I Am the Monarch – Chapter 18 : The Ghost of the Battlefield (4)

‘The weather is fucking good.’

A veteran, 35 year old Tarem looked at the blue sky while lying flat on the ground.

‘Damn. To have suffered a complete defeat from those humans.’

He touched his hard chin and frowned.
A long and terrible blade scar below his chin.

‘If the blade had stabbed in at least one centimeter deeper, I would have died, alas all I have as a memory is this scar.’


He grits his teeth.

‘Bastards from the Byron Kingdom…….’

His four canine teeth shine acutely.

‘I will certainly take my revenge, laying my honor of being an Orc Warrior on the line.’

The orc warrior Tarem, who came from Crack territories located within the south of Byron Kingdom. Forced into an absolute defeat at the battle against Byron Kingdom last winter. And because of that, he and his fellow clansmen could only flee to the south. When he thought that all was lost, he met that orc.

‘High Chieftain of the Orc Alliances, north of Rinse Kingdom: Rak.’

Rak gathered the monster tribes, and the orc clans which were spread throughout the northern parts of Rinse Kingdom, and was preparing to raid Pedian’s plain. The validity of the monsters and the orcs uniting to attack Pedian’s plain, especially the northern parts of Rinse Kingdom; was something even Tarem heard about. Rak had vowed to assist the outstanding warrior Tarem.

<‘If you attack Pedian’s Plain together with me, I will assist with attaining your vengeance on those bastards from Byron Kingdom.’>

A tempting proposal.
Tarem had grasped Rak’s hand without any further hesitation.
After receiving his orders he rushed towards the southern parts of Pedian’s Plain, leading his clansmen along with the additional forces Rak had loaned him.

‘We raid the human villages in Pedian’s Plain, secure food and weapons.’

When they’ve acquired an ample amount, they will then return to their ancestral territories, and exact vengeance on those humans from Byron Kingdom.
This was Tarem’s goal.
When his burning thoughts of vengeance towards Byron Kingdom simmered.


He heard a strange sound.


The sound of something sharp splitting through the sky.
Tarem raised his head while still lying on the ground.


At that precise moment, his eyes widen in disbelief as if it were about to pop out.
The black arrows covered the blue sky.


Tarem grabbed his shield covering his body while he crouched behind it.

“It’s the enemy! The enemy is here!”

A voice roared.

Sounds of abrupt rousing was heard everywhere.
However, the actions of these creatures who just woke up from their dreams were sluggish.

Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!

The rain of arrows drenches the ground.


Moribund sounds rolled across the plains.
The rain of arrows continued once more.
And after that, a trembling sound as the ground shook.


As he glanced his head over his shield, he glimpsed the incoming charge of cavalrymen before the dust cloud.

“Prepare for battle! Prepare for battle!”

He yelled with all of his strength, but the orcs and monsters couldn’t think straight.

‘Damn! For us to suffer from a surprise attack instead!’

Tarem clenched his teeth, and unsheathed his well-polished war sword.

“Bring it! You filthy humans! I will show you the true strength of an Orc Warrior!”

A strong bellow shakes the battlefield.

Hit hit hit hit!

The cavalrymen charge through while furiously trampling the monsters.


Tarem slashed his war sword towards a cavalryman who was passing next to him.


His sword slices through the horses head, cleaving it into two parts.


The cavalryman whose fierce charge through was really well executed, tumbled to the ground.
Tarem leapt through the scattered dust cloud, charging towards the dazed cavalryman on the ground.


The tip of his war sword slashes down through the air.


The cavalryman couldn’t even evade it and just closed his eyes firmly.
Then, a spear appeared – passing through the dust.


A clear sound of jarred metal against metal.
The war sword bounces off; after it is deflected by a spear.


Tarem clenched his teeth, and turned his head towards the owner of that spear.
A childish face and a mildly short physique.
At least, for Tarem, he seemed to be but only a novice.

“A fucking child dares to interfere!”

Tarem spun his war sword and slashed it down fiercely.
At that moment, the spear which was placed firmly bends like a stream of water and pivots horizontally.


Tarem astonished, gulped air at the unexpected movements while quickly raising his shield to block.


The spear collides with the shield, and a heavy throbbing noise is heard.
The spear which bounced off the shield spins and diverts to Tarem’s back.


Tarem crouched down to evade the spear.
However, the movements of the spear still continued to flow like a stream of water.

‘His face is that of a young novice, but his skills are truly that of a veteran!’

Tarem hurriedly took a breath of air, and then charged through.

‘I just have to get inside his range. Then you’re mine, boy!’

The spear is long.
And because of that, it is effective in mid to long range weapon combat, but it was difficult to use it in close range.


The spear slides through after slicing Tarem’s wrist.


He felt a sharp pain, but he clenched his teeth determined to endure it.

‘I just have to close the distance!’

A bold charge.
Because of that, he could close the distance to what he needed.
No, it was even closer to what he wanted.
And this was because the novice was also charging forward towards him.


The human who suddenly appeared in front of him.
Tarem became perplexed at the distance, which made it even harder to swing his war sword.
At that time, a sharp tingling feeling was felt within his chest.
He slightly glanced down to look at his left chest.
Embedded there was a short sword the size of his palm; stabbed through to the hilt.

“Fu, fuck. Impossible.”

Curses coughed out.
Tarem raised his head in disbelief and looked into the eyes of that novice spearman.
That young novice smiled brightly and then turned his short sword twisting it.


The sound of his rib bones grinding as his heart was torn to pieces.


A bellow escapes out from Tarem’s mouth.


The novice spearman kicks Tarem’s abdomen with his right leg.
And the short sword which was stabbed in his chest slides out as blood splatters out.


Tarem who fell to the ground.
Light disappears from his eyes, and the clear blue sky slowly fades darker.

‘Am I going to die?’

Then, a sharp spear flies through his eyes.


The curse he couldn’t spit out, rolls in his mouth.


The spear pierced Tarem’s face accurately.
The owner of that spear, the novice spearman mumbled with casually.

“To call me a fucking novice. To a person whose roamed the battlefields for 20 years.”

Novice spearman.
This was no other than Roan.

‘We are winning a one sided battle.’

The flow of the battlefield favoured the side of the subjugation forces.
The army of five thousand monsters, which was composed of orcs and goblins, still couldn’t regroup themselves to mount a proper defensive formation.”

‘I can’t relax back here.’

Just because it was a one sided affair, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t accumulate merits.
He also had to show something which would stand above the others.

‘On top of that, this isn’t all of their army.’


Roan gripped his spear and charged through.


He charged through the chaotic battlefield.


The spear pierces through the air, weaving and dancing.
The spear stabs or slashes the monsters without stopping.
Attacking and defending.
The beauty of spearmanship which allows you do both of those things at the same time.
Roan was fighting without rest in order for his spear skills to improve naturally.

Slash! Stab! Spat!


The blade of the spear slices, while the tip of the spear pierces.
For those opponents who were closing in, he punched them or kicked them, creating some much needed distance, he then pierced their necks with his spear.

“Wow. Look at that guy.”
“Isn’t he a greenhorn from the 13th?”
“What kind of spearmanship is like that for a newcomer bastard?”

The soldiers who slashed down their orcs counterparts, and were now taking some much needed breathers – looked at Roan while muttering. Spearmanship that’s consists of concise movements, and flows from one point to another without end. It was hard to expect that it was spearmanship from a new enlisted soldier, who barely just finished his recruitment training.

“Isn’t he better than our Squad Commander?”
“Last time, I saw the skills from Squad Commander of 5th Squad, and I think that it resembles something just like his.”
“Wow! Did you see it? He hit the chin of a monster who was charging in with the butt of his spear, and afterwards while spinning, he then smashes its head!”
“I saw it. I saw it. Those skills aren’t something that a mere greenhorn should be able to do.”

The soldiers talked.
And that was the same for the soldiers from the 13th Squad.
A proud expression appears on their faces.

‘A lucky bastard entered our 13th Squad.’
‘Kukuku. Look at how dumbfounded those guys from the other squads are.’
‘The guy who shows himself the most in this battlefield is Roan.’

But of course, there was also Pierce who was confronting the orcs with quite a good show of skills, but that guy gave the impression of someone training rather than doing battle.
An excessively clean feeling.

‘If you don’t kill them like Roan, it means that you don’t have much motivation.’

Squad Commander Tane smacked his lips as if it were a regretful sentiment.
But actually, that was because these kinds of orcs were really easy opponents for Pierce, but there was no one who knew about this fact.
No, there was just one person who knew it: Roan.

‘He seems to have come on an excursion.’

Roan looked at Pierce who was massacring the orcs in a relaxed manner, and mumbled.

‘These kinds of orcs should be really easy opponents for you.’

He breathed in a breath after easily disposing of two goblins who were charging at him.

‘But where is Glenn?’

Roan frowned.
Because he couldn’t see Glenn among the 13th Squad members.
Roan, who was searching for Glenn within that battlefield, frowned.
That guy seemed to have been swept away to the front lines, when the cavalrymen and the infantry charged through.

‘Damn! Not there!’

Roan bit his lower lip and kicked the ground sprinting.
Tane, who looked at Roan leaving the ranks, shouted to him.

“Roan! Where are you going!”

Roan replied without even looking back.

“I’m going to rescue Glenn!”

< The Ghost of the Battlefield (4) > End

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