I Am the Monarch – Chapter 203: Amaranth (3)

While the messenger of the First Prince, no, the incomplete King Simon who climbed up to the throne without the royal crest nor national seal was running towards Roan Lancephil’s camp, an unusual event was happening in Second Prince Tommy Rinse’s camp in the Southwest.

“Idiotic bitches!”

A roar with tensely raised killing intent.


Soon, wine cups and dishes rolled on the ground.

“Please calm down, your highness.”

Numerous nobles and administrators bowed down.

“Calm? Do I look like I’ll calm down right now?!”

The one who was raising a fit and shouting was Tommy.
His face, with rage, annoyance, and even intoxication rising up, was brightly flushed.
The place his bloody eyes were looking at was the opposite floor.
A middle-aged man of grand stature was lowering his head while kneeling on one knee.
He was Viscount Konce Leisi, a noble of the kingdom and one of the greatly talented warriors.
Tommy shouted while standing straight in front of Konce.

“Konce Leisi! You said you were a talented general called the nightmare of the battlefield! And a bastard like that fights with Roan Lancephil twelve times and loses all twelve times? And even let over ten-thousand-man legion get annihilated?”

His voice slowly became louder.

“You idiotic bastard! What nightmare of the battlefield! You aren’t enemy’s nightmare but friendly’s! Friendly’s nightmare!”

Verbal abuse.
At that moment, Duke Edwin Voisa, who was watching the situation from the side, stepped forwards together with a short sigh.

“Prince. Although it is a fact that Viscount Leisi has greatly lost, it is also a fact that the achievements he raised before that are great. He is our force’s spearhead. Please mercifully forgive him and give him a new chance.”

A gentle voice.
However, Tommy’s expression was still cold.

“A chance? Grandfather. Don’t say such a word.”

He looked straight at Edwin.

“In truth, I don’t like grandfather either. Just what happened to Mills who went to the Estia Empire? I’m asking when is the Imperial Army coming! Only when they come could I drag down that shell-only king Simon and climb onto the throne!”

Tommy wasn’t of sane mind.
Getting heavily intoxicated with the originally cruel personality was the problem.

“They will arrive soon. Please don’t worry about that.”

Edwin answered with a composed expression.
He was a noble who had many experiences enough to compete the ranks even amongst the kingdom’s four dukes and whose bones were thick in the world of politics.
He wasn’t a man who would flush his face at the verbal abuse of a grandson so much younger than himself.


Tommy clenched his teeth.
However much he was intoxicated he understood that it wasn’t easy to take the initiative with Edwin as the opponent.
Naturally, the arrow of criticism went towards Konce.

“Konce Leisi! For the crime of leading the most elite legion to annihilation, I sentence you to decapitation!”

An unbelievable order.
The words of commanders, and the words of the prince at that who commanded supreme over the entire army were alike thousand pieces of gold. 1
However, Tommy’s words were excessively light.

“P, prince!”
“Th, that’s too excessive a treatment!”

Numerous nobles who were merely searching the mood raised their voices.
If Konce’s neck was cut here, there was no general to lead the legion and go out to the battlefields at the moment.

“Prince. Please reconsider.”

Even Edwin stepped up.

‘Damn it. There’s not a single thing that can be done as I wish!’

Since the situation became such degree, even Tommy couldn’t thoughtlessly push forwards his decision.
He noisily gritted his teeth.

“Alright. Since everyone wishes so, I will leave aside decapitation at least. But instead, I will give hundred lashings and lower your nobility to baron.”

Tommy scowled with his eyes and glared at the numerous nobles.

“Or do you perhaps plan to obstruct even this?”

The numerous nobles couldn’t carelessly answer.
If possible, they obviously wanted to oppose.
However, they could end up in the same position as Konce from excessive protest if not careful.
Silence and no answer.
Tommy, when the nobles showed no particular reaction, snickered a laugh and nodded his head.

“Execute it.”

At those words, Konce, who was lowering his head with one of his knees kneeled down, stood up.
Solidly stiffened expression.
Cold yet sharply glinting eyes.
Disrespectfully, Konce looked straight into Tommy’s eyes.
When he, whose stature was grand, looked down at Tommy, an unknown pressure exuded out.

“You, you bastard……”

At the suffocating pressure, Tommy instinctively spat out a curse.
A situation where he would end up humiliated in front of numerous nobles.

‘Can’t let that happen!’

Borrowing from the intoxication, he swung his hand.


With a clear sound, Konce’s cheek burned up red.

“P, prince……”

Numerous nobles, with aghast expressions, couldn’t continue their words.
Because they hadn’t even though that a prince of a kingdom would slap a noble’s cheeks.
From Konce’s position, it was a significantly humiliating situation.
He quietly stood and looked at Tommy.
Tommy once again tried to swing his hand, then flinched and stopped his movement.
Because the pressure that was exuding out of Konce’s body became even sharper than a well-sharpened sword.


Tommy unknowingly gulped dryly, then stepped back.

“Ge, get out! Immediately drag this bastard out and lash him!”

Soon, the royal guards entered into the conference room.
Even until then, Konce quietly stood and glared at Tommy.


The royal guards, without being able to carelessly touch him, merely flustered about.
Konce, who was staying still slowly nodded his head.

“I will go on my own feet.”

Quietly sunken voice.
Konce walked few steps back, then casually turned around and went out of the conference room.

“Arrogant bastard.”

Tommy saw that sight and spat out a curse.
The conference room’s mood sank into a mess.
They couldn’t even let out a breath.
Edwin’s expression too wasn’t good.

‘So we came as far as we can go.’

The thought that any more like this would be difficult fully filled the inside of his head.
Because he was his grandson, and because that grandson was second in line to throne succession, he had endured everything and aided him until now.
But now was at a limit.
The ship called Tommy that looked brilliant was definitely sinking.

‘For the sinking ship, I will let its captain take responsibility.’

There was no need for even him to drown together.
Thankfully, there was still a chance for Edwin.

‘Since Mills and the Imperial Army is there.’

There was plenty of possibilities for grand reversal.
A seemingly strange and odd smile floated up on his mouth.


“My lord. This, this is too much.”
“For the general to receive such humiliation……”
“Even though the achievements Sir Viscount has raised until now was so much…… kuuk.”

Lord, general, viscount.
Although the titles were different, they were all words pointing to one person.

“Lord Leisi.”
“General leisi.”
“Sir Viscount Leisi. Kuhuk.”

The owners of the voices were all warriors who wore armors.
They stood near the bed and threw up their frustrations.


Soon following, a groan mixed with pain flowed out.
The middle-aged man who couldn’t even lie down right and was lying prone on the bed.
He was Konce Leisi, who received lashings under Tommy’s order.
Konce had taken off all his tops, but his tight and muscular back was full of deep wounds.
Wounds from hundred set of lashing.
Konce was closing his eyes while lying prone.
He wasn’t sleeping.
He was effortfully suppressing the boiling heart.

“Sir Viscount. I cannot endure any longer.”

Baron Muste Bonen, who was one of Konce’s adjutants, tightly clenched his fist.

“Sir Viscount was one who raised countless achievements even before the throne succession war, literally a great general who represented the kingdom. You also have the achievement of completely subduing the northwest region while giving your loyalty to Prince Tommy after the throne succession war. But, but how could he to that Sir Viscount…… kuk!”

Without being able to endure, tears burst out.
Other warriors followed and flowed their tears.


With a groan, Konce stood up from his bed.
Following the wounds, red blood flowed down on its own.
A horrible sight.
But effortfully with a calm expression, he looked at his aides whom he commanded like his limbs.

“It’s not viscount. I am now a baron.”

At those words, other nobles hit their chests and shook their heads.

“I cannot recognize this, sir!”

Soon, sounds of echoing were heard from multiple places.

“I cannot recognize this either, sir.”
“I cannot accept an unreasonable and humiliating treatment like this, sir.”

At those words, Konce made a bitter smile.

“I should think it fortunate to at least saved my life. No……”

He hesitated for a moment, then exhaled a long sigh.

“Is it not a time to even be grateful of that……”

It was the truth.
If it was cruel and hot-blooded Tommy, he couldn’t know when he would nitpick for whatever reason and try to cut Konce’s neck.
Furthermore, Konce and his adjutants too knew very well.
That Tommy never embrace someone who get pushed out of his eyes.
A silence fell down.
A suffocating and foul silence.
After who knew how long.
Muste, who was shedding tears, opened his mouth with an expression of having resolved something.

“Sir Viscount.”

Konce as well as everyone’s gazed turned towards him.
Muste, with his fists clenched, added on.

“Not that it came to this, let us find a new master.”


Instantly, everyone made dazed expressions.
Expressions as if they were strongly hit on the back of their heads.
Muste did not mind them and continued to speak his words.

“The master has given us up first. We won’t receive criticisms for looking for a new master.”

Konce leaked a quite groan.
A silence fell once again.
However, the silence this time was of slightly different mood than before.
A peculiar mood.

“I concur with Baron Bonen’s suggestion, sir.”
“If it’s this situation, we don’t know when our necks will fall off either way.”
“Prince Tommy humiliated general. We cannot serve him any further.”
“Furthermore, Prince Tommy is too cruel. Not only the enemy, he laughs at the lives of ally soldiers.”
“The resentment of the kingdom’s citizens too is widespread.”

Heated voices caught onto each other and continued on and on.
Muste deeply breathed in.

“Everyone’s opinions are coinciding. Sir Viscount……”

He spoke with a voice full of certainty.

“Prince Tommy is finished.”

Konce, together with a quiet groan, nodded his head.
His thoughts too weren’t very different than the numerous nobles including Muste.

‘Since it came to this……’

Following Muste’s advice and looking for a new master was best plan.
He looked around at many nobles and asked in a quiet voice.

“Who would be good as the new master?”

As soon as his words finished.

“It’s Prince Simon.”
“Prince Simon has already climbed onto the throne.”
“More than half of the kingdom is under Prince Simon’s influence.”
“The one who would subdue the kingdom is only Prince Simon.”

Although Kallum was holding on well, that was only something possible because Tommy was there.
Since Tommy was at least holding up one side.
But with the desertion of Konce and talented warriors, Tommy would soon completely fall down.
Then Kallum’s collapse too was obvious.
Konce, who was quietly listening, cautiously asked.

“How about Count Lancephil?”

A lightly and casually thrown question.
However, its impact was much bigger than he had thought.
The noisy mood cooled down with a rapid speed.
There was no one who carelessly answered.
Ultimately, Muste stepped forwards again this time.

“Would that be alright, sir?”

Question asking Konce.
The difference between serving a prince and a similar noble was big.
Furthermore, Roan was a newly rising noble of ordinary commoner’s background without even a family tree.
For Konce of the Leisi House, which had reputation, it was true that it greatly hurt the pride.
Due to that, the adjutants including Muste decided to directly listen to the answer to the question from Konce.
Konce, slowly closing his eyes, fell into contemplation.
Tragically, the contemplation wasn’t long.
Opening his closed eyes, he shook his head.

“Count Lancephil is a no.”

His pride did not allow it.

“I will go to Prince Simon.”

It truly was a tragic event.
Because of his pride as a noble, Konce had made the worst decision of his one and entire life.

“We will leave once the night deepens.”

There was no need to unnecessarily drag out the time.
There were no legion or troop he was leading below him.
A situation where he simply could take the adjutants at his side and leave right now.
At that moment, Muste unnecessarily looked around the surrounding mood, then spoke in a small voice as if to whisper.

“In that case, wouldn’t it be better to bring a present?”
“A present?”

Konce creased his brows.

“Yes. A present, sir.”

On the other hand, Muste, whose reins were untied, truly had no hesitation.
In truth, Simon’s camp was a state where numerous adjutants had already occupied important positions.
The possibility of Konce, who he fiercely fought until just yesterday, of receiving a crucial position beyond that was very thin.
However, the story was different if he were to surrender while bringing a present together.

“And a very big present at that, sir.”
“If it’s a big present…… perhaps……?”

Konce twisted his face as if finding it hard to believe.
Numerous nobles dryly swallowed with tense expressions.
Muste, with a cold expression, nodded his head.

“Let us bring Prince Tommy’s head.”


“Damn it! Wine, bring me the wine!”

Tommy kicked over a table and shouted.
Maids and attendants, with completely nervous expressions, brought out a new jug of liquor.

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

Tommy drank not with a cup but with the jug itself.
Those flowing outside of his mouth exceeded the half.
The maids and attendants, lining up long alongside one wall, merely watched Tommy’s mood.
That too displeased Tommy’s feelings.

“Get out!”

The instant his roar fell down, the maids and attendants went out of the living room.

“Lowly and disgusting things……”

Tommy spat out curses at the maids and attendants who weren’t even seen, then placed his mouth on the liquor jug once again.
He emptied out five jugs as big as an adult by himself.
An incredible drinking capacity.
Thanks to that, the wine emptied out in an instant.

“Bring the wine! I said bring the wine!”

Tommy shouted aloud towards the outside of the door.
But for some reason, the attendants and maids gave no answer at all.

“These bitches……”

Tommy staggeringly stood up and moved his steps towards the door.

“All of you must want your heads cut off.”

With a roar, the living room’s door widely opened up.
Instantly, a disgusting and bloody scent grazed through the tip of his nose.


Tommy looked at the corridor that spread outside of the living room and creased his brows.
The scenery of the corridor was horrendous.
The attendants and maids, all with their necks cut, were fallen down.

“What is this……”

From the unexpected sight and intoxication, the sight in front of his eyes shook.
At that moment, men of black night-traveling clothes jumped out from a cornered place on the corridor.

“Eh?! Eh, eh!”

Literally an abrupt situation.
Tommy, without even being able to resist properly, was led by the men’s hands and was thrown inside the living room.

“Who, who are you!”

Together with a roar, his limbs dizzily moved.
A useless resistance.
That was almost like a drunkard’s squirming.

“Tommy. Can you not recognize me?”

A composed tone and voice.
Tommy, who was struggling, only then collected his breath and looked at the men.
The one who was standing foremost amongst them.

“Konce Leisi?”

Tommy creased his brows.
The candlelight inside the living room brightly shone the men’s faces.
The men of night-traveling outfits were Konce and his adjutants.

“You, you bastard dare……”

Tommy shook his finger at him and trembled his entire body.
Because of intoxication, he couldn’t clearly discern the situation.
Konce clicked his tongue as he watched that sight.

“Tch tch tch. To think I put my life on the line and fought for a man like this……”

The lost years were regrettable.


Konce pulled out a dagger from his clothes.
The sharp blade reflected the candlelight and flashed.

“P, perhaps……?!”

Tommy’s face only then was bleached white.
He moved back while flopped down on the ground.

“Ko, Konce Leisi. No, Viscount Leisi. A, are you betraying me right now?”

An expression petrified with fear.
Konce snorted.

“I’m not a viscount but a baron.”

Sarcastic words.
Tommy awkwardly smiled and shook his head.

“Th, that’s something I misspoke from getting angry for a moment, and……”

He thought that Konce had a dissatisfaction from having his status fallen down.
Tommy wanted to avoid this situation in any way.
Konce pointed at Tommy with the tip of his dagger.

“You said that I wasn’t the enemy’s nightmare but the friendly’s nightmare, no?”

Calmly asking voice.
Tommy quickly shook his head.

“That too was my slip of tongue.”

At those words, Konce nodded his head.

“Yes. That definitely is a slip of the tongue. I’m not the friendly’s nightmare, but……”

Konce kneeled down on one knee and grabbed Tommy’s head with one hand.
At the same time, he thrusted the dagger long forwards.


“Tommy. Because I’m you bastard’s nightmare.”

Konce bloodily smiled and twisted his wrist.

“Kuuk. Ho, how could I like this……”

Tommy, as if unable to believe, clutched the dagger with his hands.
Veins arose on his eyes and drool flowed from his mouth.

“E, even though the throne was just in front……”

Tommy, leaving behind a ridiculous sound as his last words, dropped his head.

“He says nonsense to the end.”

Konce shook his head while he pulled out the dagger.
He casually glanced at Tommy who sprawled out, then signaled with his hands towards his adjutants.
Soon, Muste stepped forwards and cleanly cut off Tommy’s head.
Konce deeply breathed in.

“Now, we are immediately going to Prince Simon, no, his majesty the king.”

He pointed back and forth between Tommy’s head and the liquor jug.

“Let him at least drink as much wine as he wishes while going all the way to the capital, Miller.”
“Yes. Understood, sir.”

Muste immediately answered, then immersed Tommy’s head inside a small jug of wine.
It was a measure to slip out of Tommy’s temporary mansion.
Soon, numerous nobles including Konce exited out of the living room and hid their bodies inside the darkness.
Tommy’s death was discovered only after quite a longer time had passed than they had thought.
It was because Tommy had usually greatly disliked people visiting or getting close to his residence without permission.
However, the biggest reason was that the one who was originally responsible for the mansion’s guarding was one of Konce’s adjutants.
Tommy’s death soon spread to the entire kingdom.
Of course, the one who came into contact with the news the foremost was Roan.
He, at the Agens agent’s report, lowered the teacup he held and exhaled a short sigh.

“In the end, it became like so.”

Quietly murmuring sound.
In the last life, the very first one to die amongst the three princes was also Tommy Rinse.
Roan stood up from his seat and went outside of the barrack.
A clear sunlight poured down on top of his head.

“Then the next is……”

His gaze headed towards the giant river that flowed in front of the camp.
No, to be exact, it went towards the grand castle wall that was located beyond that.
A giant castle that had splendor that couldn’t easily be seen anywhere else.
It was the capital, Miller.

“Prince Simon’s turn, is it……”

Roan’s voice rode the southern wind and flowed towards the North.

< Amaranth (3) > End.

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Proofreader: Fujimaru


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  1. “words of… thousand pieces of gold”, a phrase meaning that words of said person hold great weight and is valuable enough to be equated to thousand pieces of gold.

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  1. Darkos

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