I Am the Monarch – Chapter 153 : Poskein Subjugation (1)

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Would it feel like this if one’s son succeeded?
Looking at the buildings that lined the sides of the far extending broad street and the happy faces of people, Count Io Lancephil couldn’t hide a proud expression.

‘It’s more brilliant than the Pavor Castle.’

The Pavor Castle, the center of the Lancephil County and where the lord’s castle was located in, was a brilliant castle that was considered to be the best even in the Rinse Kingdom’s Northeast. 1
Although the Mediasis Castle had achieved many developments within a short amount of time, it wasn’t at a level where it could dare to compare itself to the Pavor Castle.
It merely looked like so in Io’s eyes.

‘It’s a clean and beautiful city.’

His heart felt truly proud and accomplished.

‘The spearman who seemed like a child has already became a lord of a fief.’

Io, who was looking around himself with a proud gaze, met eyes with Baron Aaron Tate, who was next to him.
Smiling widely, Aaron nodded his head.
He too, as much as Io, felt greatly surprised and proud.

‘I definitely knew that he will become big.’

The day Roan raised a big achievement in the Battle of Pedian Plain and held the merits awards.
He had already felt it at that time.

‘That he would become our Rinse Kingdom’s future.’

Because of that, he had wished to tie his daughter Mary Tate to him.

‘Mary already has a boyfriend, and that boyfriend also is a young man not below Roan. Just that……’

There was something that weighed upon his mind.
Aaron furtively turned his head and looked at Kali Owells, who was following behind Io.

‘The boyfriend’s father is Kali Owells……’

Status, house, wealth, power, one’s own abilities.
There was not a single thing that was lacking of Kali.
Rather, the truth was that Aaron was lacking.
But despite so, Aaron found Kali unpleasant.

‘It feels as if he is concealing a sword within himself.’

A snake kept coming up to his mind when he looked at him.

‘I’m probably thinking too much.’

Aaron forcibly shook his head and looked forwards again.


Suddenly, a quiet exclamation flew out.
At the end of the broad street.
In front of the inner castle that surrounded the lord’s castle, stood the young man he wished to see so much.
Roan Tale.
Wearing a clean and simple suit and accompanied by the chief retainers, Roan was standing still and looking at Io and Aaron.

“He got bigger.”

Io quietly murmured.
Aaron, who was next to him, nodded his head and agreed.

“Yes. He has become a big man.”

It wasn’t merely talking about his stature.
The two people, with proud expressions, went down from their horses.
And as if it had been waiting, a grand music exploded out from the sides of the street.

Ppabababam! Ppabam! Ppababam!

Sounds that hit not the ears but the chest.
It was the performance of the Milta military band that Roan made to boost Tale Legion’s morals.
The performance continued until Io and Aaron arrived in front of Roan.


A clear metallic sound noted the end of the music.
Roan, as if he had been waiting, saluted.


As if they had all practiced, the Baron Tale House’s retainers all bowed their heads.
It was a courteous and polite attitude.
But the air that definitely exuded from them was so great, several scholar retainers of Io and Aaron unconsciously flinched.

“It has been a while. Sir Count Lancephil, Sir Baron Tate.”

Roan brightly smiled and looked at Io and Aaron’s eyes.
Io and Aaron took a step forwards and clasped Roan’s hands.

“Yes. Have you been well?”
“You’ve became a man already.”

As if greeting a son, the lights in the two people’s eyes were warm and gentle.
At the passionate feelings felt through the clasped hands and the eyes, Roan merely smiled.
He too couldn’t suppress the feelings that climbed up.

“For now, do please come in. The banquet has been prepared.”

At those words, Io and Aaron faintly smiled and complained.

“Even a banquet……”
“There really wasn’t any need to prepare like that.”

Smiling brightly, Roan led the two people and walked into the inner castle.
The mood inside of the inner castle was also different than the outside.
Since it was the place where the legion’s headquarter and its branches were gathered, firstly, the buildings were tall and large.
On the streets, officials wearing slightly red-tinted suits were busily moving about.

“Tale fief probably is the busiest place in our kingdom.”
“It’s also the place that’s growing the fastest.”

With amazed looks, Io and Aaron praised on once more.
Roan shyly smiled and hurried his steps.
A clean and neat lord’s castle that had just been raised up to a second story, appeared.
In front of the door of the lord’s castle, the Mediasis Guards, led by Pichio, were lined up.
Pichio, who had been guarding the gate, stepped to the side and pushed the scabbard at his waist in front of his knees.
And as if they had been waiting, the guards lining on two sides all pushed their scabbards at once.


With a movement overflowing with vigor, a heavy sound echoed out.
It was the guards’ own style of welcoming ceremony.


At the vigor that pricked and electrified their skin, Io and Aaron let out quiet exclamations.
Simultaneously, Pichio saluted towards Roan.
Roan slightly nodded his head and then stepped into the lord’s castle.


The Count Lancephil House’s retainers and the Baron Tate House’s retainers, who were following behind Io and Aaron, unconsciously gulped.
Each and every single movement of the guards exuded with etiquette and dignity.
In the end, Kali Owells slightly frowned.

‘It has became much more bothersome than I thought.’

The Tale fief had developed much more than he had thought.

‘I should take care of this side too before I carry out the plan.’

It was certain that it will become a big obstacle to the revolt he prepared.


His teeth gritted.
In Kali’s position, Roan was a stone that rolled in. 2
And a very distasteful one at that.
But that stone was trying to push him, the stone that was stuck, away.

‘Roan Tale……’

A cold gaze stabbed into Roan’s back.

‘I will definitely make you kneel below my knees.’

A vain dream flowed through his chest and up into his head.
Consequently, the head that was clear became blurred.


[Uah. These misters are amazing!]

Kinis fussed about.
Currently, she was sitting on top of Roan’s head and was staring at Io and Aaron.

“Hahaha! The wine tastes unusually good today.”
“You are right, sir. I think I could drink it all night.”

The two people heartily laughed and tirelessly tilted their wine cups.
That was no wonder, as the Baron Tale House’s retainers were taking turns pouring them a cup.

“I’m Chris, the one managing the Tale Barony’s Agens.”
“I am called Clay, the one in charge of the Tale Barony’s administration and the Bureau of Druids.”
“I’m Keep of the Tale Barony’s Tale Legion.”

The core retainers took turns introducing themselves.
Each time, Io and Aaron didn’t refuse and received a cup.

[They’re drinking wine as if it’s water.]

Kinis once again shook her head in awe.
Although Roan’s limit was also at quite a level, they were at a level he simply couldn’t follow.

[Ah, sure.]

When he whispered in a quiet voice, Kinis answered shortly and then waved her hand.


Instantly, a short wave trembled in Roan’s cup.

“Roan. You drink as well.”

Coincidently, Io offered a drink.
Roan raised and showed the cup he was holding, and drank it all it in one breath.
The strong liquor had already turned into clear water.

‘I never knew Kinis would become a help like this.’

A smile hung on his mouth.
But Io and Aaron’s limits were much greater than his expectations.
The two people’s drinking showed an end only after most of the retainers that participated had fallen.

“Should we stop at this much for today?”
“Since there is still a several days’ worth of time.”

At those words, Kinis became appalled.

[These misters aren’t human.]

Roan slightly nodded his head and agreed to those words.
At that moment.

“Roan. I’m truly thankful to you for recommending me to be the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander. It was something I haven’t even thought of.”

Aaron faintly smiled and thanked him once again.
Roan shook his head.

“No. I had simply recommended the most fitting person.”

It was true.
He hadn’t recommended him to the position of the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander simply because of the Brent’s Ring.
Aaron, who he had watched from the side, had the ability and character that could adequately shoulder the heavy responsibilities.

“But even though you could had received a big award for suppressing the rebellion……”

Aaron left off his words with an expression that said sorry.
The recommendation of the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander was something that happened in the merits ceremony that was done after suppressing Baron Elton Coat’s rebellion.
If it wasn’t for that, Roan could had received a significantly great award.
Aaron lingeringly felt sorry for that.
Roan quickly shook his head.

“I also received a big award at that place. The king had said that he would give that wide lake to me if I could just subjugate the Poskein Lake.”

Io and Aaron leaked out quiet exclamations.
Come to think of it, they had completely forgot about that matter.
Io slightly creased his forehead and asked.

“Do you really plan to subjugate the Poskein Lake?”
“Yes. I plan to do so.”

Roan answered with a determined look.
Io and Aaron quietly nodded their heads.

‘Since Roan isn’t a guy who does something useless.’

There certainly must be a rational reason.

“Then you are currently preparing for the subjugation?”

When Aaron asked, Roan faintly smiled as he replied.

“The preparation is already at the final stage.”
“Then you will soon go out on the subjugation.”

With a bitter smile, Roan shook his head.

“That too isn’t like that.”

Io, who had been listening, cautiously asked.

“Is there some sort of problem?”

Roan slightly nodded his head.

“To subjugate the Poskein Lake, I have to transfer in most of the Tale Legion’s entire strength. But if that happens, the defense of the border region with the Istel Kingdom will become weak and there won’t be any way to defend even if monsters become active within the fief.”

Io and Aaron quietly groaned.
In short, he was worrying of making a gap in strength.

‘Is he planning to wait for now until the legion’s size becomes a bit bigger?’

Although that was the proper step, the time was too precious to do that.
Currently, the Rinse Kingdom was maintaining a precarious state of peace both domestically and internationally.
The three princes’ tug of war internally, and the tug of war between the adjacent kingdoms externally were weirdly balancing themselves.
If he planned to subjugate the Poskein Lake, right now was the perfect time.
For a moment, the silence continued.

“Since I received a big debt from you, I can not sit still.”

Aaron cheerfully smiled and spoke up.

“I will allocate the 7th corp of the Eastern Regional Corps near Tale Barony’s border. With even that much reinforcement, the Istel Kingdom’s army won’t have any strange thoughts.”

In the first place, the Istel Kingdom wasn’t in a situation where it could start a large scale invasion or battle.
When Aaron offered a hearty offer, Io, who had been listening, suddenly chimed in.

“Then I will support the fief regiment. If monsters possibly become active in the Tale Barony, I’ll subjugate them with our fief’s troops.”
“Sir Count, Sir baron.”

Roan stared at them with a slightly startled expression.
In truth, the two people’s offers were something Roan had wished to separately request.
But since Io and Aaron spoke up first, Roan simply felt grateful and thankful.
Roan stood up from his seat and bowed from his waist.

“Truly, thank you very much.”

Io and Aaron waved their hands at those words.

“There’s really no need for thanks……”
“Just go and fabulously subjugate the Poskein Lake. Go and snap right off the noses of those bastards laughing at you.”

Their voices and expressions overflowed with sincerity.
Roan faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“I will definitely answer your expectations.”

As soon as his words finished, Io and Aaron looked at each other, then raised their wine cups as if they couldn’t hold it in.

“However I look at it, it’s too regrettable to end it like this.”
“Let’s drink a bit more.”

The two people quickly emptied their cups and offered wine even to Roan.
From above his head, he heard Kinis’ voice.

[These two misters really aren’t human.]


“Isn’t this really too much? For our fief regiment to take on even the Tale Barony’s defense. I have to tell him that I just can’t do it, I just can’t.”

The captain of the Lancephil Fief Regiment, Perry Wilson burst out in rage.
But at the sound of Kali Owells clicking his tongue, he could only close his mouth.

“Tch Tch Tch. Why are your thoughts so shortsighted?”

With a puzzled expression, Perry cautiously asked back.
Making a frightening smile, Kali answered.

“I too don’t like the Sir Count’s actions. But the current situation itself is very favorable to us.”

Even without that, he was about to make a move on the Tale fief’s side in preparation for the revolt.
But at the very perfect moment, a perfect situation had unfolded.

“If the Tale Legion’s entire strength heads towards the Poskein Lake, wouldn’t it become much easier when we are carrying out our work?”

Perry exploded out a quiet exclamation.
He hadn’t quite thought up to that part.
Still making a chilling smile, Kali nodded his head.

“We should send someone to Sir Count Chase. That a perfect time to start the work has come.”


Tyrone Bess and Perry Wilson gulped.
Although they did first planned the work together, they instinctively became tense when the start came up in front of their nose.
Watching that sight, Kali faintly smiled.

“There is no need be so nervous. Because this work……”

The smile became even thicker.

“Will definitely succeed.”


Io and Aaron stayed about ten more days in the Tale fief.
Following Roan’s guide, they toured many of the fief’s locations and shared many stories.
Roan had, word for word, given them a passionate reception.
To him, the two people weren’t simply acquaintances but no different a family.
That was also the same for Io and Aaron.
Only on the day the two people had to leave came did they open the bag of presents they had prepared.
It was an incredible amount of treasure that seemed almost unreasonable.
When Roan refused with a startled expression, Io and Aaron led their retainers and quickly left.
With Roan’s refusal in mind from the start, they had pushed the present bag at the very last day.
Seeing off the two people who left, Roan couldn’t move for a long time.
His heart felt void and empty.
But he couldn’t stay like that forever.
He had works that he must do.
As soon as he returned to the lord’s castle, Roan gathered the retainers.
Not in the meeting room they usually gathered but in a large and grand hall, the administrators and the commanders gathered one after another.

“What could it be?”
“It looks like most of the officials have all gathered.”
“Even the thousand-man commanders are all participating.”

An assembly of such a great scale was a first.
At that moment, the door that had been tightly closed opened fully and Roan showed up.
Behind him, the Three-thousand-man commanders Austin and Semi, Agens’ president Chris, the head administrator Clay, Tenebra Troop’s Keep, and so on showed up one after another.
The officials, who were spread out and chatting, all straightened and lined up, and bowed.
Roan walked boldly in between the officials who took their places on both sides.
Walking up onto the head seat a step higher than the floor, he glanced through each retainers.
A confident and gentle air flowed out from the light in his eyes.

“In the last Winter, our Tale Barony has achieved a shocking amount of development.”

His voice was composed.

“With the Mediasis Castle at the center, we have raised fortresses in key locations in the four directions and organized the roads all the way to the fief’s border. We have found various branches such as Agens, Tenebra, Tale Alchemy Department, Tale Engineering Department, Tale Navy, and Bureau of Druids, and built multiple human resource development institutions such as the Mediasis Academy and Tale Training camp. Here, the Tale Commerce Division, made up of Lidia Lumber Co. and Eska Restaurant, Ford Mining Co., and Charity Trust, has achieved a dramatic growth. Not only that, the Sale Company’s Transportation Division is scheduled to be created soon.”

In short, not only the economy and the military, the entire social infrastructure had achieved a uniform growth.
Roan tightly clenched his fist.

“We will make this powerfully hardened basis as our foundation and charge towards the first goal.”

Strength went into his voice.


It was a voice that made anyone’s heart race.
Austin, who was vowing amongst the officials, stepped forwards and saluted.

“Vassal Austin present.”

A deep voice echoed through the great hall.
Roan powerfully extended his right hand.

“You will lead the Piedes Troop and march to the Nuperu village first. Deliver the tools made by the Tale Engineering Department and the Reno Magic Tower to the Tale Navy.”
“Yes sir! I will carry out the order, sir!”

Austin deeply lowered his head once and stepped back.


Soon following that, Semi stepped forwards and saluted.

“Vassal Semi present.”
“You too lead the Impasse Troop and march to the Nuperu Village. Collaborate with the Tale Navy and build a camp that the entire legion can stay in the village’s southeastern plain.”
“Yes sir! I will carry out the order, sir!”

When Semi stepped back together with his answer, Roan looked at Clay.

“Yes. Head Administrator Clay present.”

Clay answered with a soft voice and bowed.

“You will make sure that there is no negligence in the ration and supply preparation.”
“Yes. I will carry out the order.”

Clay answered with a confident face.
Roan slightly nodded his head.
Besides other points, he too recognized Clay’s talent at least.
Following behind, multiple orders were given to each branches and troops.
The mood in the great hall heated up fiercely.

‘What? Just what is it……’
‘It’s an incredible marching preparation……’

Few minor officials, unable to understand the situation that was turning, could only gulp.
Soon, with the Mediasis Guard Captain Pichio as the last, the issuing of the orders ended.
Roan calmed his breath and glanced deeply through the officials within the great hall.
A burning heat wrapped around his body.

[What’s this, my body is heating up for some reason?]

Kinis fussed about.
She too had felt the pressure that Baron Tale House’s retainers exuded through their entire body.
Roan tightly clenched his fist.

“From now, we will……”

His voice was hot as the heat.


Everyone gulped and waited for his next words.
The heat became fiercer.
Roan deeply inhaled.

“Subjugate the Poskein Lake.”

The order had finally fallen.
Every retainer, including Austin and Semi, kneeled down on one knee and lowered their head.

“We shall carry out the order, sir!”

Resounding voices shook the great hall.
That day, the advanced party of six thousand, led by Austin and Semi, marched through the south gate.
Roan went up all the way to the ramparts and watched that sight.
At the awe-inspiring sight, his heart felt proud naturally.

‘This year too……’

A faint smile hung on his mouth.

‘Will be mindlessly busy.’

Coincidently, a warm south wind blew.
That was the spring wind that signaled the start of a year, no, a new leap.

< Poskein Subjugation > End.

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  1. just to clear up a term, if a castle is where a lord of a fief lives, it’s a lord’s castle. If the castle is in a fief but a lord of the fief doesn’t live in it, it’s just a castle
  2. reference to Korean Idiom “a stone that rolled in pushed out the stone that was stuck”, meaning a newcomer pushed away and took its senior’s place

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