I Am the Monarch – Chapter 22 : Unexpected battle (2)

The Battle of Int Forest
This battle was one that the four troops that belonged to the 7th Corps chased the monsters and fell in an ambush and got a huge defeat.

‘The battle we were about to get annihilated without being able to do a thing.’

The ambush tactic of the monsters was that perfect.
However, Pierce was in one of the four troops.

‘He pierced a hole with outstanding spearmanship.’

Because of that, they could avoid everything but annihilation.

‘Now too, the four troops that belong to the 7th Corps that chased the monsters got ambushed. On top of that…….’

Roan’s eyes looked at the entire forest.

‘In the front and rear there are goblins and orcs, and in the sides ogres appear.’

And then, a familiar cry is heard just like it was waiting for it.


Just like Roan’s expectation, orcs and goblin appear in the front and rear, and in the sides, ogres appear.

‘I’m certain. This is the Int Forest Battle. Something that should be happening next year is happening now.’

His face froze.

‘Did the future change?’

Roan’s gaze gets stuck to the orcs, goblins and the ogres that come charging.
And then, his eyes shake.

‘That guy?’

The orc that runs in the front.
A big build with hard arm muscles.
His chest that was covered by a worn out armor had a deep blade scar.

‘That orc is certainly the one that came charging first in the last Int Forest Battle. He came charging really excited…..’

His gaze subsides calmly.

‘He falls because of a tree root.’

The orc that was charging in, lost balance and fell.
He got caught by the tree root.

‘It’s the same.’

Just that the time was different, but aside of that everything was the same.

‘But is that a fortunate thing?’

A bitter smile appears in Roan’s mouth.
Meanwhile, the orcs yelled.

“Kill them!”

They yelled with all their strength and swung their blades.

‘It’s not the time to be thinking of other things.’

Roan bit his lower lip and gripped his spear with strength.


The spear cuts through the air and pierces the head of an orc.
Then, the sound of the horn trumpets was heard at the sides.


“We are charging through!”
“We charge through the orcs and get out of the forest!”

The three troops had chosen to charge through.
Their objective was the army of the orcs that were at the sides.
Even so, the orcs seemed easier than the ogres.

Clang! Claclang! Clang!

Along with metal clashing, the three troops collide with the orcs.
And the Rose Troop that were a bit farther than them were in a situation where they had to make a decision.


Gale gritted his teeth and looked at the battlefield.

‘Ogres at the sides. And orcs at the front and the rear. On top of that, the number of the orcs is a lot higher.’

On top of that, the three troops already chose to charge through.

‘We are also going to the front.’

A quick decision.
Gale raised his blade and yelled.

“To the front! We are charging through the front!”

Roan’s face, that was facing orcs that were charging to him at that moment froze.

‘Ah! No!’

He remembered the truth he had forgotten momentarily at the unexpected battle.

‘We can’t go to the front or rear.’

In his past life, he analyzed the ambush tactic of the monsters after the battle ended.

‘And the result of that was that the front and rear were sorrow.’

They chose the orcs evading the ogres.
However, behind the orcs, there was a huge number of monsters waiting for them.
An ambush tactic behind an ambush tactic.

‘The way to escape is rather the ogres.’
They were certainly an existence that were fiercer and scarier than the orcs, but behind them, it was certainly empty.

‘I have to prevent us from going to the front!’

Roan cut off the neck of an orc and charged to the front line.
Fortunately, the front was momentarily frozen because of the charging orcs.

“Troop Commander!”

Roan called Gale with all of his strength.


Gale that was preparing to charge to the front with the cavalrymen turned his head at the familiar voice.


He discovered Roan that was running hurriedly and pulled the reins.

“What happened?”

Asking with a strict expression.
Roan pointed to the front.

“We can’t go to the front. It’s better to pass through the ogres. That’s the way to escape.”

At the urgent words, Gale frowned.

“Are you saying that we should face the ogres right now?”
“Yes. That’s right.”

Roan replied without hesitating.
Gale got perplexed.

‘The number of the ogres were lower than the orcs, but even so there were more than 200.’

It was impossible to just face them with 800 soldiers.
Then, Kennis raged at him with an indignant face.

“You bastard, it seems like you can’t see properly because of the merits you have accumulated! A greenhorn like you plans to oppose the orders of a Troop Commander!”

All the other adjutants nodded with displeased expressions.

“On top of that, you are telling us to face the ogres instead of the orcs? You think that it makes sense?“
“You are telling us to die!”
“Look there. The ramsey troop already pierced through the orcs. The path to escape is open!”

The adjutants pointed to the orc army in the front and rebuked him.

‘That’s all a trap.’

Roan looked at Gale’s eyes fixedly.

“After you pass Int Forest, a hill appears over there. And that’s the most adequate place to do an ambush.”

Gale’s face froze..

“Are you saying that the orcs are falling back by lying and luring the three troops?”
“That’s right.”

Roan nodded with a solid expression.
Gale’s sight is directed to the front.
The orcs that were being pushed back were getting scattered.

“Charge through!”
“We are getting out of the forest!”

The three troops pierced through the hole they created and ran out of the forest.

“Troop Commander! We have to catch up to them! If we hesitate for even a moment, we will get caught in the forest!”

Keniss yelled with an urgent expression.
Gale turned to look back at Roan again.
An expression that was filled with certain.

‘Because of Roan, I have accumulated a lot of merits until now.’

He found the moving path of the monsters or the dens of them.
And didn’t he get the nickname of the ghost of the battlefield?

‘Should I also believe in Roan’s words this time?’

Then, Dosen that was facing the orcs in the rear came running with his horse.

“Troop Commander! Something’s weird!”

He stopped in front of Gale and pointed to the ogres and orcs in the rear.

“Look at those guys. Even when they had succeeded on the ambush they aren’t charging in aggressively. This is just…….”

Roan continued the sentence.

“They want us to go to the front.”

Dosen nods with a serious expression.
Gale glared at the sides and the rear and frowned.

‘Dosen’s words are right.’

The chance of victory has already gone to the monsters.
But even so, they repeated pretending to attack and falling back.
It was a certain thing that they were plotting something.

“Troop Commander! We don’t have time!”
“Decide quickly!”

Roan’s and the adjutants voices sound.
Gale took a breath and made a decision.

“To the sides! We are charging through the ogres that are at the sides!”

At that moment, Keniss’s face get contorted.

“Troop Commander! There is already a path to escape at the front! So why do we have to face the ogr……..”

Gale shook his hand and stopped him.

“If we are any late, all of the troop will get in danger! The ones in the front, turn the heads of the horses. It’s to the sides! Pierce the sides!”

Keniss couldn’t talk back anymore and shut his mouth.
A reddened face and a cold sight.
He bit his lower lip and glared at Roan.

‘Whew. I got properly marked.’

Roan evaded Keniss’s sight and after bending towards Gale he returned to the 42nd Squad.


The noise of the horn trumpet that means charge hits their ears.

“Pierce through the ogres that are at the sides!”
“We are charging through the sides!”
“Run to the west and east!”

The adjutants transmitted Gale’s order to the soldiers.

“Damn! To face the ogres!”
“Why are we leaving the orcs and go to face the ogres?”

The soldiers let out discomforted noises with a contorted face, but they just moved according to the orders.
Roan made a request to the members of the 42nd Squad that were in the front.

“Bear in mind. Our objective isn’t killing the ogres.”

Sharp eyes and an expression filled with resolution.

“Our objective is charging through. We just have to pierce the ogres and get out of the forest.”

At his words, all the members of the 42nd Squad nod.

“Then, let’s see each other after we survive.”

A loud reply.


Just in time, the horn trumpet sounds.


Roan points his spear to the front and charges through.
Behind him, the 42nd Squad followed.

“Ogre bastards! Die!”

Along with a yell, the charge of the Rose Troop started.
The objective was the ogres.


The ogres let out cries towards the charging Rose Troop. The unexpected battle, no, the battle that was expectable started like that.

< Unexpected battle (2) > End

Translator’s note:  Thanks for reading!

Translator : Subak \ Editor: Deathwing

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