I Am the Monarch – Chapter 17 : The Ghost of the Battlefield (3)

“So you are saying that there are at least five thousand, right?”

Gale, whom returned after a brief report, frowned at the story relayed by the scout team.

“Yes. They will probably make a night raid at sunset.”

Benson reported the story, just like how he had heard it from Roan.
He even made the horseshoe motion with his fingers.
Roan glanced at that and smiled bitterly.

‘There are bastards who try to take away your merits wherever you go.’

In his past life, he had always suffered from those kinds of people.
But now, it was different.

‘I am taking my own merits.’

Meanwhile, Benson finished talking and had bowed his head.

“That’s why we have to prepare for the night raid.”

Gale frowned and fell deep into his thoughts.
Then, Roan stood forward to the front.

“Troop Commander.”
“Rather than preparing for a night raid, it’s more beneficial for us to attack immediately.”

As Gale queried back, Roan continued speaking without even a trace of hesitation.

“Currently they are in a really exhausted state right now. There’s no need to wait for them to recover. On top of that, if more time passes, the number of the monsters will increase, significantly. Because they will also be more moving towards here from the north without stopping ethier. On top of all…….”

He glanced at Benson once, and made the horseshoe shape with his fingers.

“We have a camp within this Pedian’s Plain area right now. Due to this, the rear part, which is the south is now open.”

The horseshoe slowly closes.

“If we just allow the monster horde to move like this…….”

The palms of his hands met each other.
The horseshoe shape now became a circle.
Roan showed his hands to Gale and continued speaking.

“We will end up being surrounded.”

An indication of understanding comes from Gale’s mouth.

‘It’s not only now, but he also predicted the things that will happen from then on.’

He nodded and stood up from his place.

“The words which you just stated until now, will you be able to repeat it in front of the Corps Commander of the 7th Corps?”

An opportunity.
Roan forcefully gulped down the laughter that was trying to come out.

“Of course.”
“Good. Then let’s go report it to the Corps Commander.”

As Gale walked one step ahead of him, Roan followed his back.
The face of Benson who he had glanced at, was so screwed up, it seemed like he’d just chewed feces.

‘That’s why if you are trying to steal the merits of others, you have to steal it perfectly.’

As Gale and Roan walked out of the tent, the officers let out a sigh.

“For a greenhorn to already meet the Colonel.”
“Yeah. I still haven’t seen him until now.”
“Isn’t that bastard most likely to be swiftly promoted, if he keeps up like this?”

They didn’t feel good.
Then, they saw Benson who was standing there without knowing what to do.

“Benson, are you becoming similar to that bastard called Roan?”
“What bullshit did you say about the monsters attacking us in a horseshoe shape, but instead, we just have to prepare for their attack?”
“Why is the military discipline like this nowadays?”

Benson lowered his head with annoyance towards the reprimanding of the adjutants.

‘Damn. I should have just kept my mouth shut.’

Even if he regretted it, it was pointless.
The end result of a choice made was to bare the consequences of one’s own losses or gains.
Benson made this choice of trying to steal the merits from another; ended in huge failure.


“It’s reasonable.”

Aaron Tate, who was from the aristocracy, and at the same time; also Corps Commander of the 7th Army Corps, rubbed his chin and nodded.

‘It’s truly amazing for a novice.’

When Gale first brought the new enlisted soldier to his attention, he was quite disinterested.
But the moment he heard the story from that guy, he couldn’t hide his amazement.
A novice soldier was reading the flow of the battlefield, and also the overall war.
But just because of that, he couldn’t show his emotions for the time being as a representative of the aristocracy. He continued speaking still with a disinterested manner.

“It will certainly be more effective to sweep them up this time.”

Aaron gathered the battalion commanders.

“Monsters have appeared in the west area of the plains.”

He then told them the story he heard from Roan, and revealed the attacking tactics.

“Send this notice to the other Corps, and prepare for battle as soon as possible.”
“Yes! Understood!”

The battalion commanders replied with one voice.
Aaron’s view turned directly to Roan.

“And you.”

Roan replied while showing his good military discipline.
Aaron nodded with a satisfied expression.

“When this battle ends; I will bestow you a fitting reward according to your merits.”
“Yes! Understood!”

It was just as he hoped for.
Roan followed Gale and walked out of the Corps Commander’s tent.

“You must also quickly hurry and prepare for battle.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Roan replied as they rushed to Rose camp together.

“Why did you arrive so late today?”

As soon as he entered into the 13th Squads camp, Tane approached.
Roan put on a bitter smile and replied.

“You should all prepare for battle.”
“Prepare for battle?”

Tane frowned while questioning back.
All of the soldiers who were enjoying their free time stared at Roan.
Then, a loud voice outside of their camp was heard.

“Squad Commanders gather! Squad Commanders gather!”

At the words of that voice, Tane frowned.

“Did you discover something again?”

Roan laughed awkwardly and replied shortly.



Hoo. Hoo.

Hot steam wobble the weeds.
Thousands of soldiers move slowly with their bodies lowered.


Shaking weeds.

Adjutant Jack, who was leading the spearmen, raised his right fist.
At that moment, the spearmen who were advancing while holding their breaths stopped in their tracks, planting their defensive formation.


The west wind swirls across the plains.
The plain which extends below the distant hill.
Between the swaying weeds, they could see monsters who were deeply sleeping.


Everybody gulped dry saliva.
A nervous moment.
A heavy silence weighing upon their shoulders.

Adjutant Jones, who was leading the archers, raised his right hand.


The sound of the arrows nocked, while wood twists as the body of the bow bends, the archers then drew their bows fully back and pauses for a moment to aim.
Jones looked at the officers of other squads.
Then, his hand which falls forward while he focuses at the targets in front.


Jones’s hand also cuts the air.

Shoot shoot shoot shoot!

Across 20 Troop forces, arrows upon arrows are released from a hundred squads at the same time.
Two thousand or more arrows cover the sky.


A sharp shrill cry that pierces your ears.
The rain of arrows drenches the ground.

Hit hit hit hit!


The monsters whom were sleeping without knowing anything let out surprised cries.


A rain shower of death falls again.


At the same time, a thunderous sound rumbles across the ground.
Roan glanced behind him while lying on the ground.
The cavalrymen were now charging forward while cutting through the wind.
Behind them, a white dust cloud surges upwards.


The sound of the horn trumpet declaring the start of the battle.


The cavalrymen galloped passed the infantry and charged forward.
The heavy armour of the cavalrymen cuts through the wind.


A uncompromising charge, as if they were planning to destroy everything that was in their way.
The cavalrymen charge through to the grounds where previously a rain of arrows fell.



The monsters were trampled on in every direction, along with their cries of despair.


Jack, who was glaring at the front, stood up and yelled.


The spearmen whom were holding their breaths, all stood up and yelled a warcry.
And Roan was also among them.


He yelled with all of his strength, and charged through to the front.
Among the dust cloud which was raised by the cavalrymen, they could see the resisting monsters.


With a surge of adrenaline strengthening his hand.
All spearmen together, Roan included, charged through the dust cloud.

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