I Am the Monarch – Chapter 186 : New Ability (1)

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The soft voice filled the grand hall.
Simultaneously, a silence descended.
Tommy became enraged.

“Y, y, you……”

However, he couldn’t carelessly spit out the curse that had climbed up to his throat.
Roan’s words were the truth.
The upper nobles of count and above were not existences that the princes, who had no special peerage or formal titles, could treat without care.
Roan once again looked at King Deni Von Rinse.
A bold yet not an unmannerly attitude on any account.
Faintly smiling, he lowered his head.

“Your majesty, it seems that there was a slight misunderstanding at my words. My words did not dare ask for your majesty’s possessions, but meant to request that your majesty to execute every affair as according to the palace and the kingdom’s laws.”

In short, it meant to give him every authority concerning the Chase County as according to the Rinse Kingdom’s rule of fief wars.
Roan, with his head still lowered, added on.

“Please uphold the customs of the law, set the principles straight, and become the model of every man.”

Although it was enveloped well and then said, the words contained the meaning that, if he were to perhaps have other thoughts, he did not have the qualification of a king.
Deni III panicked.

“R, right. Since the thing called the law is there to be upheld.”

Words spat out in bewilderment.
At Roan’s attitude and pressure, he had unknowingly been swept along.


Frustrated groans flowed out between numerous nobles.
There were weights even on the words.
Even if the words were the same, their weight differed depending on whose words they were.
Although words of Roan, a count, was also heavy enough for Prince Tommy to carelessly go against, the words of Deni III, who was the king, was much heavier than that.
In bewilderment or not, the words the king spat out once had a life of its own.

‘Oh damn.’

Deni III became shocked a step late and closed his mouth.
The inside of his head rapidly spun around.
Although he wanted to redress the situation a moment later, there was no suitable method.
The man whose name was called a king couldn’t flip over the words he had spat out once without any excuse.
Deni III’s eyes naturally turned towards Duke Francis Wilson.


With a short sigh, Francis shook his head.
Meaning that he too did not have any appropriate method.
He could had flipped the words pretending to remonstrate if he had made a misstatement instead, but what kind of remonstration could he give to the words saying he will follow the law.
Ultimately, they could only do as Roan desired for now.
Roan too was clearly assessing that mood.

“I simply weep in gratitude at your majesty’s virtue.”

The words altogether hammered in the nails.
Deni III awkwardly smiled and nodded his head.

‘Looks like I’ll get scolded by Francis.’

Cold sweat flowed down his back.
Originally, he had planned to withdraw half of the Chase County that Roan had captured and also reduce the number of soldiers he had indecorously gathered to a suitable number.
Although the Lancephil County and the Chase County were located in a remote place, it was because their size was simply so big.
If not careful, he could grant too much strength to a mere noble.
For this, Deni III matched his mouth with Francis multiple times and had rehearsed.
The practices weren’t bad.
Deni III, and Francis too, all anticipated a positive result.
It was because they had thought that the other nobles would flock like a swarm of bees and respond once he provided the tune.

‘To think we’ll lose the initiative like this.’

He couldn’t even take out the words they had prepared.
The inside of his mouth felt bitter.
Inwardly, Deni III and numerous nobles exhaled a short sigh.

‘We can only aim for another chance.’
‘It’s regrettable, but there are still many more chances remaining.’

It was already spilled water.
Rather than thinking of gathering it up, pouring a new cup was more effective.
The upper nobles, including the four dukes, forcefully made smiles.
They were smiles meaning that they will let it as he wished.

“Then, I will start the nobility ceremony.”

The Grand Chamberlain, Viscount Logan Dayle’s voice rang the grand hall.
Roan’s nobility ceremony was brilliant.
At the place where every core nobles of the Rinse Kingdom were gathered, the title of Count Lancephil was granted together with a new house crest.
Together with that, he was invested with the original Lancephil County and even the Chase County.
Finally, Roan had officially become the noble with the most extensive fief in the Rinse Kingdom.
That was not all.
Although everyone had forgotten due to having no particular interest, Roan had the Poskein Lake, whose width was comparable to the Rinse Kingdom.
When looking just at the extent of the area Roan’s breath touched, it could be said to be of a kingdom scale.

‘It would have been good if those guys came too.’

Looking at the numerous crests, badges, and medals that hung following his chest and belt, Roan thought of the retainers who stayed in the Mediasis Castle.
Keep, Pichio, and such core retainers voluntarily declined entering the palace this time.

‘Since they said that they will do their best at the duty they received……’

A situation where it was difficult to particularly rebuke them.
Furthermore, the surprising thing was.

‘Even Clay, whose ambition is incredible, has stayed behind at Mediasis Castle.’

He had predicted that at least Clay, even alone, would enter the capital, Miller.
But he too had sent a letter saying that he will devote himself to the duties he took as the administrator responsible for the fief’s governance.

‘He really is someone unpredictable.’

Roan inwardly formed a bitter smile.
Anyhow, the nobility ceremony ended faster than expected thanks to the core retainers of the Count Lancephil House being absent.

‘I will make sure that there is not a single bit of the retainers’ merit rewards lacking.’

Regardless of their status, regardless of their disposition, he planned to hold a fair and prudent merit awards based only on achievements.
When his thoughts inside his head reached that point.

“Now! Should we go to the banquet hall?”

As soon as the complicated and boring nobility ceremony ended, Deni III kicked off the throne and stood up.
Although he did momentarily show a political look, as expected, the look befitting him was a light look like that.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The The Grand Chamberlain, Viscount Logan Dayle, knocked on the marble floor three times with a large staff.
Deni III quickly adjourned.
Simultaneously, First Prince Simon Rinse and the nobles supporting him went towards Roan.
In reverse, Second Prince Tommy Rinse and Third Prince Kallum Rinse, with stiffly solidified expressions, led numerous nobles and exited out of the grand hall.

“Count Lancephil. You’ve done well. You have truly done well.”

Simon held Roan’s two shoulders.
He was admirable. Praiseworthy. And.


Although there were many close forces around him, there was no one as reliable as Roan.

‘I definitely have to make him my man.’

No, to be exact, there was a need to tightly tie him up so that he can’t leave his side.

‘I’ll use Io Lancephil.’

Roan thought precious of the people near him, and especially of Io Lancephil.

‘So that he can never betray me, I’ll capture Io Lancephil as a hostage.’

A horrendous thought.
This was the point where Simon and Roan were greatly different.
If Roan made the people around him awe and remain near on their own, Simon worried of betrayal and treachery in advance and preferred somewhat oppressive and violent methods.
Of course, it wasn’t as if Simon had no other methods as one would expect.

‘Although there is one more method……’

His eyes flashed and shone a light.
From a certain point of view, it was a more stable and certain method.
A truly classical method.

‘If he were to simply marry my sister……’

If they became tangled not as strangers but as a family, he would be much more relaxed than now.

‘Katy needs to do well.’

Simon thought to connect his sister of the same mother, Katy with Roan.
Of course, this was entirely and only Simon’s thought.

‘I should watch for now.’

Simon invited Katy to the congratulatory banquet.
Since Katy originally liked places with many people, she wouldn’t refuse and definitely attend.

“Now, let us head to the banquet hall as well.”

Simon raised his hand towards Roan and the numerous nobles, then moved his steps at the lead.
He obstinately walked side by side with Roan, and the nobles who were watching that sight from the back each sank into various thoughts.

‘Although I admit that Count Lancephil has repeatedly raised many merits……’
‘Isn’t he favoring him too much……’
‘Like this, we will all end up getting out of his sight.’

Few nobles, with uneasy and restless light in their eyes, exhaled short sighs.
The prince they support becoming the next king was a greatly glorious and happy thing.
But if that king actually does nothing for them?
Could they continue feeling glorious and happy even at that time?

‘Although making Prince Simon the next generation’s king is also important, the more important thing is after that.’
‘I need to be promised a higher nobility or office.’
‘Even if Prince Simon climbs up to the kingship, what use is it if I were to go out of his sight.’

Right now, it did not exceed merely a small anxiety.
But the possibility of this anxiety soon becoming a giant schism was high.
An excessive favoring of one person was the cause.
Simon, who feared and guarded against betrayal and treachery so much, was in fact creating the spark of strife.
And that……

‘As expected……’

Was also something Roan had expected.


She awaited.
She awaited the news and awaited to meet again.

‘I don’t know if he too was like that, but……’

Her heart, for once, raced after a long time.
Her face kept getting colored red.

“Greg. Do you think I can also attend the banquet?”

At the anxious heart, she kept throwing the same question.
Guardian knight Greg Katis, who was walking a step ahead, faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“Of course, your highness.”

A voice filled with certainty.
It was a reliable voice.
Even though he had to give the same answer to the same question countless times, there wasn’t even a little bit of an annoyed look.
Her heart slightly relaxed only then.


Squeezing through her small lips, a long sigh flowed out.
Her face was still brightly colored.
Looking elated, looking anxious, the lady moving her steps towards the banquet hall was Princess Aily Rinse.
She, who was called the shadow princess, had heard the news that congratulatory banquet for Roan’s nobility ceremony was opening and had shown up.

“Eh? Just now……?”
“Shadow Princess?”

Aily’s appearance was something shocking even to the numerous nobles and knights.
The nearby people began to whisper.
At that moment.


Aily let out a quiet exclamation.
She could see him.
At a place close enough to touch with just six, seven steps, Roan was there.
However, she couldn’t move any further.


At Roan’s side was Katy.
A sister of a different mother and Simon’s sister of the same mother.
Roan and Katy, the two people looked truly cheerful and happy.
The gazes and laughter pouring towards each other.
Aily unknowingly stepped back.
The noise of people whispering slowly became bigger.
Naturally, the gazes of the people inside the banquet hall headed towards Aily.
Amongst them, even Roan’s gaze was there.


Aily once again stiffly froze like a stone.
The gaze that was smiling towards Katy pierced into her own eyes.
The sound of her heart echoed in her ears.
At that moment, Greg walked up and, in a small voice, spoke as if to whisper.

“It’s okay. Princess. You don’t need to hide anymore.”

A voice of support.
Greg was certain.
That Roan too was of the same feeling as Aily.


Aily, without being able to do this or that, dropped her head.


From right in front of her nose, the voice she missed so much was heard.
Very slowly, Aily raised her head.

“Sir Count Lancephil.”

The end of her voice slightly trembled.


She felt so like an idiot.

“Princess. It has been a while.”

Roan, together with a faint smile, slightly lowered his head.
The political stages where one couldn’t lower his guard even a second, the world of nobles where veiled strifes wildly danced, battlefields where heads flew off with a slightest mistake.
He was Roan, who at all times lived in a taut tension.
But right this moment, upon his life, at least on this moment facing Aily, he solely concentrated  only on her.


Aily shyly smiled and slightly lowered his head.
Roan wordlessly made and showed a smile.

‘Why do I feel so good?’

From his head to the tip of his feet, a warm and soft happiness twined around.

[Hey! What’s up with your face?]

Abruptly, Kinis showed up together with a sharp voice.
She, who was momentarily taking a rest due to repeated battles, had felt change in Roan’s emotion and had shown herself.

‘What did I do?’

Roan curtly asked inside his head.
His gaze was still looking at Aily and his face too had no single change.
Since Kinis wasn’t visible to other people, he thought that only he had to be careful.
Kinis, flying between Roan and Aily this way and that, made an odd expression.

[Just with a glance, you right now look amazingly ha……]

When her words reached about that point.

“Is this little lady a water spirit?”

With a casual expression, Aily asked as if to whisper.
Instantly, Roan and Kinis both widely opened their eyes and looked at Aily.
Both were of looks solidly petrified like ice.

“Ca, can you see her, your highness?” [You, you can see me?]

Both stuttered their words as if greatly shocked.
At that sight, Aily hid her mouth with one hand and snickered out a laugh.
Then as if embarrassed, she soon blushed her face.

“I’m sorry. It’s just, both of your faces were so funny that……”

Aily slightly lowered her head.
Roan quickly shook his hands.

“No. There’s really no need to apologize. It’s simply that you’re the first person to see Kinis……”
“I see.”

Aily nodded her head and looked at Kinis.
Kinis, with her arms crossed, was making a haughty expression in her own way.

[You. How can you see me?]
‘What do you mean you? What kind of manner is that to the princess?’

Roan slightly creased his brows and chided her.
But even while doing so, he plentily watched the nearby people’s gazes and put up a guard.

[What about it. She’s princess only to you guys, and merely a human girl to me.]

Kinis poutingly retorted.
Aily faintly smiled and nodded her head.

“Kinis’ words are right. Nice to meet you. My name is Aily.”

Conscious of the nearby people, she naturally greeted her as if speaking to Roan.

[Un? Uh, yeah. Right. My name’s Kinis.]

Kinis, who purposely tried to show a mean and cold look, slightly flustered when Aily approached modesty and politely first.

‘Even though I heard that all the human world’s princesses’ noses are so high that you can’t even joke about them……’

Remembering the rumors she heard in the past, Kinis tilted her head.
Perhaps finding that Kinis cute, Aily quietly stared at her, then turned her gaze towards Roan again.


Seemingly contemplating for a moment, she tapped her lips with the tip of her finger.

‘Yes. If it’s Sir Count Lancephil……’

She wanted to share the stories that she had tightly hidden.
Aily gently looked at Roan and smiled.

“Since you introduced a cute friend to me, I’ll also introduce my friends to you.”

A very quiet voice that seemed conscious of the people nearby.

“A cute friend?”

Rather, Roan focused on a strange point.
Kinis, who was flying above his head, hit the backside of Roan’s head.

[She’s talking about me. Me!]

A truly humorous sight.
Roan, slightly creasing his brows, glared at Kinis and then soon looked at Aily.

“I’m not sure where in this girl is a cute friend, but…… for now, I’m looking forwards to meeting princess’ friends. Since they do say that friends are similar to each other.”

Slightly showing intent.
In inwardly, it was true that he found it a little doubtful.

‘Princess Aily’s friends……’

Like the rumor of Shadow Princess, Aily took almost no trip outside and there also were almost no royalties or nobles whom she was close to.
Even if there were, most of them were impersonal relationships.
At least, it was so according to what Roan knew.

‘But to suddenly say she’ll introduce her friends……’

At that moment, Aily shyly smiled and lightly waved her right hand.

“You can look forward to it.”

Suddenly, four small drops floated up between Roan and Aily.
They slowly became bigger and soon turned about a fist big, but their each colors were distinctly different.


Roan, at the abnormal phenomenon unfolding in front of his eyes, widely opened his eyes.

[This is?]

Kinis too, as expected, was similarly shocked.
Roan hurriedly looked around himself.
Everyone looked greatly calm and unperturbed.
Even the nobles who were staring at Roan showed no particular reaction.

‘So only Kinis, Princess Aily, and I can see them.’

Roan quickly understood the situation and stared at the four drops again.
The shape of the drops soon twisted, then slowly took on a human look.
No, to be exact, it was a look greatly alike Kinis.


Roan murmured in daze.
Aily bashfully smiled and nodded her head.

“Yes. That’s right.”

A much too incredible an answer compared to the much too calm attitude.
She looked at the red spirit at the left.

“This here is fire spirit Lili.”

Following that, her gaze moved on towards the other spirits.

“This is earth spirit Soyl. This is wind spirit Brist. And this is……”

Lastly, Aily looked at the blue spirit.
At that moment, Kinis, who had been staying quiet, cut in.

[Water Spirit Ateil.]

Then the blue spirit, Ateil, lightly waved her hand.

[Hello. Been a while. Kinis.]

A sweet voice.
It was a truly happy look.
However, Kinis did not acknowledge he any further.
No, she couldn’t.
Her entire focus headed towards Aily.
That was also the same for Roan.
Roan and Kinis’ expressions were half dazed.
For one person to contract with four spirits each with different types!
Obviously, he had never seen such a person or learned of one through rumor.

‘It’s something that didn’t happen even in the last life.’

Roan inwardly shook his head.
It was literally an unprecedented event.
Roan and Kinis looked at Aily and, in a hushed voice, asked.

“Princess. Just what is your identity?”
[You. Who are you?]

Aily, while moved the spirits in front of her eyes to her back, smiled.
A beautiful and alluring and sweet and innocent smile.
Her small lips softly moved.

“It might be a little long story. I……”

< New Ability (1) > End.

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