I Am the Monarch – Chapter 238: Amaranth (38)

Roan Lancephil had never met Viscount Higgs Potter before.
But even so, they weren’t a pair with no relationship at all.

‘Since I have the Flamdor Mana Technique that Viscount Higgs Potter originally should have had……’

In the last life, the very man who discovered and obtained in his hands Reid’s Flamdor Mana Technique was Higgs.
Of course, though he was found out by Duke Edwin Voisa the moment he obtained it in his hands and came to lose his life.

‘Since it originally was his anyhow, I wanted to help him in a way.’

It was the same reason as him nominating Aaron Tate to the Eastern Regional Corps Supreme Commander after getting the Brent’s Ring instead of himself.
During that time, he came to obtain an intelligence that Kallum Rinse planned to cede the Rinse Kingdom’s southern regions including the Potter Viscounty to Lukan Diez as the condition for allying.
Roan, immediately at that moment, sent Swift to Higgs and revealed the truth.
Higgs, who was following Kallum, did not believe Roan’s words, but afterwards became greatly dejected as Kallum actually gave away the Potter Viscounty as he please as he allied with Lukan.
Roan did not miss this chance.
He borrowed the rhetorician Swift’s help and persuaded Higgs.
He promised not only the preservation of the original viscounty but also to confer a large award in the merit awards if he follow and help him end the three kingdom war.
Higgs, at the end of his contemplation, grabbed Roan’s hand.
He couldn’t be robbed of in an instant the land his family lived in for generations.

“Viscount Potter! Thank you!”

Roan shouted in a loud voice as he pierced through the KaLu Allied Army’s center army.
Higgs who was facing the enemy soldiers the same faintly smiled and replied.

“Please forgive me for not following you from the start!”

He was a type to never look back once he made a decision.
Roan faintly smiled and then spurred his horse.
Now was the time to focus on the battle and not chitchat. Paat!

Roan’s left hand rapidly moved and sent hand signals.

Vvuuuuu! Vvuu! Vvuu!

The sounds of horn queerly echoed and small flags busily moved.
In an instant the Lancephil center army diagonally lined up long and pierced through the KaLu Allied Army.
The KaLu Allied Army’s center army, which had already fallen in to panic, collapsed without making a single decent resistance. T
The formation that was thick was directly pierced and the five thousand strong reinforcement that was running behind them appeared.

“Da, damn……!”

Kallum who pleasantly marched certain of victory looked at the Lancephil center army pouring out before his eyes and twisted his face.

‘Just what is this situation!’

He couldn’t comprehend the scene spread before his eyes.

‘A betrayal!’

The sharply trembling eyes chased Higgs and moved.
Higgs Potter’s betrayal.
It was an absolutely unexpected event. Higgs Potter was one of the close aids that he had trusted.

‘Is it perhaps because of deciding to hand Potter Viscounty over to Lukan?’

The only thought he immediately had was that.

‘But I said to confer a cream of the crop land near the capital instead of a countryside if I unify the kingdom……’

It was a very attractive proposal.
At the time, Higgs greatly rejoiced and once more sweared his absolute loyalty.

‘That was all an act?’

The color on Kallum’s face turned dark. Even while his tangled thoughts continued, the Lancephil center army with Roan at the head was nearing closer every second.

‘Damn it!’

Curses rose up to the tip of his tongue.
His desperate gaze swept left and right of the battlefield.

‘Fight? Retreat?’

Decision couldn’t be made. The KaLu Allied Army was still advantageous in numbers.
But the center army that was the main force had fallen into panic and was failing to do its role.
Most of all.

‘I can’t tell how many bastards that betrayed me are here’

The battlefield was exceptionally big and the right wing Higgs was leading had separated into two forces and then were racing towards him from the Lancephil center army’s right and rear.
First, it was definite that the right wing’s Viscount Potter Troop had betrayed.
On the other hand, the veracity of betrayal for the force at Lancephil center army’s rear wasn’t clear.

‘I can’t simply make an optimistic decision at a situation like this.’

A situation where his life could be in danger if not careful.
Thinking of the worst case was more beneficial.

‘Let’s think that the entire right wing has betrayed. If it is such a situation……’

There was no chance of victory with the current condition.
Kallum clenched his teeth.
Rage rose up but he couldn’t carefreely act.
There still was a reserve force in the main camp.
Furthermore, there was the left wing’s Diez Kingdom Army that had repeated victory after victory.

‘Retreat first and then reorganize.’

Though it was bitter that a traitor had appeared, even so, it wasn’t a situation difficult enough to consider giving up either.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

Kallum quickly gave the order and then turned his horse.


Major commanders repeated him and followed his back.
The five thousand strong reinforcement that had spiritedly marched hurried and began to retreat.
Roan and the Lancephil center army too spurred on their charging speed.
Matching that, the KaLu Allied Army’s right wing who were chasing their backs also increased their speed.


A strange, chased and chasing, chasers again being chased pursuit unfolded.
The KaLlum and the reinforcement’s retreat continued to the main camp at the Maiel Mountain’s slope.

‘Damn it! The pursuer’s formation bothers me.’

Kallum creased his brows.
Roan and the Lancephil center army’s diagonal formation bothered him.
Because of the pursuit force that had slantly lined up long, the path of retreat was subtly being turned.
Even when it wouldn’t be good enough to run straight, the horses were slightly tilted towards the east.
Of course, it wasn’t a big enough difference to be a problem to the retreat even so.

‘But it still feels irksome……’

An unpleasant feeling flowed along the back of his head.
A feeling as if he was forgetting something important.


The sound of horsehooves hit his ears.
Kallum strongly shook his head as if to throw away the complicated thought.
The KaLu Allied Army’s reinforcement, with him at the head, tore through between the hills and raced.
Roan and the Lancephil center army too spurred on their chase, but the distance did not easily close.
At that very moment.


Roan raised his left hand above his head.
Abruptly, Harrison, who was following behind, shot an arrow towards the sky as if he had been waiting.


A shrill sound echoed through the battlefield.
It was a whistling arrow.


The Lancephil Fief Regiment’s unique sound of horn fully filled the battlefield.
Shockingly, that sound did not come from their rear but from the front.


Kallum felt a feeling like every hair on his body stiffly standing up.
His breath suffocatingly caught.
The sound of horn came from beyond the hill in front of them.
His apprehensive gaze followed to the end of the hill. At that moment.


Together with a giant sound of cheer, legion flags and troop flags soared up above the hill.

< Tale Legion. >
< Piedes Troop. >

It was the Piedes Troop that led the Lancephil left wing and was known to had been annihilated.
The commander leading the troop was Austin, who wasn’t seen during the entire battle.

“Sorry for making you wait. Prince Kallum.”

Austin faintly smiled and raised his longsword up high.

“Charge! Waaaaah!”

The instant the order fell, the Piedes Troop soldiers with Austin at the head rode down the hill and pounced towards Kallum.
A situation where the path of retreat might just become tightly closed off.
Kallum’s heart turned frantic.

“Break through! Break through! Fight to the death and return to the camp!”

His face stiffly hardened.


He berated himself too late.

‘Even though the Lancephil left wing too wouldn’t have fallen if Higgs Potter betrayed!’

He had overlooked it because the situation was pressed.

“Move aside!”

Kallum cut down the Piedes Troop soldiers running towards him and spurred his horse.
The nearby adjutants, knights, and soldiers surrounded Kallum as to guard him.

“We’ll lead the way, your majesty!”
“Open the path!”

Resounding roar shook the battlefield.

Ssskuk! Sssguk!

A fierce exchange unfolded with horrible sounds.
The knights and soldiers of the reinforcement were truly desperate.
They knew that everything would end if Kallum were to be captured or killed here.
A ferocious breakthrough that disregarded life followed.
Thanks to that, a weak point appeared for an instant on the Piedes Troop’s concrete encirclement.

“Break through! Break through!”

Kallum and the reinforcement did not miss that chance.


Together with sound of horse hooves shaking the earth, an wind-likebreakthrough continued.

“Stop them! We cannot lose them!”

Austin urged with a loud voice, but it was not easy for taemusas or the ordinary soldiers to face the knights attacking to death.

“We’ve broken through, your majesty!”

Ultimately, Kallum and the few soldiers managed to break through the encirclement with their knights at the lead.
A very unfortunate situation for the Austin and the Piedes Troop, and Roan and the Lancephil center army who were chasing behind.
But for some reason, Roan as well as many commanders’ expressions were calm and unperturbed.
Roan slaughtered the soldiers of the reinforcement that couldn’t quite follow Kallum and raised their chasing speed.

“Yes! My lord!”

Austin who was commanding the troop without chasing Kallum answered in a loud voice.
Roan passed Austin like the wind and gave a new order.

“Slaughter the following enemies together with the main center army!”
“Yes sir!”

Austin answered shortly and sent hand signals towards the Piedes Troop.
In an instant, the taemusas and the soldiers turned their horses and raced towards the Parkes riverside.
It was to face the true KaLu Allied Army right wing that was chasing Roan’s back.
Meanwhile, Roan took only the Amaranth and the Viscount Potter Troop amongst the center army’s troops and went on the chase for Kallum.
Though the two different forces crossed and raced the opposite directions, there was not one case of tangling or collision.
The Lancephil Fief Regiment were the most well trained army amongst armies.

“Damn it! That monstrous bastard!”

Kallum looked at Roan chasing his back and clenched his teeth.
He was disgustingly tenacious.
He wasn’t simply strong.
Roan did not have impossible or quitting in his dictionary.

‘He’s intent to chase to the end of hell.’

He was exasperated.

“G, go your majesty! We will stop them!”

Meanwhile, the ordinary soldiers following Kallum’s back fell one by one at Roan, Amaranth Troop, and the Viscount Potter Troop’s attack.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Kallum over and over spat out curses.
His face redly flushed. HIs gaze naturally turned towards the Maiel mountainside’s main camp.

“Just what is Elva Dionell doing! She should immediately come out leading the reserve forces and aiding!”

The spark pointlessly jumped to Elva.
His gaze turned towards the west this time.

“Lukan Diez. That stupid bastard. He must be happily pouring down attack without even knowing what our situation is like.”

His stomach twisted when he thought of Lukan who should be lively.
At that moment, a familiar sound pierced into his ears.


It was a whistling arrow.
Kallum quickly looked behind himself.
As expected, it was an arrow shot up from the Lancephil Fief Regiment.

Vvuuuuuuu! Vvuu! Vvuu!

Once again, a sound of horn was heard from ahead of the path of retreat.


Kallum let out a long exclamation.
From between the left side’s forest and hill, the Lancephil Fief Regiment with their troop flag in front appeared.
As expected, it was the Triaron Troop of the Lancephil left wing that was known to have been annihilated.

“We’ve been waiting, your majesty.”

The troop commander Varon spat out the same words as Austin.
Simultaneously, he raised up his right hand high.

“Charge! Capture Prince Kallum!”

A charge as merciless as the Piedes Troop began.

“Damn it!”

Kallum fiercely widen his eyes.
The only thing he could do was curse.
He tightly clenched his reins and spurred his horse.
The warhorse painfully cried and kicked off the ground.

“Pierce through!”
“Secure the path of retreat!”

The nearby knights swung their swords with determinations to death.

“You barbaric bastards! This sir is the Rinse Kingdom’s sole his majesty the king!”
“Die, you brats!”

Roars and shouts hit the ears.

“That’s what you bastards think!”
“Just where is a king with neither a royal crest nor the national seal!”

The Triaron Troop’s soldiers snorted and swugn their swords and spears.


Kallum’s knights desperately fought, but they couldn’t take on all the soldiers that pounced from every direction.
Soon, sharp swords and spears pierced their sides, chests, arms, and legs.
But even so, their deaths were not in vain.
Thanks to the knights throwing away their lives and fighting back, this time too Kallum was able to break through the encirclement and run.

“Chase him! We cannot lose the prince!”

Varon swung his sword and shouted. At that moment.

“It is fine. There’s no need to force yourselves.”

Roan brushed past his side and waved his hand.
Varon slightly nodded his head in place of an answer.
For he already knew of Roan’s intent.


As it had been waiting, the third whistling arrow flew towards the sky.

Vvuuuuuu! Vvuu! Vvuu!

Once again, a grand sound of horn echoed through the battlefield.
Kallum who had barely broken through the encirclement and was running exhaled a long sigh with a despondent look.

“Seriously again……?”

Kallum quietly stared at the hills and the Maiel Mountain spreading before his eyes.


On every hill as well as along the Maiel mountainside, big and small legion flags and troop flags soared up.
A procession of flags that endlessly continue on long.

Dum! Dum! Dum! Dum!

Sounds of drums heightening the air fully filled the battlefield.

“Can’t be……”

A situation he couldn’t believe, no, a situation he did not want to believe.
Not only the path of retreat but even the Maiel Mountain’s eastern slope where the KaLu Allied Army’s right wing had originally stood had all fallen into Lancephil Fief Regiment’s hands.
Like this, he couldn’t return to the main army’s camp.

“I, is this the end……”

A sorrowful voice flowed out.
At that moment, the nobles, knights, and soldiers who were still guarding Kallum’s side swarmed up and shouted.

“It’s still too soon to give up, your majesty!”
“The right, there is the right!”
“The west still has a path open, your majesty!”
“Let us pierce through like this and join up with the left wing’s Diez Kingdom Army!”

Protests poured out.
Kallum looked towards the west.
Unlike the south, east, and north, the west’s encirclement was lax and had many weak points.
It seemed possible to easily break through if they charge as one.


Kallum exhaled a long sigh.
His expression wasn’t good.

“Does it not seem as if they had intentionally opened the path?”

A bitter smile hanged on his mouth.

“Does it seem like that great Roan Lancephil has left only the western encirclement lax without any reason?”

Self-mocking questions continued.
The nobles, knights, and the soldiers could not easily answer.
Kallum quietly stared at their faces, then soon exhaled a long sigh once more.

“Right. Let’s try it.”

A sharp killing intent rubbed off of the gaze staring towards the west.

“It should be better than quietly sitting and waiting for death.”

A dispirited voice.
Kallum soon pulled his reins and spurred his horse.

“We will lead the way, your majesty!”
“We will open the path!”

The knights and soldiers ran ahead of Kallum and swung their swords.
Kallum looked at that sight as he followed their back then abruptly had a question.

‘Come to think of it……’

His gaze turned towards the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s legion flags and troop flags rising above the hills and the Maiel mountainside.

‘Just when has that Roan bastard prepare such a force again……’

It was something incomprehensible.
At that moment, Roan, Amaranth Troop, and the Viscount Potter Troop appeared behind them.
Relaxed expressions and bearings unfitting of a pursuit force.
Kallum tightly bit his lower lips.

‘He must be laughing at me right now, no?’

Unfortunately, that guess was correct.
A faint smile hanged on Roan’s mouth.

‘Kallum Rinse.’

His calm gaze chased Kallum’s back.

‘Run and run again.’

Making holes for him to run away to was all Roan’s plan.
For there was something else he wanted.
His gaze turned towards the sky
 The bright sunlight softened his eyes.

Once the sun sets……

A cold light flowed on his eyes.

‘Your life too will set.’

< Amaranth (38) > End.

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