I Am the Monarch – Chapter 21 : Unexpected Battle (1)

Just because Roan returned to the past, doesn’t mean that he remembered all locations of the monsters.

‘But I do remember all the fierce ones.’

Aside of those, it was all blurry. So in one word, he was fighting while combining all of those blurry memories.
And of course, even with just that, the accuracy was so high that he even gained a title of Ghost of the Battlefield.
But most of all, there was another big benefit.

“Squad Commander, we finished our training.”

The owner of the valiant voice was Austin.

‘Their attitudes have changed.’

The biggest gain.
That was the change of attitude from the soldiers who belong to the 42nd Squad. They were once filled with outrage, annoyance and discomfort.

The members of the squad all recognized Roan’s skills in just ten days.

‘But of course, not all of them are like that.’

A bitter smile appeared on his face.
Austin looked towards Roan and took in a deep breath.

‘His spearmanship is like this, but his comprehension skills of the battlefield and ability to command his soldiers are also outstanding. He just seems like a soldier whose roamed the battlefield for ten years.’

Because of that, he felt stuffed.

‘I do want to return to my original squad…..’

If he returned to his original squad and accumulated a bit more merits, he would be able to attain the Squad Commander seat.

‘But I want to be next to him more than that.’

Roan was only 18.
He was really young.
That meant that he had a lot more potential and could grow more so than now.

‘Perhaps he could become a commander whose name is known throughout the kingdom, no, the continent.’

A great commander ruling the heavens and earth.

‘An ally who rules the earth along with a great commander. It’s not a bad future.’

Austin puts on a smile.
Then, he heard Roan’s voice.

“Today is the tenth day. How many members want to return to their own squads?”
“It’s four.”
“There aren’t as many as I thought. What is Sergeant Austin planning to do?”

A question thrown casually.
Austin looked at Roan’s eyes fixedly.

“I want to serve next to you.”

A bright smile appears in Roan’s face.

“Then, I will be in your care.”
“Me too, I will be in your care.”

Austin bent his head.
On this day, the four people who still thought of Roan as a greenhorn all returned to their respective squads.

“They are all crazy.”
“They are planning to keep serving below that greenhorn?”
“Don’t regret it later.”
“This is why you have to choose people well.”

Mockery and ridicule.
But they couldn’t have known.
That the people who will regret this decision for the rest of their lives would be them instead.

“Now! Let’s do our squad training.”

Roan started to train with the remaining squad members.
The training they haven’t missed out once, for the last ten days since he became squad commander.
At first, the squad members including Austin all let out discomfort voices, but now they rather expected the time to train.

‘The training methods of 20 years from now.’

Roan trained the 42nd Squad with the training methods which were fixed from trials and errors 20 years into the future.

‘For now, charging through with a square shape method is all.’

A really simple shape.
However, the aspect of battle changes from now on.
Various formations, tactics and strategies become important.
Even in a squad composed of twenty people, they needed strategy, tactics and good swift movements.

‘If it’s the training methods of 20 years from now on, I can make a powerful squad.’

Roan bit his lower lip and looked back.
The 16 squad members run across the plains and expand from right to left.

“Bear in mind! Simply holding your spear and charging to the front isn’t battling! We need to move taking into account the current position of our squad, and maneuver to the objective!”

Roan’s voice flows through the wind.

“We have to be aware at all times what situation our allies are in, so we can seize any opportunities which are available and give them help.”

A voice filled with strength.

“You have to be able to decide yourselves on what action is the most appropriate one; taking these informations into account.”

Then, he extended his thumb, index finger and shook his hand.
One of the many signs he taught in these ten days.
The members who were placed in the right flinched and moved to the left.
It was a rather quick movement, but Roan couldn’t become satisfied.

“In training, we don’t only train our physiques. We also have to study signs, movements, formations and tactics even at ordinary times. We have to become so accustomed to the point our bodies move by itself without thinking with our minds.”
“Yes! Understood!”

A strong reply.
Roan slowly nods.
It has only been ten days.

‘It’s impossible to master everything in just ten days.’

That’s why they needed to repeatedly train and study.
Then, Roan hit his right shoulder with his left hand and clenched it to a fist.


The squad members who were running fast lowered their speed, and completely stopped.
A vast plain appeared in front of their eyes.
Roan took in a deep breath and scrutinized his squad members.
A smile which appears on his mouth.

“Now that we’ve started it, let’s really become a Ghost Squad.”

That in itself was a declaration of its trademark.
The squad members gulp dry saliva and nod.
The bright sun sets throughout the plains.


The 7th Corps acquired successive victories.
Even in the middle of all that, the Rose Troop’s squad activities soared to the point it outshines all others.

“That’s because of the Ghost of the Battlefield.”
“They say he finds monster dens really easily.”
“It’s not only that. Nowadays, the skills of Ghost Squad became remarkable to the point it can clearly be seen with your own eyes.”
“They say that they even train separately at break times.”
“Well, they are a newly formed squad, so they would need to train to coordinate with each other.”
“It’s not only that. According to the rumors, they seem to be doing training that have never been done before.”

The newly formed 42nd Squad, the squad who was called Ghost Squad, was also quite famous among the soldiers of the 7th Corps.
It meant that they accomplished so much attention.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the middle of a formation from Rose Troop, a heavy drum noise is heard.

“We are heading into battle! Towards the west side of Pedian’s Plain, goblins have appeared!”

In an instant, soldiers rushed out of their tents.
And in the middle of them, Roan and his 42nd Squad was also among them.
Gale and the officers appeared while riding horses.

“The Ramsey Troop, Ultimate Troop and the Greyum Troop are battling with a goblin army!”

A loud voice.

“The number of goblins is estimated around two thousand.”

A number that is not too significant nor too few either.

“From now on, we are heading out to rescue the three Troops!”

Gale unsheathed his blade and points it towards the west.

“Rose Troop, charge!”

Continued by that, the yells of the adjutants and squad members reverberates throughout the area.



A noise that shakes the earth.
The Special Squad along with the cavalry take the forefront, and the Rose Troop sets out from the camp, quickly marching towards the west side of the plain.

‘Was there a battle like this?’

Roan frowned at the sudden unexpected battle.
He didn’t remember anything recent.

‘Well, I do not remember all of the battles that occured.’

Even so, he couldn’t erase a bad feeling.
Then, metal clashing and yells was heard from a long distance.

“These bastards! We will utterly kill you!”

The situation was such that they didn’t need the extra help.
The Ramsey Troop, Ultimate Troop and the Greyum Troop had already pushed the goblins to a side and almost achieved victory.


The goblins discarded their weapons and flee.

“Chase them!”
“Don’t lose them!”
“Pursue them!”

The three troops chase the escaping goblins.

“We are also increasing our pace!”

Gale hits the horse.


The soldiers of the Rose Troop yell and speeds up.
The infantry squeezed out all of their strength just to catch up with the cavalrymen; galloping farther away.

A forest located at the end of the plain.
The branches shake because of the westerly wind.
The Rose Troop charged to the deepest part of the forest in an instant.
They become covered by shadows looming off the dense forest.

A chill runs down his spine.

‘Here is……..?’

Roan frowned.
And that was because he didn’t have good memories regarding this forest.
Then, a yell was heard from the front who were pursuing the goblins.

“It, it’s an ambush!”
“It’s a trap!”

At that moment, Roan’s eyes widen in surprise.

‘Ma, maybe?!’

The bad memory related to this forest.
That resurfaces up in his mind.

‘But that battle is supposed to happen in a years time?’

Roan’s sight follows the dense forest.

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