I Am the Monarch – Chapter 179 : The Decisive Battle (6)

A battle within a rain.
A bloody fight in a middle of rain.
Within the rain that violently fell, screams and shouts became disjointed.


Chang! Chajang! Chang!

Following that, sound of metal hit the ears.
A struggle in order to kill each other.
Eyes filled with madness licked each other’s body.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Sound of a bell noisily rang.
The commanders of the Tale Legion and the Lancephli Legion, who were encouraging the soldiers and fighting at the front, pulled back their reins.

“Damn it! We are moving back and reorganizing the formation!”

Voices that truly seemed to be urgent.
Tale Legion and the Lancephil Legion’s soldiers moved without a single disorder.
They, seeing the sound of gong, orders, and repeating hand signals, quickly moved back.

“The enemy are running away!”
“Chase them! Catch Roan!”

The Owells Forces were seized by madness.
They obstinately chased the backs of the Tale legion and the Lancephil Legion that were retreating.
At that moment, Roan, who was watching the situation, kicked his horse while slantly holding his spear.


A thunder-like voice pierced through the rain and rang.

“Yes sir!”

Together with sonorous voices, each troop’s Taemusas, who were each scattered and moving, swarmed up.
Crimson armor.
A crimson wave stormed.
The sight of them going against the retreating ally soldiers and charging.
That almost brought to mind the salmons going against a violent stream.

‘Kinis. The entire world is completely full of water energy.’

The streaks of rain violently fell.
Kinis fully inhaled and made a bright smile.

[My entire body is overflowing with energy!]

At those words, Roan, not through the Flamdor Mana Technique but the Tale Mana Technique, pulled up the water energy inside his body.

‘That overflowing energy, pour it out to your heart’s content for today.’

A short and clear answer.
As if to flap wings, Kinis shook her shoulders and headed towards the Owells Forces.
Her hands dizzily moved.
Suddenly, clumps of water the size of a child’s head flew towards the soldiers.

“Wha, what the!”
“What is this?”

Owells Forces’ soldiers, looking at the clumps of water that suddenly appeared, creased their foreheads.
Amongst them, few raised their swords and tried to cut apart the clumps of water.
But soon, they realized how dumb and foolish thought it was.

Pubuk! Pububuk!

The power that was carried in the water clumps was enormous.
That wasn’t merely a clump of water.
To be precise, it was alike the aque ball amongst the attack magics.

[Hmph! You brats think you can stop this?]

Kinis flew around and over the soldiers’ heads and kept firing out the clumps of water.


Each time, the Owells Forces’ soldiers were knocked out in ones and twos.
Of course, the water energy inside Roan’s body too went out bit by bit.
But because everywhere was so full of water energy, it didn’t become a large stress.

“Spread out!”

A new order.
Following Roan’s shout, the Taemusas extended longly and blocked the Owells Forces.

“You insane bastards!”
“Are you saying you’ll stop us with merely that that much of a number!”

Even the rearguards had its own standards.
The Owells Forces’ knights snorted as they stepped forwards.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

With metallic sounds, the two side’s elite soldiers collided.
Although the Owells Forces’ knights were more excellent when looking only at individuals’ strengths, Roan’s Taemusas had group battle ability that was peerless.
Furthermore, their number too was greater than the Owells Forces’ knights.
And most of all.


With a sound of explosion, the Owells Forces’ soldiers were flung away.
To the Taemusas, a fearsome god of war existed.


The Owells Force’s soldiers, with sound of blood boiling, dropped their heads.
All alike one, their arms and legs were cut off or their chests were longly cut.


Above that, a stream of water thicker than the streaks of rain fell down.
A single warhorse moved its steps between the corpses strewn about.

Splash. Splash.

Each time, rainwater and blood splashed up following the horse hooves.


Following the long spear, a stream of water extended like a spearhead.
The one sitting on the warhorse and looking down on the battlefield was Roan.
He, with the Travias Spear, pointed at the Owells Forces’ knights.
Unlike the usual, and rather than a flame, a stream of water soared on the spearhead.
Not only that, a stream of water about two fingers thick whirled as if to protect Roan’s body.
A sight as if droopingly wearing a long ribbon made of water.

“N, not a crimson ghost but……”
“A blue ghost?”

Few knights murmured with dazed expressions.
At that moment, Roan’s spear cut through the space.
Following the trajectory, the stream of water and rain swerved and shook.


The stream of water that was coating the spearhead flew out long in a shape of a crescent.

“Block it!”

Two knights extended their swords forwards.
But like a flowing river, the stream of water softly brushed and passed their swords.


They tried to dodge a moment later, but it was already too late.


With a horrifying sound, the two knight’s heads fell onto the ground.

“No way……”
“He’s that strong?”

The Owells Forces’ knights and soldiers who had for the first time personally seen Roan’s might became dazed.
On the other hand, the Taemusas paid no mind and devoted to their own mission.

Ssskuk! Sssguk! Chaack!

Roaming through between the enemies, they tirelessly swung their weapons.
Word for word, it seemed like a crimson wave rolling.

“They’re monsters. Monsters.”

The Owells Forces felt a fear as if blood rising up until below their chins.
Definitely until just now, their spirits were high as to pierce the sky and the state of the battle was still more advantageous to them.
In numbers or formation, there was no reason for them to falter.
Only one thing.
Roan’s existence made their feet slow.
At that moment.


From the sunken Owells Forces’ formation, a thunderous roar exploded out.


The man piercing and rushing through the violent rain.
He was the ringleader of this fief war and the traitor of the era, Kali Owells.
Kicking the horse’s stomach, he widely swung a brilliant longsword.


A spark flew from the powerful strike.

‘He is certainly different.’

At the powerful strength felt throughout his entire palm, Roan made a bitter smile.
Kali was different than the other knights.
He knew how to properly use mana and his physical abilities were also outstanding.

“Si, Sir Viscount is fighting!”
“He’s pushing away that ghost!”

Beyond ambition and black heart, Kali himself was definitely an outstanding warrior.
When he stepped forwards, the Owells Forces’ spirit that was snapped a degree revived once again.
As the ones who were at an advantage in numbers reorganized their formations and went on to counterattack, the Taemusas began to be slowly pushed back.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

Even while exchanging attacks with Kali, Roan did not miss the situation of the war that was flowing.

‘It’s until this point.’

Any further battle was meaningless.
The retreating main army had also escaped the forest and had entered the Arslan Valley.


Roan lightly parried away Kali’s sword and then formed a faint smile.
Kali thought that was mocking him.

“I will absolutely cut you bastard’s neck today.”

He pulled the mana inside his body and violently shook his sword.
Roan lightly bent his body and dodged the attack.


A fierce sound of cutting through the air hit the ears.

“For cutting my neck……”

Roan quickly twisted his wrist and thrusted his spear.
Following the spearhead, a stream of water shot out.


Kali quickly swung his sword roundly and blocked Roan’s attack.
At that moment, Roan’s voice fierced through his ears.

“That is an unsightly skill.”

Kali’s expression twisted.
When he deflected away the stream of water and looked, Roan’s sight wasn’t seen.
No, far away, the sight of his back running towards the Arslan Valley was seen.

“Are you running away!”

Kali shouted with a brightly flushed face.
Roan lightly looked back and answered in a soft voice.

“I do not harass the weak.”

At that moment.

[I can fight more! I’m overflowing with power!]

Kinis’ grumble-mixed voice was heard.
Roan diligently ignored her and, with a resounding voice, gave a new order.


Finally, the retreat order was given.
The Taemusas, who even without that were slowly being pushed back, sprinted towards the valley as if they had been waiting.
The role of the rearguard was already perfectly executed.
On the faces with tired looks clear, satisfied smiles were hung.


Watching the sight of Roan and the Taemusas getting further away, Kali grinded his teeth.

‘Hmph! To dare show your back in front of me!”

He quickly raised his sword up high.

“Chase them! Pack the bastards into the valley’s inside!”

The instant the order had fell, the entire Owells Forces charged towards the Arslan Valley.


Sound ringing the ground.
Although they had missed Roan and the Taemusas, undisguisable ecstasy floated up on Kali and the commanders’ faces.

‘Roan. He probably thinks that he has safely escaped, right?’
‘Kukuku. Idiotic things. In front of there, Sir Walter is waiting in ambush!’
‘We’ll drum you mindless from the front and back!’

They thoroughly trusted Walter Owells.
Thousands of Owells Forces quickly passed through the Arslan Valley and entered the forests spread out outside the eastern entrance.
As they had expected, the forests were extremely noisy.

“Save me!”

Sound of screams were noisy from everywhere.
Not only that.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

Together with metallic sound.

Pubuk! Pububuk!

Sound of arrows being planted.

Vvuuuu! Deng! Deng! Deng!

Sounds of horn and bell and so on all noisily rang.

“It’s done! Walter has properly done it for us!”

Kali shouted with a voice elated to utmost.

“Attack! Attack! Join up and annihilate the enemy forces!”
“Attack! Attack!”

The Owells Forces’ commanders pulled out their weapons and entered into the forests.
Inside the forests, the Tale Legion and the Lancephil Legion that were busily moving were seen.
Their expressions were extremely panicked.
Looking at that sight, Kali formed a frightening smile.

‘Walter. Splendid. Truly splendid.’

For the first time, his son Walter fitted right in his heart.
Thanks to his son, he had came to be able to catch Roan who was like a needle in his eye.
His chest floated up with pride.
At that moment beyond the streaks of rain, from a deep place in the forest, a troop that highly raised Owells Forces’ flag showed up.
It would definitely be Walter’s troop.
Without even knowing himself, Kali raised his sword up high.
But soon, he ended up creasing his brows.

‘What is that?’

At the place his gaze headed.
The left forearm of the breastplate that Owells House’s crest was engraved.

‘Why have you tied a blue cloth?’

An expression that said that he simply couldn’t understand.
The chest that had floated up with pride coldly sank down.
An unintelligible anxiety wrapped around his entire body.


Kali’s throat roughly moved.
Even though the rain was still violently falling, his lips tightly dried out.


“Sir Owells. Is this direction really right, sir?”
Owells Forces’ troop commander Roberi tilted his head.
He couldn’t understand the marching direction.
At that moment, the young man who was going ahead pulled his rein and looked back at Roberi

“Roberi. You truly have a lot of suspicion.”
“Eh? N, no it’s not that, but……”

At the young man’s censure, Roberi waves his hands as if flustered.
The young man coldly smiled and added on.

“I have received my father, Viscount Kali Owell’s order and have merely came to the Arslan Valley’s west.”

The young man, he was in fact Walter Owells.
Currently, he was leading the Owells Forces that were left on the northeastern frontline, now the Walter Troop, and was moving towards the Arslan Valley’s western forests.
Roberi awkwardly smiled and lowered his head.

“I’m sorry if I had offended you, sir. I merely wondered, considering various things, that wouldn’t the Arslan Valley’s eastern forests than the western forest would be more proper……”
“We will merely follow the order.”

Walter, with a firm tone, shook his head.
Roberi once again lowered his head.

“Yes. That is right, sir. Since the superior’s orders are absolute. Especially if it’s a state when we’re facing a decisive battle like this before us, we need to follow much……”
“If you know so well, then do not do any more disrespectful acts.”

Walter once again spoke flat, then spurred his horse.
The Arslan Valley was in fact right in front of their noses.

‘Roberi. You are quite proficient.’

He brushed down his shocked heart.
Like Roberi’s words, Kali’s original order was to hide in ambush at Arslan Valley’s eastern forests.
The most important of important duties.

‘It means that he trusts me that much.’

Until now, he had countlessly stacked big and small military achievements in order to earn Kali’s trust.
Thanks to that, he had received an important mission in the battle large enough to decide the state of this fief war.

‘Everything is all according to Sir Count Roan Lancephil and my will.’

Finally, the golden opportunity to completely annihilate the Owells Forces had came.
Walter ignored Kali’s order and headed towards the Arslan Valley’s west following Roan’s will.

‘This blue cloth.’

He looked down at the blue cloth he had wrapped on his left arm and made a faint smile.
It wasn’t only Walter who had wrapped a blue cloth.
The entire Walter troop including Walter, without a single one missing, was wearing the blue cloth.

‘To think he didn’t miss even the small part like this……’

He newly awed and awed again at Roan’s ability.
At that moment.


From the edge of his ear, a very small and weak sound of yelling was heard.

“Sir Owells!”

Roberi approached with an urgent expression.
Walter quickly nodded his head.

“However I think of it, it seems that the battle had already been created. We will have to run over immediately and help our allies.”
“Yes, sir. Understood. I will have all troop get ready for battle.”

Roberi immediately nodded his head, then tried to step back.
At that moment, Walter waved his hand and pointed at the left arm’s blue cloth.

“I’ll say it again, but the ones wearing this blue cloth are allies.”
“I know, sir. You said that fox-like bastard Roan may use again the remnant soldier disguise trick used to annihilate the Hadding Legion before, yes sir? I have clearly told every soldier, sir.”

A confident voice.
Walter lightly nodded his head.
With a short sigh, he stared at the Arslan Valley.

‘Make the enemies and the enemies fight each other.’

To Walter, who still didn’t have his own whole faction, it was a helpless choice.
And this too was a scheme that Roan had proposed.
Abruptly, Walter became curious.

‘Sir Count Lancephil hadn’t possibly seen through all the way here and used the remnant soldier disguise trick to annihilate the Hadding Legion, right?’

He couldn’t know.
But because that trick was there, even at Walter’s current order to wear a blue cloth, the commanders including Roberi and the soldiers did not held any doubt.
Walter’s eyes heavily sank.


Kali’s face floated up in front of his eyes.

‘If we were like normal father and son, what kind of decision would I have made?’

There wasn’t even anyone to ask, nor was there anyone to answer either.
Walter tightly clenched his teeth and spurred his horse.
The streaks of rain hit his face.
Following his cheek, something that couldn’t be tell whether it was tears or rain sorrowfully rolled down.

< The Decisive Battle (6) > End.

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