I Am the Monarch – Chapter 19 : The Ghost of the Battlefield (5)

The reason why Roan prowled within the center to rear fighting areas against these goblins and the orcs.

Even though he’d set a strenuous plan of accumulating merits, the main reason he didn’t venture towards the front lines.

‘It’s because over there are those bastards.’

An existence triple the size of a human, which also has the strength to smash a boulder in pieces with only a single punch.


Roan’s face stiffened at the thought; remembering what occured in the past.
Although he didn’t remember the exact numbers, there certainly were ogres with the horde attacking from the east and west of Pedian’s Plains.
The ogres slowly appeared from the flanks, while the orcs and goblins garnered most of the attention of the humans within the frontlines.
The ogres crushed the soldiers with overwhelming strength.

‘Will I be able to take them on?’

Roan shook his head.
With his current skills, facing an ogre alone was impossible.
And because of that, he was planning to leave them to soldiers of the 7th Special Squad, who were constantly in the forefront.

‘But why are you there?’

Roan’s eyes chased Glenn’s whereabouts, who was still carrying on somewhere in the forefront.

‘If that guy dies, Celine will become sad again.’

He didn’t want to see her sad.
Roan’s feet hurriedly sprinted faster.


He yelled while charging through towards the front.
Only then did Glenn, who was staring at the front with an absent-minded expression, turn to look back.


Glenn smiled brightly, filled with a sense of relief he felt when recognising someone he knew.
Roan smirked at that stupid and honest appearance, then he laughed it off.

‘Do you even know the situation we are currently in?’

When he was mentally scolding Glenn, who wasn’t aware of his current predicament.
The terrifying roar he didn’t want to ever hear, brushes past his ears.


The feeling of his flesh pricking up riddled with goosebumps.
It was the ogres.


Roan bit his lower lip.
He could see it.
The huge green thing suddenly surged beside the orc warriors, who were desperately holding the frontline.

‘At least, there should be roughly fifty of them from the looks of it.’

Then, an ogre punched through the 7th Special Squad and continued to plough forward.
A situation where Glenn just so happened to be behind them, meaning – he now stood in front of the ogre, alone.


Roan shouted and quickly flung his body at Glenn.


A club swings through the wind along with an oppressive backdraft from the swing.


Glenn froze in fright while still holding his spear.


Roan’s outstretched arms were barely able to push Glenn’s waist forward.


The both of them tumbled forward to the ground.


At that moment, a huge club shatters the place where Glenn previously stood.


Rock fragments splinter off.


Glenn wore a terrified paled face.
Roan backhanded his cheek with a lot of strength.


A crisp light sound.

“Glenn. Grab ahold of yourself! We are going to die like this!”


Then, the ogre which hit the empty space raised it’s club.
Roan grabbed Glenn’s collar and forcefully lifted him up.

“Run like you are about to die, and only look forward!”

A reaction like he was throwing him.
Glenn stumbled back staggeringly while staring at Roan.
Roan yelled with all of his strength.


At that sound, Glenn nodded and ran towards the rear.
Then, a heavy noise rang by his ear.



Roan instinctively threw himself sideways.


The club smashes the place he was at just now.

‘I also have to es……..’

Roan who was about to run towards the rear flinched, and gritted his teeth.
The orcs and goblins were now blocking his path.


Gripping his hands with as much strength as possible without further thought.
The orc who appeared out of nowhere with his four canine teeth springing out, mocked with a rough voice.

“Human. Your neck……. Grr.”


A spear punches through the neck of an orc.
He didn’t have the leisure to listen to such words from an orc.
Roan forced his path in between the orcs and goblins.

‘If I do this, that ogre won’t be able to attack me as it wishes.’

But unfortunately, that assumption was wrong.


The ogre smashed down his club without caring at all, if there were orcs and goblins.


Roan hit the goblins with the end of his spear while twisting his body.


The club smashes five goblins to a pulp into the ground.

‘Crazy bastard.’

Roan gritted his teeth and spins his spear.


The spear sharply slices the wrist of the ogre.


That ogre grabs his wrist along with a wretched cry.
Roan quickly climbed over the huge club which has now separating the orcs, and goblins from him…
Then, a shadow appears over his head.
As he turned to look, a huge fist approached him – hurling down through the air.


Roan gritted his teeth, and pitched his body towards the right.


The fist smashes the place he’d landed just before.


The ogre cried as if becoming enraged at having to hit the empty ground while glaring murderously at Roan.

“Block them!”

Then, the Special squad appeared beside him holding their weapons.
However, just because of this momentary respite he couldn’t even feel relieved.

‘Annoying things.’

Roan looked at the orcs and goblins already chasing his back, while biting his lower lip.


The spear shakes and the tip of it draws a flower in the air.

Stab. Slice. Stab.

At the sudden twirling movements from the blade tip of the spear, along with the unsuspecting chasing orcs and goblins becoming cold corpses falling to the ground.


As he forcefully moved through those spear skills continuously, his palms ached.
However, he couldn’t stop the movements.
Roan turned his body and slashed the wrist of the ogre deeply.



It let out a wail filled with pain.


The ogre was now trying to squash Roan with his huge foot.
Then, the Special Squad intervened, attacking it by stabbing into it’s thick skin with blades and spears.


It hurriedly tried to step away, giving a long mournful cry while slowly struggling to move.
The ogre couldn’t think straight at the attacks of the courageous soldiers.


Roan gritted his teeth and after evading the ogre’s foot, he slid below its crotch.
He could see the large and precious thing of the ogre hanging between the loose piece of leather.



Roan’s spear pierces the important part.


A slightly different cry until now.
The ogre grabbed his crotch with both of his hands and knelt down.


A heavy noise was then heard and a small dust cloud raises.
Roan quickly stepped out from under its crotch, and after swiftly stabbing its side, he raises his spear pointing towards the sky.


The spear smoothly stabs into the nape of the ogre’s neck.


The ogre let out a gurgled cry while launching it’s fist.


Roan quickly leapt back while dropping the spear, but then again spun to continue attacking.
In the middle of that, the archers loosed their arrows without stopping.

Shoot shoot shoot shoot!

Arrows stick into it’s hard, thick skin.


The waning strength of it’s roars becomes weaker.
Roan gripped his spear with all his strength, and placed the butt of the spear on his chest.
At the same time, he forcefully pushed the spear in with all of his strength.


The spear which was stuck in its nape, etches in between hard flesh and skin.


The ogre didn’t even have the strength to lift his fist and was becoming slower.


In the end, Roan’s spear perfectly pierces through the neck of the ogre.


A dying sound.
The huge body of the ogre falls.


Dust cloud covers the small area along with a heavy sound.
Roan still gripping the spear as slippery blood of the ogre drenches his hands.


As he plucked out the spear, the body of the ogre flinches.
Roan observed the surrounding battlefield, the remaining ogres were already being dealt with.

‘I was lucky.’

Roan glanced at the ogre, who lay fallen below his feet and breathed in a deep breath.
If the Special squad hadn’t come charging through, his life could have been in danger.
Then, a voice he was glad to hear yelled out.

“We have come!”

The soldiers of the 13th Squad including Squad Commander Tane and Senior Lander.
They came charging through the goblins and the orcs with a fierce vigor.


The bastards falling without having the chance to resist.

“Roan. Are you okay?”

Pete patted his shoulder and asked.
Roan caught his breath and nodded.
Tane who came a bit late smirked and thumped his chest.

“You were the one about to die while saving Glenn.”

Roan smiled bitterly and asked.

“What happened with Glenn?”

At his words, Tane pointed towards the back of the squad with his chin.


Glenn was there.
And Oliver was defending the rear, making sure no one fell behind again.

“By the way…….”

Tane spoke after looking at the fallen ogre.

“Did you also kill an ogre?”

Roan smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“No. I just finished it off when deed was already done.”

At his words, Pete slapped his back.


“I saw everything rushing over here! You piercing the ogre’s crotch, and then stabbing your spear in its nape! You were the one to achieve this!”

Then, behind them, an unfamiliar voice spoke up.

“He’s right. It’s correct that this here ogre was killed by this soldier.”

The owner of the voice was from Richard, the one leading the 7th Special Squad. He looked at Roan’s eyes fixedly.

“What’s your name?”
“It’s Roan.”

Richard nodded, asking in a burly voice.

“Roan. Don’t you want to move over to our 7th Special Squad?”

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