I Am the Monarch – Chapter 151 : Tale Barony (6)

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Roan was truly awed.
The Tale Mana Technique that Brian had brought, no, created, was truly excellent even when Roan, who it hadn’t been very long since he began to study the principles martial arts and techniques, saw it.

“I picked out only the core parts of the Rinse Kingdom’s Batelein Mana Technique,  Byron Kingdom’s Vasis Mana Technique, and Istel Kingdom’s Datio Mana Technique, and made a foundational technique book. And to make the mana accumulation possible, I added in here the the most foundational and solid technique principles amongst the mana techniques I know.”

His expression was confident.
Roan nodded his head and asked in a cautious voice.

“And the stability?”

However it was, the Tale Mana Technique was something made by combining multiple mana techniques.
If not careful, a situation where one lose stability and rampage just like Brian, who had learned many mana techniques, could happen.
Brian shook his hand as if to say not to worry.

“There’s no problem. Because creating a solid foundational technique style was the goal in the first place, I have definitely excluded those with strong color of its own that may harm the mana technique’s balance. The Tale Mana Technique is, word for word……”

For a moment, he contemplated to find the suitable analogy.

“Should I say that it was made by combining waters, each from a different water source? Although the taste, color, and component may be slightly different, they’re water in the end. I haven’t mixed something like wine or tea.”

At those words, Roan nodded his head.
To mix various types of water.
He could more or less understand what that meant.

“How is its level?”

If it was made by only mixing water, it could also be excessively tasteless.
Meaning, if he had made the mana technique by picking only the basic and foundational things, there is a possibility that its level may be low.
Brian’s face became even brighter.

“When I made it by combining basics and basics, a mana technique of a much higher level was completed.”

Of course, even so, it didn’t mean that it was more outstanding than the traditional mana technique that distinguished noble houses retained.
But just from looking at the developmental potential, the Tale Mana Technique was much more excellent.
That was what Brian thought.

“There is a word that the end of technique was the basics. I couldn’t understand that word in the past, but through the opportunity this time, I have clearly realized it.”

His eyes flashed with light.

‘So there is something he earned.’

Roan realized that Brian had grown a step further.
When he inserted mana into Kalian’s Tears, the entire world was soon colored in a golden light.


Roan leaked out a quiet murmur.
The flow of mana inside Brian’s body was slightly different than before.

‘Should I say that the mana that was dangerous and seemingly about to rampage at any moment has regained its calm……?’

At that moment.

“Although I did follow my lord’s order and stopped training the mana technique that they taught at the palace, it’s true that I was actually a little worried. Since the level of mana also remains at the same place if one doesn’t train mana technique.”

Roan quietly nodded his head.
Although he did stop the mana technique training for the moment to stop the mana rampage, he couldn’t stop the training indefinitely.

“At that time, I made the Tale Mana Technique and trained it as a test.”

The tips of Brian’s mouth slightly went up.

“Although the mana accumulation speed was slower than the mana technique I trained before, it certainly was stable. Most of all, the flow of mana, which flowed unstably and seemingly about to break off, has began to flow smoothly like a river. My lord. The Tale Mana Technique may somehow untie the knot that has tangled within me.”

The words were a supposition, but it felt as if he was already certain.
Roan brightly smiled and nodded his head.

“That’s good. That’s really good.”

In the first place, he had felt sorry because it seemed that he wasn’t able to give a proper help until now.
And for Brain to find a breakthrough by himself in that situation, he was truly proud of him.

“It’s all thanks to my lord. The one who told me that there was a problem in my mana technique was my lord, and the one who gave me a chance to look over again from the basics of training was also my lord. Truly, thank you very much.”

Brian deeply lowered his head.
Smiling faintly, Roan shook his hand.

“No. I haven’t done anything. These are all something achieved on your own.”

He stared straight into Brian’s eyes.

“Brian. You can have more confidence in yourself than now.”

Although his voice was calm, it couldn’t hide the burning sentiments.

“Because you are the best amongst the knights I have seen.”
“My lord……”

With a deeply moved expression, Brian dropped his head.
There was nothing more heartwarming and delightful than being recognized by the person one served.
Roan tapped Brain’s shoulder, and then took up the bundle of papers containing the Tale Mana Technique.

“For now, we will have to select people suitable for mana technique training.”

If he could, he wished to teach the mana technique to the entire legion’s soldiers, but realistically, that was something very difficult.
First, one must knew how to read and write to learn the mana technique, and their loyalty to the Baron Tale’s House had to be deep.

‘I need to make a selection test.’

A fair selection process was needed.
A soldier couldn’t be unconditionally selected just because they had been together for a long time.
He wanted to give a hope that anyone can learn the mana technique through a just process if one strived.

‘I will have to go see them.’

For the work this time, there were suitable geniuses.

“Brian. I plan to entrust the soldiers’ mana technique training to you.”

Brian, who had been sitting, instantly stood up and gave a short salute.

“Please leave it to me.”

To teach someone.
That wasn’t a one-sided action.
At the same time as teaching, there were many things one learned.
Roan tapped Brian’s shoulder and then moved his feet.

[Where are you going now?]

Kinis asked with a grouchy tone.
Thanks to Roan, who had moved without a rest the entire day, she too had to restlessly fly around.
Putting Brian behind him, Roan hurried his steps.

“The place you hate the most.”

At those words, Kinis frowned.

[That place without a single bit of water and full of book smell?]
“Yeah. That’s it. We’re going to the Academy Bureau.”

The institution that the academy graduates, who came to the Tale Barony from Principal Fred Brown’s recommendations, belonged to.
Although the name was grandly called the Academy Bureau, there essentially wasn’t a single academy that they operated just yet.
The construction of the academy was experiencing a difficulty.
It wasn’t something that could be made instantly just because someone had money.
Unlike a market or a factory, it wasn’t a place that could be managed in a general manner either.
The weight that gave was much heavier than he had thought.

‘We’re teaching words to the legion’s soldiers for now, but……’

The officers of the Academy Bureau had been greatly restless on their own.
It was because there was absolutely no progress in their main job of building and managing the academy.

‘The selection test may ease that restlessness.’

The feeling of relief that they had received some important mission.
Roan wished to lighten their feelings of responsibility a little.

[Uagh! Book smell!]

Kinis yelled in a sharp voice.
In no time, the Academy Bureau was in front of their eyes.


It was certainly a space that Kinis would more than hate.
The inside of a single story building was entirely filled with books.
Because there wasn’t a single bit of humidity, a musty smell stabbed their noses.

[Uah. Let’s finish it swiftly and quickly get out.]

Kinis cried out.
Not minding her, Roan stared at the young men buried beneath the piles of books.
Putting their heads together, tens of young men were debating violently.

“It’s a selection test to select soldiers who’ll learn mana technique. There’s no need to put in political philosophy in a test like that!”
“What are you talking about! To learn mana technique is to become a knight! Don’t you know politics is indispensable to a knight?”
“That’s for ordinary cases. The positions of our fief’s soldiers are different.”
“Right. The idea that one absolutely becomes a knight just because one learned mana technique is a stereotype!”

They had became completely absorbed in the task called the selection test that Roan had thrown.
It was as if a fire had been lit on a pile of completely dry hay.

‘It should be fine to trust and leave it to them.’

Roan realized that there was no need to particularly continue watch any longer.

[Let’s get out quickly, quickly.]

Kinis repeatedly let out words hurrying him.
Snickering out a laugh, Roan carefully exited the bureau building.
Without even realizing that Roan had disappeared, the Academy Bureau’s officers continued their heated debate.


As soon as they went outside, Kinis breathed in deeply.
Listening to that sound, Roan shrugged his shoulders.

“You can even handle the Flamdor Mana Technique’s heat, but can’t take just that level of space?”
[Don’t know. I’m fine at times, and find it difficult at other times.]

Kinis shook her head left and right.
Roan snickered and moved his feet.

“If it was that hard, couldn’t you have just stayed outside by yourself?”

It was still impossible to move far away because Roan’s level of aura of water was low, but it was more than possible to stay apart about a building or two away.

[Tha, that’s……]

Kinis couldn’t easily continue her words.

‘I don’t want to separate from you!’

Such words went up to her throat.
But she endured it hard.
It was still embarrassing to say such words.

“What? Why did you stop talking?”
[Fo, forget it! Anyhow, are the works for today all finished?]

Her voice was sharp.
Roan couldn’t understand Kinis, who suddenly yelled, but didn’t particularly ask.

“For now, today is done. But it probably will become more busy from now on?”

Tale Mana Technique training, Bureau of Druid’s animal assignment mission, Academy Bureau’s selection test mission, the engineering union and the magic tower’s research as well as various constructions and troop drilling……
The amount of things he had to do was like a mountain.
Roan inhaled deeply.
Coincidently, the north wind blew.
The tip of the wind was slightly tinted with the scent of Spring.
Just like that, the season was preparing to change its clothes.


“Kuku. A happy news has arrived for once.”

Count Jonathan Chase held a letter and let out an abhorrent laugh.
The fully exposed teeth took light and flashed.
His mood was just that good.

“Is it Kali Owells?”

The butler of the Count Chase’s house, Chandler Hoose cautiously asked.
Putting the letter he held into a drawer, Jonathan nodded his head.

“He finally made up a resolve.”

Leaning back into his chair, he spat out a long sigh.

“Finally, I can throw Io Lancephil, that old man, down into hell.”

A laughter kept on coming out.
With a cautious attitude, Chandler asked.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult if a fief war started in the current situation?”

Even without it, the mood was tense from the throne succession competition.

“I’ll have to set up the board beforehand.”

Currently in case of Jonathan, he was widely known as the right-hand man of the Second Prince Tommy Rinse.
But in truth, the prince he served was the Third Prince Kallum Rinse.

“If I attack the Lancephil fief, Prince Simon will stand up.”

Io was one of the rather large power amongst the nobles who followed Simon.
There was no way that Simon would just watch.

“I only need to coax Prince Tommy and Prince Kallum well and check Prince Simon.”

In the first place, in the two princes’ positions, there was a need to hold back Simon’s ankle, who was walking ahead by himself.

“So it will get busy from now on.”

Jonathan nodded his head at Chandler’s words.

“Since I have to grab the chance when it comes.”

It wasn’t possible to know when a chance like this would come again.
Tapping the desk with a tip of his finger, he formed a strange smile.
It felt as if his blood was rushing.
He could see the image of Io kneeling in front of his eyes.

‘Kali Owells. What a cute bastard.’

He was a truly likable bastard.

‘I’ll have to clean him up later too.’

Jonathan had no plan to take in a dog who bit its owner. (e/n: Ahh, rewards a traitor truly deserves.)
Bastards like Kali had a possibility that they would betray him at any moment according to their ambition.
Jonathan knew the nature of those kind of bastards very well.

‘Since I too am that side’s person……’

The strange smile hanging on his mouth became much thicker.


“It isn’t as easy I thought.”

Clay awkwardly smiled as he shook his head.
It was an expression unlike him, who was confident at everything.

“Even though purposely made the situation difficult and harassed him to the utmost, but he is still attached to the border gate guard troop.”

It was the story about Pichio.
Roan, who was receiving the report, slightly creased his brows.

“Harassed him?”
“Yes. We have incited the border gate captain Dose and have been harassing him. Since the attachment to that side has to fall off first.”

With a low groan, Roan shook his head.

“Let’s stop that work.”
“Eh? But wasn’t he someone my lord really liked? If we harassed him just a bit more……”
“No. It will be good to stop at this point. I can’t destroy a person’s life because of my greed.”

Roan exhaled a short sigh.
He stood up from his seat.

“Do you perhaps have a different plan?”

Clay cautiously asked.
Roan faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“I’ll meet him directly.”
“With Pichio?”
“Yes. I plan to meet him and honestly ask. Whether he has any thought of being with me.”

Roan stared straight into Clay’s eyes.
The light in his eyes was steadfast and without waver.
He had already resolved his thought.

“Of course, before that……”

His voice was composed.

“I will have to apologize.”

He wanted to let Pichio know that he was absolutely not harassed because he was lacking and was problematic.
Clay kept silent for a moment and then slowly nodded his head.

“Certainly, that is like my lord.”
“Like me?”

Roan asked back with a confused look.
Smiling cheerily, Clay replied.

“Because my lord values people.”

At that moment.

[Please value not just people but spirits too.]

Kinis abruptly cut in.
Roan cheerfully smiled and moved his feet.
Now that he had made up his decision, there was no need to delay.
He planned to immediately go see Pichio.

‘He should be startled shocked……’

In the first place, Roan was infamous in the Istel Kingdom as the Crimson Ghost.
However, his prediction missed comically.
When Roan went to Pichio’s house under the cover of dark.

“As expected, you have come.”

Pichio was waiting for him with a calm face.

< Tale Barony (6) > End.

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