I Am the Monarch – Chapter 124 : Rebellion (1)

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The 12 Hatchling.
A group that later detached the number and called itself Hatchling after its number of members increased.
A group that young nobles of the Rinse Kingdom came together to create, it was a highly progressive faction that promoted the development of the kingdom.

‘Of course, it didn’t last very long.’

Because of that, it was more often called the Dragon Tail rather than the name Hatchling.
Dragon’s Tail. 1

‘For the prince they each followed, they directed their swords at each other.’

And the one who won in that process was the woman in front of his eyes.
She was Elva Dionell, the one who was called the Maiden of Blood and Iron in the last life.

“I wish for Sir Baron to join us, the 12 Hatchling.”

Elva went directly to her point.
Comprehending Roan’s personality, she understood that there was no need to dress up or spin her words.
Roan quietly stared into Elva’s eyes.

‘If I didn’t knew of their future, I would’ve immediately accepted their offer.’

He would have hold hands with the young nobles and dreamt of a brilliant future.
But the Hatchling would tragically fall and crumble apart.

‘There’s a need to be prudent.’

He may just end up putting a sword to his own throat.

‘Of course, the future may have changed, but……’

Everything may have changed due to his intrusion.
But he couldn’t be certain.
Although he had taken numerous actions until now, there were times when the future unfolded in the same exact manner as his last life.

‘Either way, the 12 Hatchling are no doubt brilliant geniuses.’

If possible, he wanted to keep them alive and use them as the foundation of the kingdom.

“That’s a rather sudden offer, so I’m a bit flustered. For now, I will think about it.”

At those words, Elva looked slightly surprised.

‘I thought he would be quick and decisive when making decisions……’

She stared into Roan’s eyes.
The light in his eyes was soft but clear and still.

‘For now, no words would change his mind.’

Roan’s eyes were filled with some kind of unknown determination.

‘It’s as if he knows the future.’

Elva inwardly made a silly thought and giggled to herself.

“Then, do please think about it and tell us your answer.”
“Thank you for your consideration.”

Roan slightly lowered his head.
Afterwards, the two exchanged small talk.
And in that process, Roan was once again greatly shocked.

‘She is a genius more astounding than what I had thought.’

He realized that Elva wasn’t simply a smart person.
Not only did she have a rough idea of the events that would happen within the next few years, she even had an approximate outline about technology whose concepts haven’t even been grasped yet.

‘To think a person like this ended her life in suicide without showing her talents to the world.’

If Elva was like this, there was a high possibility that the other young nobles in the 12 Hatchling with her were also geniuses that were much more brilliant than his initial thought of them.

‘I should pay attention to them so that they don’t split apart.’

Of course, he couldn’t know if that would go well.
In the first place, they were people who were like true siblings with each other.
And such a group of people turned their swords on each other in a split moment.

‘That shows just how terrible power is.’

Roan deeply inhaled.

‘I too shouldn’t lose my way.’

It would be bad if he flaunted his status around just because he became a noble.

‘Since I don’t want to be just an average noble or a so-so monarch.’

A light was slowly shining in his eyes.
It was a light reaffirming his determination.

“I had fun chatting with you today.”

At that moment, Elva brightly smiled and stood up from her seat.

“I had fun as well.”

Roan stood up as well and gave a slight bow.
Elva then moved her feet and exited the reception room.
Roan saw her off until the outside the residence and only then did he return to his office.
Austin, who was following behind Roan, asked with a playful look.

“Is it really fine like this?”
“What do you mean?”

Roan tilted his head.
Austin replied while cheerily smiling.

“Is it Princess Aily or Ms. Baroness Dionell?”

For an instant, Roan unconsciously gulped.
With a twisted face, he looked at Austin.
Roan’s eyes shook sharply as if to tell him to not say something so strange.
But Austin brightly smiled and shrugged instead.

< I will continue to watch. >

It looked as if he was saying that.
Roan let out a short sigh and shook his head.


Right now, women were luxury to him. 2
He had that much work to do.
He walked towards the office.
But when he took the first step.


For an instant, a girl’s face passed through his head.


Roan’s face turned red as if he was flustered.
And Austin didn’t miss that look.
Raising his shoulders up high, Austin smiled brightly.

< See. >

It looked as if he was saying so.


While he was focusing on the intelligence units’ coordination work and training, the pass to the palace library that he had been waiting for finally arrived.
Unexpectedly, the process of issuing the pass, which Princess Katy thought easily of, was rather strict.
To that extent, the books stored in the library were invaluable and important.

‘Although it took longer than expected, I most likely wouldn’t have even been included in the screening if not for Princess Katy.’

Holding the pass, Roan headed towards the library.
And instead of impatiently opening up old or rare books, he meticulously looked over the library’s interior and its architecture.

‘Ah! So that’s how you store books.’

Roan planned to raise an academy and a library once he went back to the Tale Barony.
But truthfully, he knew nothing about libraries.
Because of that, he planned to carefully examine how the kingdom’s best library was organized and managed.

The problem was.

‘I’m not a genius.’

It was absolutely impossible to clearly and explicitly memorize the library’s structure, organization, and its look.
There was a method of writing down or drawing the library’s interior structure, but that on its own took too much time.
And furthermore, he would had to additionally have its contents checked whether it is information that was allowed to be taken out.

‘Normal people wouldn’t have a suitable method, but……’

Roan faintly smiled.
To him, there was one special method.
Roan glanced around himself once and held his left hand in front of him.
Suddenly, the cheap-looking ring he was wearing on his index finger glinted and shined a light.


And at the same time, a faint light spread out all around him.
The tip of Roan’s mouth slowly went up.

‘Brent’s Ring has the ability to not only record writings and pictures, but also the surrounding space and landscape.’ 3

Recording merely a tiny office was the limit due to his low level of mana until now, but thanks to tirelessly training the Flamdor Mana Technique, he was now at a level where he could easily record the insides of the palace library or a large mansion.


Brent’s Ring continued to shine a faint light.
Roan scrupulously walked around the palace library and flawlessly recorded each and every sight without missing even one.

‘And if I were to even record the contents of the ancient documents, precious files, and important books too……’

It would be a great asset to the library that would later be built in the Tale Barony.


Once recording the library’s inner space was finished, Brent’s Ring once again returned to being a cheap-looking ring.
With a satisfied expression on his face, Roan glanced once at the ring and then headed towards the shelves located the furthest inside the library.
In front of a shelf stacked tightly with precious data and books.
Roan put on the clean gloves he had prepared beforehand and carefully took out several books.

‘If possible, I would like to sit here and slowly read through them all, but……’

He didn’t have the leisure for that.
At the moment, the situation in Miller Castle and the palace were like the calm before a storm.

‘Right now, it’s impossible to know when and what will happen any moment.’

Roan planned to store as many books as possible inside Brent’s Ring.
He put down the books on the grand table between the bookshelves.

‘Let’s start.’

Taking out a book, Roan carefully turned the book page by page starting from its cover.
Whenever a page was turned, Brent’s Ring flashed and shined a light.


Like that, Roan stored, no stole, the contents of the palace library’s precious books without anyone knowing.
The real treasure that couldn’t be bought or measured slowly piled on and on within Roan’s ring.



Roan exhaled a long sigh.
A red sunset set on the western sky.
Today as well, he had went to the palace library as soon as the sun was up and recorded the contents of numerous books into Brent’s Ring until the sun had set.

‘Brent’s Ring is also almost at its limit.’

Although the ring’s recording ability was extremely useful, there was a definite limit.
First of all, there was a limit to the amount it could record, and although it was possible to see the recorded contents, it was impossible to move them somewhere else.

‘In the end, I will have to write down the contents inside the ring one by one.’

Just doing that work would need a significantly long time.
Glancing at the sun disappearing below the sunset, Roan hurried his steps.
Once the sun falls, the palace’s gate will close.
And once that happens, he would helplessly have to spend the night in the cramped guard’s station.

‘If I want train the mana technique, fighting technique, and the spear, I’ll have to hurry.’

He spent the time inside the palace library while the sun was up and did various kinds of training during the night.
Although it may seem like a rather simple schedule, it was quite a tiring work.
He even reduced his eating and sleeping hours as much as possible to save time.

“It was quite close today as well, sir.”

The palace guards brightly smiled and lowered their heads.
Smiling cheerily, Roan waved his hand.

“I’ll hurry a bit more tomorrow.”
“Hahaha. It’s already been the thirtieth time that you said those words.”

The guards laughed aloud and saluted.
Once Roan went out, the palace gate that had been widely open closed shut.


Roan once again let out a short sigh.
Today as well, he had finished the first work of the day.

‘Of course, there’s still much more work left to do.”

Roan chuckled to himself and walked towards his residence.
At that moment.

“Aren’t you perhaps Sir Baron Tale?”

A heavy but clear and confident voice rang out.
Most of all, the voice was slightly playful.
Roan turned his head towards the owner of the voice.


The owner of the voice wasn’t a man of incredible beauty, but a young man with a face that naturally attracted a favorable impression.

“Yes. I am Roan Tale.”

When Roan lightly bowed, the young man immediately came up and deeply lowered his head.

“It’s an honor to meet the hero of the expedition, Sir Baron Roan Tale. I am called Clyde and I run a small company.

The young man, his identity was none other than Clyde.
He was the young man who was analyzing who amongst the Rinse Kingdom’s princes would become the next king.
That man had suddenly appeared.


Roan slightly creased his forehead.


His head quickly spun.
Momentarily, an old memory resurfaced.

‘The great merchant who supported Prince Kallum was named Clyde.’

It was a name that he usually would have forgotten.
But thanks to Elva Dionell who visited him recently, he was able to quickly realize Clyde’s identity.

‘An extremely talented merchant, he didn’t hold back in giving financial support to Prince Kallum.’

Thanks to that, Kallum was able to bypass his two brothers and rise to the throne.
However, Clyde’s life after that actually turned upside down.
Even though the prince he invested in became the king, his business walked a constant path of decline and eventually went out like a flame.

‘It was perfectly eaten away by Goldmaster Sale.’

In a sense, he was a pitiful man.
Since he became homeless even after his investment succeeded.

“If it’s Clyde company, isn’t it one of the many companies that are recently growing the fastest?”
“Ah! To recognize a worthless company like us, thank you very much.”

With a rather excessive gesture, Clyde scratched the back of his head.

“I had a business at the palace and was on my way back. It seems my luck is good today. To meet such a famous person too. Hahaha. The recent thing with the Janis information agency was really amazing too. Wherever I go, there’s only talk about Sir Baron these days. Hahaha.”

He was loud.
And he was talkative.
Yet within those countless words, there was in fact no substance.
Roan didn’t get washed away or become flustered by Clyde’s words.

‘Even though I may look like a mere twenty years old brat, I am in fact a seasoned forty year old man.’

He had experiences that weren’t easily shaken.

‘His calm.’

Clyde, who watched Roan’s reaction, awkwardly smiled and coughed.

“Hm. Hm. It seems I got a bit too excited. Anyhow, it really is an honor.”

He instantly changed his attitude.
Clyde was certainly a gifted merchant.
His analysis of the situation was quick.

“Hu. If I could, I would like to move somewhere else and have a long talk, but……”

His voice was full of regret.

“Since I am out today for business reasons, the circumstance isn’t quite good. If possible, I would like to invite you at a later date, but would that be fine?”
“Yes. If the time is good, I would definitely like to have a chat with you.”

Roan lightly nodded his head.
Clyde then brightly smiled and brushed down his chest.

“Ah! That’s good. I will schedule the time from my side. Then, I will soon send you an invitation.”
“Please do.”

Roan cheerfully smile and nodded.
After that, Clyde said goodbye multiple times then soon walked towards his fellow company merchants who were waiting behind him.
Roan quietly stared at his Clyde’s back.

‘He looks like a bright and good person, but feels rather unpleasant for some reason.’

This kind of feeling, he recently felt it once.

‘Although the degree is different, it’s a similar feeling to when I met Clay.’

In that time, Clyde, who had returned to his fellow merchants, erased his fool-like smile and made an odd smile.

“Meeting Baron Tale is an unexpected profit.”
“How was he now that you met him face to face?”

Clyde’s right hand as well as his retainer, Goden, quietly asked.
At those words, Clyde thinly closed his eyes.
He fell into a short contemplation.
A moment later, he casually spoke.

“It seems I’ll have to make connections with Baron Tale.”
“Is he that great of a person?”

Goden creased his brows.
Roan and Clyde hadn’t talk about anything special and even that duration was notably short.
It was a situation simply not enough to gauge his personality or talent.
As if he had read Goden’s thoughts, Clyde snickered as he answered.

“Just feel like it. For now, I think I’ll have to make a connection with him to feel safe.”

His special merchant’s instinct shined.
He looked at Goden as he stretched.

“My back is kinda stinging from Baron Tale’s gaze. Let’s quickly move somewhere else.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Goden answered and waved his hand.
Soon afterwards, the entire group slowly began to move.
Making a fool-like smile once again, Clyde looked back at Roan.
He silently mouthed that he would definitely send the invitation and quickened his pace while walking backwards.
With a composed face, Roan stared at Clyde and his group of merchants walking further away.

‘I suddenly end up meeting a person I wasn’t even thinking about.’

The main characters of history were slowly gathering around his surroundings.
The fact that most of them were people who put Kallum Rinse onto the throne especially bothered him.

‘I’ll have to think about how to deal with them.’

Roan walked towards his residence as he organized his complicated thoughts.

“My lord.”

Austin who was walking back and forth in front of the residence lowered his head.

“Why are you outside?”
“We have a guest.”
“A guest?”

Roan creased his forehead.
Since he began going to the palace library, he hadn’t personally received any guests.

“Most people would understand the circumstances and go back, but that person refused to move and isn’t moving one bit.”
“Who is that person?”

Austin awkwardly smiled at Roan’s words and answered.

“It’s a middle-aged man named Dante. He says he is a vice-head of a company, but it’s a company we’ve never heard of.”

Roan swallowed back a sigh.
If Austin doesn’t know of it, it must mean that it’s a very small or worthless company.

‘But since he earnestly waited until the sun fell down, I can’t simply turn him away.’

Roan walked into the house.

“Where is he right now?”
“He’s waiting in the reception room.”
“I’ll go meet him directly.”

Roan nodded his head and headed towards the reception room.
When he opened the door that was closed and walked in, he saw a middle-aged man sitting on one of the chairs.

‘So this person is Dante?’

Roan’s eyes glinted and shone with light.
The middle-aged man, Dante, was sitting regally with his back perfectly straight and drinking tea.
His posture was so straight, even Roan who was simply watching him felt like putting strength into his waist and back.

“Ah! Sir Baron Tale.”

Dante saw Roan and quickly stood up.
His movement was exceptionally graceful and exuded elegance.
He slightly bowed down and gave a faint smile.
Roan bowed down as well and extended his right hand.

“I am Roan Tale. I heard you have been waiting all day. I apologize for that.”
“No. I came here without an appointment, so I must apologize.”

Dante softly shook his hand.
Roan offered him a seat and sat on the opposite chair.

“I heard you were a vice-head of a company.”
“Yes. I run a small company.”

Dante courteously answered then took out a letter from his chest pocket.

“Our head wishes to work together with Sir Baron Tale. Although we are but a small and nameless company, our potential to grow doesn’t fall behind any company out there.”

He spoke with a polite but confident voice.
Roan took the letter and asked in a quiet voice.

“May I ask what the company’s name is?”

At those words, Dante awkwardly smiled and answered.

“You probably wouldn’t have heard of it. We are called the Sale Company and are currently trading in the Kingdom’s south……”

When he had spoken up to that point.
Roan didn’t even think of opening the letter and reflexively spoke.

“Let’s work together.”

Dante asked with a surprised expression.
Roan’s face brightly blushed.

“I said let us work together.”

At those words, Dante spoke with a confused look.

“We, we aren’t a big company yet, so will it really be okay to make up your mind so quickly?”

Roan nodded his head.


A short and fresh answer.
It was an obvious choice.

‘The Sale Company that plays with the kingdom’s south. It is definitely the company that Goldmaster Sale leads.’

Goldmaster Sale, who would go on to control 70% of the Rinse Kingdom’s commerce from now on.
Sale, who even his identity was hidden behind a veil, had approached him first.

‘There’s nothing to contemplate or judge.’

For now, just grab the hand.
That was Roan’s assessment and conclusion.
Once again, he looked at Dante and spoke up with a confident and strong voice.

“Let’s work together.”

< Rebellion 1 > End.

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  1. in the raw, the “Dragon Tail” in the previous sentence was written in English Romanization, and this sentence was written in Korean as sort of explanation of the word’s meaning to the readers
  2. “luxury” as in unnecessary/excessive self-indulgence.
  3. chapter 32 if anyone wants a recap

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