I Am the Monarch – Chapter 126 : Rebellion (3)

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‘Even so, they are princes of a nation, is it?’

Roan stood quietly and watched a heated debate unfolded.

“Your majesty, please allow me to lead the suppression force of this rebellion! I will cut off Elton’s neck and clean off this slander put on me.”

The one who was even showing his vein as he shouted was the Second Prince Tommy Rinse.

“That must not be, your majesty. Whatever the truth may be, the fact that Elton had a close relationship with older brother Tommy has already been widely revealed. We cannot entrust the suppression force’s vanguard position to older brother Tommy in this situation. Instead, I will run there immediately and cut off that bastard’s neck if you entrust it to me.”

The one who spoke up after him was the Third Prince Kallum Rinse.

‘The second prince and the third prince also knew that Elton would do something.’

Roan calmly breathed.
He eyed the nobles who were lined up on the two sides of the great hall.
The news of Elton’s revolt had only arrived at the palace today.
But on the faces of the nobles who supported and followed Tommy and Kallum, there were no signs of panic or anger.

‘They’re all quite good.’

Simon wasn’t the only one setting the stage.
However feeble they may look, they were the princes of a nation.
As expected, Tommy and Kallum had also made their own preparations.
At that moment, Simon, who was staying quiet until now, stepped up.
Unlike the other two princes, he was calm and full of leisure.

“Your majesty. Please leave the suppression force to me. Conveniently, the Regate troop under me is currently holding a military exercise.”

His voice became stronger.

“We could march right this moment. Furthermore, Elton is a man who attempted to take my life. I wish to personally make him answer for that sin.”

Simon bowed slightly.
Unlike Tommy and Kallum who shouted and intensely gestured about, he was remarkably calm.
The feverishly heated hall cooled down cold due to him.

‘I have already been preparing for this since ten days ago.’

Using a large scale military exercise as an excuse, he had made preparations to march at any moment.
Not only that, the necessary supplies for war had already been readied.
If the selection for the suppression force didn’t seem to flow towards an undesirable direction, he planned to show off his cards one by one.
At that moment, King Deni Von Rinse, who had been watching the scene from above the throne, made an odd smile.

“All of your thoughts for the kingdom are truly praiseworthy.”

He spoke with a voice that was seemingly majestic but looked down on them.
Sneaking a glance at the dukes standing near the throne, he continued to talk with a composed face.

“Truthfully, I would like to make all three princes the suppression force, but……”

Deni III slightly creased his brows.

“You all have just finished the monster expedition and came back only recently. As a father, I cannot send you children out onto the battlefield once again.”

Instantly, all three princes including Simon widely opened their eyes.
No, that was also the same for the nobles who were lined up at the sides.

‘Just now, what……’
‘But I thought that the suppression force would obviously be led by one of the three princes?’
‘Even though I expected him to make this into one of contests for the succession of the throne.’
‘This is a completely unexpected decision.’

The faces of the three princes and the nobles turned rigid from shock.
All the while, the only person who was full of leisure, was Duke Francis Wilson.

‘You’re doing well. Your Majesty.’

He looked at Deni III while smiling faintly.
Coincidentally, Deni III also turned his gaze and met Francis’ eyes.
That was for a brief moment too short for anyone to notice.
But there was one person who didn’t miss this scene and completely caught it.

‘The relationship between his majesty the king and Sir Duke Francis Wilson is unusual.’

That was no other than Roan, who had been using Kalian’s Tears and didn’t miss a single thing happening within the hall.

‘Duke Francis Wilson……’

There was nothing special that came up even when he searched his old memories.
Even when Deni III suddenly died and Kallum Rinse became the next king, he maintained his title as a duke.

‘I only remember him living an uneventful life, but……’

He didn’t cause any specific event that would impact the political landscape.
At least, that was how it seemed to Roan who was merely a common spearman in the last life.

‘But that may not be so.’

The lights in the eyes of Deni III and Francis were definitely unusual.

‘It seems the politics of the kingdom is flowing more complicatedly than I had thought.’

Roan let out a short sigh.
The royal family and the palace were full of things he didn’t knew of.

“Your majesty. I am fine. I am ready to devote my mind and body to the kingdom!”

Simon shouted as he bowed down.
Following him, Tommy and Kallum too shouted with ardent voices.

“Please entrust it to me.”
“I’m confident that I can succeed.”

But Deni III shook his head with a firm look.

“No, the three princes will be excluded from this suppression force.”

Quiet cries of exclamation came from all over the hall.
The situation flowed in a completely unexpected direction.
Simon especially looked greatly shocked. Especially Simon, who looked really disturbed.

‘Damn it. Not even one of the three, but none of the three are allowed.’

He hadn’t expected at all that the rebellion suppression force, which was of monumental importance, would be left to someone else rather than the princes.
The mood in the hall became disquieted.
But Deni III didn’t pay any mind and continued to speak with a calm look.

“But this important duty cannot be entrusted to anyone. Thus, I will take nominations from the three princes for suitable candidates.”

Once again, everyone made confused expressions.
Bizarre and simply inconceivable words poured out of Deni III’s mouth.
When everyone was making utterly confused expressions.

“Is there a reason as to why we are specifically picking a candidate through nominations?”

Francis, who had been staying quiet until now, cautiously asked.
As if he was waiting for it, Deni III answered.

“With the suppression of the rebellion this time, I plan to test the three princes’ eye for people. For one to lead a nation, he must have a discerning eye to set apart the talented from the mediocre. This time, I plan to see what kind of achievement the candidates the three princes nominate raises. Like the last expedition, I will gift a great reward to the prince who shows the most excellent eye.”

Quiet exclamations leaked out.
In short, one would become a step closer to the title of Grand Duke of Grain if he achieved a great merit in the suppression of the rebellion.

“Each of you three princes, nominate your candidate.”

Deni III’s voice echoed throughout the hall.
Immediately, Simon, Tommy, and Kallum’s heads turned towards one place.
Edwin Voisa, Bradley Webster, Liss Kowan, and Francis Wilson.
The one place where the four dukes were standing.
Deni III made an odd smile at that sight.

“I shall give you some time to think.”

As soon as his words ended, the three dukes, Edwin, Bradley, and Liss, walked towards the princes.
Each separating into a different corner of the hall, the three princes formed a circle with the nobles who supported them.

“This was completely unexpected outcome.”
“Now is not the time to question that. A candidate, we need to find a candidate.”

Hurried discussions passed back and forth.
At that moment.

“Your majesty.”

The Second Prince Tommy Rinse went up to Deni III and kneeled down on one knee.

“I nominate the firstborn of Duke Voisa’s house, Mills Voisa.”

At the same time, a young man showed himself from a group of nobles.
He was Mills Voisa, the firstborn of Edwin Voisa and the one who was studying abroad in the Estia Empire.
His toned body and handsome face stood out.


Deni III let out a quiet exclamation.

“It seems there are many talented individuals around Tommy. To think he would nominate a candidate so quickly……”

His praises continued on.
And due to that, Simon and Kallum’s expressions turned urgent.

“Sir Duke Webster. Is Bary still not here?”

Barry Webster was the firstborn of Bradley Webster and was deployed to the Diez Kingdom as an ambassador.
At Simon’s urgent question, Bradley made a bitter smile.

“Although he has arrived near Miller Castle, he is lacking as a candidate for this event even if he comes back. Since he is more of an administrator than a warrior.”

Simon creased his brows.
And at that moment.

“I nominate the second son of Duke Kowan’s house, Chester Kowan.”

Kallum stood in front of Deni III and kneeled down on one knee.
A young man with a build as large as Mills walked up next to him.
Chester Kowan was the second son of Liss Kowan and was on a mission as an expeditionary commander in the Aimas Union.

“Oh. Kallum has also found a candidate much faster than I expected. Then, is Simon the only one left?”

Deni III cheerily smiled and looked at Simon.
It was a smile that seemingly didn’t hold any special meaning, but it put almost suffocating pressure on Simon.
His face brightly blushed.
At that moment, Viscount Tio Ruin opened his mouth.

“I will go. I will go cut Elton’s neck and raise the greatest merit.”

For a moment, Simon’s expression turned bright.

‘Yes. If it’s Viscount Ruin, I can trust him and entrust the work to him.’

But Bradley soon creased his brows and shook his head.

“Even though bright and promising young men came out from those sides, for a warrior who already spread his name to step up is a bit……’

Tio was a well-known warrior even in the Rinse Kingdom.
And with his age well-past his prime, he was one of the influential nobles of the kingdom.

“Then how about sending my son……”
“My second son is quite a talented……”
“How about my little brother? Even though he has recently become thirty five……”

The nobles endlessly recommended their sons or family members to catch Simon’s eyes.
But there was not a single person that truly satisfied him.

‘Was there so few talents?’

Simon let out a short sigh.
Although the influences of the nobles who followed him were fierce and powerful, their ages tended to be old.
He absurdly lacked younger talents.
At that moment.

“Excuse me……’

The one who cautiously opened his mouth was a very delicate looking young man.
Feeling the gazes falling down on him, he coughed.

“Hm! Everyone said many individuals, but one person seems to be completely missing.”

An old noble furrowed his brows at those words.

“Baron Wiggins. Who are you talking of?”

The identity of the delicate looking young man was the head of the 12 Hatchling, Sith Wiggins.
He cheerfully smiled and stepped aside.
Suddenly, a young man who was nonchalantly standing behind him appeared.


Quiet cries of exclamations shot out of multiple nobles’ mouths.
Simon’s face, which had been completely twisted, also turned brilliantly bright.
He cheerily smiled and let out a long sigh.

“Huu. To think I had forgotten about you. Hahaha.”

He couldn’t hold back and let out a quiet laugh.
Simon pointed at the young man who was standing nonchalantly.

“My candidate is you.”

The smile hanging on his mouth became even deeper.

“Baron Roan Tale.”

The young man who was standing indifferently.
He was Roan.
Feeling the gazes pouring down on him, Roan made a faint smile.


He gave a short salute.

“I will do my best if you entrust this to me.”

There was no reason to decline.
Not only for Simon, this was also a big chance for him.
Roan slightly turned his head and looked towards Sith Wiggins.

‘This man is the head of the 12 Hatchling and Elva Dionell’s lover.’

Of course, Sith and Elva weren’t lovers yet.

‘I never expected him to recommend me.’

Anyhow, he was able to naturally take on the important duty thanks to Sith.
Roan slightly lowered his head.
Sith also lowered his head while facing Roan and smiled.
His expression looked as if it was saying it looked forward to working with him.

“Is Prince Simon not ready yet?”

Coincidentally, he heard Deni III’s voice.
Simon went up to the throne and kneeled down on one knee.

“I nominate Baron Roan Tale.”

At the same time, Roan walked up next to Simon.
The sight of him kneeling on one knee and bowing his head looked truly confident.


Deni III let out a quiet exclamation.
That was also the same for the various nobles who followed Tommy and Kallum.
Although they didn’t show it, they had expected Simon to nominate a son from an upper noble house or a relatively young viscount.

‘To think he would nominate a rookie who just became a noble.’
‘Although Baron Tale raised exceptional merits from the expedition, he wouldn’t be a match for Mills and Chester.’
‘Is it a competition between the sons of upper nobles’ houses who received all kinds of education from birth and a novice noble who came up from the bottom?’

Sneers hung from the faces of numerous nobles.
On the other hand, Simon was overflowing with confidence.

‘I’m confident that Baron Tale can do this well.’

He trusted Roan.
At that moment, Deni III spoke up.

“Then, since the three princes’ nominations are over, we should decide who will be the vanguard, yes?”

Immediately, nervous looks appeared on the faces of the three princes as well as the various nobles.

‘The one taking the vanguard position will be at an advantage.’
‘If we want to raise an even greater merit, we must take the vanguard position.’

Everyone looked at Deni III’s face.
Deni III looked around at the various nobles for a moment and slowly opened his mouth.

“The vanguard of this suppression force will be Mills Voisa……”

Immediately, the nobles on prince Tommy’s side cheered.
But Deni III”s words weren’t finished yet.

“Chester Kowan……”

The nobles on the prince Kallum’s side exclaimed a moment later.
A Bright mood waved over their faces.
But Deni III”s words still weren’t finished yet.

“And Baron Roan Tale.”

For a moment, the three princes and the nobles all creased their foreheads.
They all looked baffled and couldn’t understand the idea of all three being the vanguard.
Deni III cheerfully smiled and continued to speak.

“The three individuals will march to suppress Elton Coat’s rebellion in three days from now. I won’t look at the process. I shall give all the authority and wealth of the Coat Barony to the one who pierces into the fief and cut off his neck first.”


Immediately, a great shock shook the hall.
The three princes and the various nobles gulped with shocked faces.
Deni III spoke while still sporting a bright smile.

“I should think that you don’t have time to be like this, no? I definitely said it. I will give everything to the one who pierces into the Coat Barony first and cut his neck. All of you hurry up. The one who hurries will be at an advantage.”

He finished speaking those words and stood up.
Before he exited the great hall, Deni III turned back his head and looked towards Francis.
Francis faintly smiled and slightly nodded his head.

‘Good job, sir.’

For now, the first situation ended the way they intended it to.

‘For now, we avoided the situation where the three princes point their swords at each other. Now, the next thing to do is……’

The light in Francis’ eyes calmly dimmed down.
Meanwhile, the grand chamberlain, Logan Dayle, knocked on the marble floor three times with a large staff.
At the same time, Deni III exited the great hall.
Immediately, an odd silence fell down over the hall.
However, that silence didn’t last very long.

“Prepare the suppression force as fast as possible!”
“It’s over if we fall behind!”

Shouts exploded out all over the hall.
The nobles who normally liked to keep up ceremonies began to run frantically.
Amongst them, the three princes were also included.
Their faces were utterly serious.

‘We must cut off Elton’s neck.’

Only then could they become even slightly closer to being the Grand Duke of Grain.

“Quickly, quickly move!”

The grand great hall was completely filled with noise.
The battle had, no the war had already begun.
And Roan stood at the center of it all.

< Rebellion 3 > End.

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