I Am the Monarch – Chapter 162 : Count

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It was an uneventful life.
No, it was an extremely ordinary life.
He was born in a so-so house and lived a so-so life with a so-so talent.
And during that time, a fief war broke out between the Chase County and the Lancephil County.
Soon, a large scale draft was invoked.
Ronball, who had once served in the army as a horseman, had received the squad commander role for a cavalry squad that were made up of nobodies.
It was a situation that one could call it a success if one wished.
He stayed at the back of the Count Chase Forces and had received the mission of converting the Lancephil Fief’s citizens.
Although it was so far away place that there was no chance of raising a big merit, it was that much safe place as well.
Even though he was sent into a war, boring days after days passed by.
And during that time, the one chance of a lifetime came to him.

“To, to think Io Lancephil would appear in front of my eyes!”

While inspecting the nearby region’s villages like any day, he had discovered Count Io Lancephil, who was running towards the west.
Although there were few soldiers who were guarding him, they all had disastrous looks, so it wasn’t a situation to be greatly afraid.

‘If I just catch Io, I can flip this life around!’

He instantly led the squad and went on a chase.
But with a cavalry made up of nobodies, it was closer to an empty dream to catch Io and his elite soldiers.

‘But even so, I thought that I would ultimately be able to catch him.’

Io’s direction of run was west.
West was the place Chase County was.
He thought that he would ultimately be driven into a corner.
But Ronball’s such thought disappeared as if washed away the moment he climbed up onto the hill that rose in front of his eyes.


The rose-tinted future dyed into an ashen light.

‘Even though I did say the ordinary life was boring……’

A spiritless voice leaked out of his mouth.

“I didn’t want it to be this dramatic.”

A dry spit naturally gulped back.


His ally soldiers, who had catched up a moment late, hiccuped with frighten white faces.

“Hic! Hic!”

The hiccups spread here and there like an epidemic.

‘Le, let’s get a hold of myself.’

Ronball tightly grabbed onto his fainting mind.

‘Ce, certainly, they said no one could enter in on this fief war.’

He remembered the content of the order that came from the capital, Miller.
He inhaled deeply and looked at the bottom of the hill.
A crimson wave, no, a crimson legion.
On the troop flag that rose high, the name of the young man who shook and rang the Rinse Kingdom was written.

< Roan Tale. >


A dry spit gulped back again.
Ronball got down from his horse and went down to the bottom of the hill.

“I, I’m squad commander Ro, Ronball of Count Chase Force’s Kerro Troop.”

He tried to disguise his facial expression with a bold look, but his words kept getting caught on his tongue.

“I am Roan Tale.”

Roan, who was watching Io’s treatment, took a step forwards.
His voice was bold and dignified.

‘Thi, this man is the very hero of the expedition and the one who suppressed Elton Coat’s rebellion……’

Ronball unknowingly tinged a look of admiration in his eyes.
Roan, who became a noble from a commoner background, was an idol of envy as well as awe.
But he soon discovered Io, was was being treated within the Tale Legion, and collected his mind.

“Si, Sir Baron. We, we are currently carrying out the fief war. The capital has forbidden anyone who aren’t directly involved from entering the fief war. If, if you enter the fief war without permission like this, a big trouble for the future will follow.”

His words kept stuttering.
His face burned up brightly from embarrassment.

“We have no desire to enter the fief war.”

As soon as Roan’s words finished, the Tale legion’s soldiers extended and showed the weapons wrapped in rough clothes.
Ronball looked at the sight of the soldiers and then nodded his head.
Certainly, they didn’t seem to have the desire to battle.

‘Th, then……’

His courage slowly arose up.

“Th, then please hand over Sir…… Count Lancephil.”

At those words, Roan made a cheerfully smile.
It was an expression as if he would almost immediately hand over Io.

‘It looks like the situation is resolving well.’

Ronball’s worry soundlessly melted down.

“I cannot do that.”

He heard a cold voice.
Roan took a step forwards and closer and stared straight into Ronball’s two eyes.

“Sir Count Lancephil is a guest who visited our legion. Indiscreetly chasing out a guest is not the way of the nobility.”
“Eh, eh?”

With a flustered expression, Ronball asked back.
Roan once again took a step forwards and closer.


Ronball involuntarily and waveringly stepped back.
Roan looked at that sight and formed a faint smile.

“I will say it again, I have no desire to enter the fief war. But I also don’t have any plan to indiscreetly chase out my guests. If you wish to accompany Sir Count Lancephil away, you will have to use force against me.”

Immediately as his words finished, a sharp pressure bursted out from his entire body.


Ronball was greatly shocked and fell down on his butt.
The faces of the nobodies who were lined up behind him were also bleached white.

“S, squad commander!”
“Wh, why don’t we just go?”

Their expressions were completely afraid as if they may just lose their life.
In the first place, they were no match for the Tale Legion.

“I, if I were to step back, would you please simply let me go?”

Ronball asked as he waveringly stood up.
Roan slowly nodded his head.

“Of course.”

As soon as his words finished, Ronball deeply lowered his head, then ran towards his own squad.


He, who instantly climbed up onto the saddle, led the nobodies and quickly disappeared over the hill.
The thought of catching Io alive and raising a big merit had already long disappeared.
Now, he merely.

‘Want to live.’

He missed the boring and uninteresting life.
Tightly scrunching his body, he kicked his horse’s stomach.
Roan quietly stared at that sight, then headed towards Io again.
Io and the knights who followed him had more or less finished being treated.

“Are you okay, sir?”
“I’m okay. I kept my life thanks to you.”

Io bitterly smiled and grabbed Roan’s shoulder.
Although a tired look was seen, his eyes were still and clearly shining light.

“I’m glad that you are okay.”

He was honest.
However, Io’s heart wasn’t simply happy.

“From now on is the problem.”

There was nothing more he could do.
The number of knights and soldiers below him were now merely in tens.
Although the Guardian Army was resisting in the Northeast region, it was impossible to move all the way there.
But even so, he couldn’t ask of Roan.

‘Since the order has came from the capital, Miller……’

Furthermore, the truth that he had joined Roan’s camp would now soon become known.
However clear Roan revealed that he won’t enter the fief war, they didn’t know how the situation would flow.
The possibility of them using the content of the order as an excuse to request his extradition was high.

‘If Jonathan and Kali cooperate and pressure him, Roan too would find it hard to endure……’

It was an awkward situation.
It was something he couldn’t bear to do to Roan.
In the end, the most realistic method in the current situation was to return to Tale Barony together with Roan and hide himself until the fief war ended.

‘Although even that won’t be easy……’

His heart felt heavy.
A sigh naturally flowed out.
Roan looked at that sight and let out a short sigh.

‘For now, I have rescued Sir Count Lancephil, but……’

Certainly, from now on was a problem.
Originally, his plan was to go into the Montea Mountain’s fort and take a sit at the Count Chase Forces’ rear.
With only having a camp at their back, he thought that he could pressure the Count Chase Forces.
But that too wasn’t a fundamental solution.
When everyone was deep in thoughts from complicated feelings, Clay cheerily smiled and shook his head.

“Everyone is rather excessively deceitful.”

It was a statement that, if not careful, could become a discourtesy.
Roan and Io as well as the nearby commanders all looked at Clay.
Few plainly showed displeased looks.
Clay didn’t mind them and added on with a silvery voice.

“Doesn’t everyone already know the solution?”

The instant his words ended.

“What are you saying?”
“What do you mean?”
“To say there is a solution, what are you talking about?”

The nearby commanders asked with perplexed looks.
Roan and Io stared at Clay without a word.
Clay exhaled a short sigh.

“Do you truly not know? Of this simple solution?”

His voice was overflowing with confidence.
In the end, Io asked with a solid stiff expression.

“What is that simple solution? If I can have vengeance on Jonathan and Kali, I will sell even my soul.”

At those words, Clay shook his head.

“There’s no need for Sir Count to sell even your soul. But……”

HIs gaze glanced and looked back and forth between Io and Roan.

“The Lancephil County and the title of Count are needed.”


Instantly, a heavy silence fell down.
Few people made expressions that didn’t understood, and few people made startled shocked expressions.
Clay’s expression was still cheerfully smiling.

“The capital, Miller, has given an order that anyone besides those directly involved must not enter the fief war. Then it means that to enter the fief war……”

He intentionally left open the end of his words.
Io took on the remaining words.

“It should be fine if one becomes directly involved.”
“That is correct, sir.”

Clay quickly nodded his head.
He turned his gaze and looked at Roan.

“Please pass on the Lancephil County and the title of Count to our lord. Then, all the problem will be solved.”

Clay looked long around the surrounding people again and shrugged his shoulders.

“How is it? It’s too simple of a solution, isn’t it?”

His voice was bright and clear.
But the actual mood of the surroundings were extremely heavy.

“Don’t say unnecessary words.”

Roan quietly spoke criticizing words.
With a short sigh, Clay lowered his head.

‘Do you plan to kick away such a good opportunity?’

He forcefully swallowed the words that had climbed up all the way to his throat.
Roan’s expression was that severe and his attitude too had no disturbance.

“O, our lord will take the Lancephil County……?”
“But it’s true that we can enter the fief war if only that happens.”
“Is it okay to suddenly start something so big?”

The soldiers whispered in small voices.

“Be quiet!”

The thousand-man rank commanders quickly quietened the commotion.
Roan lowered his head towards Io.

“Sir Count. Please excuse my retainer’s slip of tongue. For now, I believe it should be good to take refuge in the Tale Barony.”

He proposed the most realistic method.
But, with a solidly stiffen expressen, Io didn’t show any reaction.
The few knights who had lived until the end and were guarding him understood Io’s complicated heart.

‘We will follow our lord’s decision.’

They wordlessly stood and awaited Io’s decision.
After who knows how long.
The western wind became slightly stronger.


Io finally opened his mouth.
The face that had been stiffen solidly had loosen softly.

“Yes. Sir Count.”

The nearby commanders and the soldiers’ gazes headed towards the two people.


Sounds of nervous gulps came out.
Io stared at Roan and made a faint smile.

“You have a clever retainer.”

He was talking of Clay.
Roan wordlessly and merely lowered his head.

“I won’t say any long words.”

Io continued to speak with a powerful vigor.

“Roan. I will give you my fief and title.”


A great shock stormed through the grounds.
The Tale Barony’s retainers formed strange expressions mixed with happy and flustered looks.
That was also the same for the Tale Legion’s soldiers.
They forcefully swallowed the cheers that soared up to their throats.
On the other hand, the knights who had escorted Io tightly bit their lower lips and lowered their heads.

‘Yes. This is the best.’
‘We will respect the lord’s decision.’


‘If it is Sir Baron Tale, he is a trustworthy man.’
‘He is someone most suited to our fief.’

Even beyond the situation and just looking at the person himself, Roan was the most qualified person.
The knights tightly clenched their fists and raised the lowered heads high.
Their expressions became much brighter.

“Sir Count. Please take back those words.”

Roan quickly lowered his head.
As if it was difficult to dare take it on, he sharply trembled his entire body.
Io looked still at such Roan, then carefully stroke his back.

“It is something I originally……”

His voice became soft.

“Planned to give to you.”

A shock stormed once again.

‘I knew that Sir Count valued our lord, but……’
‘Ah…… so he thought of him that much.’

Baron Tale House’s retainers and soldiers all made deeply moved expressions.

“Sir Count……”

Of course the one who was most moved was Roan.
Roan and Io’s meeting.
The events from that start to today’s events brushed past in front of his eyes.

“Kneel down.”

From his bosom, Io took out the metallic medallion engraved with the crest of Count Lancephil House.
Roan quietly stared at that sight, then bent down on one knee.
The moment he looked at Io’s blazing and honest eyes, he realized that he couldn’t repeatedly refuse.

‘It’s done!’

Clay, who was watching, inwardly shouted in delight.
The event was flowing as he wished.

‘Once the lord climbs up onto the title of a count……’

His path to endless success would also open up.


Io held the crest of the house up with both hands.

“Because the situation is so, I can only carry this out informally.”

He breathed in deeply.

“As the head of the Count Lancephil House, protect the fief and the fief’s citizens.”

The end of his voice shook.
The thing Io was holding up wasn’t simply the crest of the house.
Right now, he was holding up the past tens of years and centuries of history together with it.

“The fief’s citizens are my children. They are screaming in pain. May you punish the invaders, the traitors, and save my children……”

Io slowly kneeled one knee.


From somewhere, a quiet gasp flowed out.
At an empty field where the western wind blew.
There was nothing of a splendid stage nor food.
At the place surrounded by the soldiers of the crimson legion.
At the center of that place, Roan and Io each lowered their heads and kneeled their knees.
The Count Lancephil House’s crest passed from Io’s hands to Roan’s hands.


Roan tightly gritted his teeth.
His heart soared up from pride.
He could feel the weight of the medallion.

‘I have become a count of the kingdom……’

It was an event that unfolded much too suddenly.
But he had the confidence to take on that weight.
At that moment.

Phbabam! Pham! Phababam!

The Milta military band performed a grand and powerful music.
It was because Clay had given the order with his eyes.
It was truly a timely action.


With a clear sound of metal, the music ended.
Roan received the crest Count Lancephil House with two hands and spoke in a careful voice.

“Sir Count. As the head of the Count House, I will fulfill your call.”

He raised his head and stared at Io.
Io faintly smiled as he nodded his head.

“I will trust you.”

What other words would be needed.
At that moment, the knights who were standing behind Io all saluted.

“We greet Sir Count.”

It was a resounding voice and a powerful movement.
Roan quietly stared at them.
A peculiar air rode the western wind and whirled.
That was a blazing spirit that signalled the start of the counterattack.
Roan turned his head and looked at the soldiers of the Tale Legion.

“All forces……”

He spoke in a quiet voice.
His eyes brightly shined red.

“Prepare for battle!”

A powerful voice rang through the empty field, no, the battlefield.

“Yes sir!”

The soldiers answered in one voice, then untied and shook off the rough clothes that were wrapped on the weapons.


The long clothes rode the wind and spread towards all directions.
The Tale Legion stood within the center.
An incredible spirit rode the western wind and stormed.


Io let out a quiet sigh.

‘It is done. My small wish will definitely be achieved.’

The sight of seeing Jonathan and Kali kneeling below his feet was drawn.
Roan slowly moved his feet and climbed onto his warhorse.


With a metallic sound, the Travias Spear showed itself.

“We head to the Pavor Castle!”

The powerful voice hit the ears.
The soldiers strongly grasped their own weapons.
The blood within their entire body circled rapidly and the hearts raced fiercely.

“Let us rescue our brothers and families from the invaders and the traitors!”

Roan raised up his spear high.

“All forces……”

The energy of a moment just before an explosion.
Finally, the order they waited and awaited for fell down.


< Count > End.

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