I Am the Monarch – Chapter 137 : To Pershion Kingdom (2)

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Thankfully, numerous empty houses were prepared in Mediasis Village and the nearby lands.
This was thanks to the engineers who had tirelessly constructed houses and buildings even while Roan was away at the capital, Miller.
The soldiers who had followed Roan and newly moved to the Tale Barony were able to arrange residences without any trouble.
This, to them, was a great and new kind of shock.
The houses that they were newly distributed to them were several times cleaner and better houses than what they used to live in.
Once again, they decided to bury their bones in the Tale Barony for Roan and for themselves.
While the house distribution and the legion organization went on, Roan checked all sorts of reports and documents that were piled up and solved the problems concerning security and administration immediately on the spot.
And while that went on, Chris came back to the fief together with the three merchants of the Tale Commerce Division, and after that, Austin, who was guarding the Elton fief, returned with a portion of that region’s residents.
Finally, the member’s of Roan’s house, family, brothers, and comrades all returned home. 1
Although there wasn’t much time, that didn’t mean that he could suddenly leave to the Pershion Kingdom.
Before that, there were preparations and works that needed to be done.
Amongst them, the very first was the Tale Legion’s official inauguration, troop restructure, administration of groups and appointments for officers.

“We officially inaugurate the Tale Legion with fifteen thousand strong as a basis.”

The inauguration and the appointment ceremony was immediately prepared.
For the commander of the legion, Roan, a Baron of the Rinse Kingdom and the lord of the Tale Barony, was appointed.
For the vice commanders, Austin and Semi were appointed and were each promoted to three-thousand-man commanders.
Along with the two people, parts of the original hundred-man commanders were promoted to thousand-man commanders and Roan had separately reformed the Amaranth Troop as his direct troop.

“Austin. I appoint you as the Tale Legion’s vice commander as well as three-thousand-man commander, and confer the name Piedes as the troop name.”
“I swear my loyalty to my lord!”

Austin kneeled down on one knee and received the command baton with two hands from Roan.
He, with his head down deeply, shed tears.

‘I’m a vice commander……’

The days of the past rose in his mind.
The day he was integrated into Roan’s newly made squad when he was living as a common soldier who was unable to even become a squad commander.
The days he roamed the harsh and bleak battlefield with Roan.
In the end, he had came up all the way to this place, and that insignificant spearman become a vice-commander of a barony.

“Austin. I look forward to continue working with you.”

Roan grabbed Austin’s shoulder.

“Huuhuhuhuhk.” 2

In the end, Austin couldn’t hold himself back and cried.
The soldiers, lined up below the stage, each rubbed the eyes that became hot with the back of their hands.
Roan’s heart also trembled from catharsis, but he exerted a smile and took a deep breath.
Austin hung the baton on his belt and went back to his place.
Following that, it was Semi’s turn.

“Semi. I appoint you as the Tale Legion’s vice commander as well as three-thousand-man commander, and confer the name Impasse as the troop name.”
“I swear my loyalty to my lord!”

Semi also got down on one knee and received the command baton with two hands from Roan.
He too couldn’t stop the emotions that welled up.
As even Semi, who was rugged and stout, shed tears, the appointment ceremony hall soon turned into a sea of tears.
But they were certainly not sad and sorrowful cries.
They were cries of joy and tears of happiness shed by those who achieved their desires through adversity and hardship.

“I look forward to continue working with you.”

Roan’s voice broke through the sound of weeping and filled the appointment ceremony hall.
Even after that, cries broke out every time thousand-man commanders and hundred-man commanders were appointed.
But only one person, Clay, brightly smiled and savored his happiness when he was appointed as the administrative manager that overlooked the entire fief’s management.
Like that, the appointment ceremony ended.
A total of one hundred and fifty hundred-man commanders, fifteen thousand-man commanders, and two three-thousand-man commanders were appointed.
Besides this, people like Clay and Onil, who showed their excellence in administration, finance, management and such, each received ranks and positions befitting their abilities to pursue perfection in the fief’s management that had been rather lax.
Roan stood on top of the stage and gazed at the soldiers who were lined up.
Although everyone’s tears had stopped, their eyes and cheeks were flushed red.

“All of you did well up until this point.”

His voice was calm.

“But this isn’t the end. There is still much more to the path we must go, and we do not know whether that path will be much more perilous and difficult than the one we’ve walked until now.”

Bit by bit, his voice became stronger.


Fifteen thousands soldiers unconsciously gulped.
Roan stared straight at them and continued his words.

“You only need to trust me and follow as you’ve done until now. I too, as I’ve done until now……”

His voice turned smaller once again.
But the voice filled with passion and sincerity was burning hot instead.

“Will trust you and step forwards.”

The moment his words finished, cheers and roars exploded out.

“Long live Roan Tale!”
“Long live the Tale Barony!”
“Long live the Tale Legion!”

Sounds of cheers echoed throughout the land and the sky.
In the start of the winter when the cold northern wind blew.
The Tale Barony was born anew.


The meetings, which were ran without any differentiation between regular, emergency, and military meetings, were also reorganized based on their purposes after the appointment ceremony.
The hundred-man commanders, who had attended the meetings every time, were changed to attending only in the military meetings.
Due to that, when Roan had opened a special meeting concerning the trip to the Pershion Kingdom, the attendees were limited to the three-thousand-man commanders Austin and Semi, captains of the Amaranth troop and thousand-man commanders Harrison and Brian, the administrator Clay, the president of Agens Chris, and the vice-captain of Tenebra troop Keep.

“First, we need to create a company through the Tale Commerce Division that could purchase and run the Istel Kingdom’s farmlands.”

Everyone nodded at Clay’s words.
His words continued on.

“Once the company is formed, the four of us, the lord, thousand-man commander Harrison, thousand-man commander Brian, and I, will disguise as merchants and head towards the Istel Kingdom.”

Clay pointed at the map on the table.

“Currently, the Istel Kingdom is suffering from an extreme shortage of food. Due to that, it is much easier for grain merchants to cross the borders compared to other merchants. It is to a point that even us, Rinse Kingdom’s people, who they aren’t very amicable with, can cross the borders with ease.”

This was the truth.
Roan, Clay, and the others planned to use this very point.

“After that, as I had presented before……”

Clay calmly explained the plans that were fortified and constructed even stronger in the last few days.
All of them nodded their heads without any special reactions.
It was plan that was that difficult to find any faults in.
Roan, after hearing the entire plan, gazed at everyone’s faces and cautiously opened his mouth.

“If things go according to the plan, we should be able to return to the fief in two months. Until then, Austin, Semi, and Chris will work together to run the fief.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Austin and the others answered in one voice.
Roan inhaled deeply.

“Good. Then immediately create the grain company.”

Everyone slightly nodded their heads and moved to carry out the works they were each assigned.
At that moment, Chris asked with a careful voice.

“What should we name the company?”

Although it didn’t seem like something special, it was quite an important problem.
All of them turned towards Roan.
Roan thought for a moment, then brightly smiled and gave a short answer.

“Let’s go with Charity Trust.”

With a quiet exclamation, Chris nodded his head.
Charity Trust.
It was a name that somehow felt just right at the heart.


Charity Trust’s founding was taken charged and proceeded by Chris.
He, with the help of the three young merchants Lidia, Eska, and Ford, created a grain company of a rather large scale.
The role of the owner was decided to be temporarily managed by Eska, who ran the restaurant business, and Clay was appointed as the head of the caravan that would manage the group until the Istel Kingdom.
Once the company was founded, Clay went around the Lancephil County and the surrounding regions and purchased an incredible amount of grains.
Meanwhile, Chris went around the Tale Barony as well as the Lancephil County and the surrounding fiefs and was issued the license for the company and the permit to cross the borders.
And on top of this, he let loose the agents and spread the rumor that the Charity Trust was originally a company with a significantly long history.
Thanks to that, it became impossible for the Istel Kingdom to grasp the Charity Trust’s authenticity even if it were to suspect it.
And when Roan was completely focusing on preparing to cross the border, the news of the Byron Kingdom, the Istel Kingdom, and the Pershion Kingdom’s war reached the capital, Miller.
The capital, Miller, literally became a scene of chaos.
Even though the news that the Byron Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom allied to attack the Pershion Kingdom was shocking, at the news that they were instead completely defeated, the capital was flabbergasted.
These reactions, however, calmed down faster than expected, and the reason for such was the three princes, Simon, Tommy, and Kallum, had turned people’s attention towards someplace else.
Simon had the need to turn people’s attention to someplace else so that Roan could safely enter the Pershion Kingdom, and in the case of Third Prince Kallum, he didn’t want to turn people’s eyes and ears on him since he was friends with a Pershion Prince.
But it was unknown why Tommy tried to cover up the news and turned the attention elsewhere.
Anyhow, these reactions and news of the capital were, through Keep’s Tenebra Troop members, passed directly to Roan.

‘This is why politics is difficult.’

As they each held each other back, nothing significant happened in reality.
But even if it was so, he couldn’t waste time.

“We leave for the Istel Kingdom in four days.”

Finally, the order had came.
For this, Roan led the Amaranth troop and headed towards Nuperu Village located at the edge of Poskein Lake.
Nuperu Village was where the Amaranth Navy was located at, and this trip was to fool people’s eyes.
Here, Roan, Harrison, and Brian schemed to pretend subjugating Poskein Lake with the Amaranth troop.
And in reality, they planned to disguise as merchants and cross over to the Istel Kingdom after joining up with the Charity Trust.
If the plan succeeded, people wouldn’t form any particular suspicion even if Roan couldn’t be seen for a while.

“My lord. Please be careful.”

Daiv bowed deeply at the waist with a worried look.
Roan, on the other hand, cheerfully smiled and nodded.

“Daiv. I plan to subjugate the Poskein Lake the moment I come back. Make sure to finish the preparations by then.”
“Yes. Please don’t worry.”

Daiv answered with a voice full of confidence.
Because they had to pretend Roan was subjugating Poskein Lake either way, they had to constantly lead the fleet and roam Poskein Lake without a pause.
In that process, the sailors’ skills in building as well as steering ships would grow significantly.

“Please worry only about your own health, my lord.”

Daiv once again deeply bowed.
Seeing off by Daiv, Roan left the Tale Barony together with Harrison and Brian.
Their destination was Lancephil County’s easternmost region.
There, the Charity Trust was already standing by with a humongous amount of grains.
On the fourth day of walking day and night.
Roan was finally able to rendezvous with the Charity Trust.

“Thank you very much for your work.”

Clay, in a clean attire, lowered his head.
He, as the head of the caravan managing the band, didn’t wear shabby clothes like Roan, Harrison, and Brian.
Roan nodded while smiling cheerfully.

“From now on, act befittingly as the head of the caravan. Since I too will act like a porter.”

Who knew when someone may be watching them from somewhere.
Clay faintly smiled and nodded.

“Yes. Please don’t worry.”

His smile became much deeper.

‘I’m confident at those things.’

He didn’t quite say those last words and swallowed them.
Roan, aware or perhaps unaware of Clay’s such thoughts, inhaled deeply.

“Then. Should we depart? Caravan head sir Roy.”

Roy meant Clay.
Clay nodded his head, then got on top of a wagon in the middle of the caravan.

“Let’s depart.”

When he ordered with a quiet voice, the entire caravan soon began to move.

Durguruk. Durguruk.

The carts carrying incredible amounts of grains extended on endlessly.
Like that, the journey continued on for two days.
The band now passed through the Rinse Kingdom’s border gate and was crossing the buffer zone.

“It’s the border gate!”

A loud voice was heard from the lead.
Suddenly, several merchants gulped with nervous expressions.
Roan, who had been walking alongside a wagon, saw that sight and faintly smiled.

“Don’t worry. Since we really are going to the Istel Kingdom to buy and sell grains.”

Of course, they did plan to do other things too, though.

“Yes. My lo…… no, I got it. Henry.”

A merchant carelessly spoke then quickly changed his words.
Henry was the name that Roan decided to use in this operation.
At that moment, the caravan, which had been tirelessly moving, finally stopped.
The lead of the caravan had reached the check point’s entrance.
Soon, unpleasant looking soldiers held spears and approached on either sides.
They gratuitously checked below the wagons, moved and searched through the grain bags, and glared their eyes.


Amongst them, there were some who poked at the bags with the tip of their spears.
Although bits of grains poured out, no one showed dissatisfaction.
If they weren’t careful, they could be nitpicked and get held up.

“There’s no problem with the goods.”

The soldiers who were inspecting the grain bags shouted aloud.
Then they soon approached where the bits of grains poured out, grabbed a handful, and put them in their pockets.

‘I heard that food shortage was serious, but it seems it’s more serious than I thought.’

Roan inwardly shook his head as he watched that sight.
Meanwhile, the gate captain Dose stood next to the wagon Clay was riding on and was checking the company license and permit to cross the border.

“Charity Trust?”
“Yes. That’s right.”
“I’ve been working at this gate for almost ten years but never heard of it.”

His eyes were suspicious.
But as if it was a question he already predict, Clay calmly replied.

“We originally did business at the Rinse Kingdom’s north.”

At the words that asked again, Clay made an embarrassed look.

“It’s rather a bit to answer something like this, but because they said that selling grains in Istel Kingdom will make a big profit…… cough.”

At those words, Dose creased his brows but didn’t harrassed or bully them.
But he repeatedly checked the license and the permit that don’t really have much to see multiple times.
Clay, who had been watching, took out a small pouch from his chest pocket.

“Come to think of it, this is something we picked up while coming here, so please find its owner.”
“You picked it up?”

Dose slightly opened the pouch.
It was a pouch that evenly had gold and silver mixed in.
A bribe that was prepared beforehand.
Dose brightly smiled to a point of showing all his teeth and nodded his head.

“Good gracious, you’re quite a good natured fellow unlike the young ones these days. I’ll definitely make sure to find its owner.”
“Yes. I’ll trust sir captain. And……”

Clay pointlessly glanced left and right, then spoke in a quiet voice.

“I’ll live a small wagon behind, so please share with your subordinates.”

In the dreadful food shortage, tens of grain bags were an incredible bribe.
Dose’s mouth was now hung from his ears.

“Hhm? Cough. No well there’s really……”

Clay, with a smile still on his face, shook his head.

“No no. We will probably have to cross this gate a lot from now on, so we’re telling you beforehand since it looks like sir will be troubled each time because of us.”
“Good grace, you really are a good natured friend.”

Dose clenched his fist and drummed his chest.

“Don’t worry about crossing this gate from now on. I’ll especially take care of it.”
“Oh my. Thank you very much.”

Clay pointlessly fussed as he lowered his head.
Like that, the two shared a rot-smelling chat for a while.
And while that went on, a small pouch of money was passed on once more.
With a completely giddy face, Dose shouted aloud.

“Remove the wooden fences! The Charity Trust is passing!”

As soon as he spoke those words, the wooden fences that were blocking the gate were moved to the sides.
Clay abruptly poked his head out of the wagon and winked.

“Then, we’ll greet you again next time.”
“Yeah! Be careful and do come back!”

Dose brightly smiled as he waved his hand like seeing off an old friend.
Clay watched that sight for a long time, then soon disappeared himself into the wagon.

“Filthy bastard.”

The face that was brightly smiling until now completely disappeared into nothingness.
Clay clicked his tongue with a completely twisted face.

“Cht cht cht. It’s because of incompetent bastards who only tries to fill their stomachs like him that the ordinary citizens are starving to death.”

Although Clay did have the great desire to rise in the world and gain fame, his goal was also to create a rich and powerful nation that anyone can live well at the fundamental level.
Of course, it was a problem that his methods and process greatly differed from Roan.

‘Once I reach an even higher place, I will hunt down all those things and cut off its necks.’

Edification, enlightenment, and education were all not needed.

‘They’ll all act good if ruled with an iron fist.’

That was Clay’s thoughts.
Meanwhile, Roan, who was walking along with the wagons, was crossing the Istel Kingdom’s border gates much later.
Although the Istel Kingdom troops around him watched sharply, there was no one who recognized Roan.
Even though Roan had spread infamy as the Crimson Ghost, the people who knew that appearance were a small minority.
Furthermore, because even that rumor spread as having all red hair, eyebrows, and eyes, there was no one who could see the Roan of now and realize that he was the Crimson Ghost.

“Hhm. It’s strange……”

A youthful looking young man with big eyes amongst the gate’s soldiers muttered in a quiet voice.
He was looking at Roan’s back that was slowly getting further away.
One of the soldier who were next to him tapped his shoulder and asked.

“What’s strange?”

At those words, the young man with the large eyes pointed at Roan’s back and answered.

“Over there. Doesn’t it look like the people around him are standing like they are escort him?”
“What? Escort?”

The soldier creased his brows and stared for a long while at the place the young man pointed at.
But he soon tilted his head.

“Well. I don’t get it at all.”
“Is it?”

The young man once again chased Roan’s back with his eyes.
But the caravan band had already went far away.
The soldier who was talking with the young man hit the back of the young man’s head.

“Oi, Pichio. That’s always your problem. I don’t know if it’s that your eyes are good or your instincts are good, but you’re looking at everything with suspicious eyes because of it.”
“But it really looked strange……”

The young man, Pichio, hesitated at the end of his words. ]
He was still chasing with his eyes the caravan band that couldn’t even be seen anymore.

‘I should check one more time when they come back the next time.’

Just in case he may forget about it, Pichio rolled the same words inside his mouth multiple times.

‘Charity Trust, Charity Trust, Charity Trust……’

A light glinted in the large eyes.

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