard Brian’s voice.
He spoke with a desperate voice.

“If you leave me here just like this, I may just die.”

A threat.
No, the voice was too desperate to call it a threat.
Brian thought that this was the last chance.
With blood-boiling feeling in his heart, he continued to speak.

“It has been two years since I stopped growing for an inexplicable reason. I trained and trained while even cutting down on sleep, but there wasn’t a single bit of growth. I’m slowly falling apart. If this went on for just a bit longer, I may even take my own life. But……’

He stared straight into Roan’s two eyes.

“In today’s real duel with Sir Baron Tale, I saw some unknown possibility.”

The light in his eyes was blazingly hot.
Roan calmly looked back at that gaze.
As if throwing up a ball of fire, Brian desperately shouted.

“Please consider it as saving a person’s life and take me with you!”

A strange silence fell down.

‘I knew Brian was worried, but to think he was this worried.’
‘Right. He did become more and more lifeless as his seniority went up.’
‘Certainly, he was bright and full of confidence in his first year.’

The students imagined Brian’s former self.
Everyone’s faces became dark.
In truth, Brian who was the kingdom’s pride, the capital’s pride, and the academy’s pride, was in fact on the edge between life and death.
Everyone’s eyes turned toward Roan.
Roan gently stared at Brian.

‘If I don’t grab his hand here……’

Most likely, he will feel even greater despair and disappointment.
Unlike in the last life where he lived until twenty-eight, he might choose the terrible choice even earlier than before.

‘I guess…… I can’t say something like wait until graduation first.’

It became hard to ignore the sincere and desperate look in his eyes any longer.
At that moment.

“Sir Baron! Please take Brian with you!”
“If you take Brian with you, we will definitely pay back your kindness.”

Several students suddenly stood up and shouted.

“You guys……”

Brian’s expression was a bit surprised.
The ones lowering their heads toward Roan were Brian’s classmates in the knight school.
They were the friends he was close with in his first year when everything was well, but slowly became far apart as his stagnation began.
The students’ faces were just as sincere as Brian.

‘Brian is our pride.’
‘I have watched and know how hard he worked.’
‘Brian always swung his sword without missing a single day.’

For Brian, their classmate and friend, they lowered their heads.
At the same time, Roan, who had completely dominated and won against Brian who was called the kingdom’s greatest genius, felt an unknown awe.

“We beg you as well.”
“Please take Brian with you!”

Soon, voices that sympathized with Brian sounded off from here and there.
Instantaneously, the training field was in an uproar.
With a curious look, Katy looked at Roan.

‘Baron Roan Tale. Now what will you do?’

Her large eyes were saying this.
Feeling that gaze, Roan inwardly made a bitter smile.
‘Is this also fate……’

His heart beated at the shouts that poured down.

‘Pierce and Brian, and Harrison and Chris too……’

Somehow, he managed to have the kingdom’s greatest geniuses as his subordinates.
Roan moved his feet towards Brian.

“We beg……”
“Please take……’

Instantly, the students who had been loudly shouting all closed their mouth.

“Student Brian Miles. No, Brian.”

Roan extended his right hand.

“The moment you grab this hand, we will go together.”

Instantly, Brian’s expression brightened.
But on the other hand, Roan’s voice became composed.

“It won’t be an easy path. Think about it thoroughly before……”

When he spoke up to that point.
Brian immediately grabbed Roan’s hand.
Smiling brightly, he stood up.

“I don’t need to think about it. I am already your subject.”

Brian trusted his judgment and decision.
There wasn’t a speck of doubt in his eyes.
Seeing that sight, Roan made a faint smile. (t/n: seriously, what’s up with all these bitter and faint smiles?)

“Thank you very much! Sir Baron Tale!”

Cheers poured out.

“Brian. You definitely have to become a sword master!”
“I’ll cheer for you!”

The students’ cheers continued.
Katy, who had been watching from the side, also clapped and came up onto the stage.


He wasn’t sure who she was congratulating.
A strange light glowed in her eyes.
That light was a mix of curiosity, goodwill, childishness, and playfulness.

“I want to prepare a place as a congratulation, so…… what do you think?”

A treat to a meal out of the blue.
Roan replied with a difficult expression.

“I already have an appointment with Principal Fred Brown.”

At those words, Katy immediately looked at Fred.

“Principal! You can come with us too. Would that be fine?”

A childish look.
Fred cheerfully smiled and nodded his head.

“If Baron Tale is fine with that, then I’m content.”

At those words, Katy looked again at Roan.

‘Just like the prince said, she’s a complete tomboy.’

Inwardly making a bitter smile, Roan lowered his head.

“I will follow princess’ words.”

Katy clenched her fist and was delighted.

“There’s a restaurant on Sears Street that makes unbelievable steaks. Let’s go there.”

She looked rather elated.
Roan and Brian glanced at each other and then followed Katy down the stage.
The students were still cheering.

‘Brian’s popularity is quite amazing.’

Roan marveled as he looked around the training field.
Of course, there were those among the students who complained with dissatisfied and displeased expressions.
Roan didn’t want to especially pay them any attention.

‘They will fall on their own.’

The era that was coming was a one when people’s true colors and abilities were important.
The ones who discriminated and flattered people based on standing, money, and political power will die out by themselves.

‘Of course, there will be those who persistently hold on, but……”

He planned on personally cutting them down.
At that moment, Ian walked up from between the students.

“Princess. May I come as well?”

A bold request.
While Roan looked with a surprised expression, Katy brightly smiled instead and pinched Ian’s left cheek.

“Sure. Since our cute Ian wants to go, of course we’ll take you along.”

A shocking sight.
Roan’s two eyes became round.

‘The genius strategist and administrator of the future, Ian Phillips, is getting his cheek pinched!’

It was a sight that was simply impossible to imagine.

‘Were Ian and Princess Katy originally close friends?’

He thoroughly searched his memories from last life, but nothing that was related came up.

‘Princess Katy only had Pierce.’

Also, Ian didn’t marry and lived alone until he died.

“Princess. I’m now a student of the academy too. Please don’t treat me like a kid so much.”

Ian complained with a slightly annoyed but cute expression.
That sight was also a shock.

‘But he always showed a sharp and serious face even though he is young.’

Without a doubt, he now looked like an ordinary kid.
Furthermore, the difference between Katy and Ian’s age was merely two years.
It was not like there was a big difference in their age.
Katy spoke as she brushed Ian’s head.

“Ian. You’ll always be a little kid to me. From that moment ten years ago when you got lost in the palace library and cried.”
“I was only six at that time. And I wasn’t the only one crying back then. Back then, princess definitely……”
“Sshhh! Stop right there.”

Katy’s eyes wandered off as she shook her head.
Swallowing the words on the tip of his tongue, Ian smacked his lip as if disappointed.
Roan, who had been watching all along, chuckled.

‘So they knew each other ever since they were really young. Now that I see them like this, they look like siblings.’

This kind of experience was fascinating to Roan too.
Since these were things he couldn’t possibly have, see, or hear about in the last life.
At that moment.


Roan’s gaze that was staring at Katy and Ian trembled a little.

‘Princess Aily.’

He could see Aily, who quietly stood up amongst the group of students and was walking away.
Roan unconsciously became frantic.

“Princess Katy.”

Katy, who was playfully frolicking with Ian, looked at Roan.
Roan made a short bow.

“May I invite another person?”
“Who? I’m fine. I like it when things are loud.”
“Then. Just a moment……”

Roan faintly smiled and moved his feet.
Katy and several people’s eyes chased Roan’s back.
With slightly hurried steps, Roan walked toward Aily.

“Princess Aily.”

A softly calling voice.
Aily, who was just about to leave the training field, hesitated and then turned around.

“Sir Baron Tale.”

Smiling shyly, Aily slightly lowered her head.
Certainly, the way she interacted with people was different than Katy.

“Thank you very much for the lecture.”

Aily’s cheeks blushed red.
Roan brightly smiled and nodded.

“I’m glad you liked my lecture. By the way, um, princess……”
“If you perhaps have time, would you please come eat with us?”

A sudden request.

‘What am I doing?’

Roan himself was surprised at what he did.
He awkwardly smiled and looked behind him.
Aily’s gaze naturally followed behind.
Wearing a peculiar expressions, Katy, Fred, and Ian stood there.

‘The person he wanted to invite to the meal is Aily-sis?’

Katy’s expression was slightly surprised.
But she soon shook her head.

‘If it’s Aily-sis’s personality, she’ll immediately reject……’

When she had thought up to that point.
Aily, who everyone was watching, faintly smiled and nodded.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

At those words, everyone’s expressions besides Roan’s was surprised.
It was completely unexpected to think that Aily, whose rumor as a shadow princess was well know, would accept a sudden invitation to a meal.
On the other hand, Roan was simply happy and satisfied with this situation.
He quietly stared into Aily’s two eyes and smiled.

‘Thank you very much.’

Such words hung at the tip of his tongue.
For some reason, he wanted to save his words.
It was difficult to say even a single word.
But he was sure of at least one thing.

‘Princess is also happy.’

Aily’s two eyes conveyed those words.

‘I’m glad I did the special lecture.’

Between his last life and the current life, he felt that this was the best decision he made amongst many.

‘The weather is really nice today.’

Roan stared up at the sky for no reason.


A windowless office lit by a single candle.

“Those guys again?”

An enraged voice echoed through the space.
The owner of the voice was a middle-aged man with neat brown hair and round glasses.
Behind the glasses, his eyes shone with a sharp light.

“Yes. It seems they’re now putting their hands on the palace as well.”

The young man on the other side of the middle-aged man lowered his head.
His face was filled with restlessness.
It was because he only reported bad news these days.
As expected, the glasses man slammed down on the desk.


“Since they are hillbilly bumpkins, they just don’t seem to know about the situation in Miller at all. Even we are simply taking a lick.”
“They are definitely insane brats.”

The young man immediately chimed in.
Suddenly, the light in the glasses man’s eyes turned cold.
Every time the candle’s flame quivered, his shadow repeatedly expanded and shrank.


The young man quickly closed his mouth and nervously gulped.
It felt as if his breath was smothered.
With the tip of his finger, the glasses man tapped on the desk.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The steady sound thoroughly filled the office.


The finger finally stopped.
The glasses man scratched the desk with the tip of his finger as he stared sharply at the young man.

“Yes, yes!”

The young man, Baba, stood up straight and loudly answered.
The glasses man squinted an eye and continued his words.

“Are you just going to watch and let those insane bastards continue to run around?”
“N, no sir.”

Baba quickly shook his head.
The glasses man’s face slowly turned hard.

“The capital region around Miller Castle is our, Janis information agency’s, turf. It’s not where some country bumpkins from the kingdom’s East can run around. You got that?”
“Yes, yes sir. Understood. I’ll send the kids and teach them a lesson.”

The glasses man’s face twisted at Baba’s words.

“You idiot! Do you want to start a war with a noble?”
“The, then?”

Baba asked back with a helpless expression.
The glasses man exhaled a short sigh.

“Huu. There are a lot of powerful guests who received our help. There are guests who are still receiving our help too. Just why do you think we’ve been providing those guests information and looking after them? It’s all to receive some help in times like this. Ok? Understood?”
“Yes, yes sir. Understood.”

Only then did Baba finally understood the glasses man’s words and plan.
The glasses man’s rage calmed down a bit only after seeing Baba’s expression.

“Good. Then I’ll leave the work to you this time, Baba. Carefully clean it up.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Baba replied with a seriously nervous face.
Within his head, many people’s faces passed by.
The glasses man waved his hand at that Baba.
Telling him to now leave.
Baba said a short goodbye and soon exited the office.
The glasses man, who was left alone in the dark and small office, licked his dried lips and made a strange smile.

“Was the name Baron Roan Tale……”

The tip of his mouth and eyes slightly trembled.

“The one who just became a noble shouldn’t act too greedy.”

A murderous light reflected in his eyes.

“Even on this floor, there’s something called pecking order.”


A strange mood settled on the dinner table that Katy prepared.
Roan, who could be called the main character of the dinner, was busy talking with Ian, Fred, and Brian.

“Are you really going to build an academy and a library?”
“Yes. If there’s room in the funds, I also wish to make several smaller educational structures as well.”
“That’s quite an amazing plan.”
“But it won’t be easy.”

Katy attempted to enter the conversation several times but didn’t feel like it.

‘Boring. It’s not fun either.’

Things like academies, libraries, or administering branches weren’t fun and were hard to understand.
In the end, she turned her gaze toward Aily, who was on the other side of the table and was quietly focusing on her food.

‘Why did that sis agree to the invitation if she wasn’t even going to say a word?’

In the first place, it was a mystery as to why she decided to come and eat together.
Aily, who was about to put a piece of meat into her mouth, realized Katy’s gaze a bit late.
Looking at the sister a year younger than her, she made a faint smile.

“What are you smiling at?”

Katy was straightforward.
There was no decorum or twist.
She asked about whatever she was curious of and said whatever she wanted to say.
Aily put down the knife and the fork she was holding.

“I smiled because I’m happy.”
“At what?”

Katy asked again.
There was no bad intent.
As the pair’s conversation started, Roan, Fred, Ian, and Brian also stopped their conversation and looked at the girls.
Still with her smile on, Aily replied.

“At everything. The food is good, the mood is good, the company is good.”

The voice was really clear and gentle.
Katy slightly squinted her forehead and tilted her head.

“That famous shadow princess likes these things?”

She even mentioned that unpleasant nickname, shadow princess, as if it was nothing.
At those words, Aily whispered with a quiet voice.

“It seems that the shadow became long enough to touch here and there.”
“It… became longer?”

Katy didn’t understood and asked again.
Aily slowly nodded her head.

‘Un. A light came close by.’

She didn’t let out those last words and rolled them inside of her mouth.
The smile that hung on her mouth became slightly deeper.
Seeing Aily wordlessly smile, Katy as well as Roan and the others tilted their heads.
They still didn’t know much about the shadow princess.
Much more than others, she had many secrets.

< Tron Academy 4 > End.

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