I Am the Monarch – Chapter 14 : Travias spear (5)

The situation changed.
The captured people were freed and the Slave Merchants replaced them instead.
They scanned the many cavalrymen appearing before them, and lost all of their fighting spirit. More than anything else, looking at Joey’s head ruthlessly smashed in had the biggest effect.

“We have to take these guys to Bason Village.”

Dosen looked at the Slave Merchants and frowned.
Bason town, was the only one which had the right facilities to imprison these guys around this area.
Perhaps there would be more, but that was all the information he had.

“Patrols from the 1st to the 4th, will separate with me. Our task will be to take these bastards to Bason Village.”

The squad commanders replied as one voice.
Dosen looked at the Squad Commander of the 5th Squad, Ched.

“Ched. You take the village people to Trum Village.”

An exhausted expression could be seen from many villagers.
They needed a break first.
Ched worried about this with a troubled expression.

“I don’t know the exact position for Trum Village.”
“You can ask directions from the vill……”

Dosen talked up to there and closed his mouth.
The village people couldn’t take the role of guiding.

‘I can’t do anything about it.’

Dosen’s eyes look at Roan.


Roan, who was taking care of the condition of the villagers, answered and approached him.

“You travel together with the 5th Patrol.”
“Yes. Understood.”

At Dosen’s words, Roan bowed.
A smile appeared.

‘I will be able to proceed and locate the Travias spear.’

If he was to travel towards Bason village together with Dosen, he would then have to leave the spear for afterwards.

‘Well, it wouldn’t matter anyways.’

The Travias spear would only be found after 17 years, anyways.
Of course, the one who had found it back then was himself.
Soon, Dosen and the cavalry patrol under him took the slavers, and rode towards the north. When they couldn’t be seen anymore because of the dense forest, Ched called Roan.

“Roan. You take the front.”

Roan replied shortly and jogged to the front.
It was obvious for him, but the other cavalrymen also didn’t ride their horses.
They had loaned it to the village people, whose conditions were not that good to travel.

Clop. Clop.

The sounds of the horses cantering steps was heard nicely.
They traveled out of the dense forest, and after walking out for a bit more, they finally spotted a little village in the base of a hill.

“It’s Trum Village.”

Roan said after turning back to look at Ched.

“It’s smaller than what I initially imagined.”

Ched seemed to be surprised at the village he saw.

‘And because of that, no one could think that the Travias spear would be in a place like this.’

Roan smiled bitterly and moved his feet.
As they approached the village, some guys with huge solid bodies appeared.

“Who are you?”

They seemed to be surprised at the presence of soldiers who were armored, and bearing arms before the village.

“Hello. I’m the Squad Commander of the 5th Cavalry Patrol in Rose Troop, which belongs to the Rinse Kingdom.”

He shook his hands and explained everything.

“Ah! For that to…….”

The guys became surprised and quickly regretted their defensive attitude.
They guided them inside the village along with bright smiles of relief.

“We will prepare you something to eat.”

With the order from the Head of the village, a few women swiftly prepared food and drinks.
They knew that if it wasn’t for the Rose Troop, they would also have been enslaved by the Slave Merchants.

“We are really thankful. Really thankful.”

The people who sought safety after entering the village; conveyed thankful messages of gratitude towards the soldiers from Rose Troop.

“No, no. We only did the obvious thing.”

Ched shook his hands and smiled brightly.
In that time, Roan met Lia’s parents and told them about the things Lia had done.

“You are saying that the reason we were able to become free was because of little Lia?”
“Yes. Lia asked our Troop Commander to rescue the village people. She is really clever and a brave kid.”

At Roan’s words, Lia’s parents expressions changed to those of relief as their worries disappeared while seeming to hold all the happiness in the world.
Tears trickled down from their eyes.
Ched’s voice was then heard.

“After a break for one hour, we shall return to the troop.”

At his words, Roan stood up.
He approached Ched and whispered in a low voice.

“I have not visited Trum Village in a really long while. Can I reminisce and sightsee around the village for some time?”

Ched nodded.

‘He should be familiar around this parts, because he has already come here before.’

And there also were the merits Roan had accomplished, so he pleasantly permitted him.

“Come after you slowly had your look around.”
“Thank you.”

Roan bent his head and moved his feet towards the inner side of the village.

‘Small villages like this one won’t change much even after a long while.’

He had visited Trum Village after 17 years.
But the Trum Village from back then wasn’t that much different to the Trum Village he was seeing right now.
He pretended to be looking around the place, and moved towards the north.

‘It’s really amazing.’

Roan reminisced after looking at a huge ancient tree, which was outside of the fences in the north side.
The tree was so thick that three men had to surround it by holding hands, and it was twice as tall compared to the other trees.
On top of all this, every time the wind blew caused the branches and leaves to collide, it tickled his ears.

Feeling strange.
Roan placed his hand on the ancient and huge tree in front of him.
A rugged feeling.
Roan moved around it while still tracing his hand along the ancient tree’s surface.


In the tips of his fingers, he felt a fine bump.

‘It’s here.’

Roan’s eyes shone.
He touched the bump with the tip of his fingers and drew closer to the tree.
He scratched the tree with his fingers.
At that moment, a piece of wood fell into his palms.
A piece of wood, that was as long as an adult arm.
On the exterior surface, it seemed to be an ordinary piece of wood, but actually it was a really solid piece of stone.

Roan moved his hand into the place the piece of wood fell from.
A secret place inside that ancient huge tree.
What was hidden inside of that, was a strange shaped oxidized stick.

‘I found it.’

Roan stashed that stick in his waist, and returned back the fallen piece of wood in the ancient tree.

Along with a grinding noise from the stone, the tree trunk recovered its original shape.
Roan evaded the curious looks of other people and sat down by another tree.

A stick that was smaller than an adult’s arm.
It was as thick as a wrist, and although it was originally black in colour, now that it was oxidized, it’s colour now was seen as a bright red.

‘The Travias spear that was said to be made from a dragon’s magic metallic scale, Dionium.’

Roan grabbed the end of the stick and squeezed it as if he was twisting laundry.


His face turned red while veins popped up on his wrists.
After he put in all of his strength for a long while, a strange sound was heard.


The sound of the oxidized parts breaking.
The tip of the spears separates in half and turns.


Along with the sound of saw blades grinding, the tip of the spear separated.


At the same time, the sound of metal was heard and a blade of a sword raised out.
Excluding a handful of length, sharp blades raised all around the stick.
Just like looking at a blade without defensive systems.
However you look at it, you couldn’t really see it as a spear.

‘It’s useless if you don’t know how to use mana on Travias spear.’

Only by inserting mana does this guy show its original appearance.
Roan smiled bitterly and twisted the tip of the spear in the opposite direction.


Along with the sound of metal grinding, it returned to being a stick which was covered in bright rust. Roan stood up from the place with a satisfied expression.

‘Wait for a moment. When I learn how to use mana, I will use you without sparing a thought.’

He put the Travias spear in his waist and smiled.
Roan’s view was directed towards the south.

‘Potter district. If I go there, my life will change.’

However, now wasn’t the time for it.
If he went now, it would be meaningless.

‘Let’s wait until summer.’

Until then, he needed to bulk up his body while quelling the monsters in Pedian’s Plain.
It was better to keep accumulating merits and garner a more stable position.

‘I still remember the subjugations of the monster horde in Pedian’s Plain freshly.’

A battle which was really fortuitous in accumulating merits.
At least, he would be able to obtain a promotion to Corporal or Lieutenant.

‘Good. Step by step, let’s walk it diligently!’

Now, he won’t make stupid choices.
In his past life, those stupid choices accumulated and he lived a mess of a life.
At that time, one thought passed through his head.

“Ah! Now that I recall it, that guy was also there!”

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