I Am the Monarch – Chapter 125 : Rebellion (2)

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Goldmaster Sale.

The reason he or she could control 70% of the Rinse Kingdom’s commerce was thanks to his brilliant talent, but that wasn’t the whole story.
At the time when the political landscape was in chaos, there were merchants who showed prominence as fast as, no faster than, Sale.
But the reason that Goldmaster Sale was able to bypass those prominent merchants and become the leader of the commerce was.

‘Everyone wanted Sale.’

Usually, people tend to feel a certain repulsion towards those greater than them.
Especially for people like Sale who dominated more than 70% of the kingdom’s commerce, it was obvious that they would become a target of envy, resentment, and veiled enmity.
Naturally, the person would receive intense opposition and it would become hard to expand his or her influence beyond a certain point.
It was something that happened regardless of one’s ability.
But Sale was different.
Besides a few fanatical competitors, most of the kingdom’s citizens admired and loved Sale.
That was because Sale wasn’t simply focused on making money.
He or perhaps she was a person who knew how to give.

‘Thanks to him, the Rinse Kingdom’s citizens could, to a certain degree, live a manageable life.’

A home to those who lost their homes.
Something to eat for those with nothing to eat.
He healed the injured for free and provided financial support.
If it wasn’t for Sale, a much greater number of people would have lost their lives.

‘If the Sale in this life is the Sale that I know of……’

There was no reason to grab his hand.

‘Like how the future can change, a person’s personality could also change.’

But he couldn’t possibly miss the enormous opportunity called Sale because of such a dubious reason.

‘Although I will hold hands with them, I should do so carefully.’

He planned to leave room so that he could back off anytime.

“Then, what kind of work do you plan to do with us?”

At those words, Dante answered without any hesitation.

“Firstly, the Sale Company handles various grains including wheat and corn.”

Roan slowly nodded his head.

‘It’s as expected.’

Even in the last life, although not at the current time, the Sale Company’s business was focused around grains when the company began to spread its name.

“If you are willing, we wish to build a large scale granary in the Tale Barony.”

The Sale Company planned to make Tale Barony as their base for grain trading in the kingdom’s north.
Typically, it was an offer that he would immediately accept.
But Roan inwardly shook his head.

‘We will prepare cereal related business separately from our side.’

He planned to buy the Istel Kingdom’s wheat fields in wholesale, and personally grow and harvest crops.
Running the same business would be a loss.
Roan had something else planned.

“I’m sorry, but we already have a separate job related to grains that is being prepared.”
“Ah…… is that so?”

Dante awkwardly smiled and asked back.
Roan nodded his head.

“Yes. Instead, what do you think about investing in a transportation business instead of the cereal business?”
“A transportation business?”

Even at the unexpected counter proposal, Dante was calm.

“Yes. I plan to repair the roads throughout the fief and create a new transportation network.”

For a while, Roan calmly explained a part of the plan he had.
Creating a well-maintained and complex transportation network was something that would be processed in the Estia Empire a few years later.
Roan planned to push that plan forward a bit and attempt it in the Tale Barony..
And in the case of the transportation business, because the infrastructure itself would become an asset of the fief, he wouldn’t take a big loss even if Sale wasn’t a benevolent person unlike in the last life.


Dante, who had been quietly listening to Roan, let out a quiet sigh.
It was an unexpected offer and an unexpected business and it was on an unimaginable scale .

‘Baron Tale. It seems he isn’t simply a powerful warrior.’

He felt that he could more or less understand why the master decided to invest in him.

“This will have to be checked with the Sale Company’s master, yes?”

Roan probingly asked.
If the chance appeared, he was planning to try and have a meeting with him.
However, Dante then smiled brightly and shook his head.

“Thankfully, he gave me full authority concerning this contract.’

He contemplated for a moment, then nodded his head.

“We will accept Sir Baron Tale’s offer.”

It was a straightforward decision.
But Roan didn’t back down easily.

“Even so, wouldn’t it be better to meet the master at least once since it’s a rather a large business venture?”

He wanted to meet Sale at least once.
That was his honest feeling.
Dante made a bit troubled expression and then exhaled a short sigh.

“I’m sorry. The master is unable to easily go out at the moment.”
“Is he perhaps unwell?”
“I’m sorry. I am unable to tell you anything more than this.”

Dante repeatedly lowered his head.
Since the situation had come to this, even Roan couldn’t be stubborn and insist any more.

‘Can’t go out easily……?’

Various possibilities went through his head.
But they were all merely speculations and conjectures.
Roan soon threw out the distracting thoughts and extended his hand towards Dante.

“It seems that I’ll have to make an appointment at another time. Anyhow, I look forward to working with you.”
“We also look forward to working with you.”

Dante shook Roan’s hand and lowered his head.
The edge of Roan’s mouth slowly went up.

‘A completely unexpected melon rolled in completed with the vine.’ 1

Truthfully, he had been slightly worried due to having too many projects and plans that he had to start.
But with the Sale Company investing in the transportation network project which needed the most funding, he had less to worry about.

‘If we keep working together like this, the day I meet Goldmaster Sale should come too.’

The person whose identity nobody knew.
For some reason, Roan’s heart beat rapidly.
It wasn’t a sort of simple anticipation.
It felt as if waiting for a lover.
It was a feeling as if waiting for a fated partner.


Paat! Pat!

Following the thrusted fist and kick, sounds of impacts exploded out.
At the small training field behind the residence, Roan was engrossed in training the Flamdor Mana Technique and Reid’s Art of Fighting.


Kicking off the ground and jumping up, he threw out consecutive punches.


Along with the sound of impact, the countless number of fists created an afterimage.
And at the same time.

Pat! Pat! Pat!

A fist sized light repeatedly appeared and disappeared around Roan.
The clump of light flashed out of nowhere in between the gracefully linked fist techniques.
If there was an enemy warrior in front of Roan, he would have tightly closed his eyes at the light or mess up his movements.

‘And through that gap, I’ll strike with my fist!’


His clothes shook in the wind as the sound of impact exploded out.
The clump of light certainly flashed in front of Roan’s eyes from time to time, but his sight wasn’t blinded or darkened thanks to Kalian’s Tears.

Pang! Pabang!

Roan continued to move without a pause.
This time, a strange light wrapped around his two legs and two fists.
Because the light was very faint, it was at a degree where it was unnoticable if one didn’t look close.


A moment later, Roan exhaled a long sigh and calmed his breathing.
He looked down at Brent’s Ring on his index finger.

“Among the numerous spells in the ring, it seems the ones I can effectively use are only the light spell and the shield spell.”

Roan had repeatedly researched how to utilize the light spell and the shield spell in a battle or a duel, and the result was the current fighting style.

‘I have to quickly master other spells such as magic missile, blink, and reverse gravity.’

He felt regretful at how he hadn’t been actively using Brent’s Ring until now.

‘Kalian’s Tears and Brent’s Ring. Flamdor Mana Technique and Reid’s Art of Fighting.’

Each and every one of them were splendid artifacts and skills.

‘It’ll be too disappointing to lose the spearmanship.’

The spearmanship that Roan currently learned were the old Pierce’s spearmanship, the current Roan’s spearmanship, and various spearmanship learned from actual battles.
There was no powerful spearmanship that fit together with the Flamdor Mana Technique.

‘Even in the last life, there was no spearmanship that was especially prominent.’

If he were to choose at least one, there was Baker’s spearmanship that Pierce had created by advancing Viscount Reil Baker’s spearmanship, but that didn’t exist at this time and even if it did possibly exist, he couldn’t possibly learn it as he wished.

‘In the end, do I have to personally make one like Pierce did……’

If he were to combine the tens of spearmanship he knew, it felt like it could somehow work.

‘Of course, it won’t be easy.’

When he thought up to that point.

“My lord!”

From behind the building, Austin appeared with a hurried voice.

“My lord. It’s an urgent news. Here’s President Chris’ reporting letter.’

Austin quickly ran up and handed him the papers.
Roan quickly looked through the letter’s content.


Immediately, a quiet sigh leaked out of his mouth.
The letter’s content began with a very simple sentence.

< Viscount Elton Coat has started a rebellion. >


“Is that so? So it happened as I had expected.”

Said the calm voice.
Instead of being shocked, Simon even made a faint smile.

“Anyway, the strength of Baron Tale’s intelligence force is truly amazing. To think you’ll be able to learn of a news all the way from the kingdom’s north so quickly.”
“As expected, were you aware that Viscount Elton Coat would start a rebellion?”

Roan made a bitter smile.
As soon as he received Chris’ reporting letter, he went to find Simon.
Although he had passed the news of Elton’s rebellion, Simon’s expression looked as if he was waiting for it instead.
Simon faintly smiled as he shook his head.

“No. It wasn’t that I was waiting……”

His smile became deeper.

“I simply kept such a possibility in my mind.”

He moved stacks of documents to one side and stared directly at Roan.

“Baron Tale. Please keep quiet about Elton’s revolt for now.”

Roan slightly creased his brows.
Simon playfully smiled and continued to talk.

“Since we will be able to freely create a more advantageous field for us until the news of his revolt reaches the palace. Got it?”
“Yes. Understood.”

Roan slightly lowered his head.
In the first place, he couldn’t reject Simon’s order.
Roan saluted Simon and exited the office.

‘It’s as Clay had expected. The prince was waiting for Elton to start a rebellion.’

In the first place, it was strange.
Although Simon had trembled and raged at Elton’s betrayal, he in fact took no action.

‘Most likely, he secretly pressured that Elton.’

Roan bit down on his lower lip.
Simon probably planned to use this rebellion as a chance to greatly widen the gap between him and the other princes.

‘The palace will become noisy.’

A rebellion wasn’t something to go over easily.
Most likely, a large scale suppression force would be made.

‘The question is from which prince’s faction the suppression force will come from……’

To take the vanguard position of the suppression force, Simon would start setting the board from now on.
Roan deeply inhale.

‘It looks like blood will be spilled once again.’

A corner of his heart uncomfortably ached.
And furthermore, Elton’s revolt this time didn’t happen in the last life.
Because of that, Roan too had to think about what to do multiple times over and move prudently.

‘Somehow, this event feels like it will be the big turning point for me.’

He felt such a feeling.
The wind that had momentarily stopped began to blow again.
That was the wind of the battlefield that Roan felt profoundly familiar with and liked.


“A transportation business……?’

From the inner space hidden by a soft cloth, a soft and clear voice echoed.

“Yes. Prin, no Master.”

The middle-aged man on the outside of the space lowered his head as he answered.
A graceful and elegant movement.
The middle-aged man was no other than Sale Company’s vice-president, Dante.
For a while, he explained Roan’s transportation business project in detail.
As soon as his story finished.

“As expected, my eyes weren’t wrong.”

The voice quietly muttered.
A moment of silence later, the clear and soft voice once again spoke up.

“Okay. I’ll leave the full authority for the job this time to Dante. Judge the work and make the decisions on your own.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Dante softly smiled as he answered.
He instinctively felt that this job would be a big opportunity for him.

‘Sir Baron Tale is an exceptional person.’

If they were to combine their strengths, he was confident that he could grow the Sale Company by tens of times larger than now.
Dante bowed and said his goodbye, then exited the office.


When the door closed, a voice full of happiness resounded from the other side of the soft cloth.

“See. Wasn’t I right?”

A question thrown at someone unseen.
A middle-aged woman’s voice soon followed.

“What did I say? As for me, I always……”

When she had spoke up to that point.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Sounds of knocking rang out.

“It is time to go to the academy.”

It was a heavy and low voice.
At those words, the soft cloth that had been dividing the space completely opened wide.
Following that, a busy hurrying sound was heard.

“Aaah. Slow down. You’ll hurt yourself like that.”

The middle-aged woman followed her around and endlessly spoke to slow her down.
But the young woman who was moving ahead of her didn’t slow down her steps.
Each and every single movement of her hand and feet was cheerful and lively.
She felt really good right now.
But the problem was.

‘Why do I feel so happy?’

She too didn’t knew the reason why.


Sarac. Sarac.

A sound of softly turning the pages of a book echoed.
Roan was carefully looking over a thick book while standing in one side of the library.

‘This book should be the last.’

There was no more storage space left in Brent’s Ring.
No, there was a bit of room, but he wanted to leave it alone in case of an unexpected event.

‘Anyhow, has the news of Elton’s rebellion still not spread?’

The palace was still quiet.
Thanks to that, Roan did as Simon asked and entered the palace library in the morning and trained at night as usual.

‘It’s a peaceful daily life, but something could happen at anytime.’

Because of that, he had ordered the Amaranth troop to be on the guard so that they could go to war at any time.

Sarac. Sarac

The book’s pages turned almost habitually.
And in each and every time, a light flashed from Brent’s Ring.


Roan, who had been mindlessly turning the pages, suddenly stopped.
A familiar picture appeared in front of his eyes.

“This is……”

In the book, a stick about a foot long was drawn.
It was a command baton used by generals or commanders.

“This is the command baton Pierce used in the last life……”

Because he had seen it several times before from a distance, he clearly remembered it.
Roan touched the words next to the picture with his finger.

< Grand Commander’s Command Baton. >


A quiet sigh leaked out.

Grand Commander was a special rank used only for a limited time when the kingdom was in danger.

‘When the Great Warring Era continued on for a long time, Pierce also took on the nation’s will and was appointed as the Grand Commander.’

The old memories resurfaced.
On the page, there was an explanation about the baton.

< On the top of the Grand Commander’s Command baton lies the gem that the Rinse Kingdom’s founding king, Norman Von Rinse, received from the Golden Dragon Lord Europas as a present. >

The gem was also clearly drawn in the picture.

‘I thought it was simply gold since it had a gold color……’

It was truly a precious gem that a dragon lord had gifted.
Roan once again turned his gaze towards the explanation.

< In this gem, there is an incredible powe…… >

At that moment.


With an ear-splitting sound, the palace library’s door forcefully opened wide.

“Baron Tale!”

The owner of the booming voice was Viscount Tio Ruin.
With his finger still on the explanation, Roan turned towards Tio.

“What happened, Sir Viscount Ruin?”

At Roan’s question, Tio shouted with an urgent look.

“The news of Elton’s rebellion has reached the palace! The King has summoned all three princes!”

Roan let out a quiet exclamation.
Tio took a one dry gulp.

“The time has come.”

He tightly clenched his fist.

“The time to once again head out onto the battlefield has come.”

Roan slightly bowed his head.
His heart jumped.
Forcefully pressing down his surging emotions, he moved his feet.
Tio cheerily smiled and went out of the palace library a step ahead of Roan.
Roan quickly followed behind him.


A short wind blew as the library’s door closed.


The book that was spread on the table flapped from the wind.


Several pages of the book turned.


The pages turned chaotically.
The contents were still about the Grand Commander’s Command baton.

< The original owner of the gem, Golden Dragon Lord Europas, called this gem Tempestas. When the Tempestas achieves a certain condition, it could cause a very unstable time manipul……>


The pages that chaotically flapped fell down once again.
In the page that followed, a completely different topic was explained.
The book was wide open without anyone to see.
And strange silence fell down on top of the book.

< Rebellion 2 > End.

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