I Am the Monarch – Chapter 228: Amaranth (28)

Roan Lancephil’s envoy.
Numerous nobles including Kallum Rinse and Lukan Diez slightly tensed at the completely unimagined visit.

‘There’s no way he himself would have come, then……’

Everyone’s gazes turned towards the banquet hall’s door.
A moment later.


Together with the sound of wood creaking, the tightly closed door widely opened.
At the same time, a young man of humble but neat suit appeared with a daring look.
His look as he crossed the center space extending long from the banquet hall’s door to the head seats Kallum and Lukan sat at was simply relaxed and stout-hearted.

“Eh? That man is……?”
“Uhuh. I have heard that news of him had stopped, but……”
“He must have joined Roan Lancephil’s camp.”

Few nobles murmured as they looked at the young man.


Kallum let out a quiet exclamation.
The young man walking towards him was a man he knew well of.

“Is he someone you know, sir?”

Lukan subtly searched the mood and asked.
Kallum didn’t particularly answer.
No, there was no need to answer.
For the young man who had arrived below the head seats had greeted in the nobles’ etiquette and personally revealed his name.

“Sith Wiggins greets Prince Kallum Rinse.”

The young man, he was the head of the 12 Hatchling and a baron of the Rinse Kingdom, Sith Wiggins.
The instant his introduction ended, the nearby nobles abruptly stood up and roared.

“Prince you say!”
“His majesty is the only and sole king who inherited the Rinse Kingdom’s line!”

Though the world named and called the kingdom Kallum Rinse founded separately as South Rinse Kingdom or not recognize it as a kingdom at all, Kallum and the nobles who followed him personally argued themselves as the direct line of the Rinse Kingdom and obstinately insisted the kingdom’s name too as not South Rinse but Rinse.
Of course, the moderate faction nobles including Roan and the senate did not recognize this.
Sith treating Kallum not as a king but prince was also because of such reason.

“Baron Sith Wiggins. It has been a while.”

Kallum who glared at Sith growled in a quiet voice.
A displeased look overflowed.

“Since the First Prince Simon has colluded with hexers and threw the kingdom into distress and the Second Prince Tommy has departed this world, the only one who could inherit the kingdom’s throne was I. I have received the fealty of numerous nobles and have formally climbed to the throne. Everything was a decision and cause for the Rinse Kingdom.”

His eyes flashed with a harsh light.

“Observe your manner as a kingdom’s noble to I.”

A frost-like pressure blew out.
But Sith still maintained the relaxed and composed expression and pose.
He even made a faint smile.

“Formally climb to the throne? Who has recognized it, prince? Have you received the royal family’s crest and the national seal? Have you received the senate’s recognition? Numerous nobles’ fealties? What may be the number of those nobles, prince?”
“That is……”

Kallum quickly tried to answer, but Sith added on without even breathing.

“Duke Liss Kowan and one count, seventeen viscounts, twenty barons. Excluding knights or baronets which is an honorary title, you have received the fealties of a total of thirty-nine people. Even that number of thirty-nine is a number that combined all of small and fallen noble houses of the countryside, prince.”

The smile hanging on his mouth deepened.
Kallum couldn’t easily object.
That was also the same for other nobles.
The number of nobles Sith revealed was without a single fault.

‘All of you should be quite surprised. Since I too was shocked when I first heard it.’

Sith looked at the half-dumbfounded expressions of Kallum and the nobles and inwardly smiled.
He too had doubted his ears when he first heard this information.

‘Even just the Agens President Chris leads, and the Tenebra Troop Troop Commander Keep leads is amazing, but even Evishun Ian Phillips has founded on top of that…… it’s fine to say that there currently is no info that Sir Count Lancephil doesn’t know of.’ 1

It was the same as holding the entire Rinse Kingdom in one hand.
At that moment, Kallum who was quiet creased his brows and spoke.

“I understood well of what you wish to say. Fine. You can say that I may have climbed to the throne a little hurriedly. But there is nothing that changes either way if you view the situation wider, and from further away. Since the only person to inherit the Rinse Kingdom’s throne is me. Rather, the problem is your side.”

Kallum’s finger pointed at Sith.

“Baron Sith Wiggins. Roan Lancephil you follow is the Rinse Kingdom’s count and a servant who swore loyalty to the Rinse Royalty. That he point his sword at me, a royal? Is that itself not a horrible rebellion and treason and a disgusting betrayal?”

His voice slowly turned louder.
A look of having gained confidence.

“Originally Roan Lancephil should immediately throw down his armor and weapon and run to me and lower his head. He has the mission and duty to aid me to resolve the national distress and rebuild the kingdom, you see. Is that not so? Baron Sith Wiggins.”

The instant his words finished.

“That’s right!”
“Roan Lancephil must show fealty to the Rinse Royalty as a kingdom’s noble!”
“Roan Lancephil’s current action is an act of revolt that absolutely cannot be ignore or overlooked!”

Numerous nobles raised their voices and echoed.

‘Oho. This is becoming interesting.’

Lukan who was quietly maintaining his seat felt the heating mood and formed a peculiar smile.
At that moment, Sith faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“Prince Kallum’s words are correct. Count Roan Lancephil has the mission and duty to resolve the national distress and rebuild the kingdom. But……”

His smile turned even thicker.

“There is no need for Count Lancephil to lower his head at Prince Kallum and there also is no reason to follow Prince’s order.”
“Wha, what!”

Kallum erupted to the sky with rage and jumped up from his seat.
The surrounding nobles and warriors too poured out killing intents and glared at Sith.
Sith, still with a calm expression, added on.

“Rather, Prince Kallum must receive Count Lancephil’s order and command.”
“You’ve taken after Roan Lancephil and become impudently arrogant!”

Kallum screamed.

Chajang! Chang!

Few warriors couldn’t endure and pulled out their swords.
Suddenly, Sith turned his head and glared at them.

“You brats!”

A hair-raising roar.
The warriors who pulled out their swords merely blinked their eyes with dumbfound expressions.
Sith looked straight at them.
A cold and chilly look flowed along his eyes.

“I am an envoy that has come with a kingdom’s command. Are you pointing your swords at the envoy who came without any safeguard trusting on each other’s faith!”

Pressure exploded.
Though Sith actually had no large desire in martial arts, he had learned a notable level of mana technique as befitting a descendent of a noble house.

“Tha, that’s……”

The warriors became pressed by Sith’s pressure and dryly swallowed.
Sith once again turned his head and looked at Kallum.

“Prince Kallum. It seems not I but your subordinate knights should be observing manners.”

Even with a kingdom’s monarch, no, the sole prince whom he hadn’t recognize as a monarch but was still a blood of the royalty that he had sworn loyalty too, Sith was bold and daring.
At Sith’s roar, Kallum creased his brows and waved his hand at the warriors.

“Put away the swords.”

The warriors faltered and stuttered their words.
Kallum’s face noticeably frowned.


When his shout exploded, the warriors reluctantly placed away their swords.
Kallum’s face twisted even more.

‘Frustrating bastards.’

There was not one warrior who could grasp his heart, daringly break his order, and swing his sword.
He laboriously mollified his heart and glared at Sith.

“Baron Sith Wiggins. What do you mean I should receive Roan Lancephil’s order and command? Are you daringly trying to insult the Rinse Royalty?”

The moment his words ended, Sith cheerfully smiled and asked back.

“Prince Kallum. As whose envoy do you think I have come as?”

At the abrupt question, Kallum answered with creased brows.

“Now you are trying to insult me. Have you not come as Count Roan Lancephil’s envoy?”
“That is half correct and half incorrect.”

Sith put his right hand into his chest pocket.

“I have come as Rinse Kingdom’s count……”

Simultaneously, he pulled out a cloth the size of a body from his pocket.
Sith grabbed the two ends of the cloth and fully opened it up.


On the blue cloth, two swords and shields were embroidered inside a round design together with the Rinse Kingdom’s crest.
Sith raised the cloth high so that all could see and added on in a loud voice.

“And the Grand Commander Roan Lancephil’s envoy!”


Instantly, a giant shock stormed inside the banquet hall.

“G, Grand Commander!”
“Roan Lancephil has become the Grand Commander?!”
“W, who dare? Who dare appoint him the Grand Commander!”
“Perhaps the senate has?”

Voices filled with shock exploded out from everywhere.
Sith alone stood straight and shouted with a proud expression while holding up the crest high.

“All, observe manner before the Grand Commander’s crest!”

A shout full of dignity.
Few weak-hearted scholars and bottom-rank commanders awkwardly kneeled down on one knee.
But the large number of nobles and warriors merely stared at Kallum while frozen like stone statues.
That was also the same for Lukan.

‘Oho. Grand Commander, is it……’

Though he was still making a peculiar expression, a nervous light flowed deep inside his eyes.
For Roan was moving a much bigger board than he had thought.
Lukan quietly sat and looked back and forth between Sith and Kallum.
For now, he could only sit still and watch the situation.
Silence flowed for a moment.
The one who broke the silence was Sith.

“Prince Kallum. Observe the etiquette before the Grand Commander’s crest. If……”

His voice sank low.

“You do not observe the etiquette, that will then become a revolt against the Rinse Kingdom.”

Instantly, the faces of Kallum and numerous nobles visibly twisted.
Like Sith’s words, the argument Kallum and the many nobles had hung up that they inherited the Rinse Kingdom’s line would become a nonsense if they didn’t recognize the Grand Commander.
Furthermore, the one who had pointed his sword at the kingdom and raised revolt and treason would not be Roan but Kallum.
Kallum couldn’t easily speak out a word.
On the other hand, Sith once again scraped at Kallum’s inside together with a very relaxed smile.

“What will you do, prince? Will you observe the etiquette? Or will you personally throw away the Rinse Kingdom?”


Spat! Pbabababat!

Together with the sound of cutting the air, horrid sound of blasts followed behind.
A wavering spear filled the space and a sharp spearhead slashed the air.


Each time, number of enemy soldiers lost their lives and rolled on the ground.
Brilliant yet efficient, fast and powerful spearmanship.
The spearman massacring the enemy army at the vanguard while wearing a crimson armor was no other than Pierce.

“I am the very right hand of Crimson War God Count Roan Lancephil! Pierce!”

As much as he had left Roan for long, he entered the battle more enthusiastically than others.
Thanks to that, the Lancephil Legion and the Tale Legion’s southern advance was done faster and more ceaselessly than any other advance.

“I knew Pierce was a genius, but he’s incredible enough to raise goosebumps now that I’ve actually seen him again.”

Austin who was observing the battlefield from above a hill clicked his tongue.
Austin and Pierce were comrades who had fought together since the time of the Rose Troop new 42nd squad.
Even at that time, Pierce’s talent was great enough to be amongst the top in the squad, no the troop, no the entire legion.
Ultimately, he was able to become the disciple of Viscount Reil Baker, known as the Rinse Kingdom’s greatest spearman, thanks to that talent.

“If Pierce had returned a bit sooner, wouldn’t the throne succession war already have been finished, sir?”

At Austin’s words, Roan merely made and showed a faint smile in answer.
Not an objection, not an affirmation, but an odd expression.
Austin quietly looked at that Roan, then soon smacked his lips and turned his head.
Because he realized that it was difficult to heard the answer.
Instead, he took out a different question.
Perhaps it might be the most important question in the current situation.

“My lord. Will Baron Sith Wiggins be okay?”

However he thought, sending an envoy at the enemy army’s main camp in a situation when a battle was fiercely being fought didn’t seem to be quite a good method.

‘But since this was a method that Ian and Swift said to be smart proposed…… and this was something Baron Wiggins himself strongly wanted too.’

Even so, being slightly worried was the truth.
Roan, who was quietly observing the battlefield, faintly smiled and answered.

“There is nothing to worry about. Since even Prince Kallum wouldn’t be able to carelessly kill an envoy.”
“But he could still do horrible acts even if he doesn’t kill him. He could capture him and use him as a hostage too.”

Austin’s words too certainly were reasonable.
But for some reason, Roan was very nonchalant and relaxed.

“If they do……”

A smile hung on his mouth.

“That would be a very thankful thing from our position.”
“Eh? What does……”

Austin asked back with a puzzled look.
Roan cheerfully smiled and turned his head to looked towards the south.

“Yes, sir. Please speak.”

Austin unconsciously swallowed dryly.
The smile hanging on Roan’s mouth turned even thicker.

“I didn’t send an envoy to Kallum Rinse.”
“Eh? What do you mean, sir?”

Austin once again asked back with a puzzled look.
Roan, in a small voice, answered as if to whisper.

“Baron Sith Wiggins……”

His eyes flashed and shone a light.

“Has gone to get a steel sword and a porter.”

< Amaranth (28) > End.

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  1. “Evishun” can be found in ch. 107

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