I Am the Monarch – Chapter 15 : The Ghost of the Battlefield (1)

While you live life, there are a lot of choices you regret making.
And Roan had made a lot of those choices.

‘That guy was the same as me.’

A quite handsome looking face with blonde and brown hair.
The guy with a slim build and quick body movements.


The spearman from the 7th Squad of Thorn Troop, was really close with Roan.
That guy also enlisted at the age of 18 like Roan, and battled until he was 33.

‘He died by an arrow in the battle of Dems.’

Harrison, who died exactly five years before Roan.
There was also something he regretted even more before he died.

<‘If I had only become an archer instead of a spearman.’>

That guy entered as spearman and battled his way as a spearman for ten years.
He didn’t have any outstanding skills, but even so, it wasn’t lacking.
However, the arrow he fired by coincidence completely changed his life.

‘I didn’t know that his archery skills would be so good.’

Nobody knew.
Harrison himself didn’t even know.
He became a Squad Commander after having utilizing the bow for only one month. After one year had passed, he became an Adjutant in the 7th Regiment of Black Squad.
After two years passed, he became the best archer in the 7th Division.
People raised their thumbs up after they witnessed the astounding ability he had with firing arrows. While at the same time, they also said some bemoaning words.

<‘If only he had grabbed the bow at a younger age, he would have been the best archer on the continent.’>

And that also remained as an immense regret for Harrison.

‘I will make him the best archer in the continent.’

Roan remembered the face of his old friend, and bit his lower lip.
He also wanted to give him a new lease of life.

‘If it’s him, he will become a good ally.’

To become a Monarch, no, if he wanted to become a Great General, he needed to have good allies and subordinates under him.
Roan could vaguely figure out, who would become good allies to a certain degree.

‘For now, is it Pierce and Harrison?’

Pierce with the best talent for the spear, and Harrison with the best talent for archery.
Just thinking about it, no doubt, this was a good combination.

‘But even so, it would be difficult if my abilities fall short of anything.’

Roan started to walk towards Ched, and the cavalrymen while clenching his two fists.
He couldn’t also just live this life with only that much of an ability as a spearman.

‘If I can, I should become the strongest and best person. Including all matters like skills in spearmanship, archery, swordsmanship……. And if the strategies and tactics are perfect, all the more better for it.’

Many memories filled his head, which enabled him to do all of those things.
He only needed to work hard.
An intense effort without stopping.

“We are moving out!”

Ched yelled after he mounted his horse.
Roan followed behind him and gritted his teeth.

‘The monster horde subjugation in Pedian’s Plain is a really intense battle.’

Surprise attacks, night raids, ambushes and fire attacks caused such mess all over of the battlefield.

‘I must render great merits and retire for a while.’

If he wanted to travel through the region of Potter, it was an unavoidable choice.
However, he couldn’t just retire as he pleased.
He had to render enough merits which will grab the attention of the troop commanders or the general’s.

‘Let’s think about that when we return back.’

The fortunate thing was, that he already left quite a good impression on Troop Commander Gale.
Thinking about many things, the cavalry squad finally reached the camp of Rose Troop.
Dosen and the other cavalry patrol squads still haven’t come back.

“You’ve done well.”

Gale, who received the report, gave a new order along with a satisfied expression.
To take the children safely back to their parents.

“Oppa, are mom and dad really safe?”
“Of course. They are resting well in Trum village right now.”

Roan calmed down the children and rode with them out of the camp.
When they returned to Trum Village again, the sun was almost setting down.


A little girl runs towards her mother’s embrace.
Many reunions between the parents and their children happen all around.
Ched patted Roan’s shoulder while looking at that.

“We are fighting, with our lives on the line to protect that. Right?”

Roan nodded silently instead of replying.

“I’m really thankful. Thank you.”
“Oppa! Thank you!”

The former captured villagers, together with the children gathered around them, and lowered their heads. A content and proud smile appears on the faces of Roan, Ched and the other cavalry patrol of 5th squad. When they started to give them food to express their gratitude, they quickly mounted their horses.

“Eat it with the children.”

Ched left them with a few cool words and urged his horse forward.
Roan and the 5th Cavalry Patrol followed behind his back while waving their hands towards the children.

‘Let’s not forget this feeling. The reason why I’m trying to become a Great General, and a Monarch is not solely for me to eat and live well. It’s for everyone to live happily.’

His objectives became a little burdensome.
Now he wasn’t only planning on becoming just a Monarch, but a good one.
It will be hard, but not impossible.

‘I will be able to achieve it if I work hard as hell.’

Determined light shone in his eyes.
There was confidence, and a determination that he could accomplish it.


Dosen and the other cavalry patrols returned only after a day had passed.
Gale had already organized everything before they came, and at the same time, mobilized the army. But of course, he didn’t forget to compliment Dosen and the cavalry patrols.


While they were moving, Pierce approached him.

“I’m curious about something.”

Roan looked at Pierce’s big eyes and nodded.
Pierce continued talking with a bright face.

“Pedian’s Plain is an important place even for our Kingdom, so how could monsters frequent there?”

Pierce’s words were true.
More than half of the crops harvested in Rinse kingdom grew from Pedian’s plain.
So it was difficult to believe, that there would be monster hordes invading such an important place.

“Those monster hordes gather in Pedian’s Plain to look for things to eat.”

The monsters who suffered hunger during winter at the boundaries of the Kingdom, invades Pedian’s plain in spring merely to look for food. A real pain in the ass for the Rinse Kingdom. Only by subjugating the monster hordes, it would allow the farmers, not to miss the season for harvesting crops. The reason behind that is when it becomes spring. Every year there would be a large scale monster subjugation in Pedian’s Plain. At that time, Pete who was one step in front of them, butted in with his comment.

“You sure know the situation really well.”

Roan simply smiled.
Pete continued to talk with a more serious face.

“This year’s subjugation will be especially much more harder for us. Do you know why?”

At his words, Pierce shook his head.

‘For a guy who doesn’t even know why monsters appear in Pedian’s Plain, that’s a much more difficult question.’

Roan put on a bitter smile.
He looked at Pete’s eyes and replied.

“It’s because two months ago, the Byron Kingdom succeeded in subjugating the monster hordes.”

Pete exclaimed with a surprised expression.
Then, Pierce butted in.

“And why so? What does the monster hordes subjugation of Byron Kingdom, have something to do with it?”

The reply came from Pete’s mouth instead of Roan’s.

“Those guys from Byron Kingdom pushed the monsters towards the south. To our side of the border.”

Roan continued saying.

“The monsters who were forced back, came to our Rinse Kingdom. And because of that, the number of the monsters who would gather in the Pedian’s Plain will become much more.”

Pierce frowned and let out a low exclamation.

“The guys from the Byron Kingdom are bad guys.”

Roan didn’t refute him and just shrugged his shoulders.
For Byron Kingdom, pushing the monsters away instead of annihilating them was much easier to do, and they suffered less casualties.
However, Roan didn’t say such words.

‘Even so, it is true that we are at a loss because of them.’

At that time, the sound of a drum was heard from far away.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Rose Troop had finally reached Pedian’s Plain.
Large and small camps were extended without end within the plain.

“It’s amazing.”

Pierce, Glenn and the other new enlisted soldiers exclaimed.
On the other side, Roan’s eyes was still calm.

‘First, it is important to know what area the Rose troop is stationed at.’

Only then will he be able to guess the things that would happen from now on.
Roan’s view fell to the west of the plain.

‘It would be better if it was the West…….’

He was familiar with that place.
He clearly remembered where the nest locations, and the monster camps were, even to the extent of when those things movements to and from where.

‘Because in my past life, I fought there.’

At that time, the Rose Troop still marching, changed directions.

‘As expected……..’

Roan looked to the place where they were heading and bit his lower lip.

< The Ghost of the Battlefield (1) > End

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