I Am the Monarch – Chapter 117 : A Good Person (4)

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“Hunting competition?”

“Yes. They say it’s a contest hosted by Viscount Holten.”

Simon, who was reviewing the future plans with his faction, made a surprised expression at the unexpected report.

“Holten? By Holten, you mean……?”

The expression turned sour.
Viscount Tio Ruin, who made the report, nodded as he bitterly smiled.

“Yes. He is Viscount Anthony Holten, who is supporting Prince Tommy.”

Simon let out a quiet sigh.
Carefully checking Simon’s expression, Tio cautiously spoke.

“It seems that Baron Tale participated without knowing.”

Simon made a strange expression at those words.
Glancing at the papers in his hand, he shook his head.

“I don’t know. Baron Tale shouldn’t be such a neglectful person……’

Simon murmured in a quiet voice.
During the Poskein Monster Expedition, Roan didn’t miss a single location or path of the monsters and completely comprehended everything.
There was no way that he wouldn’t find out which prince the noble was supporting and what kind of personality the noble had while accepting that noble’s invitation.

‘There’s no reason for Baron Tale to side with Tommy in this situation……’

In the end, it meant that he participated in Anthony’s hunting competition for a different reason.

‘He’ll do fine on his own.’

Simon trusted Roan.
No, instead, he wanted to give him power.

“Viscount Ruin.”
“Yes. Prince.”

Tio slightly lowered his head.
Reviewing the contents of the papers, Simon spat out an order.

“Give Roan a good bow. Since it’s a nobles’ hunting competition, he can’t just use a cheap infantry bow.”
“Yes. I shall do so.”

Tio brightly smiled and moved his feet toward the exit.

‘Thankfully, it seems he doesn’t doubt Baron Tale.’

His heart felt lighter than before.
At that moment, he heard Simon’s voice once again.

“Ah! ” Isn’t there an excellent archer amongst the guys that Roan has?
“Yes. He probably has a rank called the hundred-man commander.”

Because the words hundred-man commander didn’t flow from his mouth very well, Tio made an awkward smile.
Truthfully, the peculiar troop organization of the Amaranth troop was already a big topic amongst many nobles.
Some young nobles copied Roan and imitated him, but most nobles thought of it as useless work and disliked it.

“Give him one as well.”
“Yes. I shall do so.”

Tio once again bowed his head.
The reason he served Simon.
It was because of this point.
The manner in which he doesn’t ask about one’s status as long as that person was talented.

‘If his personality becomes a little softer, he will become a magnificent king.’

Tio grabbed the door’s handle.

‘The God’s Drug. We just need to obtain the God’s Drug.’

If so, Simon could eliminate the evil energy of the mana technique that Simon was training in.
If he could do that, he wouldn’t have to lose his rationality and go on a rampage even if he became angry.

‘Sir Duke Webster. Please.’

The one getting the God’s Drug was Simon’s grandfather on his mother’s side, Bradley Webster’s mission.
Tio exhaled a short sigh and exited the conference hall.
Simon glanced at Tio’s back and faintly smiled.

‘Viscount Ruin. I can see you worrying about me all over your face. Huhuhu.’

Somehow, he felt proud.
A loyal subordinate who worried about him day and night.

‘If only there were more people like Viscount Ruin, there wouldn’t be any need to get angry.’

A bitter smile formed on his mouth.
Instead of within himself, Simon was still searching for the root of all the faults elsewhere.


‘Roan Tale.’

Glancing at Roan, who was following behind, Anthony gritted his teeth.

‘You will die here today.’

The friendly looking face was gone as if it were a lie.
A cold animosity floated in his eyes and mouth.

‘Those Janis guys. They’re so praiseworthy.’

Anthony and the Janis information agency’s relationship.
It started when he suspected his wife’s affairs.
For Anthony, who was a noble of the kingdom and a wealthy man, the Janis information agency wholeheartedly gathered evidence.
In the end, Anthony’s suspicion was found to be a misunderstanding, and his love and trust in his wife became much stronger from his guilt.
With that event as the catalyst, Anthony came to really like the Janis information agency and didn’t hold back in giving monetary support.
Especially once the three princes of the Rinse Kingdom began competing for the succession of the throne, Anthony and the Janis information agency’s relationship became even closer.
It was because Anthony needed the information on the other princes once he entered Tommy Rinse’s faction.

‘Each and every bit of information they provided was helpful.’

Thanks to that, he was able to rise to a position where he could converse privately with Tommy despite being a mere viscount.
If Tommy became the next king just like that.

‘I can become a count, no, at least a marquis.’

It was a situation where only the opportunities to ascend existed.
But Anthony’s path was blocked by a dark cloud.
The cause was the Poskein Monster Expedition.
Simon, the first prince, managed to raise overwhelming results in this expedition.
Thanks to that, the competition for the throne, which was proceeding tightly until now, had  slightly leaned towards Simon.
And on top of this, the fact that the second prince, Tommy, tried to kill Simon was revealed and his position became highly volatile.
Anthony became desperate.
A scheme, an event, or an accident that could turn the situation around was needed.
A chance for Tommy to stop Simon’s rampage and rebound back.
But sadly, he couldn’t easily find such a chance nor did it come to him easily.
And at that time, Baba of the Janis information agency discreetly came to him at a late hour.

‘Baron Tale, they asked me to get rid of him.’

Baba said that Roan was gaining control of the Miller Castle’s information.
If the situation continued to proceed, Anthony couldn’t be provided with valuable information and Simon, who was on a winning streak, would monopolize the information of the entire region around the capital.

‘I can’t let that happen.’


‘If we look at the facts, the reason Prince Simon was able to raise the overwhelming results were all because of this guy, Roan.’

And the one who saved Simon’s life was him too.
If only there wasn’t Roan, Simon would have lost his life in the expedition’s battlefield and the throne would have been Tommy’s to take.
At least, that’s what Anthony thought.
In the end, Anthony decided to take Baba’s proposal after some contemplation.
Putting his head together with Baba, he came up with a plan.
The so-called Roan assassination plan using a hunting competition.

‘It is in fact a hunt, but a hunt for Roan rather than animals.’

A vile and foul smile hung on his mouth.
When they were planning the hunting competition conspiracy, Baba boasted with the Janis information agency’s name on the line.

‘Once I kill that bastard Roan, the Janis information agency promised to disguise it as an accident.’

In preparation for that, they had already set up traps in the hunting grounds.
They weren’t just simple deep holes.
The traps were made so that the earth will fall down from the left and the right once he stepped on the weeds covering the hole, and sharp swords and spears were planted upside down inside.
In name, they were traps to catch the bears that appeared around the region.
Roan would step on the bear trap during the hunting competition and suffer an untimely death.
And if he didn’t die even after falling into the trap?

‘Then we’ll have to personally use our hands.’

Because of that, the knights and the territory’s soldiers, as well as nobles who were close to him, all accompanied him.
Of course, the nobles that came along were all those who supported Tommy.

‘It certainly is a dangerous plan.’

But the reward for success was just as incredible as the danger.

‘If we can at least catch Roan, Prince Simon’s faction will fall into total chaos.’

At that time, Tommy simply had to calm the faction’s internal strife and prepare to fly once again.
Anthony thinly closed his eyes.

‘Once this job goes well, I too will fly.’

His heart thumped.
It felt as if a brilliant future was spreading out in front of his eyes.

Jing! Jing! Jing! Ddung! Ddung! Ddung!

The sounds of cymbals and drums loudly echoed.


Soon after, the soldiers, who had the role of trappers, yelled and sprinted out.


Through the tall weeds, a nimble deer showed itself.
Dodging the trappers, it frantically moved back and forth.
The hunting competition had finally begun.

“Who has the courage to go and catch that deer?”

When Anthony loudly shouted, a knight that was nearby, went up.

“I, Ted Weiss, will attempt to hit it once.”

As a knight of Viscount Holten’s house, Ted was famous for his exceptional archery skills.

‘Good. Then should I discourage Baron Tale a bit here? Huhuhu.’

Anthony wanted to boast about his subordinate’s skill.
At the same time, he wanted to show the bumpkin from the Kingdom’s eastern countryside that the capital wasn’t an easy place.

“Oh! Good. Ted. You go and take a shot.”
“Yes sir!”

Once Anthony’s permission was granted, Ted quickly pulled his bowstring.


Soon, an arrow flew across the air with a sharp sound.
A beautiful curve.


A frightening sound echoed.
The deer that was running away from the trappers immediately fell down.
The arrow was stuck precisely in the deer’s neck.

“It’s a bulls-eye!”

A soldier loudly shouted.

“Hahaha! As expected, you live up to your reputation!”
“If it’s Ted Weiss of Viscount Holten’s house, he is quite the well-known archer in the capital.”
“Sir Viscount Holten must feel quite confident.”

With surprised expressions, many nobles clapped.
Slapping Ted’s shoulder, Anthony nodded his head.

“Hahaha. Certainly, I do feel confident.”

Ted slightly lowered his head at those words.
Then, a noble looked at Roan and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Rather than just doing this, Sir Baron Tale too, please show us your skills. I would like to see the skills of the expedition’s hero.”
“Yes. Let us see.”
“I want to see too.”

Insistence as if staged.
Roan inwardly made a bitter smile.

‘They probably plan on ridiculing me if I make a mistake here.’

But he had no plans to go along with the play.
With a cheerful smile, he answered in a leisurely manner.

“I’m a spearman, so I simply don’t have confidence with a bow.”

Of course, it was a lie.
His archery skills were certainly lacking compared to his spearmanship, but he held archery skill that was definitely above that of an ordinary soldier.
But to break off the noses of these arrogant nobles and knights, an overwhelming skill that was incredible even if one were to see it was needed.

‘Rather than an ordinary archer, this is when a godly one is needed.’

If it was a godly archer, incidentally, there was one nearby.
Roan moved to the side.

“He is the Hundred-man Commander, Harrison of the Amaranth troop.”

His right hand pointed at Harrison.
Harrison, who was quickly watching the situation unfold, instantly understood Roan’s intentions.
He quietly held the bow and took out an arrow.
A relaxed look and manner
Seeing that sight, Roan faintly smiled.

“He is our troop’s best archer.”

As soon as he spoke, he heard someone snort.


When he looked back at the sound, the knight, Ted, was making a haughty expression.
He looked at Harrison’s bow and shook his head.

“I’m worried that the bow would break from old age.”

A clearly mocking tone.

“Yes. It’s simply too old.”
“And the bowstring is much too coarse.”
“I wonder if the arrow would fall down in front of our feet instead.  Hahaha.”

Many nobles chimed in and delighted themselves.
Roan creased his forehead.
He could take ridicule as much as possible if they were directed at him.
But he couldn’t take ridicule towards his subordinate.
There was already a case in the past when a similar event happened and he beat up Jack, his senior officer, to a pulp.
Roan was about to shout something back.


Harrison softly smiled and shook his head.
A sign that he was okay.
At that moment.

“A deer!”

The trappers shouted.


A deer showed up crossing through the weeds.
As expected, it moved frantically.
Harrison calmly held his breath and drew the bowstring.

Kigigigik. Ping!

As quick as the bow had been drawn, the string was released.

A rapid fire.

It was an archery as if aiming was unnecessary.

Sswaeaeaeaeaeg! 1

A sharp sound rocked the ears.
Roan as well as everyone else’s eyes chased the arrow.


The arrow perfectly planted itself into the deer’s body.

“It’s a bulls-eye!”

The soldiers loudly shouted.
Immediately, Anthony and many other nobles’ faces turned strange.
That was a look as if forcefully holding back a laughter.

“An excellent skill. It did hit the deer.”
“Ted Weiss here hit the deer’s neck, but that soldier over there hit the wide body.”

At the nobles’ praises, Ted’s shoulder went up a palm higher.
With an arrogant face, he looked back at Roan and Harrison.

“As expected, the difference between the capital and the countryside can’t be……”

When he spoke up to that point.

Ping! Ping! Piing!

Like when he shot the first arrow, Harrison consecutively fired several more arrows without aiming.

“Wha, what?”

The nobles and the knights looked at the arrow with a surprised expression.

Puk! Puk! Pupuk!

Four arrows planted themselves into the deer’s body in a blink.
Immediately, a heavy silence spread out.
The soldiers acting as trappers, Anthony and the nobles, and Ted with the rest of the knights all opened their eyes widely in shock and made faces that seemed to doubt what had happened.
Only two people.
Only Roan and Harrison looked at each other and smiled.

“They, they’re all bulls-eyes!”

A soldier shouted a moment late.
Only then did the suffocating silence break.

“Just, just how does, that, that skill……”
“Is that really possible?”

The nobles who were ridiculing Harrison were blown away.
In particular, Anthony received an incredible shock.

“To think that the four arrows fired later would hit the first arrow……”

He couldn’t even finish his sentence.
His sight was still on the deer’s fallen body that was far away.
There were total of five arrows planted in the deer’s body.
The shocking thing was that all five arrows were planted in an area smaller than a thumb’s nail.
In fact, one arrow had exactly pierced through an arrow that was shot before it.

“I feel rather envious of Baron Tale.”
“You said it. To have such an incredible archer as a subordinate……”

A few nobles couldn’t hide their envy inside and praised Harrison.
That was a kind of instinct.
At that moment.


Knight Ted thunderously shouted.
Glaring straight into Harrison’s eyes, he gritted his teeth.

“This is your real skill?”

At those words, Harrison glanced at Roan and then looked back at Ted.
Harrison slowly shook his head.

“It is not.”

As soon as he said so, Ted cynically smiled.

“Hmph! As expected. This can’t be your skill.” 2
“Yes. You’re right.”

Harrison nodded his head and held up his old bow.

“If only the bow was intact, I would have pierced through all the arrows.”

A sincerely disappointed look and voice.

“Wha, what?”

Immediately, Ted’s face burned red.
As if he were to immediately jump at Harrison, his entire body trembled.

“You bastard, you dare to make fun of me? For a worthless country bumpkin, you……”

When he spoke up to that point.


A heavy sound rang through his ears.
At the same time, a black iron pole appeared.


The end of the iron pole touched Ted’s neck.

“Stop right there.”

A cold voice.
The one holding the iron pole was in fact Roan.

“From this point on, it would be best if you shut your mouth.”

The identity of the iron pole was the Travias Spear.

“Just, just what is……?”

Ted turned his head with a shocked expression.


The Travias Spear pressed down on the tip of his jaw.

“I told you that you should shut your mouth. If you flap that mouth one more time, I will break your jawbone.”

A even colder voice than before.


Unknowingly, Ted instinctively closed his mouth with his two hands.
It was because he understood that Roan wasn’t joking.

“Ba, Baron Tale. Why are you suddenly doing this?”

At the unexpected situation, Anthony awkwardly smiled and shook his hand.
While glaring at Ted, Roan briefly answered.

“Ted Weiss looked down upon and ridiculed my subordinate.”

Strength went into his voice.

“An insult to my subordinate is in turn, an insult to me.”


Travias Spear became a little longer.
Roan turned his head and looked at Anthony.

“The only ones who stay quiet after being insulted are cowards.”

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  1. sound of an arrow flying
  2. here, he seems to imply that the result wasn’t due to Harrison’s skills, but something else like “luck”

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