I Am the Monarch – Chapter 187 : New Ability (2)

Her voice was slightly elated.
This was the first time Aily Rinse told her secret to someone other than her nanny Margaret or her Guardian Knight Greg.
No, she didn’t have any thought of saying it until now.

“In the past years, I actually……”

The moment her words reached that point.

“Count Lancephil.”

Together with a familiar voice, Simon Rinse suddenly came up.


Kinis crumpled her face with a deflated look.

[What an unhelpful bastard.]

She grumbled with a sharp voice.

‘You’re right.’

Roan bitterly smiled and looked behind him.
He could see Simon and Princess Katy Rinse.

‘She got forcibly dragged in.’

Looking at Katy’s somewhat uncomfortable looking face, Roan formed a bitter smile.
As according to Simon’s plan, he had conversed for quite a long time with Katy since the banquet started.
As a result, the thing he learned for sure was just one.

‘Princess Katy and I are complete opposites, complete opposites.’

Unlike the calm Roan, Katy was excessively lively.
To say how much it was.

‘It’s to a point where I’m suspicious of how Princess Katy, who is lively enough to a give someone a headache, and Pierce, whose words are excessively few, lived happily in marriage.’

Roan newly found Pierce amazing.
It was to that degree.
Katy’s tomboy personality, that was.

“What were you doing here?”

Simon lightly smiled and looked back and forth between Roan and Aily.
A soft shape of the eyes and mouth.
But from the eyes hidden inside, a sharp pressure flashed.

‘Why with Aily instead of Katy……’

Simon couldn’t understand.
Aily was a royalty who was inconspicuous even inside the palace enough to be called the shadow princess.
She had no reliable backer nor prominent ability.
She even had no brothers or sisters.
To Roan, who was rising as a pillar of the kingdom and a hero, she was an existence that simply was of no help.

‘Compared to her, Katy is the only blood-relative of mine, who is closest to the next king’s throne.’

Her beauty too didn’t falter wherever she was placed.

‘Her personality is a bit wild, of course, but that’s something she could slowly fix.’

Even when looked from various angles, the girl that suited Roan wasn’t Aily but Katy.


Roan had guessed Simon’s such intention.

‘He is doing even love with his head.’

Simon saw even love as a part of political power.
Throughout the last life and the current life, the love of those close to power were almost all alike simon.
To them, love and marriage was no more than a method to maintain power.

‘I don’t live like that.’

Roan, who from the start had begun at the very bottom, was a man who knew how to love not with his head but with his heart.
Beyond numerous relations of gains and losses, he tried to be honest with his own feelings.

‘My heart is……’

He clearly knew when, and in front of who, his heart beated more happily.
Although he had vaguely realized, he became more certain through today’s banquet.
Roan softly smiled and slightly lowered his head.

“I was talking with Princess Aily, your highness.”
“Hhm. I didn’t know that you were acquainted with Aily.”

Simon’s gaze headed towards Aily.
Constantly from the start, Aily was floating a faint smile.
Her deep eyes gently wrapped Simon’s gaze.

‘Older brother.’

She knew Simon’s intentions much better than Roan.
It wasn’t simply because they were step siblings.

‘It’s thanks to the mind’s eyes.’

Aily’s eyes weren’t ordinary.
The reason she could pierce through and see people’s hearts and thoughts.
Mind’s eyes.
The weight of the secrets Aily had was much heavier than anyone though.

‘Look at this girl……’

A conspicuous light frosted up in Simon’s eyes.
He hadn’t possibly expect that Aily, who was known as the shadow princess and who he hadn’t even minded until now, would calmly look back at his gaze that even the aged nobles dodged.

‘Have I made too hasty of a judgment……’

Within the palace, no, amongst the royalty to be exact, he thought that the only ones he had to check were Second Prince Tommy Rinse and Third Prince Kallum Rinse.
Besides them, he had demoted away or detained all those who could become a problem.
As an exception, he had simply left alone those he thought wouldn’t even be an opponent, and Aily was also one of those people.
But today, he thought that that decision might have been a mistake.

‘I should pay a bit more attention.’

The situation where he was far ahead in the throne succession competition.
Especially at the time like this, he had to be careful of even a single leaf, and then be careful again.
Carelessness was a taboo.
Simon deeply inhaled and looked at Roan and Aily.

‘If the two people were to possibly have favorable feelings towards each other……’

It wasn’t quite a pleasant situation.
He couldn’t clearly grasp what kind of thoughts Aily had towards himself.

‘There is no way it’ll be good……’

Even so, he could roughly guess.
Essentially in Simon’s case, those other than the faction supporting him were all enemies.
This was because he awfully liked to discriminate his men and those of others and also thought importance of it.
Simon’s gaze naturally headed towards Katy.

‘Are you going to just stay quiet like that?’

His eyes sharply glared.
But Katy wasn’t an existence who would move as Simon’s will like the other nobles.
He was Simon’s sole blood relative and sister.
One of the sole existence who could raise her voice against him.

‘I don’t want to marry Count Roan Lancephil!’

Katy too didn’t quite like Roan.
Creasing her brows, she glared at Simon.
A soundless rebellion.
A soundless chiding.
A fierce staring contest unfolded between the two people.
Ultimately, Katy, who had no patience nor cared of other’s gazes, snorted first.

“Hmph! This banquet isn’t fun!”

Then widely fluttering her dress skirt, she went out of the banquet hall.


Simon called out in a loud voice, but Katy didn’t look back even once.

‘Damn it.’

A curse raced to the top of his throat.
He wanted to immediately follow and reprimand her.

‘If it continues like this, Count Lancephil and Aily will……’

His gaze naturally headed towards Roan and Aily.
The two people were standing side by side and staring at him.
That look seemed almost like a couple of many years, or perhaps a married couple.

‘It’s dangerous.’

Simon became restless.
But even so, to keep standing there was also humiliating.
No, he couldn’t even keep standing there.
Roan and Aily’s mood wasn’t something he could cut in by himself.
Furthermore, it wasn’t quite natural either.

“It seems something had happened.”

Simon awkwardly smiled towards Roan, then lightly waved his hand.

“I should go follow my sister.”

Roan and Aily lowered their heads instead of answering.
With a bitter expression, Simon moved his feet following Katy.

‘Damn it. Somehow, it feels like I’ll greatly regret this.’

His heart felt frustrated.
He felt that a day he would regret not separating Roan and Aily ahead of time would come.
Such apprehensive feelings always had high accuracy.

‘I can’t let it happen like that.’

Elements of danger had to be removed in advance.

‘I should investigate Aily.’

If cornered, he could simply use her as hostage.

‘Count Roan Lancephil. You must always be at my side.’

If he were to show a sign of leaving his side or betraying him.

‘Even I do not know how I will change at that time.’

His eyes flashed with a horrifying light.
Staring at Simon’s back that was getting further away, Roan and Aily, the two people made bitter smiles.

[Now! Should we continue what we were talking about?]

Kinis hastened Aily with a completely flushed face.
She couldn’t endure any longer.
Her face and her eyes were full of question marks.
Roan and Aily.
The two people looked at each other and silently laughed.
Their gazes were gentle and smiles warm.

[Oi. Are you really going to keep doing this?]

Kinis cut in with a sulky expression.
At those words, Aily shyly laughed and asked in a small voice.

“Should we change the location?”

Her gaze headed towards a small balcony located at one side of the banquet hall.
Roan slowly nodded his head.

“I will lead the way, your highness.”

He moved his feet a step ahead.
Aily followed behind.
Naturally, the people’s gazes poured down.

‘Why is Count Lancephil and the Shadow Princess?’
‘How did the two get acquainted?’
‘Just what is happening this time?’

Numerous royalties and nobles busily spun their heads.

‘It’s hard to get close to Count Lancephil, but……’
‘Should I try approaching Princess Aily’s side?’

This was the moment that Aily, who lived without any presence as a shadow, slowly began to receive people’s attention.

“We wouldn’t get interrupted by anyone if it’s here.”

Aily whispered as she gazed at the beauteous scenery spreading outside the balcony.
A sweet voice.
Roan faintly smiled and nodded his head.
He quietly awaited her next words.
Cheerfully smiling, Aily continued to speak.

“You know that my nickname is the Shadow Princess, yes?”
“Yes. I know, your highness.”

Roan lightly nodded his head.
Aily turned her head and looked straight at Roan.


The moment Roan saw her wide and deep eyes, he swallowed a quiet sigh.
His heart raced.
Aily’s small and red lips slowly moved.

“The reason I’m called the Shadow Princess is because I caught an illness few years ago and haven’t went outside for quite a long time.”

Roan quietly nodded his head.
It was a fact he also knew well of.
Aily brightly smiled and shook her head.

“But that’s a mistaken rumor. I……”

The sweet voice brushed past his ears like a wind.

“Have never gotten sick.”

Roan let out a quiet sigh.
But even so, he wasn’t greatly surprised.
He had already thought that the possibility of the rumor about Aily being wrong was high.
This was because the news concerning various medical treatment concerning her were nonexistent despite having caught an illness and being house arrested.

‘As expected, there was a different reason.’

This much was easily within the expected range.
But Aily’s stories that continued beyond this point were things that far, far exceeded Roan’s expected range.

“For a long time, I studied various things outside the palace.”

Already unusual stories.
Roan and Kinis slightly creased their brows.

[Study? Why study all of a sudden?]
“Study, your highness?”

A tremble appeared in Roan’s composed voice.
Faintly smiling, Aily nodded her head.

“I lived with four teachers at a place deep in the Grain Mountains.”

It was unbelievable.
A young princess living outside the palace, and in the most precarious of precarious lands where not even the knights carelessly enter, the depth of the Grain Mountains at that was something absurdly unbelievable.
However, Aily’s expression was extremely serious.
There was not a single bit of lie in her eyes.

“I learned many things from the teachers. Learning the basic studies goes without saying, and I also learned magic and spirit magic. Being able to make contracts with four different types of spirits is also all thanks to the teachers’ teachings.”

The instant she finished her words.

[Ridiculous! That’s a lie!]

Kinis shouted with a disbelieving face.
Although Roan did not also spoke out, he was of a similar feeling.
Kinis’ words continued on.

[You’ve made contracts with four different types of spirits thanks to the teachers’ teachings? Even if the teachers were elves, that’s something absolutely impossible. Maybe if those four teachers were dragons or spirit kings, but…… even so, it’s certainly not something easy. You’ll need four different types of affiniti……]

When her words reached that point, Aily brightly smiled and took out a gigantic secret that she had buried deep within her chest.

“You’re right.”
[Un? What’s right?]

At Aily’s sudden words, Kinis made a weird expression.
Aily slightly tilted her head to a side.
A cute look.

“My teachers were all……”

Instinctively, her voice became a little quieter.


Momentarily, a heavy stillness fell.
With their eyes wide open, Roan and Kinis slightly opened their mouths.
Until now, Roan and Kinis had experienced countless numbers of unbelievable events and also heard countless numbers of stories.
In Kinis’ case, she became a Spirit King candidate despite her insignificant origin.
In Roan’s case, he had came back to the past the moment he died and was living a new life once more.
Even just this much were unbelievable things.
But even so, the grand secret Aily revealed was shocking to be almost unprocessable.
The absolute existences that had already hidden themselves tens and hundreds of years ago.
The humans thought that they had turned their backs to the world and left for a world further away.
They didn’t think that they had all died.
For they believed that the dragons would never die.
To such a degree, the existence of dragons were almost of the same rank as the gods to the humans.

“P, princess is a pupil of not just one, but four dragons?”

The end of Roan’s voice shook.
Even he, who was famous to be normally calm and composed, couldn’t easily maintain his composure at this moment.


Even in the last life, he had never seen nor heard rumors of their appearance.

“Yes. That’s correct.”

On the other hand, Aily was notably calm.
Rather, she seemed greatly relieved perhaps because of having revealed the grand secret she had kept secret.
Roan quietly stared at Aily’s eyes.

‘Dragon’s pupil…… why did such an individual not stand out in the last life?’

The thoughts within his head became disordered.

‘Did her life perhaps became completely changed as I came back to the past?’

His throat violently trembled.
At that moment, Kinis, perhaps understanding Roan’s tangled heart, asked with a voice full of suspicion.

[You’re a dragons’ pupil? That’s even more hard to believe in its own way, you know? A woman who’s a dragons’ pupil is imperceptibly wasting away her life while being called a shadow princess?]

At those words, Aily lightly shook her head.

“That’s only a part of my appearance. I am doing numerous works in my own way.”
[What work?]

Kinis snappily questioned.
Aily, without hesitation, answered.
For there was nothing more to hide.

“Various companies, including the Sale Trading……”

The moment her words reached that point.

“The Sale Company!?”

Roan, in a loud voice, asked back.
At an unthinkable situation, he heard a name he hadn’t even thought of.
Looking at Roan’s completely shocked face, Aily nodded her head.

“That’s correct. The Sale Company that’s investing in transportation in Sir Count’s fief is in fact one of the companies I run. I’m sorry about not revealing my identity sooner. I was worried that you might feel pressured……”

She was misunderstanding the reason Roan was being surprised.
Roan, still with a slightly dazed expression, stared at Aily.

‘Gold Master Sale who was hidden behind a veil. So his, no, her identity was Princess Aily.’

The head of the giant company that controlled 70% of the Rinse Kingdom’s trade.
The tycoon who was amongst the top five even throughout the entire continent.
This was the moment when Goldmaster Sale’s identity was finally revealed.
It was certainly a shocking and surprising event.


Roan quickly collected his thoughts.
A corner of his heart felt uneasy.

‘Goldmaster was certainly amazing, but……’

For an achievement a dragons’ pupil had achieved, it was somewhat disappointing.
Even in the last life, there were quite a large number of people who were more incredible than Goldmaster Sale when looked around the entire continent.
To such degree, there were many personages in the Great Warring Era.

‘Perhaps, does she have another different identity as well?’

When his thought reached about that point.

[You manage a company? Hmph. That can’t be all, is it?]

Kinis asked in a sharp voice.
She inwardly suspected something.

‘You contracted with four types of spirits because you’re a dragons’ pupil? That’s something impossible with just that. However amazing an existence dragons are, it’s something only possible with one’s own abilities also supporting her.’

She had to have an incredible affinity with each of the four different types.
An impossibility if one was an ordinary human.
A gaze of suspicion.
Kinis looked straight at Aily.
Aily, still with a smile, answered.

“Kinis’ words are correct. Besides the names Aily and Sale, I have another name.”

She, looking back and forth between Roan and Kinis, spoked in a quiet voice as if to whisper.

“Piscis. That is my other name.”



Roan quietly exclaimed.
He could only be shocked.


A lightning stormed within his head.
The Great Warring Era.
The grand column that held up that era of chaos.
And the name that supported that column.

‘The Queen of the Elves.’

Her name had abruptly appeared.

< New Ability (2) > End.

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