I Am the Monarch – Chapter 172 : Crimson Ghost (5)

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A heavy silence fell down.
Although there were countless people inside the conference room, not one person carelessly opened up their mouth.
Their gazes all headed towards a single place.
The young man who took seat at the head of the long table.
It was Roan.

‘The mood is strange.’

He inwardly made a bitter smile.
On the table’s right, the ones cordial to him, including Baron Bernard Landingham, had taken seat.
In reverse, on the table’s left, the ones who were antagonistic or had dissatisfaction at the current situation had taken seat.
The two sides were glaring at each other and were doing an odd psychological warfare.
The one who broke the silence was Bernard.

“For now, we must combine our strengths and repel the Chase Legion and the Owells Forces.”

At those words, a young commander who sat nearby echoed.

“That is right. There is less than twenty days until the end of the fief war. We must hurry.”

Once it became the day of the fief war’s deadline that the capital, Miller, had decided, both forces had to immediately stop the battle and draw back.
Because it acknowledged the occupied regions at the time of the conclusion as the fiefs, from the position of the Count Lancephil House which already had lost half of the fief, it was a situation where they had to go out and counterattack as soon as possible.
At that moment, from Bernard’s opposite side, the side that held antagonistic view towards Roan, a young noble spoke up with a stiff expression.

“I agree that we must repel the Chase Legion and the Owells Forces. However……”

He was Baron Andre Molde, who had walked together with Bernard since the resistance days.
Andre was the natural representative of the many young nobles as well as the commander who practically led the academy troop.
Currently, the faction that had dissatisfaction towards Roan were the Pavor Academy’s graduates, student, and noble houses’ sons.
Although their numbers weren’t very great, at least in strength, they were considered within the first finger in the Lancephil Guardian Army.

‘Although Sir Count Lancephil had transferred them and his majesty the king had approved……’

Whether to serve or not serve that Roan was a problem each individual had to judge.
Depending on the situation, the possibility of them leaving away to find a new lord was also high.
Denying the king’s approval wasn’t something that was possible, but deciding the lord to serve was an individual’s liberty.
Andre looked around at the many people of the conference room and added on.

“The Lancpehil Guardian Army has its own command system. They are all warriors who have outstanding abilities.”

To a certain degree, they were correct words.
As much as the Landingham Region was a major border region, the commanders who commanded the troops were on the side where one’s abilities were quite outstanding.
Andre stared straight at Roan.
The young general’s pressure was felt.

“Although we have heard and learned of Sir Count Roan Lancephil’s fame numerous times, we have never actually seen those skills.”

Numerous people nodded their heads.
The mood flowed on oddly.
This was a type of a pressure fight.
Officially, they couldn’t casually go against or hinder Roan, who had inherited the fief and the title.
However, fights between generals were something that could easily occur even on ordinary days.

‘It seems they wish to take the initiative.’

Roan inwardly made a smile.
Andre’s intention was clearly seen.
Sure enough.

“I wish to see Sir Count’s skills.”

Andre stood up from his seat as he slightly lowered his head.
Following his back, four young commanders echoed as they stood up from their seat.

“I also implore you, sir.”
“I too request of you, sir.”

Bernard, who had been watching, creased his forehead.

“Enough! Having a fight between allies with a big battle ahead of you! All of you must have lost your minds!”

He reproached in a loud chiding sound.
But even so, the young commanders including Andre had no thoughts of stepping back.

‘We have to dominate the initiative.’

They planned to bring the leadership of the command to them.
Although they would have to listen to Roan’s orders, speaking their voices would become much easier if they took the leadership of the command.

‘It might be difficult if we face him alone, but……’
‘If we five take turns facing him……’
‘There’s enough chance to win.’
‘Furthermore, if it’s Sir Baron Andre Molde, he may create a tie.’

Andre was a high-famed warrior in the Landingham Region.
It was to a point that rumors saying that the monsters would run just from hearing his name.

“I request of you, sir.”

Andre once again lowered his head.

“There is no need to accept, sir.”

Bernard, with a flushed red face, looked at Roan.
Roan slightly raised his right hand as if to say it was okay, then stood up from his seat.

“Alright. Checking each other’s skills ahead of the big battle isn’t bad either.”

He faintly smiled and nodded his head.

‘We did it!’

The young commanders including Andre all inwardly cheered in delight.
They looked at each other and made bright smiles.
It was a sight as if they had already won.
Roan quietly stared at that sight, then spoke in a soft voice.

“Ah, but in return, there is one request.”

At those words, the young nobles including Andre looked at Roan with puzzled expressions.

‘He wouldn’t possibly say he’ll face just one person, would he?’
‘Is he saying he will face one person per day?’

Complicated thoughts filled their heads.
Roan made a cheerful smile.

“We do not have much time left. There also isn’t the time to fight everyone individually.”

Andre and the young commanders creased their brows.
Roan did not mind them and added on.

“All of you……’

He grabbed the Travias Spear at his waist.
The smile on his mouth became much thicker.

“I will take on together.”


“How do you do these days, sir?”

Simon Rinse filled cold water into an empty cup.

“There are many this and that things I am doing, your highness.”

The person holding up the teacup with both hands was Io Lancephil.
Simon nodded as he also filled cold water into his own cup.

“It seems you have became busier after your transfer of the nobility, sir.”
“It has somehow became like that, your highness.”

Io formed a faint smile.
He, like Simon’s words, was living a busier life than before after passing on his fief and the nobility to Roan.
Although it was a nobility transfer through the official procedure, the nobles who still held antagonistic positions towards Roan were many.
Io was meeting numerous nobles and making Roan’s allies.

“Roan must truly feel reassured, sir.”

Simon knew how much Io was endeavoring for Roan.
Io, instead of an answer, merely made a smile.


Simon carefully put down the teacup he was holding, then stared straight into Io’s two eyes.

“The reason I contacted you to meet alone today is because there is something I have to earnestly tell you, sir.”

His voice and expression became quite serious.
Io too put down the teacup he held and leaned his ears.
Simon inhaled deeply.
It was a look as if he had finally made a big decision.

“I plan to place a greater strength upon Roan from now on.”

Io leaked a groan.
That Simon was already on Roan’s side was a fact that everyone already knew of.
But him particularly speaking up such words meant that there would be a bit more serious backing and support.

“I too will have to become independent soon, sir.”

Although it was a short sentence, Io, who was a veteran politician, instantly perceived the meaning within it.

‘It seems he plans to exit out of Duke Webster’s bosom.’

The meaning of why he would place great strength upon Roan became clear.
Right now, Simon.

‘Plans to make an independent faction that could stand up to Duke Webster House.’

He had chosen Roan as that faction’s leader.
Io slowly nodded his head.
Simon looked at that sight and inwardly made a smile.

‘As expected of Io Lancephil. He understood my intent completely’

Thanks to Io understanding it quickly, it became easier to open up the talk.

“However, sir, there is one problem.”

Simon’s voice became slightly lower.
Io, with a needlessly tense expression, swallowed dry spit.
Simon exhaled a short sigh.

“I need the God’s Medicine.’

The method to control the evil mana of the mana technique he was currently learning.
That was only the God’s Medicine.
Although Bradley Webster had decided to obtain it for him originally, the state of the progress was only slow.
Furthermore, he couldn’t only rely on Bradley when he had now decided to clean up their relationship.
Simon stared straight into Io’s eyes.

“Please obtain the God’s Medicine for me.”

This was the very reason Simon had called Io and had a meeting alone.
Io momentarily became silent.

‘To obtain the God’s Medicine, I have to go to the Holy Palace.’

The Holy Palace was located in the Estia Empire.
Even that itself wasn’t an easy trip, but the bigger problem was.

‘There is no way that they will hand over the God’s Medicine so easily.’

The God’s Medicine was literally the medicine of god.
Because the manufacturing method was greatly difficult, not many were available.
According to the rumors, the number of the God’s Medicine the Holy Palace kept did not exceed ten.

‘But even so, if I were to refuse……”

The story about placing strength upon Roan would become something that did not happen.
If it was Simon’s personality, it was something plentily possible.

‘Up until now, Prince Simon is closest to the seat of the next king. Prince Simon’s support would become a big strength to Roan.’

Io did not know of Roan’s dream and goal yet.

‘In the end, is there no way but to follow?’

There was no choices.
There was no method to refuse Simon’s request.
Io lowered his head.

“I will obtain and bring it, your highness.”

Instantly, a smile bloomed on Simon’s face.

“Hahaha. Truly, thank you very much.”

With a satisfied expression, he nodded his head.
The excited look was obvious.

“Please don’t worry about Roan. I will reassuringly protect him.”

Io, with a bitter smile, lowered his head.

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

If it was for Roan, he could do anything.
Although it wasn’t an easy task, even so, it wasn’t something impossible either.

‘I only need to go and come back shortly.’

He braced his heart with effort.
However, Io did not quite knew.
Of the incredible tempest this decision would bring.


“Will you really not regret it, sir?”

Andre glared with his eyes while holding a wooden sword.
Around him, the four young commanders stood.
Displeased looks were clear on all of them.

“It is okay, so come at me as much as you want.”

Roan cheerily smiled and shook an end of a wooden pole.
Andre asked again.

“We are really okay to even use mana, is that right sir?”

Roan nodded his head instead of answering.
Andre clenched his teeth.

“Even if you are looking down on us, you are looking down on us too much, sir.”

Roan and the five commanders.
They were currently before a duel.
At the drill hall located behind the official mansion, many people had gathered.

‘Sir Count Lancephil.’

Bernard looked at Roan with a slightly restless look.

‘They are highly famed warriors even in this region.’

He thought that Roan had made a big mistake from an impatient feeling.
He knew that Roan’s skills were outstanding through the rumors.
But even so, facing five warriors at once was unreasonable.

‘If not careful, the commanders could look down on Sir Count.’

As Andre’s intention, the leadership of the command center could completely go over.

‘I can only cut in and stop them if pinched.’

Bernard rubbed the scabbard at his waist.
He signaled with his eyes at the commanders nearby.
They, all Bernard’s close aids, were men favorable to Roan.
At that moment.

“They, they’re starting!”

One of the spectators shouted in a loud voice.
Bernard quickly looked at Roan and Andre.
Andre had kicked the ground and was running towards Roan.
Four commanders followed his back.
The fight had finally started.

‘I have to show an overwhelming strength.’

Roan looked at Andre and the commanders and inhaled deeply.
The reason he had accepted their arrogant proposal for duel.
He too was having the same thought as Andre.

‘I will dominate the lead with an overwhelming strength.’

It was for seizing the leadership of the legion’s command.
To do so, it could not be a poor fight.
It must be an overwhelming victory.
Roan inserted strength into the hand holding the wooden pole.


The tip of the pole greatly shook and split the air.


Andre and the commanders who were rushing towards him, surprised, swung their own weapons.

Ttadac! Ttac! Ttac!

With a heavy sound, a fierce battle spread out.

‘Kuuk. What strength……’

At the numb feeling at his wrist, Andre gritted his teeth.
The strength behind Roan’s wooden pole was enormous.

‘E, even so, we are five!’

Andre and the commanders met their eyes, then went on a coordinated attack.


They matched their hands and feet, and instantly surrounded Roan.
A crisis.
However, Roan’s expression was greatly relaxed.
He quickly and erratically moved his feet and swung the pole.
The mana inside his body twitched and soared.

‘This is the Flamdor Mana Technique.’

The entire wooden pole turned red.


Through the Brent’s Ring, more than ten balls of light were created around him.
It was the light spell.


Andre and the young commanders, at the abrupt light spell, squinted their eyes.
But because they too were quite skilled warriors, they did not closed their eyes or turned their heads.

Puck! Pubuck! Puck!

Taking on Roan’s pole that moved between the balls of light as if to dance wasn’t easy.


A quiet exclamation bursted out between the spectators.
Roan’s movements were outstanding enough for an exclamation to come out.
A crimson pole roaming between the lights and embroidering the space.

“Da, damn it!”

Andre spat out a curse and swung his sword.

‘To think there would actually be this much gap.’

Rather than the rumors of Roan being pointlessly bloated, it was lacking.

‘Just one hit, I will hit at least once.’

Andre’s sword cut through the air.
At that moment, Roan’s pole that whipped the air moved erratically like a snake, then perfectly struck and hit the end of the wooden sword.


An explosive sound burst out.


Unbelievably, the sword exploded out.


Andre stepped back as he clenched his hand.
Roan’s pole moved without stopping.

Puuck! Pubuck! Puuck!

The young commanders’ weapons successively blew apart as if they exploded.

“Ri, ridiculous.”

The commanders shook their heads as if they couldn’t believe it.
At that moment.
A flame bursted up following the crimson-tinted pole.
The heat inside his body, in a flash, had bursted out as if exploded.


An enormous flame soared as it drew a shape of the spearhead.


Andre and the commanders gulped down dry spit with dazed expressions.
Roan was proudly standing while slantly holding the pole.
The crimson fire waved following the pole as if to protect Roan.
An incredible dignity that stopped breaths was felt.
That was truly an incredible sight.

“A, a crimson ghost……”
“It’s the Crimson Ghost.”

Andre and the commanders as well as even the spectators including Bernard murmured with dazed expressions.
At those words, Roan slowly shook his head.

“I am not Crimson Ghost.”

The Crimson Ghost was a story only applied to the enemies.
Roan formed a soft smile.


Strength went into his voice.
All leaned their ears with their mouths closed.
Roan’s voice rang throughout the drill hall.

“Am your lord.”

< Crimson Ghost (5) > End.

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