I Am the Monarch – Chapter 201: Amaranth (1)

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“Have you heard? They say the kingdom’s knight order raided the Dolan lord’s castle in the west.”
“I heard. I thought Sir Baron Dolan really was holding on for a long time, then……”
“Wasn’t the youngest son there just five years old now?”
“Right. He was definitely about that old.”
“Is he perhaps even slashing five-year-old child’s neck?”
“Of course. The last time, he even cut a baby’s neck……”

Men in shabby clothing gathered at the mouth of an alleyway and chatted.
Expressions with clear looks of nervousness.

“It’s a reign of terror, a reign of terror.”
“I can’t breathe since prince Simon held the coronation ceremony.”
“The necks of nobles and the influential houses who didn’t attend the coronation ceremony are all falling down, right?”
“Yeah. Everyone including their families.”

Everyone dryly gulped.

“At least our fief is only to this degree since our lord fell in battle……”
“They say that for the fiefs that closed their gates and fought back, everyone including even that region’s residents were all sold as slaves.”
“Ehuu. Just what fate is this……”
“Just when is this tiresome and horrible war going to end?”

Lamentations, complaints, and discontents poured out.
At that moment, the youngest looking man asked with a cautious expression.

“But what happened to Sir Count Lancephil? Sir Count didn’t attend the coronation ceremony either, didn’t he?”

Such rumor definitely circulated.
At those words, a man who was quite versed with outside news faintly smiled and answered.

“It can’t be helped since Sir Count Lancephil couldn’t attend the coronation ceremony at the time. He was in the middle of making grand successes against Prince Tommy and Prince Kallum.”

Everyone nodded their heads.

“Not only repelling the Byron Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom……”
“For him to push back the two princes’ armies alone……”
“He truly is an amazing person.”

Admirations and awe.

“They say even Prince Simon went out of his way and repeatedly said he won’t force his attendance.”

Everyone, with expressions saying it was understandable, nodded their heads.
However, the oldest man bitterly smiled and shook his head.

“Even so, the rumor that he was quite displeased is going around……”

A chink.
A rumor that a rift had formed between Roan and Simon with the coronation ceremony as catalyst was going around.
Rumors that Second Prince Tommy Rinse and Third Prince Kallum Rinse was using that point were also being heard.
Of course, it seemed that he wasn’t interested.
At that moment, the young man who first spoke up the story about Roan spat out a long sigh.

“I heard that the kingdom’s northeast region was so nice to live in…… If I could, I want to move there at least.”

At those words, the other men shrank back their necks with startled expressions.

“Those are dangerous words. Crossing the fiefs’ borders right now is to giving away one’s life. But……”
“Certainly, we can’t help wanting to go to the Lancephil Fief, no?”
“Yeah. Since they say it’s peaceful there.”

Everyone’s expressions turned slightly dazed.
Inside their heads, the rumors about Lancephil County floated up.
A peaceful and good place to live.
Even while the entire Rinse Kingdom’s situation was wrapped up in war, they said that the laughter of Lancephil County’s citizens at least didn’t stop.
It wasn’t a good place to live in only because there were no wars and battles either.
There were no immoral nobles or powerful houses in the Lancephil County, and they also said that there also were no one who died of starvation.
They said that those who wanted can learn words and even learn skills or farming.
Even more, it was known that, in the case of fishermen who worked on the Poskein Lake, significant amount of funds together with even ships were supplied to them.
The young man’s gazes turned to his sides.

“Compared to that, this place……”

Bleak and gloomy scenery of the castle’s inside.

“Is no different than hell.”

As soon as his words finished.

“Oi! You! What are you doing there! Hurry and quickly move the wheat sacks!”

A soldier wearing an armor flashed his eyes and shouted.

“Yes, yes! We’re going, sir!”
“We’ll move them quickly!”

The men shrank down their bodies and quickly moved their feet.
Once they exited out the alleyway’s mouth and entered into the castle’s streets, a bone-chilling sight spread out.
More than hundreds of men were loading an incredible number of sacks of wheat onto carts.
Following Simon’s order, they were transporting the food that was reserved inside the castle to the capital, Miller.

‘When we don’t even have anything to eat right now……’

Even so, they couldn’t even moan.
Because the heads of those who didn’t wish to give up the sacks of wheat and resisted were all cut off and hanged in the square.
Their stomachs were hungry, but their lives were just as precious.
The young man carried a sack of wheat on his shoulder and clenched his teeth.

‘Damn it. If we can’t go to the Lancephil Fief……’

His heart rapidly raced.

‘It would be nice if Sir Count Lancephil came to our fief……’

A desperate wish.
However, the possibility of that wish happening immediately was almost none.
Because this barren fief that the young man grew up and lived in was already under Simon’s influence.

‘Since Sir Count Lancephil is Prince Simon’s man.’

Roan leveling the end of his sword to not Tommy or Kallum but Simon would not happen.
The young man, no, most of the people thought so.
And that was true to a certain degree.
At least for now.


“It’s good news! Count Lancephil has destroyed Arrance, one of Prince Tommy’s elite legions, and has captured the Kapps Castle!”
“Oh! That truly is excellent!”

At the messenger’s report, Viscount Tio Ruin became greatly joyous.
The other nobles who were sitting in were also the same.
Currently, the only place amongst Simon Rinse’s support faction that hadn’t lost even once and repeated victories was Lancephil Fief Regiment.

“With this state, soon the southeast region will also be subdued.”
“Suppression of the South too isn’t far off.”

Flattering and fawning sounds went on without a pause.
But Simon’s expression, who was occupying the throne, wasn’t quite bright.

“What does it matter if he wins a hundred out of a hundred battles, when it’s hard to have a look at his face…… tch.”

The sound of clicking his tongue was loudly heard.
The facial expressions of numerous nobles stiffly froze.

“Hhm hm.”

Tio effortfully smiled and lowered his head.

“In Count Lancephil case, it is because he has no time to leave the battlefield due to suppressing the enemies and calming the region on the frontline. He will soon enter the capital, Miller, so please be patient a little longer.”
“Even so……”

Simon momentarily paused the end of his words.

‘I can’t help feeling displeased.’

He deeply swallowed the last words.
Since the recent coronation ceremony, Simon found every single one of Roan’s actions displeasing.

‘This is bad.’

Tio’s expression that was watching the situation became pressed.
As a matter of fact, several amongst the supporting nobles had barred themselves up or left Simon’s side after the recent coronation ceremony.
No, to be exact, Simon was personally weeding out numerous nobles.

‘But Count Lancephil is different than those men.’

Roan was literally the strongest strength amongst Simon’s forces.
In a situation where they had yet to completely subdue the kingdom, it would become greatly troublesome if he were to turn a heavyweight like Roan into an enemy.

‘We have to maintain a strong relationship with at least Count Lancephil. At least until we quell the kingdom……’

Tio rapidly spun his thoughts.
Rather than unnecessarily creating a petty trouble, changing the subject was much better.


Coincidentally, there was one news that was recently bugging their nerves.

“Furthermore, Count Lancephil is preoccupied from suppressing the rebellions that are arising all around the kingdom.”

The very moment his words finished, the expressions of other nobles turned bright.
They had instantly grasp Tio’s intention.

“That is right, your majesty. The forces of bastards called Black Rinse is unusual.”
“They have willingly refused to be the Rinse Kingdom’s citizens. They are traitors that we must suppress and destroy.”

The nobles quickly echoed on.
An effort to turn the subject.
Thankfully, Simon showed interest at the story about Black Rinse.

“Black Rinse…… they call themselves a black flower that bloomed in the dark, was it? Hmph. Impudent bastards……”

He tightly chewed his lower lips and spat out curses.
Black Rinse.
A type of armed group made up with the Rinse Kingdom’s citizens at the core, its first start was Black Flower Guild that the families of Stellon Castle’s surrendered, whom Simon had executed, had formed while promising revenge.
Here, the ones who lost their important people due to Simon, Tommy, and Kallum as the throne succession war continued joined in and its force began to increase with rapid speed.
Not only that, now the ordinary commoners who lost their homes from the war and the battles joined in and created a force that exceeded most grand nobles’ fief regiments.
Of course, it meant that their numbers were like so, and the actual level of strength was a lousy level compared to the regular army.

“Execute the traitors who took part in the treason and all their families and relatives too.”

An order that was completely devoid of mercy fell down.

“A black flower, was it? Kuk. I will laughably crush and snap it off.”

A bloody smile hanged on Simon’s mouth.

‘Prince…… no, your majesty the king……’

Although it was a coronation carried out according to Simon’s will, either way, he was a king who had climbed up through official procedure.
Tio looked at Simon and exhaled a short sigh.

‘For what reason is his temper becoming even madder?’

These days, he wasn’t practicing even the mana technique training that was being a problem at all.
But even so, he was showing an even more hot-blooded side right after climbing onto the throne.
His personality itself too had become unrecognizably cruel.

‘I, I have to look after him well.’

The inside of Tio’s head became complicated.
At that moment.

“Your majesty!”

Together with a bright and bold voice, the doors of the grand hall widely opened.

“Ah! Grandfather.”

Simon cheerfully smiled and slightly lowered his head.
The owner of the voice was Duke Bradley Webster.

“I’ve came back after subduing the western region.”
“Thank you for your work.”

An affectionate conversation went back and forth.
However, the lights in the eyes at least shone sharply like a blade.
Their relationship had been disjointed due to the problem of Holy Place’s God’s Medicine.
But because the situation was such, they showed off a deep relationship on the outside.
A strategically cooperative relationship.
That was Simon and Bradley’s current relationship.
Bradley, with a short cough, lightly looked around at the numerous nobles.

“Your majesty. There is something I must tell you privately and secretly.”
“Alone? Hmm.”

Simon contemplated for a moment, then slightly nodded his head.
When he signaled to Tio with his eyes, all the nobles soon exited out of the grand hall.

“Viscount Ruin wait outside as well.”

Bradley shook his head at Tio, who was staying at his place.
Tio ignored him and stood his place.

“It’s fine, so wait outside for a moment.”

Simon faintly smiled and waved his hand.

“Then I will be outside the door, your majesty.”

Tio only then lowered his head and exited the grand hall afterwards.
Bradley, seeming not quite satisfied with that sight, slightly creased his brows.

“It’s because he thinks of me like a little child, sir.”

Simon cheerfully smiled and spoke as if to say not to worry.

‘Like grandfather does.’

He didn’t spat out the last words and swallowed them.
Bradley slowly nodded his head, then looked at Simon.
The two people’s gazes complicatedly tangled against each other.
Although the tips of the eyes and mouths were smiling, the lights in the eyes were cold.

“So, the thing you wanted to secretly say is……”

Simon spoke up as if casually throwing the words.
Only then Bradley brightly smiled and spoke up the issue.
It was a truly shocking and happy news.

“I have found a way to control your majesty’s evil mana.”



Together with the sound of horse hooves, dust cloud rose up.
Tens of carriages crossed a plain.
Truly an incredible sight.


The commander who was running at the front waved his hand and sent a hand signal.
From front and back as well as left and right, signal flags flapped.
An order passed without reducing their running speed.
The carriages, which were maintaining a rectangular formation while charging, spread to the sides.
The cavalry, which was running ahead as if to protect the carriages, quickly climbed over the hill rising in front of their eyes a step ahead.

“Death to the traitors!”

Instantly, an incredible shout hit the ears.
Simultaneously, a horrendous battlefield spread out below the hill.

< Sekh Legion. >

The legion occupying the south was Tommy’s legion.
And a rather famous legion at that.
On the other hand, the legion that took up a spot on the north was somewhat poor and shabby.
Even the flag planted at the center was made by putting numerous clothes together.

< Black Rinse. >

An armed force made up of Rinse Kingdom’s citizens.
It was a people’s revolutionary group that raised the standard of revolt and stood up against the three princes’ despotism and tyranny.

“Die you traitors!”

The Sekh Legion fiercely pushed the Black Rinse.
Although the Black Rinse had much more numbers, the Sekh Legion was superior in strength itself.
At that moment.


Stomping the hilly highland, a giant warhorse soared up.
A crimson cloak that violently flutter in the southern wind.
The man who slantly held the Travias Spear and was racing as he spurred his horse was Roan Lancephil.
He, while accompanied by his direct Amaranth Troop and Taemusas, raced towards the battlefield.


The sound of horse hooves noisily rang.
Only then did the Sekh Legion and the Black Rinse that were mindlessly fighting turned their gazes towards the hills.

“Wha, what?!”
“C, Crimson Legion?”

The eyes of each side’s soldiers and members widely opened.

“It’s the Lancephil Fief Regiment!”

A crimson wave pouring down from above the hill.
Everyone widely dropped their mouths.

“The, they already came all the way here?!”
“Ri, ridiculous.”

The Sekh Legion’s commanders murmured with half-dazed faces.
They had heard and knew well enough of Lancephil Fief Regiment’s otherworldly fast marching speed.
But this was simply too fast.
It would be understandable if it was only the cavalry, but.


Soon, a crimson wave soared up once more over the hill together with an incredible shout.
Infantry troops of over thousands of soldiers.
At that moment, Roan, who was running at the forefront towards them, raised the Travias Spear high.


A sonorous voice echoed the battlefield.

“Yes sir!”

The thousand-man rank commanders and warriors roared and pulled up their mana.


Sekh Legion and the Black Rinse, who were fiercely attacking each other until just before, falteringly stepped back.

‘Who will they attack!’

Everyone dryly gulped and stared at Roan and the Crimson Legion.
Where would the crimson wave sweep through!
Eyes and gazes entangled.


With an explosive sound, the Crimson Legion with Roan at the lead swept through the battlefield.

“Da, damn it!”

The one swept by the crimson wave was Sekh Legion.


Flame soared up along the Travias Spear.

Kwakang! Boom!


Together with an explosive sound, the Sekh Legion’s soldiers became balls of flame and were flung away.

“We, we are the kingdom’s regular army!”
“Even if we are in middle of the throne succession war, they are traitors!”
“Shouldn’t you be attacking them first?!”
“They have raised revolt against the Rinse Kingdom!”

Sekh Legion’s commanders raised their veins and shouted.
However, Roan made no reply at all.
With a composed expression, he swung the Travias Spear.


Together with an explosive sound, the Sekh Legion’s commanders were split in two.
Although Roan controlling the water energy too was certainly amazing, Roan controlling the heat almost brought a god of flame to mind.

“Uuuuh! R, run!”
“We can’t take on the Crimson Ghost!”
“The Crimson Legion isn’t an opponent we can match!”

In the end, the Sekh Legion’s formation fell down.
A flight in defeat.

“Chase them!”

Roan, quickly through a hand signal, finished forming a pursuit troop.
One of the thousand-man troops took on the pursuit and execution mission.
Like that, the battle ended in an instant.


The Black Rinse’s members quietly stood and dryly swallowed.


Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s skills that they heard only as rumors.

‘The rumors are lacking.’
‘It’s not a Crimson Ghost but a war god, a war god.’

A sense of awe floated up fully on their faces.
At that moment, Roan, who was cleaning up the battlefield, led his horse and went in front of the Black Rinse.
Roan, who stood alone and straight in front of over thousands of Black Rinse’s members.
Even so, the one who controlled the pressure was actually Roan.

“Wh, what do you plan to do with us, sir?”

The one with the highest rank amongst the Black Rinse’s members asked with a greatly tensed expression.
If Roan were to order a massacre here, the Black Rinse would be annihilated.

‘Prince Simon ordered to decapitate us as well as our families and relatives’ heads.’
‘Sir Count Lancephil is Prince Simon’s close aid.’
‘Does our fate end here……’

The faces of Black Rinse’s members were colored with despair.
At that moment.

“Black Rinse. Are you the black flower?”

A softly passed question.
A faint smile floated up on Roan’s mouth.
The Black Rinse’s members wordlessly nodded their heads.
Roan, deeply breathing in, planted the Travias Spear on the ground.

“I will look after you so that that flower never wilts.”

A flower that never wither.
It was Amaranth.
A new amaranth had newly blossomed its buds.

“A, are you taking us in, sir?”

The Black Rinse’s members looked at Roan with widely opened eyes.
With unbelieving expressions, they stuttered their words.

“W, we are traitors who raised a revolt against the three princes.”
“If Prince Simon were to know of this fact, he won’t leave Sir Count Lancephil alone.”

Worried voices.
Amongst the members, the one who was standing at the very front cautiously asked.

“Hasn’t Sir Count entered the war for Prince Simon?”

At those words, Roan turned his horse’s head and looked towards the west.
At the end of that place was the capital, Miller.

“Prince Simon?”

Roan slowly shook his head.

“Not at all. I entered the war……”

Strength went into his voice.

“Not for Prince Simon, Prince Tommy, or Prince Kallum……”

The smile floating on his mouth became much thicker.

“But for the kingdom’s citizens.”

The Black Rinse’s members all let out quiet exclamations.
Roan turned his head and looked straight at the members’ eyes.

“Let us go to the capital, Miller.”

A gentle aura flowed out from his entire body.

“Let us go and spread not blood but flower seeds.”

The Black Rinse’s members unconsciously nodded their heads.
Roan once again turned his head and looked towards the west, the place where the capital, Miller, was.

“Seeds of a flower that never wilt……”

The time had finally come for that name to blanket the kingdom.

< Amaranth (1) > End.

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