I Am the Monarch – Chapter 178 : The Decisive Battle (5)

“Until now is as expected, sir.”

At the adjutant’s report, Kali Owells formed a satisfied expression.
His gaze headed beyond the hills.
A widely spread forest, and a steep mountain that abruptly rose beyond it.
It was the Arslan Valley.

‘Roan bastard has arrived at the other side of the valley, and……’

If only his son Walter Owells and the troop under him took position, all preparation would be finished.

‘Walter. What are you doing, now isn’t the time to dawdle.’

A cold light flowed around his eyes.
At that moment.

“Sir Viscount!”

Together with a bright voice, Demis Izy showed his appearance.
He pointlessly looked around the inside of the tent once, then took out a single page letter from his chest pocket.

“It’s the letter Sir Walter sent.”

With a short groan, Kali snatched the letter.
The letter’s content was short and simple.
However, it was enough to make Kali’s heart satisfied.

“Good. The things are resolving well.”

The other commanders inside the tent asked in careful voices.

“Is it the news we desired, sir?”
“Has he arrived?”

At those words, Kali faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“Yes. He says that he has took a position at Roan bastard’s rear.”

As soon as his words finished, many commanders tightly clenched their fists.
At last, the perfect trap had been set.
Kali moved his feet and stood in front of a table.
On the table, a map almost incomparably shoddy to Roan’s was spread out.
Kali’s finger busily moved.

“Look well. We are currently positioned on the hills west of the Arslan Valley. Roan bastard is positioned on the opposite hills at east. And Walter is approaching that very behind.”

Because the hills were so widely spread out, Roan finding Walter wasn’t an easy task.
At least, Kali and his adjutants thought so.
Kali pointed at the wide and long space that penetrated through the Arslan Valley.

“We will lure Roan bastard inside this valley.”

Like until now, he planned to use the mean of using a small-scale troop to create a battle and then retreating.
Either way, Roan didn’t knew that Kali and the Owells Forces’ main army had came here. No, he couldn’t know.
Of course, this too was Kali and his adjutants’ thought.

“After the bastards enter the valley chasing our allies and charge into the western side forests, we will lit a fire.”

The commanders all nodded their heads.
Thanks to the warm and dry spring weather having continued, the forests were in a completely dry state.
It was a state where one could burn out the entire forest with merely a single ember.
Kali’s words continued on.

“At the same time, Walter will charge and also set fire to the eastern side forests.”

If it only became as the plan, Roan, the Tale Legion, and the Lancephil Legion will be trapped inside a pit of fire.

“The Owells Forces’ main army and the Walter Troop will surround both sides’ forests and slaughter Roan and the enemy who run out.”

This was the first plan Kali had raised.
At that moment, Demis, who was staying silent, pointed at Arslan Valley’s two mountains.

“Sir, are we not placing an ambush at the two mountains’ summits?”

At those words, Kali quickly shook his head.

“The mountain is too precipitous so there is no big merit to it.”

There was no space for enough number of soldiers to inflict a damage to the enemy.
Furthermore, even if they were to take position, they couldn’t gather things like trees or stones they could throw towards the bottom.
Demis soon nodded his head and stepped back.
If Kali said so, it was so.
There was no one who know the Lancpehil Region as much as Kali.
Faint anticipation floated up on everyone’s faces.

‘If it goes just like this, it’ll be a giant victory.’
‘We could give a large blow to the enemy’s main army.’

A complete victory enough to seize the chance of victory of the fief war.
At that moment, one of the commanders hesitated, then cautiously opened his mouth.


Suddenly, every commanders’ eyes headed towards the young commander.
He looked around the gazes pouring onto himself, then added on in a small voice.

“What will we do if a rain perhaps comes, sir?”

Then, the fire attack that they laboriously prepared would become a bubble.
The jubilant mood cooled in an instant.
It was a situation where he had spoiled the battle even before it even began.
In place of everyone, Demis glared with his eyes.

“Don’t say something so ominous! Don’t you know the Lancephil Fief’s spring weather! Rain basically doesn’t come in this season!”
“Right. It’s the season when people emphasize to always be careful of fire.”
“It’s also the season when people suffer from drought.”

From everywhere, statements denouncing him poured down.
The young commander who spoke up bitterly smiled and nodded his head.
Then he slightly stepped back and lowered his head.
A completely intimidated look.
Kali quietly looked at that sight, then snickered out a laugh.

“There will be no event of rain coming.”

It was a voice full of certainty.
His eyes flashed and shined a light.

‘As long as the heaven does not forsaken me……’


“Is that true, sir?”

Baron Bernard Landingham raised his head and looked up at the sky.
It was a sky without a single speck of cloud.
He, with a puzzled look, murmured.

“The rain really is coming, is it sir?”
“That is right. He definitely said so. Isn’t that right, my lord?”

The one who asked following his addendum was Harrison.
Roan, who was looking over the camp’s inside, subtly looked up at the sky.
As much as Bernard as well as numerous commanders would worry, the weather was simply too good.

[Eh?! Roan. Your eyes just now shook a little, no? Right? Un? Did you slightly doubt me just now?]

Suddenly, Kinis’ sharp voice was heard from the edge of his ears.
Roan inwardly made a smile.
It was because his heart was seen.
Even so, he feigned ignorance.

‘What do you mean? I never doubted you.’

Then as if to show her, he looked at the many commanders including Bernard and Harrison.

“The rain will absolutely come.”

A voice full of certainty.
A resolute expression.
At those words, Bernard slightly nodded his head and then looked at the sky again.

“If rain really comes……”

The end of his voice slightly shook.

“The heaven should be on our side.”

Numerous people nodded their heads.
At that moment.

Yoo. 1

A soft wind blowed below his ear.
The wind slowly showed a rough temperance.


The flag planted at the center of the tent shook its body slightly.


The commanders as well as the soldiers inside the camp all startled and looked around themselves.
Now, the wind violently blew enough to shake their hair.

“What kind of wind is so humid?”

Baron Andre Molde thoughtlessly murmured, then soon widely opened his eyes.
Suddenly, as if everyone had promised, they raised their heads and looked up at the sky.
It was no more.
The sky shining with a blue light was no more.
It was there.
A grey-lighted cloud that not a single speck they could see before.


One drop of water fell on top of their cheek.

“What the?”

The commanders and the soldiers lightly wiped their cheeks and looked at Roan.
Expression that said they couldn’t believe it.
On the other hand, Roan formed a faint smile with a composed expression.
He slowly raised his head and looked up at the sky.
Thanks to the Kalian’s Tears, the falling raindrops were seen clearly.

“The sky……”

Roan’s voice spread throughout the camp’s inside.
Everyone’s gazes headed towards Roan.
The smile hanging around his mouth became much thicker.

“Is on our side.”

A silence fell.
All stared at Roan with expressions mixed with awe.
With a calm expression, Roan quietly closed his eyes.
It wasn’t to enjoy the rain falling down.

[Getting on a high horse! You know this is all thanks to me, right?]

It was because of Kinis’ sharp nagging.
To Roan, silence wasn’t silence.
But today, Kinis’ nagging and whining was truly nice to hear.

‘I should now slowly move.’

The blood within his body hotly boiled up.


Plip. Plopplopplopplopplop.

The raindrops that had been falling in one and two drops soon became a thick stream of rain.
A sweet spring rain that wetted the arid land.
But Kali’s expression, who was staring at the spring rain, was frozen stiffly.

‘Is the heaven truly throwing me away?’

The young commander that blabbered as if to spoil the things in the last military meeting floated up in his head.


The teeth naturally grinded.

‘No. The heaven has not given me up!’

He didn’t want to believe so.
With a hand gesture, he beckoned Demis.

“Bring me the commander from before who flippantly spread his mouth.”
“Ah…… yes. Understood, sir.”

Demis instantly realized Kali’s intention.
Even without that, currently, ominous sounds saying sky was whatnot, god was whatnot was floating around between several commanders.
Soon, Demis dragged over the young commander who had carelessly opened his mouth.

“Sir Izy! Why are you suddenly doing this?”

As if he had been dragged there without even knowing why, a panicked expression was clear on the commander’s face.
Because of the rain that powerfully fell, it wasn’t even easy to open one’s eyes.


Kali stepped towards the bastard as he pulled out his sword.

‘It’s because of this bastard carelessly flapping his mouth.’

It absolutely wasn’t that the heaven had thrown him away.
He wished to believe so.
Because of that, he could only pull out his sword.

“Eh? Eh?! Si, Sir Owells! Wha, why are you doing…… Kkeurrg.”

The young commander waved his arms and flustered about.
But without even quite finishing the words he spat out, he goggled his eyes.
Kali’s sword cut his head.
With a sound of blood boiling, the head rolled on the ground.

“It’s the price of carelessly flapping your mouth.”

With his left foot, Kali kicked away the commander’s head.
The violent streaks of rain washed off the blood rubbed on the blade.


The nearby commanders gulped with nervous expressions.
Kali looked at them with a fierce light in his eyes and shouted.

“All of you, there is no need to panic! There is nothing that changes even if the rain comes! If we surround the forests and do an ambush attack, we can massacre the enemy army even with a smaller number! Even if the valley’s space is wide, they will inescapably be annihilated if they wish to escape that……”

When his words reached about that point.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

The sound of bell noisily rang.
Simultaneously, one lookout soldier ran towards him.

“I, it’s the flag signal! The enemy has marched! The enemy has entered into the Arslan Valley, sir!”

A resounding voice shook apart the camp’s inside.

“The Tale Legion has?!”
“You say Roan has marched?!”

The commanders shouted with surprised expressions.
For the bastards who hadn’t move despite the baiting operation that they had tirelessly attempted for two days to do an abrupt march.
Everyone’s gazes turned towards Kali.
Kali, with his eyes closed, breathed in deeply.


Only the sound of rain was violently heard.

“Sir Owells. The time is……”

Demis whispered with an urgent voice.
Kali finally opened his eyes and raised high the sword that had cut the young commander’s neck.

“All forces march! We will surround the forests, then corner the bastards!”

The order was given.

“March! Prepare to march!”
“We will surround the forests!”

The commanders shouted in loud voices and busily moved.
Instantly, the preparation for interception was finished.
Kali went up onto a warhorse and separately called a commander.

“Send the flag signal to Walter.”
“Yes. Understood, sir.”

The commander answered shortly, then ran towards a watchtower.
Kali watched that sight for a moment, then led his horse and headed towards the camp’s entrance.
Already, everyone had perfectly gotten the preparation to march.

“All forces march!”

Kali did not hesitate.
He spurred his horse and charged towards the Arsland Valley.

Dudududududu! Plopplopplopplopplop

The sound of horse hooves and raindrops noisily rang.
Although the streaks of rain hit their faces, not a single one faltered.
They pierced through the rain and charged.
Thanks to that, the Owells Forces were able to arrive at the forests before Roan, Tale Legion, and the Lancephil Legion broke out of the Arslan Valley.

“Blockade! Archer Troop ready!”
“Blockade! Archer Troop ready!”

The same orders spread out to the left and right.


The sounds of pulling the bowstrings noisily rang.
Soon, the sound of horse hooves were quietly heard.
It was definite that it was the Tale Legion and the Lancephil Legion.
Kali quickly raised his left hand high and gulped a dry spit.
The eyes were piercing through the streaks of rain and glaring at the dark inside of the forest.

Vvuuuu! Vvuuuuuu!

Together a sound of horn, a noisy sound was heard from the inside of the forest.


Kali, as if to say that he had been waiting, lowered his arm with a sonorous voice.
Soon, hundreds of arrows cut through the air and flew towards the inside of the forest.


Few were planted on the trees and few shook through the air.


Sound of screams were faintly heard.

Jing! Jing! Jing! Boom! Boom! Boom!

From inside the forest, sounds of gong and drum flowed out.

‘It’s done!’

Kali’s face flashed with ecstasy.
He certained that Roan and the soldiers of the bastard’s legion had fallen into chaos.

“Fire! Pour down the arrows!”

Kali continued to shout.
In truth, firing arrows towards a forest wasn’t quite a good tactic.
It was because the dense trees acted the role of shields.
But for now, it could plentily do the role of snapping the enemy army’s spirit and vanguard.

“Sir Owells!”
“Sir Owells!”

The commanders who were spread to the left and right called Kali as they raised their right hands.
It meant that the archer troop’s attack was nearing its end.
Kali, with his sword pulled out, took a step forwards.

“Cavalry troop and infantry troop, deploy!”

They couldn’t hesitate any longer.
If they snapped their spirit and vanguard, they had to corner the Tale Legion and the Lancephil Legion’s soldiers so that they couldn’t come out of the valley.

‘It’s enough even if it isn’t a fire attack.’

Because the valley’s entrance was small, they could plentily face the bastards even with a small number of soldiers.
Furthermore, they should not know of the existence of Owells Force’s main army.
In Roan’s position, it was the same as having taken an ambush and a raid attack.
It was obvious that they would fall into chaos and fluster.
Of course, this also was only Kali’s thought.

“Kill them!”
“Cut Roan’s neck!”

Together with a cheer, the Owells Forces’ soldiers charged into the forests.
On the trees and the ground, arrows were tightly planted.
Once they entered a bit further, shields and soldiers planted with arrows were spread around.
They were the Tale Legion’s soldiers and the small-scale shield, parma, that they favored.

“Serves you right!”

Delighted, the Owells Forces’ soldiers spat out spits or kicked.
Pulling up their spirits even more, they charged into the deep area of the forests.
Their looks were all of one anticipating a grand victory.
Amongst that, only Demis creased his brows at the strange mood.

‘Aren’t the corpses too few?’

It was an ambush attack.
However much the densely packed trees acted as shields, the number of soldiers who were done in by the arrow attacks were too few.
As if.

‘A look of having moved while preparing?’

A frightening feeling whirled around his entire body.
He led his horse to quickly report to Kali.


But soon he pulled his rein.

‘No, If I needlessly speak wrong again……’

He didn’t know whether he would become the same sight as the young commander whose head had flown off just before.
He needlessly rubbed his own neck and shook his head.
He had given up remonstrating.
Instead, Demis sent a secret order to his own troop to slow their charge, then subtly moved back to the rear.
It was in order to save at least his own life even if the feared situation happened.
Regrettably, there was no one who noticed Demis’ such action.
The Owells Forces including Kali would merely charge, and charge again.
And finally.

“It’s the enemy army!”
“It’s the enemy army!”

The same words with each holding different meaning echoed through the forests.
The Owells Forces that had been charging, the Tale Legion, and the Lancephil Legion had finally met.

“Kill them!”
“Corner them!”

Kali shouted at the top of his lungs and swung his sword.

‘As expected, the number of soldiers isn’t a lot!’

It was likely because of the Arslan Valley’s entrance.
He turned his head this way and that and searched for Roan.
Soon, Kali’s gaze followed towards the inside of the forest.

‘Roan. So you were there.’


His teeth naturally gritted.
The burning gaze continued to the other size.

“Huu. The hostility is incredible.”

A composed voice.
Through the Kalian’s Tears, Roan was staring straight at Kali’s eyes that were glaring at him.
If possible, he wanted to immediately rush over and have a decisive duel, but now wasn’t the time to do so.
For the complete victory, there was a need to pull the enemy army until a place a bit more deeper.

“We will fight adequately then retreat.”
“Yes. Understood, sir.”

Bernard, Andre, and the others answered shortly, then spread out in every direction.
There no longer were doubts left on their faces.
It was because they had heard the entirety of this decisive battle from Roan right before charging into the Arslan Valley.
Roan looked at the scattering commanders and breathed in deeply.

‘Kali Owells.’

A faint smile hung on his mouth.

‘You are already snared in a trap. And……’

A cold light flowed around his eyes.

‘On the trap you bastard has set at that.’

The biggest battle after this fief war had began.
It was the beginning of the decisive battle that would later be called the Arslan battle.

< The Decisive Battle (5) > End.

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