I Am the Monarch – Chapter 227: Amaranth (27)


Tears filled up with exclamations.
Their hearts rapidly raced.
The Tale Legion’s Legion Vice-Commander Semi and his Impasse Troop’s soldiers trembled at the sight unfolding before their eyes.


A pillar of fire erupted together with a boom.
Dark-red flame blossomed between the blue sky and the green earth.
Fire that flourished its splendor as it split the space high and low, long and short.
Everything began from a single spear.
No, it began from the young man holding the single spear and roaming the battlefield to be exact.
Crimson War God Roan Lancephil.
With an incredible indomitable aura, he stopped the Kallum Lukan Allied Army’s pursuit.
“That sir is our very lord.”

Semi and the soldiers murmured with dazed expressions.


A pillar of fire once again erupted together with an explosive roar.
At the same time, tens of enemy soldiers became balls of flame and were launched in every direction.

“Damn it! Shoot the arrows! Shoot the arrows!”
“Turn him into a porcupine!”
The Kallum Lukan Allied Army’s commanders shouted with brightly burning faces.
The topography wasn’t good for crushing down with numbers.
Roan did not carelessly move out from between the hills.

“Archer units!”

Enraged voices echoed the battlefield.
Soon, hundreds of archers shot out arrows.


Arrows darkly covered the sky.

“Raise the shields!”

Semi and the Impasse Troop’s soldiers raised the small shields, parma shield, and crouched their bodies. 1
On the other hand, Roan alone stood straight and glared at the arrows that flew towards him.

“Uhahaha! Die! You monstrous bastard!”
“Die! Die!”

The Kallum Lukan Allied Army’s commanders and soldiers poured out curses.
At that moment, Roan who had been standing quietly spun around and flourished his spear.
Instantly, an incredible burst of fire soared to towards the sky.
A giant wall of fire was made above his head.


The arrows couldn’t pierce the wall of fire and all turned into ash.
A godly might performed once again.


Semi and the Impasse Troop’s soldiers who were tightly hiding behind their parma shield let out exclamations.
On the other hand, the Kallum Lukan Allied Army’s soldiers were speechless at Roan’s appearance.

“A, a monster.”
“It’s not a human.”

Roan’s might was much greater than the rumors.
The pursuit force’s vanguards falteringly stepped back.
At that moment.

“Move aside! Move!”

A thunderous voice exploded out from the Kallum Lukan Allied Army’s rear.
Simultaneously, the soldiers that were faltering scattered to the sides and made a path.

“Roan Lancephil! I’m Diez Kingdom’s Knight Octavia Jonson!”

Octavia Jonson.
Though his title was only a baron, he was known as a warrior great enough to serve the Crowned Prince Lukan Diez at his side.

“Let us have a bout!”

Octavia wished to cut Roan’s neck and widely announce his name.
The unique gallant spirit and ambition of young warriors.
Tragically, he didn’t realize that he wasn’t Roan’s match.


A lean warhorse violently raced.


Octavia’s brilliant longsword split the air.


Roan too, as if he had been waiting, kicked off the ground and out in counter.


His appearance turned faint as he shook his shoulders left and right.


Octavia’s longsword split empty air.
Roan cut across the space and pierced into Octavia’s side.

The Travias Spear moved as if to dance.


The sharp spearhead cut off Octavia’s head in an instant.


Without properly countering even once, Octavia became a corpse and fell.

“Kuk! Sir Baron!”

Numerous commanders and soldiers panicked and shouted.
Roan slowly calmed his breath and once again retreated back.
He knew very well of where, and how he had to fight.
The calmly sunken eyes swept the soldiers of Kallum Lukan Allied Army.
At that moment, a sound of shout once again burst out from their back.


The man who appeared together with a voice full of irritation was a middle-aged man of brilliant armor.
He was a man Roan too knew well of.

‘Was he Onil Bastard……’

One of the Third Prince Kallum Rinse’s right-hand man, the rumors as a brave warrior were widespread in the Rinse Kingdom’s southern region.


Onil pulled out a longsword and shouted once more.

“The enemy army is no more than a mere two thousand! Attack and attack again! They’re bound to ultimately crumble!”

It certainly was as rumored.
He despised the things called tactics and strategies.
He believed that men must strike heads on and claim victory.
At that moment, a commander shouted with a frown.

“Bu, but Roan Lancephil is a monster, sir. No one amongst us can defeat……”

His words couldn’t continue to its end.


Onil had swung his sword and cut off the commander’s head.
He shouted with a stiff scowl.

“Roan bastard is also a human! A human who bleed the same red blood as us I say! Fight! Attack and keep attacking! Even he would ultimately tire!”

Onil much too easily gave out the difficult order.
The commanders and soldiers of the Kallum Lukan Allied Army wavered and did not carelessly move.
Abruptly, a killing intent flashed in Onil’s eyes.

“You worthless brats!”

Simultaneously, the longsword split the air once again.

Ssskuk! Sssguk!

Instantly the heads of the nearby soldiers were cut off.


The surviving commanders and soldiers gasped and trembled their bodies.
Onil looked at that sight and swung his longsword once more.
A fierce pressure extended out in every direction.

“Those that run will die by my hand! Attack! Attack!”
“Yes, yes! Understood, sir!”

Cowed soldiers rapidly trembled and kicked off the ground.


The attack that began as if being chased was even fiercer and merciless.
Truly a writhing for survival.

“M, my lord.”

Semi stared at Roan’s back with a slightly tensed expression.
Roan took one more step back and made a faint smile.

“Semi. There’s no need to worry.”

A composed voice.

“Since I too haven’t come alone.”

At those words, Semi’s eyes widely opened.
The other soldiers of the Impasse Troop were also the same.
An expectation was once again brushed on their faces.

“Y, you weren’t alone, sir?”

Semi cautiously asked.
Roan once more took a step backwards and stabbed the ground with the Travias Spear.

“Because my steps are fast……”

The smile hanging on his mouth turned even deeper.

“I merely arrived a little early.”

The moment his words finished.


A sound of horn echoed the battlefield.
A sound ringing everywhere as if an echo.
Simultaneously, big and small flags soared up above the surrounding hills.

< Roan Lancephil >
< Amaranth Troop >
< Lancephil Legion >

And soon a sound of cheer exploded out.


Soldiers that showed up tightly along the hills.
The Lancephil Legion’s elite soldiers took complete encirclement position and showed up.
“Eh?! Eh……”
“Kuk. Damn it!”

The Kallum Lukan Allied Army’s commanders and soldiers greatly panicked at the sound of cheer echoing all around them.
Roan, who was quietly watching that sight, once again raised his spear and spoke in a small but powerful voice.

“Let us hurry and end it.”


Flame soared on the spearhead.

“I am a bit busy you see.”

It was the truth.
Roan still had many things to do.
After facing the fifty thousand strong legion before their eyes, he had to raise the speed of march and calm the Kingdom’s southern region.

‘I must subjugate Kallum and Lukan and save the kingdom’s citizens.’

Even in this very moment, the citizens of the kingdom’s South should be passing each day in pain.


Strength instinctively went into the grip holding the spear.


The sound of horn echoed even louder.


Above the hills, more than thousands of soldiers and warhorses began a ferocious and violent charge.
It was an attack that almost brought to mind a violent wave.


Roan too kicked off the ground and rushed towards the Kallum Lukan Allied Army.

“Damn it! Stop them!”

Onil loudly shouted and pulled his reins.
A sight of not retreating and facing heads on befitting a brave warrior.


Flame once again erupted together with a boom.


Together with screams, tens of soldiers were thrown out in every direction.
Onil too caught on fire.

“Damn it! Don’t fight messily with flame or whatnot and contest our strengths fair and square!”

He brushed off the sparks on his armor and shouted.


Suddenly, Roan appeared in front of Onil.


The dark-red flame that flowed along his crimson armor slowly disappeared.
A faint smile hung on Roan’s mouth.

“I’ll let you if you wish.”

A relaxed look.

“You brat!”

Onil spurred his horse with a shout.
The giant longsword aimed at Roan’s forehead and split the air.

‘Got it!’

Onil was sure of his victory.
He was confident that he could split Roan’s head to the sides.


Roan’s appearance disappeared together with wind.
At the same time, countlessly large number of spearheads appeared.


Onil instinctively pulled his longsword and tried to parry away the spearheads.
But like a wind, the spearheads passed through Onil’s blade and pierced his body.

“No, no way……”

Onil was still blocking his body with his blade.
He lowered his head and looked down at his body.
On the brilliant armor that was without a single scratch, holes the size of thumbnails were countlessly and tightly pierced.


The moment he coughed, red blood flowed out from the small holes.
Onil raised his head again and looked at Roan.
Roan who had disappeared was in front of his nose before he knew it.

“Wha, what spearmanship is…… this?”

It was a spearmanship of a ghost he hadn’t dare seen, nor heard of.
Roan lightly swung his Travias Spear.

“Travias Spearmanship.”

The spearhead slashed Onil’s neck.

“Travias Spearmanship…… it truly was a fearsome and incredible spearmanship……”

Those were the last words Onil left.


The spearhead cleanly cut off his neck.
It was a vain death of a warrior who led a grand legion of fifty thousand.
The commander’s death was enough to bring out chaos amongst the soldiers.

“Ah…… the legion commander has……”
“Re, retreat! Run! The legion commander has died!”

The Kallum Lukan Allied Army rapidly crumbled.
The Lancephil Legion did not miss such a chance.


The sound ringing the ground turned even noisier.
The Lancephil Legion became a giant wave and swept the battleground.
Finally, Roan’s suppression of the South had begun.


“Hahaha! I didn’t expect that the South’s suppression would be achieved so easily!”

The one heartily laughing as he picked up his wine cup was Lukan Diez.
Kallum Rinse who was sitting across cheerfully smiled and also raised his wine cup.

“It is all thanks to Crowned Prince Lukan.”
“That’s an exaggeration, sir. Just what have I done…… hahaha!”

Lukan once again loudly laughed and instantly emptied his cup.
Kallum too quickly emptied his cup as if to race.
Lukan quietly looked at that sight, then spoke in a quiet voice.

“Since the allied army’s vanguard legion has marched to the capital, Miller, there soon should be good news.”

Kallum faintly smiled at those words and nodded his head.

“Since Onil Bastard has led fifty thousand strong grand legion and marched, we should be able to capture the capital, Miller, without a big problem, sir.”

A voice full of confidence.
Kallum truly thought Onil was more than enough to capture the capital, Miller.

‘Roan Lancephil is occupied facing Simon at the kingdom’s West. It isn’t a situation he can pay attention even to the capital.’

Tragically, Kallum was simply dark on the kingdom’s situation and news.
He completely did not know the truth that Roan had already defeated Simon and calmed the kingdom’s western region.
Lukan loudly smiled and nodded his head.

“Hahaha! Of course! Of course! If it’s the brave warrior Viscount Onil Bastard, he should easily be able to capture the capital, Miller.”

A look of being truly joyous seen from outside.
But Lukan’s heart was foully black and blacker.

‘Kukuku. But it’s troublesome if you bastards can easily capture the capital, Miller.’

Lukan’s goal was to split the Rinse Kingdom into more than two kingdoms.
He did not wish for Kallum who had captured the southern region to capture even the capital, Miller, and unite the Rinse Kingdom.

‘Since I gave the secret order to drag out the battle disadvantageously, even that brave warrior Onil Bastard should find it difficult to command our Diez Kingdom Ar……’

The moment his thought reached about that point.

The banquet hall’s door abruptly opened and a defeated-looking soldier appeared.

“Urgent message!”

At the urgently shouting sound, the music that had filled the banquet hall stopped.
Numerous nobles and warriors including Kallum and Lukan creased their brows and looked at the soldier.
The soldier kneeled down on one knee and bowed.

“Grand defeat of the Allied Army’s vanguard! The battle occurred in the capital’s, Miller’s, south near the Arpeau Forest and as a result have become annihilated! Legion Commander Onil Bastard has fallen during battle!”


Instantly, a giant shock stormed inside the banquet hall.

“Grand defeat? Annihilated?”
“Is that the truth!”

Nobles shouted from everywhere.
The soldier dryly swallowed and answered in a loud voice.

“Yes sir! It is the truth! The Allied Army Viscount Onil Bastard led met the Tale Legion near the Arpeau Forest while rapidly marching and entered into a battle.”
“By Tale Legion, is that not the defense force that Roan has placed in numerous regions around the capital, Miller?”
“Our Allied Legion couldn’t pierce through a mere defense force scratched together from here and there? Even though the number difference should have been astounding?”

Seemingly incredulous, questions poured down.
The soldier hesitated for a moment, then answered in a quiet but strong voice.

“Roan Lancephil has appeared.”


A giant shock once again stormed inside the banquet hall.
This time, a thick silence fell down.
To that degree, Roan’s existence, Roan’s appearance was a very large shock and fear to numerous nobles including Kallum.
The one who broke the silence was Kallum.

“S, so where is Roan and the Lancephil Legion, no, where are they heading!”
“They’re marching towards the Potter Region here, sir.”

The soldier answered shortly.
Silence once again fell down.
The faces of numerous nobles including Kallum were bleached white.
But Lukan and the Diez Kingdom’s nobles were subtly making peculiar smiles.

‘The things are resolving better than I thought.’

Though the Allied Legion of fifty thousand being annihilated was an unexpected development, Roan snapping Kallum’s spirit was a very satisfying event.

‘I have to make him owe me a bigger debt.’

He planned to clasp a fetter on Kallum’s ankle.
Lukan made a quite serious expression.

“Your majesty the king, it seems the situation is not normal.’

He intentionally sank his voice low and dismal.
Kallum unknowingly nodded his head with a serious expression.

‘What a brat.’

Lukan looked at such Kallum and added on.

“However we look at it, it seems we must contact the our kingdom and request more ally forc……”

The moment his words reached about that point.


The banquet hall’s door once again widely opened.
This time, a knight of a neat uniform appeared.
A somehow truly urgent look.
Kallum needlessly worried and shouted in a completely annoyed voice.

“What is it!”

At those words, the knight quickly kneeled down on one knee and lowered his head.

“Tha… that is……”

But perhaps too shocked, he couldn’t easily continue his words.
An uneasy mood settled on the banquet hall.

“Speak properly!”
“What is it!”

Numerous nobles needlessly shouted to hide their nervous feelings.
The knight only then calmed his breath and raised his head and looked at Kallum.

“Ro, Roan Lancephil’s……”

Sharply trembling voice.


Everyone dryly swallowed.
With a short sigh, the knight added on.

“Envoy has come, sirs.”

< Amaranth (27) > End.

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Proofreader: Fujimaru


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