I Am the Monarch – Chapter 13 : Travias spear (4)

“Are you kidding right now?”

Dosen became annoyed.
He remembered quite well Roan’s words.

<‘It’s Abyl’s stream. Although it is a stream, it is quite wide and deep, so it is impossible cross.’>

He had certainly said that it was impossible.
But now he was saying that they should cross it.

“You know that we don’t have time to be joking, right?”

Even at this moment, the Slave Merchants were still approaching Trum Village.

“Of course.”

Roan dismounted off the horse while at the same time he replied.
Dosen looked directly at Roan’s eyes.

“Then are you really saying that we are going to cross this stream?”

At that moment, Dosen’s and the cavalrymen faces anxiously contorted.
Although it was calm, this stream seemed certainly to be deep and wide.
If they didn’t have a floating bridge, then it was impossible.

‘Only now does he make trouble.’

Dosen gritted his teeth.

‘If we turn to chase them now, won’t we be able to catch them?’

His head swirled at a loss.
At that time, Roan grabbed the reins of his horse and waded into the stream.


He moved along the riverbank and stopped in one place.
Dosen looked at that and frowned.

“What are you doing right now?”

Roan replied with a calm and imposing voice.

“We are going to cross this bridge.”
“Bridge? Where’s that bridge?”

Dosen frowned.
Roan waded further in towards the stream.


The water filled up to his waist in an instant.

“Five years ago, a bridge used to be here, in the place I’m standing right now.”

Dosen’s face turned red.

“Are you telling me, that we should cross a bridge which disappeared?”

Roan shook his head.

“The bridge is still here.”

A confident voice, and an imposing face.
Dosen frowned.

“What does that mean?”

Roan smiled faintly and replied.

“The bridge is still here. Only that the water in this stream rose.”

At that moment, a low exclamation of understanding flowed from the mouths of Dosen, and the other cavalrymen.
Roan continued speaking.

“This bridge is beneath the water level. But fortunately, it’s still fine. If you walk precisely along here, you will be able to cross this stream safely.”

He pointed at the calmly flowing Abyl stream.
Dosen and the cavalrymen looked at Roan with a surprised expression.

‘How does he know about this?’
‘Is this a place he’s visited before?’
‘Even if this is the case, how is it possible he knows of a bridge that’s under the water?’

Many questions popped up through the gathered soldiers.
Roan shrugged his shoulders and urged his horse on across the stream.

“Are you going to keep standing there?”

Only then did Dosen and the cavalrymen grabbed ahold of themselves, quickly dismounting their horses.
They grabbed the reins and stood in front of the riverbank.

“The bridge is really slippery because it’s deep underwater. And there may even be some broken parts. You have to tap it with the tip of your spear and cross it slowly.”

Roan moved the spear in his right hand.
Everyone gulped down dry saliva and nodded.

“Then, I will take the lead.”

Roan took in deep breaths and waded further across the underwater bridge.


The underwater rock bridge’s surface felt slippery under his feet.
He tapped the submerged bridge in front of him with the tip of the spear, and slowly moved his feet. And the water soon reached his waist.

‘It’s fine. That previous time, it even reached up to my chest.’

Roan took in a deep breath.

‘There’s no need to be nervous. You already crossed it once.’

17 years from now, Roan crosses this underwater bridge with a person he thought to be a friend.

‘Son of a bitch.’

That bastard, he thought of as a friend.
Now that he thought of his face, he started to curse him.

‘The guy who snatched the Travias spear from me.’

Roan had made many wrong choices in his past life, but the worst of them was entrusting the spear to a person he thought of as friend.

‘That bastard took this spear to the Byron Kingdom, and received a title of a Count.’

That guy roamed the battlefield with the spear, and received the nickname called Spear Ghost.

‘Even so, he didn’t become a match for Pierce, who was called a Spear God.’

Thinking about it like this, he once again felt Pierce’s might.


The water which reached his chest washed his thoughts away.

‘Let’s focus on crossing this stream.’

Roan gathered a hold of himself again and waded step by step.

Splash. Splash.

The west wind, which blows freshly across the stream; raises little waves.
Roan, and the one hundred cavalrymen anxiously crossed the Abyl stream, discipline finally overcoming nervousness.
If someone who didn’t know about this saw it, they would think that the Abyl stream was really shallow.

‘The moment I reach the other side it ends.’

The people who were crossing the stream felt, that they were on top of a death rope.
The apprehensive time flowed slowly.


Roan was the first to reach the riverbank.


His body was really drenched.


The war horse shook its head and body.
The water drops splashes everywhere.


Roan turned his head and shakes his hands.
Meanwhile, Dosen and the cavalrymen slowly reached the riverbank.
They were as drenched as him.
They wanted to dry out the water in their clothes, no, in the armor and the weapons but they didn’t have the leisure to do so.
Dosen quickly mounted the horse, and grabbed the reins.

“Let’s see the scenery next time.”

Roan replied shortly and after he mounted his horse, he started to ride in the front.


A galloping sound that shakes the earth.
The cavalrymen grabbed the reins and bit their lower lip.

‘It’s done now.’
‘We caught up with those bastards.’

They stick their chests to the horse and kicked it.


The hundred cavalrymen gallop towards Trum village.


“Wow, the trees are really dense.”
“Yeah. Not even sunlight passes through.”

Joey and Luce traveled through the narrow forest road, and checked their surroundings.
It was so eerily quiet that it even became gloomy.
They grabbed the reins and looked back.
The fifty plus allies followed behind them with their horses.
Joy’s and Luce’s gazes moved beyond their allies.


A laugh suddenly erupts on itself.
The people who were tied just like wrapped fish.
The rope which was tightly tied to the wrists, and the waists followed through to next person.
And like that, the people who were tied walked with their heads low.
Even at first glance, the number surpassed the hundreds.

“We should have to come to this region in the past.”
“Yeah. There’s no security, nor hunters. Kukuku.”

Joey and Luce looked at each other while laughing.
They were the heads of the Slave Merchants who operated in the western parts of mountain areas.

“It was a pain to confront Hunters in the western parts of the mountains.”

Joey smacked his lips and shook his head.
The temperament of the Hunters in mountain regions were really fierce, and their skills were really good, so it wasn’t easy to confront them.
Because of that, every time they enslaved people, they escaped with a loss.
In the end, Joey and Luce left the mountain regions, and ventured through the plains, which was in the middle-north of the Kingdom.

“If we capture this many slaves every time, we will become wealthy in no time.”
“Kukuku. Let’s buy a residence in the capital.”

They talked like that and kept guiding the horses.

Clop. Clop.

Clopping sounds break the silence of the forest.
Next to the narrow forest road, the thick woods opened up.

The woods rustled with the wind.


One of the horses of a Slave Merchant jibbed, shaking its head and makes rough skittish movements.

“Why are the horses like this all of a sudden?”

Joey and Luce pass through the woods and pat the head of their horses.
Then, a bush which wasn’t swaying with the wind shakes roughly.


Inside the bush, a long spear stretches out.



Many Slave Merchants who were riding horses became pierced in the sides and fell.


The horses which became frightened raised their front legs and skittish neighing ensued through out.

“Wha, what is it!”
“What’s happening!”

Joey and Luce looked back and yelled.


The remaining Slave Merchants unsheathed their swords from their waists.
A different group appeared from the bushes, as if they were waiting for it.
They rushed in and formed a defensive wedge between the Slave Merchants, and the tied up people.

“Who, who……..”

The people who were tied gasped in small voices.
The one who was in the front of these people smiled brightly and replied.

“We are from Rose Troop, 7th Corps of Rinse Kingdom. We’ve come to rescue you!”

The owner of that voice filled with a strong resolution was Dosen.

“We, we are saved!”

The captured people smiled joyously and yelled.
On the other hand, Joey’s and Luce’s faces contorted darkly.

‘Damn! People from the Kingdom!’
‘Where the hell did they come from?’

Joey frowned, and moved one hand stealthily.
He felt the bow which was in the saddle with the tip of his fingers.

‘I fire off an arrow and escape.’

The 50 subordinates would buy time for him.


Joey grabbed an arrow, and quickly nocked the bow.
At that time, a crushing sound was heard near his ear.


A horrible sound.
The flying speed in which the spear pierced through Joey’s head.


Luce who was next to him, looked at Joey’s crushed head.


At the same time, another group appeared after splitting through the bushes.

“Whew. Fortunately, it hit.”

A teen who laughs after letting out a short sigh.
He glanced at the dumbfounded Luce, and pulled out the spear from Joey’s head.


Joey’s head which still had half of it’s shape, became completely crushed.

“Resist or surrender?”

A youthful voice, as if he was secretly asking.

‘The decision will be made by Adjutant Dosen anyways.’

The teen then smashed Joey’s head with the butt of his spear.
It was Roan.

< Travias spear (4) > End

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