I Am the Monarch – Chapter 183 : Tie (3)

T/N: Sorry about the delay. Well then, without further ado, here is what are essentially the last two chatpers of the Fief War arc. For those who were saving up, the entire Fief War arc is essentially ch. 153 Poskein Subjugation (1) to Ch. 184 Tie (4).

There was neither schemes nor tricks.
It was a contest of strength against strength.
With the wide hills as the stage, the crimson legion and the Chase Legion unfolded a grand battle.

“Left wing advance!”
“Kavets Troop to the front! Efron Troop to the left!”
“Don’t get pushed back! Taemusas, charge!”

Pressing orders followed continuously.
Through hand signals and flag signals, and with sounds of gong, drums, and bells on top of them, complicated orders were rapidly passed.


The cavalries rapidly circled the left and right wings and the infantry troops that had Taemusas at the lead rammed the main body of the enemy legion from the front.

“Damn it! Stop them! Don’t get pushed back!”
“Kill them! I said kill them!”

The Chase Legion’s commanders screamed like hell and spurred the soldiers.
But the Chase Legion, whose spirits had fallen as far as it could due to internal discord, couldn’t become the crimson legion’s match.


With hollow sounds, the Chase Legion’s soldiers hopelessly fell down.
Within that maelstrom, there was an individual leading a hundred or so soldiers and sweeping the battlefield.
A crimson flame soared along the spearhead.
The very young man who was cutting the enemy soldiers’ necks with flawless spearmanship and exceptional horsemanship was Roan.
Leading his direct troop, the Amaranth, he was personally driving the enemy soldiers into a corner.
From a perspective, it was a rather reckless action.
Roan was one of the fief war’s directly-related people and the legion’s chief commander.
If he were to perhaps get hit by a blind sword and become killed or injured, the fief war would end as Count Jonathan Chase’s victory.
Baron Bernard Landingham and the numerous commanders who knew of such truth tried to stop Roan from personally entering the battle, but it did not go as they wished.

< I am not a man who give orders to the soldiers but one who leads the soldiers. >

They were Roan’s words.
Roan charged unstoppably towards the center of the enemy’s main army.
The Tale Legion and the Lancephil legion, watching Roan’s charge, fiercely blazed up.

“Follow the lord’s back!”
“Let us follow the lord’s back!”

The morales, which were already great, ferociously soared as if to pierce the sky.
Truly becoming one giant ball of fire, they swept the battlefield.
On the other hand.

“Uuuuh. Whe, where’s our lord?”
“Whe, where’s Sir Count Chase?”
“Where’s Sir Viscount Owells?”

Jonathan Chase, instead of being at the frontline, had moved back to the rear where it was safe.
Kali Owells’ situation was much worse.
Taking responsibility of the grand defeat before in the Arslan Battle, he had his troop’s command deprived.
The Owells Forces’ surviving soldiers were also the same.
While pushed to the rear, they were simply sucking on their fingers.
Thanks to that, the morales and spirits of the Chase Legion’s soldiers had fallen to the very bottom.


Together with a sound of explosion, the Chase Legion’s soldiers were blown away.
The sight of his head and body were that of flames flying off.
Using the Flamdor Mana Technique, Roan unsparingly pulled up the heat.
If the heat showed its bottom, he could simply use the water energy.
Truly an unrestrained, unstoppable charge continued.


Each time the Travias Spear moved, two or three soldiers lost their heads and fell.
That was also the same for the Chase Legion’s knights.
Even the knights, because their spirits had been broken as much as possible, couldn’t show off their complete skills.
Roan lightly took on two knights and swung his spear.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

Together with metallic sounds, attacks and defenses went back and forth.
At that instant, the members of the Amaranth Troop lunged from the two sides.


With ghastly sounds, spearheads pierced their chests.
The Amaranth, which was Roan’s direct troop, was the strongest troop whose soldiers were mostly Taemusas.
They, each raising their weapons, pressured the enemy army with superb strength.
Since the grand battle had begun, a one-sided battle continued to unfold.

“Sir Count Chase.”

Kali, who was watching the situation, tightly bit his lips.
Looking straight at Jonathan’s side, he shouted with a voice mixed with pent-up anger.

“Please permit our charge!”

He simply couldn’t endure.
The bastard who dropped him into hell was in front of his eyes.

“I will cut off and return with Roan’s head, sir!”

Voice full of killing intent.
A bold pressure spouted out.
Jonathan did not easily answered and glared at the battlefield.

‘It’s not easy.’

Although he didn’t wish to admit it, but the battle situation was definitely disadvantageous.
No, it wasn’t only the battle situation that was disadvantageous.

‘If I were to lose this battle, I will end up losing the Lancephil Fief’s western regions.’

Currently, Jonathan was occupying a half of the Lancephil Fief, the western regions.
But in the case he were to lose this grand battle, the possibility of losing his influence on the western regions was high.

‘Even though I haven’t retreated and stood to fight because of that……’

Even while knowing that the legion’s morales and spirits were a mess, he could only fight.
The moment he retreated, the victory of the fief war would had completely gone over to Roan.

‘I thought it would take quite a while until he found our camp, but……’

Within that while, he was planning to reorganize the legion and go out on a counterattack.
But as if he had grasped the camp’s location from the start, no, as if he had been watching everything, Roan showed up when the legion was most hectic.

‘Is it thanks to the druids? Or the intelligence groups?’

Jonathan repeated to ask himself, then soon shook his head.
The important thing now wasn’t that.

‘Damn it.’

But even so, getting angry and having his pride hurt couldn’t be helped.
Since just where had it gone wrong?

‘When a commoner spearman made Benjamin Doyle slip, I should have disposed of him.’

If it was at that time, he could have snapped his neck with a single finger.

‘At that moment, if Io Lancephil, that old bastard hadn’t caused a mess……’

Come to think of it, the one who had placed interference so that he couldn’t move his hand was Io Lancephil.
Bad fate truly was a bad fate.

‘I can’t step back like this.’

Even if he were to step back at the necessary time, there was a need to deplete Roan’s strength.
Jonathan spat out a short breath and looked at Kali.

“Are you confident?”

At the lightly asked words, Kali nodded his head.

“I’m confident, sir.”

Even if he did not, he had to.
Kali’s heart was feeling impatient.
It was a problem if his allies won, and it was also a problem if they lost.

‘If we lose, everything will end. But even so, if Count Chase defeats Roan without my help……’

He would become a useless card.
Being thrown away was obvious.
In any way possible, he had to cut in into the battle and raise a big achievement.
Jonathan was staring into Kali’s such heart.

“Lead your soldiers and charge. It would be nice if you brought me the victory.”

The feeling of truly wishing so was revealed through his eyes.
Kali lightly made a salute.

“I will most certainly do so, sir.”

I quickly got on his warhorse and raised up his sword high.


A command shouted at the very top of his throat.
As if they had been waiting, the Owells Forces’ soldiers roared at the top of their lungs.


It was a shout pouring out the stifling feelings.


With Kali at the head, the Owells Forces began their charge.
Although their number wasn’t quite a thousand, their spirits at least were great.
It was that the rage that had piled up until now had turned into morales.


Together with a blast, the crimson legion and the Owells Forces clashed.


Ssskuk! Sssguk!

Swords and spears pierced each other’s chests.
The necks were slashed and the arms and legs were cut off.
It was a gruesome sight.
Kali fiercely dashed through that scene.
The goal was Roan.
Within his sight, there was only Roan.


A thunderous roar shook the battlefield.
Roan, who had cut down a knight, turned his head and looked at Kali.

“Coward bastard, only your voice is big.”

With a cold smile, Roan kicked his horse.
Roan and Kali.
Pouring out ferocious spirits, the two charged towards each other.
And finally.


With a sound of metal, the decisive fight began.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

The spear and the sword clashed and sparks flew.
A fierce exchange of attacks and blocks continued to follow.

“You brat!”

Kali swung his sword with a roar.
The path of the sword was complex yet also dizzying.
A situation where a wrist could fly off with a slightest inattention.

‘I will absolutely kill you bastard at the very least!’

Currently, Kali was in a state completely unburdened from things such as power nor ambition.
He focused his entire sense on Roan in front of his eyes.
The look of the swordsman Kali, who was once praised by Io as the greatest talent, was being revealed.


As the spear and the sword clashed, a sound of explosion instead of metal blasted out.


At the heavy strength felt through his palms, Roan clenched his teeth.

‘Is this his original strength.’

It definitely was great.
However, Kali had met a wrong opponent.
Although Roan’s original strength too was great, there were the Kalian’s Tears together with the Brent’s Ring.


As he flowed mana into the Kalian’s Tears, the entire world became colored with a golden light.
Simultaneously, the flow of mana that twitched and moved inside Kali’s body was transparently seen almost as if he could grab them.

‘So he was using the mana in that way.’

Roan inwardly smiled and breathed in deeply.
The heat within his body rode his palms and flowed into the Travias Spear.

‘Left, right, center, up, middle.’

Using the Kalian’s Tears, Roan precisely grasped Kali’s flow of attack.

Spat. Pabat. Pat.

The fierce metallic sound disappeared and the sound of the air splitting filled its space.

“Lo, look at that!”

The nearby soldiers pointed at Roan and Kali and shouted in awe.
Kali’s brilliant swordplay that stormed without a pause.
Although that too was great, the even greater thing was in fact Roan.
With a much too relaxed expression, Roan was dodging all of Kali’s strikes.
And that was without moving the warhorse and only by moving his waist and neck at that.

“Damn it!”

Kali spat out a curse.

More than twenty strikes consecutively cut and stabbed the empty air.
The wrist, elbow, and the shoulder numbly throbbed.

‘Was this bastard’s skills this much?’

His inside seethingly boiled.
Although it seemed that he could cut his neck even immediately, the reality was a succession of empty swings.
At that moment.


Kali’s eyes flashed and shone with light.
The place his gaze reached was Roan’s left side.
Towards that side, one Owells Forces’ knight was approaching.

‘The bastard is absent from dodging my attacks. Quietly approach and just stab the bastard’s side!’

It wasn’t a situation to argue of being cowardly or not.
In the battlefield, winning was the most important, and surviving was second most important.
Finally, the Owells Forces’ knight reached near.


Together with a cold shout, he stabbed forwards with the longsword.


The Tale Legion and the Lancephil Legion’s soldiers shouted with shocked expressions.
From anyone’s eyes, it was a fatal moment.
But Roan’s expression was in fact greatly relaxed.


Roan, who seemed to be only staring at Kali and only focusing on dodging Kali’s strikes, lightly twisted his waist and narrowly dodged the longsword of the Owells Forces’ knight.
Not only that, he directly kicked up his knee and bounced off the sword.


At the instant the knight who lost his sword looked at the sky with a dumbfound face.
Kali’s strike, which had been fiercely pressuring Roan, explosively struck the longsword that had bounced up.


A heavy metallic sound rang out.
The longsword directly snapped its direction and instead flew towards the Owells Forces’ knight.


The knight, without even having quite dodged, merely blinked his eyes.


With a horrifying sound, the long blade pierced the knight’s face.

“Just how……”
“How unlucky.”

The soldiers who had been watching exclaimed.
They thought that the series of situations was something that had happened coincidentally.
However, this was all a situation that Roan had created.
After having grasped the path of Kali’s strike in the very brief instant, he had bounced the longsword of the Owells Forces’ knight.

“Damn it!”

Kali spat out a curse with a completely twisted expression.
Roan coldly smiled and pointed at Kali with the tip of the spear.

“I should soon end this.”
“You, you son of a……”

Kali stuttered at his outrage.
Paying no mind, Roan lowered his body and swung the Travias spear.


The spear extended in an instant.
The edge of the spear cut the bridge of Kali’s nose.


Kali quickly bent his neck and swung his sword.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

The metallic sounds rang out again.
The Travias Spear repeated to lengthen, shorten, thicken, and become thin and agitated Kali’s eyes.


Finally, the spear’s edge slashed Kali’s shoulder in a long line and passed by.


Kali clenched his teeth and moved back.
But Roan wasn’t one to quietly watch this.

“Are you thinking of running away again?”

Spurring his horse, Roan stuck to Kali’s left side.
With a pressed expression, Kali swung his sword.


Roan lightly blocked it with his spear and then stared straight at Kali’s eyes.

‘Did you think I would dodge!’

The last remaining pride.
Kali too stared straight at Roan’s eyes.
At that instant.


Roan’s lips lightly moved.
Simultaneously, two balls of light about the size of a fingernail appeared in front of, no, right in front of Kali’s eyes.


At the incredible pain that felt like his eyes would burn up, Kali instinctively ended up closing his eyes.
The sword that was pushing off the spear greatly shook.
Roan didn’t miss that instant.


The spear danced a long line and split the air.
And finally.


The spearhead pierced Kali’s abdomen.


Swallowing empty air, Kali glared his eyes.
Simultaneously, he dragged his mana together and hardened his abdomen.
But that was a temporary measure.
His life would be cut off the instant Roan twisted and pulled the spear.

“Do, do you…… think, to a lowly bastard like, I’ll…… kuuk.”

Extending his sharply shaking hand, Kali grabbed Roan’s armor.
He wanted to at least grab his collar.

“A lowly bastard, is it……”

Roan pushed Kali’s hand away with the tip of his fingers and shook his head.

“There is neither a lowly nor precious man in the world.”

A cold voice.
The wrist holding the spear twisted bit by bit.

“There is only men.”

Roan tried to pull out his spear just like that.
Suddenly, Kali abruptly raised his hands.

“Wa, wait! Do, do you perhaps know what happened to my son?”

He was talking of Walter.
With a stiffly solidified face, Roan answered.

“He died.”

Of course, it was a lie.
No, even so, it also wasn’t a complete lie.

‘Since Kali’s son has died.’

The one who had survived was Roan’s knight Walter.

‘Kali. I cannot let you leave with a light and easy heart.’

He wanted Kali to greatly be tormented and lament his own wrong even on the other side.
Kali, as if he couldn’t believe it, shook his head.

“No, no way…… there’s no way that can be.”

Stuttering and trembling voice and hands.
Roan quietly stared at that sight, then directly pulled out his spear.


Instantly, a large hole appeared on Kali’s abdomen.
The muscles and the veins he was laboriously holding with mana all loosened.


Kali threw up a clump of blood and dropped his head.
A pathetic death.
Kali Owells, who, blinded by ambition, had thrown away even his family.
With a large hole opened on his abdomen, he lost his life on the battlefield.


The spear’s blade once again split the air and cut Kali’s neck.
Roan raised the Travias Spear up high.

“Roan Lancephil has cut the enemy commander Kali Owells’ neck!”

A giant voice rang out across the battlefield.

“Roan! Roan!”

The Tale Legion and the Lancephil Legion’s soldiers shouted and cheered, and pulled up their morales.
The Chase Legion and the Owells Forces’ soldiers, who were already being helplessly struck down, completely lost their spirits at Kali’s death.

“Pressure them!”
“Attack! Attack!”

The crimson legion’s commanders encouraged the soldiers and pushed the enemy army.
The perfect victory was in front of their nose.
At that moment, one soldier shouted aloud.

“Jonathan Chase is running away, sir!”

It was an urgent voice.
When Roan turned his head and looked, the sight of Jonathan, who was staying at the rear, leading the knights below and running away towards the main army’s camp was seen.
Austin hurriedly approached.

“I will chase him, sir!”

As expected, his look was a one of his spirit completely burning up.
It was a look of fretting that they might perhaps lose Jonathan.
However, Roan was instead of a greatly eased and composed expression.
He stared at the camp on the west and formed a faint smile.

“There is no particular need to chase him.”

Through the Kalian’s Tears, the faraway camp was seen largely as if it was right in front of his nose.
At the Chase Legion’s camp, a bright light was flashing.

“Are you saying we should just let him escape, sir?”

Austin tilted his head and asked.
Roan cheerfully smiled and answered shortly.

“On the west……”

A soft voice.

“The knight of light is there.”

< Tie (3) > End.

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