I Am the Monarch – Chapter 133 : Triumphant Return (2)

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After Benjamin Doyle, the position of the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander was left empty.
It wasn’t because there wasn’t much time nor because there wasn’t a suitable person.
No, instead there was an overflowing number of people.
The problem was the three dukes: Edwin Voisa, Bradley Webster, and Liss Kowan.
To place their subordinate onto the Supreme Commander’s seat, they repeatedly competed fiercely. Thanks to that, the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander’s position was drifting about empty.
And when Roan stepped forward in this situation and said that he would nominate someone, Edwin and Liss’s faces harden stiffly.

‘Is he trying to nimbly swallow one of the key regional corps roles?’
‘If not careful, the table will completely turn towards Prince Simon.’

On the other hand, a peculiar anticipation appeared on Bradley’s face.

‘Oh! The Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander is it? Right! It’s the perfect opportunity!’

If he could bring the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander into the support faction, Simon could receive a big boost in the succession competition.
At that moment, King Deni Von Rinse spoke up.

“Right. Who is this person you would like to nominate?’

In the first place, Deni III was having a headache with nominations for the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander.

‘With the three dukes, no the four dukes even including Duke Francis Wilson harassing me, my head hurts like hell.’

Due to that, he planned to use Roan as an excuse and finish the nomination if the nominee wasn’t too bad.
Deni III brightly smiled and gazed at Roan.
Roan calmly looked back at that gaze and replied.

“He is Baron Aaron Tate, Commander of the 7th corps of Eastern Regional Corps.”
“Aaron…… Tate?”

Deni III turned towards the dukes while slightly creasing his brows.
No, to be exact, he looked at Duke Francis Wilson.
It was because he couldn’t quite remember the name Aaron Tate.

‘If it’s Baron Aaron Tate, he should be the commander that raised a large merit in the war with the Istel Kingdom.’

Francis brought up the information about Aaron in his head.

‘He is the one who proposed himself as Baron Roan Tale’s supporter. Even so, it’s rather ambiguous to call him Prince Simon’s supporter…… he should be categorized as part of the neutral faction.’

Neutral faction.
In other words, he wasn’t supported by any of the three princes’ factions.
Because of that, he was pushed to the back amongst the nominees for the supreme commander position despite having the most outstanding achievements.
In the merit judgments and rewards after the war with the Istel Kingdom, all he was given were some reward money and three borderside cities.

‘If we just look at the person, he isn’t a bad choice.’

Francis ended his short contemplation and slightly nodded his head.
A movement such that no one around him would notice.
Only Deni III, who was watching Francis, was able to know.

‘It seems Duke Wilson likes him too.’

Seeing a sign of the end to the horrible nomination for the Supreme Commander, Deni III made a faint smile.
But soon, his smile disappeared.


His gaze moved towards the other three dukes.

‘All of their faces are quite awful.’

Although Edwin and Liss had stiff expressions from the start, in Bradley’s case, his expression quickly changed once he heard Roan’s nomination.

‘Aaron Tate?’

Bradley also knew much about Aaron.
He knew that Aaron was an excellent individual and that he was a suitable person for the Supreme Commander position.
But he was never the person he wanted.

‘Even though there are countless talented geniuses amongst Prince Simon’s close aides……’

If they weren’t right, there were also plenty of people suitable to be Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander amongst his own close aides.
But pushing aside those people and nominating Aaron, who was not only categorized as part of the neutral faction and wasn’t any different from a country bumpkin from a border region, as the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander was a solely regrettable choice.

‘But even so, it’s not as if I could blindly stop this either.’

Bradley gritted his teeth.
He didn’t like the person too much, but either way, Aaron had a good relationship with Roan.
If he could coax him well, it was more than possible to absorb him into Prince Simon’s faction.

‘For now, I better go with supporting him.’

Bradley deeply inhaled.
In the end, he had decided to support Roan’s decision.
At that moment.

“Baron Aaron Tate…… what kind of person is he?”

Deni III asked almost off-handedly.
Francis answered as if he was waiting.

“He is a corp commander that showed great performance in the recent war with the Istel Kingdom. He is a person who raised an outstanding achievement even amongst the candidates for the supreme commander. Also, he has received the trust of the citizens and evaluations of him aren’t……”

For a while, he listed off the information within his head.


Deni III nodded with a pleased expression after listening to the entire story.

“As expected of Baron Tale. You proposed quite an excellent individual.”

He gazed around at the dukes and the numerous nobles and continued to speak.

“Since he is a splendid individual with such merits and evaluations, there shouldn’t be any problem in nominating him as the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander, yes?”

Truthfully, he wished that it would pass easily.
But there was no way that Edwin and Liss would back down just like that.

“This decision is for nominating a supreme commander who will be responsible for one of the vital parts of the Regional Corps. I don’t think that this is a work that should be decided so easily.”
“Furthermore, Baron Tate is still a young warrior. I’m worried whether his experience isn’t lacking to lead the entire Eastern Regional Corps.”

An objection was an objection.
But the mood was peculiar.
Bradley’s eyes glinted and shone with light.

‘Unlike the last several heated debates, it looks like they plan to more or less agree and pass it.’

His eyes were quick.
In the first place, it wasn’t possible to leave the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander position empty.
Then, it was more advantageous for Edwin and Liss to have Aaron, who was categorized as part of the neutral faction, to sit there.
Although, because Aaron and Roan’s had a very friendly relationship, there needed a suitable security device.

“The Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander’s position has been empty for months. Do you propose that we continue to waste our time?”

Edwin coughed when Bradley complained.

“Hmm. Your words are right.”

He met eyes with Liss for a moment then slightly nodded his head.
Looking at Deni III and the various nobles, Edwin continued to speak.

“Then how about promoting someone who can assist Baron Tate, who is a young warrior, to the position of vice commander?”

For a moment, a corner of Bradley’s lips went up.

‘Hmph. So they’re asking to hand over the vice commander position in return for giving up the Supreme Commander position.’

In other words, a desire to set the balance.
He felt like immediately rejecting them, but the thing called politics wasn’t something that could be done so impetuously without regards just like that.
Bradley forcefully smiled and nodded his head.

“As expected of Duke Voisa. That seems to be quite an excellent method.”

By this point, the four dukes glanced at each other and then nodded.
It meant an agreement to each concede and step back.
Edwin bowed towards Deni III.

“We believe that appointing Baron Aaron Tate as Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander and appoint Baron Ive Lever, who currently has the role of head staff officer of the Eastern Regional Corps, and Baron Taylor Nicoles, who is a veteran warrior, as the vice commanders should be good.”

Ive Lever was Liss’s person, and Taylor was Edwin’s person.
The rest of the dukes all nodded their heads and agreed.
Seeing that sight, Deni III made the decision.

“Alright. Proceed as so.”
“Yes. Your Majesty.”

All the nobles lowered their heads.
Roan, seeing how the things were ultimately finished as he wished despite the four duke’s intervention, faintly smiled.

‘It’s done. Now that Commander Tate has been appointed to the position to oversee the entire eastern border, I should be able to receive various help. And also……’

There was another reason why Roan nominated Aaron to the position of the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander.

‘Originally, Commander Tate should have risen to the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander position after discovering Brent’s Ring.’

But as he had found the ring first and kept it, Aaron had forever lost that opportunity.

‘Although I may take the things I need for my goals and dreams, I want to give another different chance to those who should have been the owners of those things.’

Of course, villainous or problematic people were exceptions.
Mills Voisa was a prime example.

‘Because after learning the Flamdor Mana Technique, he betrayed the kingdom and defected to the Estia Empire.’

But to those with ability and a virtuous nature like Aaron, he wanted to give them as much help as the chances they should originally have had.
When his thoughts were continuing on.

“Is there anything else you wish?”

He heard Deni III’s voice.
Making an amicable smile, he looked at Roan.

“Instead of something that’s good for others, ask me something that will also benefit you.”

Numerous nobles once again made nervous expressions.
Roan pondered for a moment then lowered his head once more.

“Then without holding back, I shall request your majesty once more.”
“Yes. Say it.”

Deni III lightly nodded his head.
Roan spoke with a quiet and serious voice.

“I wish to vanquish the monster of the Poskein Lake with the fleet your subject has.”

As soon as he said those words.


The four dukes as well as every noble, the three prince, and even the king, Deni III, all made surprised faces.
It was because those words were completely unexpected.

‘Even though I was planning on stopping him if he tried to nominate someone again or desire a position……’
‘Not only uselessly making a fleet, but to say that he’ll vanquish the Poskein Lake’s monsters…… he must have lost his mind.’
‘He’s spewing nonsense again after doing so well.’

The dukes soon snickered and shook their heads.
There wasn’t any need to interfere or keep this in check.
In the first place, Poskein Lake was a useless place for them.
That, for Deni III, was also the same.

“Vanquish the Poskein Lake’s monsters?”
“Yes. That is so. Your Majesty.”

Roan answered with a courteous voice.
Deni III shook his hand as if it was nothing and spoke.

“I’m not sure what good that will do, but do as you wish if you are insistent on it. Ah! No, no.”

He shook his head and instead made the things even bigger.

“In the first place, Poskein Lake is a useless piece of land. It’s a place that none of the four kingdoms around the lake pay any attention to. With the order of the king, I’ll specially grant the Poskein Lake to you. Vanquish the monsters, or release the monster onto it, do as you wish.”

It was a shocking statement.
But the various nobles only made slightly surprised expressions and didn’t go out of their way to object nor interfere.

‘What’ll he do by receiving a place like that?’
‘That place where no one even know how many monsters live in.’
‘Not even looking at it is much more safer.’

They didn’t have any interest in Poskein Lake.
The lake was just that dangerous.
Furthermore, that thought was even more solidified after the last Poskein Exodus.

‘Baron Tale sure is strange. To be interested in Poskein Lake.’

Even Simon, whose judgment was clear and his head bright, couldn’t understand Roan’s actions.
On the other hand, Roan couldn’t hide his smile.

“Thank you very much. Your Majesty.”

He deeply lowered his head and let out a sharp sigh.
He simply wished to use his troops however much he wanted to to vanquish the Poskein Lake’s monsters.
But the things became even bigger instead and he earned the complete authority over the entirety of Poskein Lake.
Now, Roan had became the owner of Poskein Lake which had the area reaching almost 70% the size of the Rinse Kingdom.
Of course, the other kingdoms wouldn’t acknowledge, no they didn’t even have any interest in this.


After suppressing Elton Coat’s rebellion and returning to Miller, Roan was passing even busier days than before.
It was all because of the visits and invitations that poured down.
Furthermore, the problem of taking care of Renard Barony and Coat Barony that he received as rewards complicated his head.
Because it was simply too far away from the Tale Barony, it was almost impossible to directly manage it.
At that moment, Clay proposed an excellent solution.
First, he took a part of the fiefs off and gave the Renard Barony over to Count Io Lancephil, who had taken off a part of his own fief to create and gift Tale Barony.
Io refused with all sort of words, but begrudgingly decided to receive it after Roan repeatedly requested.
In the case of the Coat Barony, he received a suitable amount of money from Simon and rented it out to him.
The idea of renting out a fief was truly unheard of, but Clay, who had no bias or preconceived notions, didn’t think much of it.
In the end, the things proceeded as his plan.
Thankfully, Simon was also looking for a fief to use as a northern base, so he immediately accepted Roan’s proposal.
With the problem regarding the two fiefs that he received as rewards resolved, Roan quickly prepared to go back to the Tale Barony.
In this process, the original soldiers of Simon and Tio Ruin left the Tale Legion, which previously reached twenty thousand strong, resulting in the Tale Legion becoming just over ten thousand strong.

“Oh! They must be that Tale Legion.”
“Is it the combination of the Amaranth troop, famously known as strong, and the Coat Barony troops, who were rebels?”
“Maybe because of that, they’re a complete mess.”

Six men in their primes wearing shabby suits watched the Tale Legion, which were setting up formations on the plain outside the capital, Miller, and shook their heads.

“We came here on Principal Brown’s request, but would he really be that great a person as the rumors say?”
“We’ll know if we meet him.”
“I don’t care about other things, I just hope his thoughts are a bit more open. I don’t want to hear words like ‘can’t do this’ or ‘can’t do that’ anymore.”

The six filthy looking men were in fact a few of the problematic graduates whom Principal Fred Brown had mentioned.

“For now, should we go to where Sir Baron Tale is residing?”

When one man spoke, the rest of them nodded and directed their steps towards the capital, Miller.
Passing through the castle gates, they walked down the well-maintained street and arrived at the temporary mansion that Roan was residing in.

“It’s even more noisy than a shopping street.”
“Looks like the number of visitors is amazing.”

The six men glanced at the people that completely filled both the inside and outside of the mansion and shook their heads.
Most of the visitors were nobles or rich merchants in fabulous suits and armor.
Compared to them, the creases on the six men’s clothes were clear and their head and skin were rough and completely lacked any luster.
They literally looked only slightly better than beggars.

“It would be good if we aren’t refused and get chased out.”
“You said it.”

The men looked at each other’s looks and laughed.
At that moment, a clean-suited middle-aged man approached.

“I’m Onil of Baron Tale’s house. May I ask the occasion of your visit?”

He spoke in a very respectful and courteous manner.
One man amongst the six answered as the group’s representative.

“We came to meet Sir Baron.”
“For now, could you please tell me your names?”

Onil opened a thick guest book.
The six men went around and revealed their names.
Swift, Buro, Raitler, Rotner, Griffin, Nuns.
They purposely didn’t reveal their surnames.
They wanted to see the reaction of Baron Tale’s house while hiding their identities.

“We heard that he utilizes talented people, so we came hoping to see if we could take a seat.”

They also hid the facts that they were Tron Academy graduates as well as that they came because of Fred’s recommendation.

“We currently have a large number of visitors, so it may take some time. For now, allow me to guide you to the reception room.”

Onil wrote down the names onto the guest book and walked a step ahead of them.
The six men made strange smiles as they followed behind.
The reception room that seemed to have been temporarily expanded was genuinely clean.
As soon as they sat down on the empty seat, tea and cookies were prepared.

“Once your turn arrives, I will guide you in.”

Onil once again lowered his head then went back to his seat.

“For now, it doesn’t look like they judge people based on appearances.”
“Of course. Judging people from their appearances is something only fledglings do.”

The six men raised the tea cups and smiled.
Looking around the reception room, it looked like the meeting was done based on the order of arrival.
It had no relation with status or wealth.
It was a truly fair and impartial method.
After a significant amount of time.

“It’s taking longer than I thought.”

Swift, who was sort of a leader amongst the six man, made a bitter smile.
Enough time for the refreshments to come out thrice had already passed.
But it seemed as if there was still quite a number of people left before their turns would arrive.

“Can’t be helped. We can’t simply wait like this.”
“Right. Time is money.”

Swift nodded at those words and called Onil.
Onil, who was organizing the guest book, cautiously approached and lowered his head.

“Should I bring out more refreshments?”

At the question, Swift shook his head.
He glanced around for some reason and then spoke in a quiet voice as if to whisper.

“Actually, all of us are descendants of noble houses and graduates of Tron Academy.”

With him revealing his status and identity, even his manner of speech had changed.
Onil opened his eyes slightly wider than nodded his head.

“Ah, is that so, sir?”

Then he soon found Swift and the men’s names on the guest book and added in the story he just heard on the side.
The six men watched Onil and neatened their clothes.
They were preparing to meet Roan.
After finishing writing down the notes, Onil closed the guest book, turned towards Swift and the men, and gave a faint smile.


As soon as he spoke up, the six men slightly stood up from their seat.

‘Now, he should be asking us to follow him, right?’

But the rest of Onil’s words were completely different than their expectations.

“Should I bring out more refreshments?”

Immediately, the six men’s movements paused.


With their bottoms slightly off the chairs, they froze while standing.
Swift spoke with a slightly flustered look.

“No, we are all descendents of noble houses……”
“And you were graduates of Tron Academy? Please don’t worry. I clearly wrote it down on the guest book.”
“Ah, no, that, that is……”

Swift and the men’s faces twisted comically.
Onil looked at the six men’s faces and smiled.

“Your turn will soon come. Please be patient.”

He then slightly lowered his head and returned to his original seat.
Swift and the men, who were dumbfoundedly watching Onil’s back, fell back down onto their seats and gulped.

“Huh! Did, did we just get ignored?”
“Ha. I had heard Sir Baron Tale highly regarded talented people…… so that rumor was incorrect?”
“This kind of disrespect sure is a first.”

Complaints kept spewing out of the six men’s mouths.
At that moment.

“Cht cht ch. Fledglings.”

A humorous voice was heard along with the sound of a clicking tongue.
The six men, whose mood were already offended, all turned their heads at the same time.
The owner of the voice was a mischievous looking middle-aged man.

“Are you the one that just said that?”
“That’s right. You immature fledglings.”

Raitler immediately flew in a rage and stood up.

“Fledglings? Who do you even think we are to say that?!”
“Didn’t you say you were Tron Academy graduates?”

The man answered nonchalantly.
The six men creased their foreheads.

“And you’re still calling us fledglings?”
“Of course I call immature fledglings fledglings, what else should I call instead?”

Swift snorted as soon as he said that.

“Hmph! To dare call us fledglings! Just who are you?”
“I can tell with just a glance that you’re a vagrant warrior.”
“You look horrible.”

At those words, the man snickered and laughed.

“Pff! You called judging people with their appearance as something only fledglings do, but you are exactly that.”

The six men groaned as they made awkward expressions.
The middle-aged man turned his body and placed his hand on his chin.

“And to not even recognize this handsome face, even your life experiences are lacking.”
“Ha, handsome face? Just who are you to be so arrogant and impudent?”

Swift could hold himself back and shouted.
The middle-aged man brightly smiled as he answered.

“Me? I’m……”

A light shone on his mischievous face.

“Reil Baker.”

The genius of the spear and Pierce’s master, Viscount Reil Baker.
He had appeared out of nowhere in the capital, Miller.
And alone without any companion.

< Triumphant Return (2) > End.

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