I Am the Monarch – Chapter 23 : Unexpected battle (3)

The battle was fierce.
The ogre army that were at the sides and the orc army that were at the front and the rear repeated pretending to fight and retreat and as the rose troop started to charge to the sides, they started a fierce counterattack.

<The place you have to go isn’t here, but the front and rear!>

A shape that seems to be telling them that.

“Don’t face them directly!”
“Pierce through them!”
“Gather up!”

The thing the Rose Troop wanted was to pierce through the ogre army and get out of Int Forest.
The cavalry attempt to charge with great speed.


Several muscled horses clashed with the ogres.

Kukung. Kung.

Then, the ogres shook and fell on their butts.
The infantry rose their respective weapons and stab or slash while advancing.
And among them, the 42nd Squad was also there.


Roan spun his thumb in a round way along with a whistle and pointed the front and rear.

‘Make a circuit along the objective and charge out the fastest possible.’

Austin and the squad members analyzed the sign and move quickly.
Consistent movements.
Because of that, they could pass through 5 ogres instantly.
If they kept this, the 42nd Squad would be able to get out of Int Forest alive.
Then, Roan’s face contorted.

‘It’s blocked.’

The squad that were at the front got their feet tied and couldn’t move, and the escape route got blocked as well.

“Kill them!”

In that time, the orcs and goblin army that were at the sides came closer to them.


Roan bit his lower lip and made hand signs to his back.

“Pierce! To the front!”

Pierce, that was looking at the surroundings with a nervous expression, ran to him with a loud reply.

‘Originally, you should be able to handle three or four ogres by yourself.’

But of course, he was talking about what was supposed to happen next year.

‘Even if it happened earlier, you shouldn’t have any problems handling with one or two of them. On top of that, if it isn’t killing them……..’

If it was only cutting the leg muscles of the ogres, he wouldn’t have any problem against five of them.
If it was Pierce, he had to at least be able to do that much.
Roan wanted to believe that.

“Pierce. You are going to stand at the front with me. We are charging through while slashing the legs of the ogre.”
“Me, me? No, I?”

Pierce replied without any honorifics and clenched his fist.
Roan gripped his spear and nodded.

“Yeah. If it’s you, you can do it.”

Flames appear in his eyes.
He looked at Pierce’s eyes fixedly.

“I believe in you.”

At that moment, Pierce felt his heart shaking greatly.

‘He believes in me?’

There wasn’t even a trace of hesitation in Roan’s eyes.
Eyes that didn’t doubt him in the slightest.

‘He believes that I will certainly be able to do it.’

He puts strength in his shoulders.
Roan, that was his training companion and now was his superior.
That Roan was believing in him wholly.
A feeling that one corner of his heart was getting proud.

‘I have to act according to his expectations.’

He puts strength in his grip.
Pierce shut his mouth and nodded.
At that moment, a faint smile appears in Roan’s mouth.

‘Right. You just have to fix that soft heart of yours.’

He took in a deep breath, and after he opened his left hand he tilted it towards the rear and front.
The sign of charging.


Roan ran at the front.
Pierce followed him with a face that was a bit strange in colour, and the remaining 42nd Squad members also followed his back.

Spat! Puck!

Roan’s and Pierce’s spear slash through the air.
The sharp point and blade of the spear slash through the ogre’s leg.
The skills of the two people were clearly seen by the eyes.
Pierce had a splendid spearmanship polished with outstanding talent and senses.
Compared to him, Roan’s spearmanship didn’t have unnecessary movements and had a fierce vigour.


The spear of the both of them slashed through the legs of an ogre.



The ogre fell down to one knee with a cry.
The cavalrymen threw ropes at its neck as if they were waiting for it.


As the muscled horses pull the ropes, the big body of the ogre falls to the ground.


Continued by that, the arrows of the archers get stuck in its body.
It was quite an excellent combination, but Roan was already looking for what was going to happen next.

“Pierce! Move to the left! Ghost Squad! To the center!”

The order he yells with all of his strength.
Pierce and the squad members move as if they were one body.


The spear slashes through the air once again.

“Wow. The guys of the 42nd Squad are amazing!”
“If they keep it, they will really become a Ghost Squad!”

At the actions of the 42nd Squad, the members of other squads also watched in amazement.
And among the squad, they were looking at Roan and Pierce that were facing at the ogres in the front.

“Don’t you think that Squad Commander Roan’s skill is becoming better by the day?”
“And what about the skills of that greenhorn spearman?”
“They say that those two are acquaintances from the training camp.”

Voices of amazement.
Then, Roan that was facing the ogres and checking the battlefield yells with all of his strength.

“Ghost Squad! To the back! Scatter!”

His left hand that shakes urgently.
Austin and the 42nd Squad members quickly fall back and break the formation.


At that moment, two huge clubs get stuck to the ground.
The ogres that were at the sides were aiming for the 42nd Squad and swirled their clubs.

‘Was he facing the ogres and checking the situation at our side!’

Austin put a surprised expression and looks at Roan.


Then, the ogre’s cry hit their ears.


A sharp and heavy noise that tears the air.
A huge club cuts the air and smash the soldiers.



Many soldiers get bounced off after they get hit by the club.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have a squad commander like Roan.

“Don’t get scared and pierce through!”
“Cavalrymen! Take the attention of the ogres!”

Gale and the adjutants stand at the forefront and encourage the soldiers.
In this situation, it clearly showed that the Rose Troop was certainly a good one.
Even the adjutants that blamed Roan for getting trapped, when the battle started they started to fight alone to at least save one more soldier.

“Get out of their range of attacks!”
“The ones at the front! Don’t stop as you wish! The soldiers at the back will get in danger!”
“Charge! Charge!”

Orders and repeating the orders, the yells get mixed.


The cry of the ogres shook the battlefield.
The battle became fierce like that.


“Huu. Huu. Huu.”
“Huk. Huk. Huk.”

Rough breaths could be heard.
The soldiers of the Rose Troop sit astride on the hill and let out rough breaths.
A situation where saying even one word was difficult.
Even so, faint delight could be seen in the faces of the soldiers.

‘We survived!’
‘We survived!’

They shook off the orcs and the goblins after piercing through the ogres.
While they did that, 200 soldiers died, but even more survived.
The surprising thing was that no one died from the 42nd Squad.


Roan sat on the dirt ground and looked at the squad members that were resting.
They were all drenched in sweat and had many injuries.
And among them, Pierce’s appearance was really bad.


Pierce, that was catching some breath, stood from the place.
Roan smiled dimly and grabbed both of his shoulders.

“You did well. Because of you, the squad members could all survive.”
“Squad Commander has also had it hard.’

Pierce smiled faintly and lowered his head.
The eyes of the squad members that were looking at the both of them were filled with amazement and adoration.

‘I can’t believe that they are only 18.’
‘These two people will certainly become commanders whose names will get spread on the continent.’

Roan, that didn’t know that the squad members were thinking of this, hit Pierce’s shoulders and turned his head.
The place his eyes were directed to was the place where Gale and the adjutants were resting.

‘There’s still something left to do.’

In the first place, the reason why he proposed charging through the left and not the front and rear was because there was the road to escape but also because of one more reason.

‘We have to save the three troops that chose to charge through the front.’

The three troops that get out of Int Forest meet with a monster army at a hill.

‘And the number of them are roughly 5 thousand.’

The total soldiers of the Ramsey Troop, Ultimate Troop, and Grayum Troop were barely 2 thousand.
If he left them like this, they would all get annihilated.

‘Originally, Pierce showed extraordinary skills and made a path to escape………’

But now, Pierce was next to him, and not there.

‘The current number of soldiers of Rose Troop right now is 600.’

Even if they went to rescue, they wouldn’t be able to do much.

‘But if it’s that method…….’

Roan’s eyes shine.
5 years from now on, a student of Tron Academy that was located in the Capital City Miller presents one report to the headquarters of the kingdom.

<Report of Int Forest Battle.>

In the report, the analysis of the ambush tactic of the monsters, and the incompetent countermeasure of the troops of the 7th Corps was written.
At the contents of the report, it was obvious for the commander of the 7th Corps and the generals all got displeased and opposed to it fiercely.

<WIll a greenhorn that goes to an academy know what war is?>
<Our side had only 3 thousand while they had 5 thousand. What does he imply we should have done in that situation?>

The student that got those reactions because of the report he made, only named one strategy.
The commander and the generals that saw that strategy all shut their mouths.

<This guy is a genius.>

The evaluation of the commanders that analyzed the strategy.
The king that got to know of this late diffused the report made by the academy student to the armies and the corps that were at the front lines.
And Roan too could read that report.

‘If it’s the strategy that was written in the reports, we may be able to save the three troops.’

A smile that appeared on his face.
He did not worry if the strategy in the report would fail or not.

‘Because this strategy is the first piece of art of that person.’

The academy student that made the <Report of Int Forest>.
He was Ian Phillips, that was called as an extraordinary genius strategist.

< Unexpected battle (3) > End

Translator’s note:  Thanks for reading!

Translator : Subak \ Editor: Deathwing

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