I Am the Monarch – Chapter 219: Amaranth (19)

The first life and the second life.
During the two lives, Roan experienced similar event, or completely new events.
The horrendous sight that spread before his eyes right now.
The tempest-like pressure that suffocated the breath.

‘It is slightly different, but in the end……’

It was same as the last life.
The plain that spread before the eyes, and the Mad Monarch Simon Rinse and the Legion of Dark that stood beyond it.
In this life as well, they were heinous, contemptible, and fearsome.
But there was also something completely different than the last life.
Roan’s head turned towards the ally camp located at the back.

‘Although I was there at the back in the last life……’

His head once again turned towards the front.

‘Now I am in front of everyone.’

Roan Lancephil.
From a mere rank-and-file spearman, he had become a noble, no, a great general who led a grand legion.
And now he stared beyond it.
During the second life, only Roan changed greatly.

‘Mad Monarch Simon.’

Simon’s face that was far away was seen as if it was right in front of his nose through the Kalian’s Tears.

‘So it ultimately became like this.’

A sigh flowed out.

‘When we first met, I had hoped that he may become a virtuous monarch if I supported him well from his side.’

But seeing his obsession for power and cold-blooded nature while passing through the Poskein Exodus, that hope was shattered to dust.

‘Furthermore, even his body was full of evil mana.’

A situation where he couldn’t control his madness without the Holy Palace’s God’s Medicine.
Roan’s eyes sank to a calm light.

‘If it wasn’t for the evil mana, then would he have been fine?’

Roan soon shook his head.
The appearances Simon showed until now was in no way different than those of other royalties and nobles.

‘The bastards who can thoughtlessly throw away the lives of citizens  if it was for power and wealth.’

The distance between Simon and the image of monarch Roan wanted was distant.


A long sigh once again flowed out.
At that moment.

“My lord. The preparations have finished.”

Harrison approached and spoke in a quiet voice.
Roan slowly nodded his head.

“I see. Then should we blitz them?”

A faint smile floated up on his mouth.

“Since that’s our mission.”

Roan glared at the front.
No, his gaze was watching at a place much farther away.
At that place.

‘Ian. I’m counting on you.’

Ian Phillips, together with a detached force, was advancing towards the Longfort Castle.
Their number was merely one thousand.
It was an impossibly small number to capture the kingdom West’s fort Longfort.
But Ian was confident.

‘The commanders opposed saying it was an absolutely an impossible task, but……’

Roan was as much as Ian, no, more confident than Ian.
Braving the commanders’ opposition, he lent him one thousand soldiers.

‘If it’s Ian, he should achieve it.’

He didn’t have even a very small doubt.
Roan clenched his teeth.

‘I merely need to achieve my own mission.’

HIs mission was.

‘Today I cut Simon’s neck.’

He planned to stop the Mad Monarch’s foul, no, the actions that would turn even fouler if left alone.


The Travias Spear, with a clear metallic sound, showed its appearance.
The thousand-man rank and above commanders focused their gazes.
Roan, with a quiet but powerful voice, gave his order.

“Left Wing, Right Wing advance. The center main army maintain position, and……”

The light in his eyes frigidly shined.

“Amaranth follow me.”

A silence whirled in the camp.
The commanders, soldiers, and the warhorses that were awaiting merely exhaled rough breaths.
They awaited the word that would soon follow.
Finally, Roan raised his spear up high.


A thunder-like voice.
Simultaneously, numerous commanders shouted aloud in one voice.


Vvuuuuu! Dum! Dum! Dum! Dum!

The sound of horn and the sound of drums signaling advance noisily rang out.

“Charge! Charge!”

The flag bearers who climbed onto the camp’s watchtowers strongly waved the giant legion flag.
An incredible sound of shout shook the desolate earth.


The ground trembled.
Dust clouds arose and scarlet, crimson legion cut through the air.

“You, you maniacs!”

Hexer Michel who tightly stuck onto Simon’s side and was analyzing the situation unconsciously spat out a curse.

‘An all out battle from the start!’

He wasn’t able to predict such development.
He had thought that few small-scale battles would naturally follow few times and then a legion-scale battle would unfold like most battles.

‘They must really be hurried.’

Michel effortfully made a smile.
He too knew well of what kind of events were happening in the Rinse Kingdom’s South and North.

‘Kukuk. Good, then I’ll make you burn more desperately.’

There were plenty of hex dolls.
Because they had lost their reasons, they did not fear dying.

‘I just need to rush with numbers and drag on the time.’

In that time, they would send newly made hex dolls from the Longfort Castle.
Even if it wasn’t that, he could command the hexers that accompanied him and revive the battlefield’s corpses into hex dolls.

‘The time is on our side.’

Michel thought so.
He, who wasn’t of a warrior background, thought of Roan and the Crimson Legion as laughable.
An incredible losing move.
He was much slower and stupider man than he thought.
Michel bizarrely bent his fingers and formed a small shape.

“All of you send the attack order.”

A command sent to the hexers scattered within the legion.
Soon, numerous hexers formed the same finger shape as Michel, then whispered unintelligible words.
Suddenly, the hex dolls that were limply splayed sharply trembled their bodies, then raised their heads.
Black lights waved within the foggily sunken eyes.
A sinister smile hanged on Michel’s mouth.

“Attack! Rip the bastards apart into pieces! Bit off the flesh, and eat out the hearts!”

The horrendous command finally fell.


The hex dolls, together with grotesque sounds, kicked off the ground and moved.


The vicious charge of those who threw away reason.
Finally, the Legion of Dark stood up like a swarm of clouds and began to sweep the battlefield.


The two opposing shouts rode the wind and clashed.
The space between the two camps rapidly disappeared.
The vanguard and the vanguard neared almost as if they would touch if one extended one’s hand.


The giant legions collided with a thunderous roar.

“Do not retreat!”
“Charge! Charge!”

Roan and the Amaranth Troop that followed him bounced off the hex dolls with the muscled and hard bodies of the warhorses.


Flames erupted along the Travias Spear.
A crimson flower blossomed on the desolate land.

Ssskuk! Puuuk!

Each time the spearhead slashed the air, many, tens of hex dolls became bisected and fell.
Roan pressed his chest onto the horse’s neck and repeatedly spurred the horse.
Also the same for the Amaranth Troop’s members who followed.
Even after the clash, they did not slow their charging speed.
The line the Crimson Legion and the Legion of Dark meshed together.
The ones breaking away alone from there were only Roan and the Amaranth Troop.
A long and thin rode opened up along the path they raced.
It was a ferocious, and exceedingly powerful charge.

‘We will leave the enemy’s arms and legs to the legion.’

Roan clenched his teeth.
His gaze was stuck to the front.

‘We aim for the enemy’s heart.’

The horse’s head greatly shook.
The furious charge kept continuing on without knowing how to stop.

“Tha, tha, tha, that!”

Michel stared at Roan and the Amaranth Troop racing straight for him, no, towards Simon, and stuttered.
Unconsciously and instinctively, he hid his body behind Simon’s back.

“You imbeciles! Stop Roan! Catch Roan I say!”

A bizarre voice pierced through the shouts and echoed.
The hexers who were lined up in the rear quickly gave a new order with ruffled expressions.


The hex dolls that were surging at the Crimson Legion weirdly moved, then soon raced towards Roan and the Amaranth Troop.
The formation that was loose tightly filled up.
A situation where Roan and the Amaranth Troop could be trapped within the hex dolls if not careful.
It truly was a crisis of instant life or death.
Michel watched that sight and burst out a bizarre laugh.

“Kukuku. You idiotically rushed and that truly turned a comical si……”

But his words could not quite tie its end.
The eyes that were flashing with bloody light widely goggled.
An amazing sight spread before his eyes.


With a heavy sound of shattering the air, a black stick penetrated between the hex dolls and appeared.
A scarlet flame was bursting on the spearhead affixed to the stick’s end.

“T, Travias Spear?”

Michel muttered with a half-dazed expression.
At that moment.


The spearhead’s flame began to spread along the spear handle.
Literally an act that happened in an instant.
Simultaneously, the spear that elongated endlessly long began to shake its body left and right.
The start was minute.
At most just a single finger joint much of movement.
But that soon began to violently move left and right as wide as finger length, hand length, arm length, a body length.

Uung! Uung! Uung!

Pububuk! Pububububuk!

With sounds of wind that struck the ears, the tightly pouncing hex dolls struck the spear and were bounced off.
No, they were swallowed by the flame and burned into a scarlet fire balls.
A giant path of fire opened up following the Travias Spear.


The hex dolls fell together with freakish screams.
The formation solidly tightening loosened in an instant.
At that moment.


The longly extending Travias Spear shrank in an instant.
The empty space the spear was soon filled with gigantic flames.
That almost looked like a wall made of fire.
It seemed as if none could pass through there.
No, it seemed that no one could even approach.
But at that moment.


Piercing through the brightly erupting flame, large and strong warhorse showed up.
The owner of the warhorse, holding the rein and raising a spear of flame, looked down on the battlefield with daring lights in his eyes.
Crimson helmet, crimson armor, crimson mantle.
The scarlet river of flame, no, fire riding the armor and the warhorse’s body and flowing.
An incredible pressure swept the battlefield like a storm.


Michel and the hexers unconsciously gulped dryly.
The man who almost brought to mind a god of fire.
He was in fact Roan.

“Simon Rinse.

A quiet voice rode the wind and flowed.
But Simon who was already caught in hex did not show any reaction. No, he couldn’t.
No, it seemed as he couldn’t.
Roan’s eyes twinkled with an odd light.
His gaze soon slightly flowed to his side.
The place his gaze touched.
Michel was there.

“Hph! H, how do you know of my name……?!”

Michel padded backwards with a whitely bleached face.
They did not know that Roan had the hexers’ memories.
Roan glared at the hexers with a chilling gaze.

“For your offense of kidnapping innocent citizens of the kingdom, controlling their minds without sanction, and turning them into hex dolls……”

A voice colder and more frigid than the light in his eyes.
Killing intent spouted out from his entire body.

“I will cut you bastards’ necks.”

Instantly, the faces of hexers including Michel bleached blue.
Their breaths were suffocated by the killing intent Roan poured out.

“Y, y, you……”

Michel effortfully clenched his teeth and tightly clenched his fist.

‘This cannot end like this!’

The Ring of Divine Arts was on him.
If only this event were to be resolved well, he could place the Rinse Kingdom below his feet.
The shining future was in front of his nose.
With laboriously a calm expression, he glared at Roan.

“You bastard chatter as if you’ve already won.”

The tip of his voice slightly trembled.
Even though he wished to hid it, Michel was still afraid.

“Look around. You bastard are completely surrounded.”
The hex dolls mobbed up around Roan like a swarm of bees.
Even so, Roan’s expression was exceedingly calm.
The red light that flowed along his entire body and the small sparks played an odd air.


Michel unknowingly gulped dryly.
A war god was in front of his eyes.

‘D, don’t get scared. W, we are much more advantageous.’

He laboriously grasp his disheveling heart.
With a rather powerful voice, Michel shouted.

“I wonder you can even pay me any attention from facing the hex dolls.”

A haughty expression and manner.
Roan quietly stared at such Michel, than soon burst out a laugh.


A hearty laugh that even cooled his chest.
With the Travias Spear, he pointed at Michel and the Hexers.

“You do not need to worry of that.”

His eyes flashed and shone a light.

“Because the hex dolls themselves won’t be able to pay any attention to me.”

At those words, Michel and the hexers tilted their heads.

“Wha, what do you mean of that?”

There was no answer.
Roan merely and faintly made a smile.
Michel who turned frustrated once again opened his mouth.

“Just what are……”

At that very moment.


The river of flame that rode and flowed behind Roan’s back split to the sides.
The crimson wall had once again shattered.
Simultaneously, hundreds of soldiers wearing crimson armors showed up.
Scarlet sparks jumped along the armors and the warhorses.
Above the soldier who stood at the lead, a troop flag fluttered.

< Amaranth Troop. >

Roan’s direct troop and the core of the Lancephil Legion.
The Amaranth Troop had finally pierced through the Legion of Dark and had shown up.
The Amaranth Troop’s soldiers, passing Roan’s sides as if brushing past, massacred the surrounding hex dolls.


The hex dolls’ ill voices fully filled the battlefield.
Michel and the hexers, with dazed expressions, merely blinked their eyes.
Roan was still forming a faint smile.

“Is it not beautiful?”

A casually and lightly thrown question.
Michel, still with a half-dazed expression, asked back.

“Wha, what?”

Roan spun the spearhead around.
Suddenly, the flame that flowed and burned along the spearhead soared even fiercer.
An answer placed with a composed voice.

“The crimson flower that blossomed on the battlefield.”

The forever unwithering flower widely blossomed on the battlefield.
Roan lightly tugged his rein.
The warhorse kicked off the ground and pounced towards Michel and Simon.

“It seems we’ve enjoyed the flower plenty enough. Now then……”

The Travias Spear split the air and flew towards Michel.


The cold voice pierced Michel’s heart before the spearhead.


Michel, without being able to even think of dodging, tightly closed his eyes.
He didn’t even think of ordering Simon who was at his side.
He was much more dull and idiotic than he had thought.
At that moment.


Simon, who was staying quiet, pulled out the sword at his waist.
Truly a lightening-like movement.


The Travias Spear and Simon’s sword clashed and an incredible metallic sound exploded out.


The spearhead and the blade meshed and a contest of strength followed.
A taut battle.
A moment late, Michel opened the eyes he had closed.

“Ho, how?”

He stared at Simon who moved on his own without order and formed a shocked expression.
At that moment, on Simon’s face that was frozen expressionless, an odd smile hanged.
The eyes wavering with black light slowly became bigger.
Lips that simultaneously parted slightly.

“Been a while.”

A thick voice more painful to hear than the sound of metal flowed out.

< Amaranth (19) > End.

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Proofreader: Fujimaru


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