I Am the Monarch – Chapter 134 : Triumphant Return (3)

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Edit: “Beulo” has been changed to “Buro”.

“Si, sir Viscount Baker?!”
“The genius of the spear!”

The people fell into utter chaos.
They completely hadn’t expected that Reil Baker, the kingdom’s greatest spearman and a noble, would be sitting in a corner of an impromptu reception room.
More specifically, the six men: Swift, Buro, Raitler, Rotner, Griffin, and Nuns, became mutes that ate honey and shut their mouths. 1
Onil, who was organizing the awaiting visitors, became shocked and ran up a moment later, but Reil lightly shook his head and decided to quietly wait until his turn came.

“But wasn’t Sir Viscount Baker supposed to be on a training journey?”
“Right. I heard he went somewhere deep in the Grain Mountain Range.”
“It looks like he has finally descended.”

The people sneakily glanced at Reil and whispered.
Because he wasn’t seen in important battles including the war with the Istel Kingdom and the Poskein Monster Exodus, groundless rumors had spread abundantly.
From the rumors of illness to death, and even rumors that said he betrayed the kingdom circulated.
In the end, Viscount Baker’s house officially announced that Reil was on a training journey and the false rumors completely disappeared after that.

“U, um, Sir Viscount Baker……”

Amongst the chaos, Swift awkwardly smiled and looked at Reil.
Seemingly asking what is it, Reil tiled his head sideways.

“Please forgive my discourtesy just now.”

He spoke in a polite voice and manner.
Reil snickered at those words.

“There’s no need to apologize.”

He wasn’t the type to bother with such a minor things.

“But if you are planning on walking together with Baron Tale, it looks like there’s a need to look back on yourselves. You pretend to be some sort of messiah or professionals, but in the end, you are trapped by facade of being sons of prideful nobles and graduates of the prominent Tron Academy. It ain’t right to measure yourselves and others with different standards, would it?”

Swift and the five man leaked out a groan.
The five dropped their heads and blushed in shame.
Reil watched them do so for a while then soon lost interest.
A moment later.

“Hey Swift. It won’t do like this.”

Raitler carefully spoke up with a quiet voice.

“I’m so ashamed that I can’t take this. To think I would act just like those of whom I hated and was disgusted of.”

He turned around towards his friends and continued.

“However I think about it, I need to study a bit more. A completely new kind of studying.”

As soon as he said those words, Buro and Rotner nodded.

“I too agree to that thought.”
“Right. I’ve been looking only at books while stuck in a mountain for so long that my mind has become inflexible. My eyes for the world have also darkened. I think I need a new kind of study just like what Raitler said.”

All of them closed their mouths and a strong light shone from their eyes.
Swift stared at those lights then carefully asked.

“Then, should we go study the world first?”

All of them spoke in one voice.
Then they soon stood up from their seats and bowed towards Reil.
Reil, who had already been listening to their conversation, nodded his head without a word.
Swift sent his five friends out first then walked towards Onil.
Onil, who had been organizing the guest book, brightly smiled and stood up from his seat.

“Should I bring out more refreshments?”

His manners were still polite and courteous.
Swift shook his head.

“That isn’t it, sir. We had finally realized that our abilities are much too lacking.”

Perhaps because he had realized something, even his speech had changed once more.

“We will come back after learning more about the world.”
“Ah…… yes, understood. I will pray for your good health.”

Onil found Swift and the others’ names on the guest book then added an additional note.
Swift watched Onil for a moment then headed out of the reception room after giving a short bow.
Onil walked all the way out to the door and saw them off.
At that moment.

“Who are they for you to even come see them off?”

He heard a confident and self-assured voice.
Onil turned his gaze and then lowered his head.
The owner of the voice was Clay.

“They are the descendants of nobles and graduates of Tron Academy.”
“Is that so? Then why are they just leaving?”

Clay asked as he chased the backs of the six men, who already couldn’t be seen anymore.
Onil repeated the same words that he had just heard from Swift.

“They realized that their abilities are much too lacking and said that they will return after learning more about the world again.”

Clay chortled at those words.

“What kind of big things could they possibly do without certainty and trust in their own abilities……”

Clay was certainly different.
He, who was overflowing with confidence in every action, couldn’t understand Swift and the others’ actions.

“Even though there are so many people coming here like this, there doesn’t seem to be anyone that can compare to my talents.”

Clay whispered in a quiet voice as he slowly moved his steps.
In no time, he too went far away until he couldn’t be seen anymore.
Onil, who had been standing still until then, made a bitter smile as he exhaled a short sigh.

“Sir Clay, even if your eyes are small, it’s not good to see even the world in a small way.”

He knew.
That the six men, who had understood shame on their own and walked out of the world once again, would one day come back as great men.

‘At that time, I will once again write down your names.’

Onil faintly smiled and went back into the temporary reception room.
His duty still hadn’t finished.


“Congratulations on becoming the kingdom’s noble.”
“If I had known that sir would come, I would have separately received you beforehand.”
“I can’t do that. Since I came without contacting you, waiting is the right thing to do.”

Roan and Reil asked about each other’s healths with a small table between them.

“By the way……”

Roan, who had been chatting along, awkwardly smiled and left his words open.
Reil, who was quick to notice, cheerily smiled and finished the sentence.

“Where is Pierce, is it?”

At those words, Roan slowly nodded his head.
Reil folded his arms and leaned his back on the chair.
A strange smile floated on his mouth.

“Actually, the reason why I came to find you is because of Pierce.”
“Did something perhaps happen?”

Roan asked with a worried look.
Reil nodded his head.

“Something did happened. But it’s not something bad.”

Roan let out a quiet exclamation.
It was an exclamation of relief.
At that moment.

“Ah? It might be a bad thing for you.”

Reil spoke with a playful expression, and then continued on with a serious voice.

“Pierce is much more brilliant than I had thought.”

He stared straight into Roan’s eyes.

“It’s to the point where there’s nothing I can teach him anymore.”

Reil wished that Roan would be greatly surprised at this point.
However, Roan was more composed than he had thought.
Reil pouted.

“Isn’t it shocking?”
“It is shocking.”

Roan faintly smiled as he answered.
But on the inside, he was completely unsurprised.

‘Since it’s something I had already expected.’

The memories from the last life floated up.

‘The longer the time went on, he showed an even more incredible talent.’

It was far too soon to be surprised already.

“Somehow, I don’t feel excited anymore.”

Reil spat out a short sigh and shook his head.

“Anyhow, Pierce that guy is training by himself. Although there isn’t anything left to learn from me, he hasn’t overcome me yet, you see. He said that he’ll come down when he is satisfied with himself. You better prepare yourself.”
“Yes. Since we did say that we will compare our spearmanship the day he comes back.”

Roan thought of the day Pierce left and smiled.
Reil quietly stared at Roan.

“You’re calmer than I thought.”
“Yes. Instead, I’m looking forward to it.”
“Did your skills improve much?”
“Perhaps, I’m not too sure of that. But I too am also doing my best.”

Calm conversations kept flowing on.
Reil’s eyes squinted deeply.


When Reil met Roan again, he felt that he hadn’t changed nor improved much.
Although he could feel that Roan was relaxed, he thought that that was due to having various experiences.
He couldn’t feel any advance in his mana technique or strength.
But as he quietly sat facing him and looked carefully, there was definitely something that had changed.

‘How should I say it…… a feeling of a thick curtain hiding the light of a fire?’

A feeling as if he was hiding his true skills.
No, to be exact, it felt as if his true skills were blocked, as if there was some sort of restraint on them.

‘But it isn’t like it’s blocking his development……’

It was a sort of restraint that couldn’t be clearly understood even with Reil’s level.

‘The one thing for sure is that it isn’t a bad situation for Roan.’

He could be sure of at least that.
It was like a type of mechanism to maximize Roan’s potential.

‘If the curtain covering the light were to be pulled away……’

An incredible explosion of light would happen.

‘How intriguing.’

Pierce, who has potential whose depth and end couldn’t be seen, and Roan, who has an ordinary talent and an unknown restraint.
They were two people who, from a glance, doesn’t seem comparable, but if Roan were to overcome the current state, he would be able to achieve an incredible growth.

‘A misfortune turned into fortune.’

The smile on Reil’s mouth became even thicker.

‘This, the winds behind me are blowing too roughly.’

He too had just entered into his forties.
He had confidently assured himself that he was still one of the kingdom’s greatest warriors.
But the growth of the younger talents wasn’t insignificant.
Roan and Pierce. And the geniuses he also didn’t know.
It was a situation where he just may be pushed aside by the winds behind him.

‘Not yet. It won’t happen just yet……’

Reil deeply inhaled.

‘I should also go on an intensive training.’

He didn’t have any plans to give away the seat of the kingdom’s best spearman just yet.
Without a word, he extended his right hand.
Realizing its meaning, Roan quietly shook the hand.

‘Sir Viscount Baker.’

A blazing energy was felt throughout the entire hand.
It wasn’t something like mana.
That was the unique competitiveness, pride, and ambition of a warrior.
Roan faintly smiled.

‘I also don’t have any plans to remain at this level.’

He would be slow.
Compared to Pierce or Reil, the speed of his growth would definitely be infinitesimally slow.
But he had the confidence to not give up.
Roan. 2

‘I am just like a turtle, after all.’ 3

Even if he was slow, he planned to walk on much longer than others.
Even while they were resting, he planned to tirelessly walk on.
That, was Roan’s method.


Reil had left.
Although the palace and various nobles sent people to him a moment later, he rejected every request and invitation and went off training once again.
Roan had stayed.
He couldn’t leave.
Roan, Reil, and Pierce’s goals and targets were obviously different.

‘Since my dream isn’t to become the best spearman.’

The goal was to become a monarch.
Because of that, he had to stay, build his foundation, and raise the columns.
He had to build his dream on top of a solid foundation.

“Arnold, it’s certainly an interesting story.”

Roan faced the five young man standing in front of him and shook his head.
Arnold, who was the most leader-like amongst them, spoke with a slightly blushed face.

“The Rinse Southern Mercenary Guild was the guild that we were associated with until we joined the Amaranth troop. It was a significantly big place that spread its name just a few years ago, but it has currently fallen. But even so, it is a guild that various big and small mercenary bands are still associated with.”

Benson, who was standing next to him, added on.

“We knew that my lord has been recruiting mercenary bands on the side. We wondered whether it may help, so we wished to inform my lord.”

Arnold nodded his head.

“If my lord were to provide them a certain amount of funds each month, the entire mercenary guild will probably move to our fief.”
“Then tens of big and small mercenary bands will immediately become active with our fief as a base.”

Roan slowly nodded his head at the words that poured out without pausing.

“Alright. Try proceeding with the plan once.”
“Yes, please leave it to us, sir.”

Arnold clenched his fist as he lowered his head.
Then they exited the office only after bowing to Roan multiple times.


A short sigh exhaled out.

“His face looked like he completely believed us, right?”
“Yeah. There weren’t any signs of doubt.”

The men talked with each other in a quiet voice as if to whisper.

“This job is the last chance Sir Count Chase has given us. We have to catch Baron Tale’s eyes and pluck a high position for sure.”

At Arnold’s words, the other four young men nodded with nervous expressions.
The five young men who suggested the relocation of the Rinse Southern Mercenary Guild.
They were in fact the spies that Viscount Jonathan Chase had planted in the Amaranth Troop.
At the moment when their lives were barely holding on from not having achieved much, they were given one last chance.

“Alright, let’s go meet the guild master for now.”
“That place has already been talked to, right?”
“Of course. I heard that Sir Viscount Chase had already prepared everything.”

They quickened their steps as they talked.
Meanwhile, Roan stayed in the office and was checking through thick files.
Austin, who had been standing by at the side, asked with a slightly worried look.

“Mercenaries are mens who are unruly from birth. Wouldn’t it be better to proceed more prudently on a guild-scale relocation?”
“Of course that’s how it should be.”

Roan nodded briefly.
While looking through the details of a document, he gave out a new order.

“Tell Keep to investigate the Rinse Southern Mercenary Guild. In fact, tell him to infiltrate several members of the Tenebra Troop into the guild.”
“Yes, understood.”

Austin nodded his head and moved his feet.
At that moment.

Knock, knock, knock.

Along with the sound of knocking.

“President Chris has come.”

A welcoming news arrived.

“Tell him to come in.”

As soon as the permission was given, the door opened immediately.
Chris came into the room and lowered his head towards Roan.
Austin too exchanged brief greetings and exited the office.

“Thanks for coming all the way here.”

Roan offered a seat to Chris and sat on the opposite chair.

“No, it wasn’t much. Congratulations on brilliantly suppressing the rebellion.”
“It was all thanks to President Chris.”

Those words weren’t empty words.
Thanks to Chris sending Daiv’s fleet in a timely manner, and perfectly analysing and reporting Byron Kingdom Troop’s size and paths, the job was easily completed.
Roan shrugged as he stared at Chris.

“I did receive the news that you’ll be coming, but……”

He still didn’t know the reason why he came so suddenly.
Chris cheerily smiled as he answered.

“There were various events, so I took the opportunity to meet my lord. Anyhow……”

From his back, he took out a bundle of documents and laid them out.

“This is the essential information that we’ve collected, analyzed, and organized during the time.”
“Thanks for the work.”

Roan glanced through the incredible amount of information and nodded his head.
Chris continued to speak.

“Also, we have checked in with the five merchants that we’ve been providing support. Mr. Tio of the transportation business and Mr. Lego of the loan business said that they won’t be working with us anymore. Amongst the other three, Ms. Lidia of the lumber business and Ms. Eska of the restaurant business said that they will personally meet with my lord and then decide. And Mr. Ford of the mining business said he’ll unconditionally follow my lord.”
“Everyone is more cautious than I thought.”
“That’s the unique trait of merchants. Ms. Lidia and Ms. Eska are currently waiting in the reception room.”
“Is that so? Then I should go meet them.”

When Roan was about to stand up from his seat, Chris suddenly shook his head.

“There’s one more thing I need to report.”

His expression and voice changed.
His look was slightly serious.
Roan sat down again and spoke in a quiet voice as if to whisper.

“It seems something has happened.”

Chris wordlessly nodded and then answered.

“Although the news hasn’t reached the capital, Miller, yet, but the Byron Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom recently held each other’s hands and attacked Pershion Kingdom.”

Roan let out a quiet groan.
This was a completely unexpected event.

‘There’s no way that there would be a war that I don’t remember. This was definitely something that hadn’t happened in the last life.’

He did somehow feel that the Byron Kingdom’s reinforcements to Elton Coat were too weak.
In fact, the Byron Kingdom’s main goals and interests were not the Rinse Kingdom, but the Pershion Kingdom.

“It seems that the Byron Kingdom has judged now to be the right time to invade the Pershion Kingdom.”

Since the greatest enemy nation, the Rinse Kingdom, was all out of its mind due to the throne succession competition and Elton’s Rebellion.
Roan slowly nodded his head.
Chris’ reported continued on.

“Here, the Istel Kingdom seems to have requested food assistance from the Byron Kingdom while suffering from the large war reparations and deep drop in the crop yields. With military reinforcements in return.”

Roan once again leaked a groan.

‘In the end, did this war happen because of me……’

The intensification of the throne succession competition, Elton’s Rebellion, and the Istel Kingdom’s war reparations were all something that happened because of Roan.

‘How troublesome.’

He had expected the future to change based on the decisions he made.
But he didn’t know that a war that didn’t exist would have suddenly exploded out already.
It was much too fast than what he had thought.

“The one leading the Byron Kingdom Army was Baron Noel Kyword, and the one leading the Istel Kingdom Army was Viscount Peid Neil. Their strength was, with the two nations added together, a grand military might of one hundred thousand.”

The longer the report went on, Roan made a bitter smile.

‘So all the heroes that saved both nations from crisis had marched. And a military strength of one hundred thousand……’

It was literally a horrible situation for the Pershion Kingdom.
Roan stared straight into Chris’ eyes.

“And the result?”

An answer obvious enough to make the question a waste of time would come.
However, Chris didn’t easily answer and merely swallowed his saliva.

“The Byron Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom’s allied forces……”

His eyes trembled sharply.

“Have lost.”


Immediately, Roan’s eyes opened wide.

“They lost?”

His expression was one of disbelief.

“Yes. And it was a complete loss.”

Chris answered briefly.

“Just ho……”

Roan tried to ask back but suddenly stopped.


A quiet exclamation came out of his mouth.
Roan calculated within his head then soon nodded his head.

‘Right. If it’s now, then he should still be alive.’

At that time, Chris’ answer continued.

“I also didn’t know of him yet, but there is an incredible person in the Pershion Kingdom. His name is……”

Roan gulped.
His heart rapidly jumped.
His face blushed brightly.
The one person amongst many whom Roan admired in the last life.
The one person who Roan couldn’t personally see but felt more idol-like because of that.


Chris spoke the name in a quiet voice.
Roan unconsciously whispered within himself.

‘…… Pershion.’

Manus Pershion.
The second prince of the Pershion Kingdom and a majestic general.

‘The man whom God loved……’

In the last life, Manus’ nickname was the man whom God loved.
Perfect looks, an outstanding talent, and a noble character.
God has given him everything.
Word for word, he was the man who received God’s love.
However, God had loved him simply too much.

‘Because of that, he wasn’t left in the mortal world for very long.’

Manus Pershion.
At the age of merely twenty five, he left the world at a young age.
While helping out the relief for the poor, he had caught the the disease known as the worst disease, the Tarzes disease.

‘Yes, so this is when he is still alive.’

He had momentarily forgotten him due to his short life.
And at the timely moment, he heard Chris’ voice.

“Manus Pershion. He is a young man who is twenty four this year.”

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  1. “Mutes that ate honey” : a Korean proverb meaning a very silent person. Take the idea of a mute, who is inherently silent, with honey, which basically glues the mouth shut with its stickiness.
  2. In the raw, this sentence said “Roan was”, which is an incomplete sentence and definitely sound awkward in english. However, this was sort of artistic design by the author, as the “Roan was” and the “I am” part both rhymed and meant the same in Korean (“Roan was” – 로안은 – “loan-eun”, “I am” – 나는 – “naneun”). However, it still sounded awkward in english so we simplified it to “Roan”.
  3. reference to the folklore of a turtle and a rabbit’s race.

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