I Am the Monarch – Chapter 237: Amaranth (37)

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It looks like this war against the KaLu army will conclude soon 

The KaLu Allied Army’ Center Army’s camp became clamorous.
Amongst the thousands of soldiers guarding the main camp, almost half the number of soldiers quickly made battle preparations.
For they had heard the news that the KaLu Allied Army’s right wing had defeated the Lancephil left wing and were attacking their center army’s formation.
A good news passed in a situation where they couldn’t make any particular achievement.

‘This is a chance!’

Kallum Rinse thought they have finally grasped the edge.
He clawed together the reserve force they had left in the camp.
Of course, even during that while, he separately arranged a detached force to check Baroness Elva Dionell left in the main camp.


Kallum personally led the reinforcements and marched.
The main camp quieted down as if emptied clean.

‘They are all feeling uncomfortable.’

Elva who came out up to the camp’s gate and was observing the soldiers made a bitter smile at the soldiers’ stinging gazes.

‘How did it come to this……’

She was baffled.
Everything was because of Roan Lancephil’s scheme and though Kallum too knew of that fact, the feeling called doubt enlarged its size as it pleased, as if a living creature.
In the end, Elva, a juggernaut who was ranked within the first five in the allied army, came to be cooped deep within the camp without even properly showing off her strength.


A long sigh naturally flowed out.
With heavy steps she continued towards the inside of the camp.
Step, step, step…… that unawaringly follow. After who knew how long she walked.


The sound of soldiers’ salute pierced into her ears.


Elva came to herself a moment later and looked in front of her.
Four sentries were guarding the front of a roughly but strongly built temporarily wooden cottage.


A quiet exclamation came out.

‘Why did I……’

The place her steps reached unconsciously.
The rough but strong wooden cottage was the temporary jail where Sith Wiggins was barred in.
When Elva quietly stood with a stiffly hardened expression, the sentries glanced at each other and soon moved slightly to the sides.

“N, no, there’s no……”

Elva shook her hands but soon stood in front of the jail’s door with a short sigh.
She wanted to see Sith.

‘I want to be comforted.’

She wanted to talk with Sith.
No, she wanted to see even just his face.
A feeling as if she would be comforted enough with just that. 

Clack. Ggiig.

When she undid the lock and opened the door, a musty smell stabbed her nose.
The inside of the cottage was quite dark because there were no windows.
But Elva who was an exceptional knight could dimly sense the cottage’s inside without a candle or a lantern.
Her gaze turned towards a cottage’s corner.


A voice that flowed out without even her knowing.
Sith who was sitting on the cold floor with a neat pose made a faint smile.

“Hello. Elva.”

Even though the life in detention should be very difficult, Sith’s voice was still bright.
That appearance instead hurt Elva’s heart.

“Are you well?”

The moment she finished her words, a thought that she asked something needless was had.
Those weren’t words to say to someone barred in a jail.
But Sith cheerfully smiled and nodded his head.

“Yeah. I’m doing well.I was able to enjoy thinking without getting any bothering.”

A calm and nonchalant voice and expression.
Elva slightly bit her lower lips.

“You seem leisurely.”
“Since I actually have leisure time.”
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Sith widely opened his arms as if truly merry.
Instantly, Elva’s face stiffly hardened.

‘You don’t even know I’m worrying for you……’

Anger rose up at her heart worrying for Sith.

“Now isn’t the time to smile like that.”

Her voice turned sharp.

“What do you mean?”

Sith asked back in a calm voice.
Elva hesitated for a moment but breathed out a short sigh and answered.

“Lancephil’s left wing has completely crumbled. And the right wing was pushed deep into the back. The center army Roan Lancephil is holding is enduring but that’s also over now. Since our allied army’s left wing and center army’s reserve troops have marched just now.”

Sith lightly asked back.
Elva creased her forehead.

“Now the battle will soon end.”

And with KaLu Allied Army’s victory at that.
Sith nodded his head.

“Yeah. It should soon end.”

It was a leisurely manner as if talking of someone else’s issue.

“Is that all?”

Elva was of speechless expression.

“Your life is over too if we win like this. Over.”

If Roan became defeated and crumbled, Sith could no longer be treated as an envoy.
At those words, Sith brightly smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

A voice full of certainty. He looked straight into Elva’s eyes.

“Because the one that will win the battle is our Lancephil Fief Regiment.”
“What? You. Have you not been listening to me? Lancephil left wing is completely crumbled now and the right wing is also repeating defea……”

Elva who talked on as if biting with a frustrated expression soon creased her forehead and closed her mouth.
The man before her eyes, Sith Wiggin’s expression looked much too bright.
The thoughts inside of her head turned complicated.
A cold sweat abruptly arose on her back.
With a short sigh, Elva spoke in a small voice as if to whisper.

“So there is something.”

Such feeling was strongly felt.
Sith extended his head forwards and answered in a very small voice.

“The reason the KaLu Allied Army’s left and right wing could win……”

The tips of his lips lightly went up.

“Is because Sir Count Lancephil wished for their victory.”

His eyes twinkled and shone with light.

“Should I take a guess?”

A playful expression.
Sith’s words continued to follow.

“Elva, the reason you’re here is because the Lancephil left wing refused to fight you, no? And the one who proposed your assignment to the center army’s main camp is Viscount Higgs Potter. That Viscount Higgs Potter is probably commanding the KaLu Allied Army’s right wing right now. Also, the right wing’s Diez Kingdom Army didn’t lose even once from the first day of the battle. The center army too……”

The more his words continued, Elva’s face slowly, slowly turned dark.
In the end, she couldn’t hold and asked.

“H, how do you know all this?”

Sith’s words and the current situation matched without a single fault.

‘Things he simply cannot know from within the jail……’

Elva’s eyes widely opened.

“Pe, perhaps……?”

An unbelieving gaze headed towards Sith.
Sith very slowly nodded his head.

“Yeah. Sir Count Lancephil and his retainers have planned the board up to here.”

A small voice pierced into Elva’s ears.


A smile hung on Sith’s mouth.

“Is the time for the porter, ‘Potter’, to move.”


It was an incredible charge.


Sounds of horse hooves that shook the ground.
The KaLu Allied Army’s center army and the left wing had already peirced through hills, forests, and small rivers.
The only things left before them were a wide plain and the Lancephil Center Army that set formation with the end of that plain, the Parkes River at their back.


Viscount Greg Sinaiz looked at the Lancephil Center Army and snorted.
Though he couldn’t tell when their spirits were powerful, when he looked once it died down, the location of the Lancephil Center Army’s main camp was a mess to a laughable degree.
Parkes River to their back, a wide open plain to their front and sides.
For the Lancephil Fief Regiment whose numbers were inferior, it was one of the worst locations.
At that moment, the Lancephil Center Army with Roan at the head set a formation and appeared.
Meaning that they wouldn’t resist inside the camp but fight a grand battle.


Greg burst out a laughter.
He slapped his thigh with his right hand and nodded his head.

“Right, right. Even you bastards can’t do anything. You can only fight to death if there’s nowhere to run! Hahaha!”

Greg thought Roan was making his last ditch-effort.

‘It’s a situation we can’t lose even if we want to!’

About ten thousand right wing soldiers to the right and five thousand reinforcement to the back had joined.
The original legion’s number too was fifteen thousand.
Compared to that, the Lancephil center army didn’t quite reach eight thousand.
Greg’s face redly flushed. His heart kept jumping rapidly.

“Attack! Attack! Trample them in an instant!”

His loud voice rode the wind and echoed the battlefield.
At this, the Lancephil center army with Roan at the head too stepped up in counterattack as if to compete.
From a glance, a reckless looking charge.
However, including Roan, not one amongst the center army’s soldiers had any looks of fear.
The Lancephil center army’s five thousand versus the KaLu Allied Army’s center army, right wing, and reinforcement’s thirty thousand.
The distance between the two armies rapidly shrank. At that moment.


To the rapidly charging Roan’s side, a blue flag soared up.
A shabby flag without anything notable.


The KaLu Allied Army’s commanders including Greg creased their brows and tilted their heads.
Because they couldn’t guess the flag’s purpose.

‘Is it just a troop flag?’

When nothing particular happened, Greg slightly relaxed.
He shouted at the top of his lungs to throw off the uncomfortable feeling.

“Break through in an instant! After the cavalry’s charge, the swordsmen and troo……”

At that very moment.


Sounds of scream pierced into his ears without a hint.

Chang! Chajang! Chang! Pububububuck!

At the same time, metallic sounds together with blunt rupturing sounds shook the battlefield.

“Wha, what is it!”

A situation where Roan and the Lancephil center army are still far away.
Greg looked with a startled expression at the place the sounds came from.
The place his gaze headed was the right side.
It was the place KaLu Allied Army’s right wing were situated.


Suddenly, a low exclamation burst out from Greg’s mouth.
An unbelievable scene unfolded before his eyes.

“Wha, what is……”

Their proud and reassuring right wing had turned their horses and were running towards them.
No, they weren’t simply running towards them.
They shot arrows and swung their swords and stabbed their spears.

“We, we are allies! Allies!”

The soldiers of the KaLu Allied Army’s center army helplessly fell at the right wing’s sudden attack.

“Da, damn it!” Is it betrayal!”

Greg sharply roared.
His eyeballs heatedly burned up.
A flaming-red rage rode the back of his neck and stretched to the top of his head.

‘Let’s calm down. It isn’t that the entire right wing has betrayed us.’

The bastards who turned their horses towards the center army were about half.
The rest half was still charging towards the Lancephil center army.
A cold killing intent flowed along his eyes.

‘Is the one that betrayed Higgs Potter……’

The one standing at the lead and butchering the center army’s soldiers was definitely Viscount Higgs Potter.
Greg clenched his teeth.

‘You dare……’

Assigning the bastard to the right wing’s head commander was an event just few days ago.
As much as he had trusted him, the sense of betrayal was also great.

“Do not panic! Doues Troop and the Eteh Troop face the traitors on the righ……”

Greg quickly tried to clean up the panic.
But sadly, his orders could not be properly passed.


A horrible sound pierced into his ears.


His adam’s apple widely moved.
Greg widely goggled his eyes and lowered his head.
A black spear handle piercing the center of his chest came into his eyes.

“Th, this is……” 

The familiar shape, the familiar color.
Greg moved his gaze along the spear handle.
The spear handle endlessly extended.


A clot of blood rose up with a heavy cough.
Finally, his gaze reached the spear’s end.


An exclamation burst out.
It was as expected.
The man ferociously racing towards him while holding the black spear was Roan.
The spear’s length was shortening on its own while matching his speed.

‘Da, damn it!’

A situation where his chest got pierced.
Greg had already gave up living.

“Roan Lancephil!”

But only, he wished to swing at least his sword towards Roan.

“Take my sword!”

He squeezed out his last strength and pulled out his longsword.
Meantime, Roan who was far away neared before his nose.
When he twisted his wrist, the Travias Spear shortened to a forearm length.


The hole on his chest directly opened up.
Greg, closing the wound with his remaining mana, threw his final strike.
The longsword slowly cutting across the space.
Above that, the Travias Spear moved as if dancing.


The spearhead directly cut the sword together with Greg’s neck.


An empty death.
Greg who had a grand victory before his eyes turned into a corpse without having properly countered once and fell.
Roan raised his spear high and shouted with a resounding voice.

“I have cut off the enemy chief commander Greg Sinaiz’s head!”

The composed but powerful voice shook and rang the battlefield.

“Ch, chief commander!”
“Sir Viscount Sinaiz!”

The center army’s soldiers who were already panicking at the right wing’s sudden attack greatly shook at Greg’s death.
Roan and the Lancephil soldiers did not miss that chance.

“Decimate them!”
“Decimate the enemies!”

Roan, Semi, Harrison, Brian, and Pierce raised their voices and spurred the soldiers.
A situation where each individual’s strength of the Lancephil Fief Regiment were much higher.
The KaLu Allied Army’s center army soldiers who had fallen into panic were no more than easy preys.


With throes of death, tens, hundreds of soldiers turned into corpses and fell.
Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s attack continued without a pause.
At that moment.

“My lord! The KaLu Allied Army’s right wing has turned their horses!”

Semi who was observing the battlefield shouted at the top of his throat.
Roan quickly pulled his rein and looked at the legion’s rear.

‘They’re faster than I thought.’

The KaLu Allied Army’s right wing who were charging towards the Lancephil Center Army’s camp turned their horses and ran towards the Lancephil Center Army’s rear.
They were the true KaLu Allied Army’s right wing soldiers that excluded Higgs and the soldiers who followed him.


Roan formed a strange smile even in the desperate situation and nodded his head.
He quickly gave a hand signal and shouted in a loud voice.

“We are pierce through the enemy’s center army attacking Kallum Rinse!”
“Yes sir!”

The commanders quickly answered and passed the order to their respective soldiers.

Flutter! Flutter!

Small flags restlessly waved.
The Lancephil Center Army that was slaughtering the dissolved enemy army turned their horses as if they’d been waiting and raced towards the Maiel Mountain.
The goal was Kallum Rinse who had marched a moment later.
Roan’s eyes pierced through the battlefield and headed towards Kallum.
The bastard’s palely bleached face was acutely visible as if it was before his nose.

< Amaranth (37) > End.

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