I Am the Monarch – Chapter 239: Amaranth (39)

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“Huff. Huff. Huff.”

Rough breaths filled up to the tip of his tongue.
Kallum Rinse looked around himself with a bleached face. The number of countless nobles, commanders, knights, and soldiers that followed his sides had now decreased enough to be counted.
At least, the good thing was that they had broken through the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s encirclement.

‘No, is it that they opened up a path for us……’

A bitter smile hanged on his mouth.


Kallum spurred his horse and race westward, and westward.
He planned to join up with the KaLu Allied Army’s left wing that Lukan Diez was leading.
When they exited out from between the hills, a wide open plain appeared.

“Un?” Kallum pulled his reins with a slightly surprised expression. The rapidly racing warhorse slowly lowered its speed. “Crowned Prince?”

A flustering voice.
At the place his gaze touched lied the KaLu Allied Army’s left wing that reached about ten thousand soldiers with Lukan Diez at the head.

“Why, at such a place……?”

It was something incomprehensible.
The KaLu Allied Army’s left wing, in other words the Diez Kingdom Army was repeating victory after victory enough to push the Lancephil right wing’s main camp to the back.
Meaning that they should be at much farther north than the current location right now.

“Your majesty likewise, why at a place like this……”

Lukan too was flustered the same.
He greatly creased his brows and tilted his head.
The two people’s gazes tangled with complicated looks.


And soon, the light on their faces dyed black with a low exclamation.
Lukan stuck tight to Kallum’s side and spoke in an urgent voice.

“A letter came from the right wing’s head commander Viscount Higgs Potter. That the center army fell into the enemy army’s trap and was in a peril of annihilation and even your majesty’s life was in a dangerous state. It was a narrative asking to immediately send a reinforcement since they were difficult to face with the right wing alone.”

Kallum let out a deep exclamation.
Roan had already made his move even on the Diez Kingdom Army.
Kallum shook his head with a complicated expression.

“Higgs Potter is a traitor. The bastard betrayed us and attached himself to Roan Lancephil.”

Lukan goggled his eyes.
Kallum quickly explained in a quiet voice of the events that occurred until now.


Lukan who heard the entire story leaked a quiet groan.
A cold feeling settled on his neck.

“I don’t want to think even this kind of thought, but I wonder if there may have been some reason why the Lancephil right wing that we faced repeated defeats.”

Truthfully, they were defeats unlike the Lancephil Fief Regiment said to be a powerful force.
Furthermore, there was no way that the meticulous Roan would have prepared only the right wing shabbily.
At that moment, KaLu Allied Army’s joint chief commander Viscount Jack Woods squinted his eyes and exhaled a short sigh.

“Come to think of it, the Lancephil right wing that was thrown back enough to move even their main camp actually are now……”
“Their resistance became stronger.”

Lukan finished his sentence.
As a matter of fact, they weren’t able to easily gain the edge yesterday and today unlike the early on when they were on a roll.
Thinking about it now, the wondered if this too was all Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s scheme.
The hairs on his entire body sharply stood.

“At any rate, we better hurry and move, your majesty.”

Lukan worriedly looked around their surroundings.
An anxiety that they couldn’t tell if Roan was preparing something assaulted his entire body.

“Since the situation is such, we can’t attack the Lancephil right wing again either……”

Kallum exhaled a short sigh.

“It seems we have to turn back at this point, your majesty.”

At the least, it would be smoother than when retreating alone since there was the Diez Kingdom Army.
Lukan slowly nodded his head.

“Where should we retreat to? The Lochi Castle?”

Originally, retreating to the temporary capital, the Lochi Castle, was correct.
Because the supplies and food were plenty, it was a good place to reorganize the legion.
However, the Lochi Castle was Potter Viscounty’s capital before the temporary capital.

“That place too would have went over to the bastard Roan.”

As they set up their camps on the Maiel mountain slope, they had entrusted all of public order and defense of the Lochi Castle to the Viscount Potter Troop.
The possibility of the Lochi castle also betraying the moment Higgs betrayed was high.
Lukan creased his face.

“So it isn’t good.”

It wasn’t simply because a single castle went over.
Currently, the KaLu Allied Army was using the Lochi Castle as logistics base.
If the Lochi Castle had went over into Roan’s hand, a problem in supply and rations resupplying would inevitably appear.

“However we view it, it seems we have to Hartford Castle.”

The Hartford Castle was a castle located further south than the Lochi Castle and a short distance from the Diez Kingdom.
Although the supplies and rations weren’t as plentiful as the Lochi Castle, it was a place easy to defend in siege since its walls were high and strong as located near the border.

“Let us await the Diez Kingdom’s reinforcement at that place.”
“That would be good, your majesty.”

Lukan nodded his head at Kallum’s words.
There was no other means that floated up.
Soon, soldiers numbering ten thousand with Kallum and Lukan at the head turned their horses towards the south.
Thankfully or perhaps unfortunately, Roan and the pursuing troop weren’t seen.
No, to be exact, they couldn’t discover Roan and the pursuing troop.
Understandably, Roan had intentionally slowed their speed and was chasing Kallum’s back while far apart from him.

“Would it really be okay to chase them like this, sir?”

When Pierce cautiously asked, Roan nodded his head with a calm expression.

“There is no need to worry. We merely have to stay far apart and chase their tracks like now.”

His gaze turned towards the North.

“Either way, they can’t run far.”

Roan chasing their back was in case their path of retreat was possibly different than the predicted.
Thankfully, everything until now was going as planned.
Pierce brightly smiled and nodded his head.

“Yes, sir. Since the plan this time was really amazing.”

A voice full of pride.

“Who were the ones who designed this plan again, sir?”

Pierce asked once more.
Roan faintly smiled and answered shortly.

“Swift, Buro, Raitler, Rotner, Griffin, Nuns.”

The six people’s names that followed on after another.
It was they who would later be called the Lancephil’s Six Brain.

“The fief’s future is bright, sir.”

At Pierce’s words, Roan shook his head.
He spoke with a quiet voice.

“It isn’t the fief.”

The smile hanging on the tips of his mouth deepened further.

“It’s the nation’s future that is bright.”


“I, I’m sorry, your majesty.”

With his final words as the end, a knight lost his life.
It was already the tenth time.
Kallum and Lukan exhaled long sighs with abject expressions.

‘Is this that Roan Lancephil’s skill……’

They were speechless.
No, they honestly were afraid at this point. Kallum and Lukan looked around their surroundings while sitting on their horses.
The soldiers that exceeded ten thousand had now fallen below half that number.
Especially the losses of nobles, commanders, and knights that could be called the elite force was extreme.
South, the path towards the Hartford Castle was in short a path to hell.
At every place they went, at every place that was suspicious, the Lancephil Fief Regiment appeared.
The shocking thing was the fact that their identities were the Lancephil Right Wing that the Diez Kingdom Army had faced.

‘The Lancephil Right Wing had split their forces while retreating back pretending to be losing. From ahead of time, they were setting up ambushes along the path towards the Hartford Castle.’

It was something unbelievable.
Them pulling out soldiers in middle of fierce battles and sending them someplace else too was hard to comprehend, but the thing most shocking was that Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment had predicted Kallum and Lukan’s journey to Hartford before the battle’s start.


A long sigh naturally flowed out.
They were horridly exhausted.
At the ambushes that endlessly followed, they were a step before losing their minds.
A feeling of wanting to simply fall down and rest if they could.
But now wasn’t the time to act leisurely.

“All of you get up. We move again.”

Kallum urged on the injured and pulled his reins.
Even amongst the five thousand soldiers that had survived, the ones whose bodies were whole numbered merely a half.
The soldiers were overflowing with exhausted looks.
They forcibly raised their bodies and followed Kallum and Lukan’s backs.
They once again passed hills and hills and crossed a small forest and a river.
The laborious march continued on.
At that very moment.


A sound of horse hooves ringing the ground pierced into their ears.
Dark shadows casted over the faces Kallum, Lukan, and the soldiers who followed him.

‘Is this the end……’

Kallum despaired.
The situation wasn’t good.
The soldiers were moving their steps while forcibly dragging their injured bodies.
If they were to again receive the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s attack now, the likelihood of failing to properly react even once was high.
A bitter light circled his eyes.
That was also the same for Lukan.

‘Was my choice wrong……’

For the first time, a crack broke on his always confident face.
He could have climbed to the throne even if he didn’t act greedy and hold his place.
But Lukan couldn’t be satisfied with the things given to him.
He dreamt a bigger dream, and shook Kallum’s hand for that dream.
The result of that choice?
It became a state were his life was immediately in danger.
The inside of his head was tangled.
Kallum and Lukan bittered smiled and looked at each other.
At that moment.

“Your majesty!”

A familiar voice pierced into their ears.


Kallum and Lukan looked with puzzled light in their eyes at the direction the voice was heard from.
The place their gazes headed was a small hill.
Soon, a legion flag soured up above it and a single group appeared.


Kallum let out a quiet exclamation.
It wasn’t the enemy.
They weren’t the Lancephil Fief Regiment.
The legion flag that soared above the hill fluttered in the wind.

< Dionell Legion. >

The group’s identity was the Dionell Fief Regiment with Elva Dionell at the lead.
That legion they had formed as a reserve force in the center army’s main camp, at the desperate moment, had shown up.

“Your majesty!”

The one shouting loudly and racing up was Elva.
She, perhaps having passed through quite many battles while running all the way here, was full of big and small wounds.
Elva too was overflowing with an exhausted look.
She climbed down from her warhorse and kneeled down on one knee before Kallum.

“I’m sorry. I was a little late.”

An ardent voice.
She truly was an incredible amazon.
Kallum looked at Elva with a complicated light in his eyes.
The feelings he felt the moment he first saw her in the situation he prepared for death was definitely joy and relief.
But soon his heart sank and bitter feelings fully filled his head and heart.

‘I’m grateful and sorry, but the moment I acknowledge Elva……’

He would end up acknowledging his mistake himself.
At a state where he had already faced a crushing defeat, he couldn’t lose himself.
The light in his eyes turned sharp.
He had spitefully resolved.

“Elva. Have you not seen Higgs Potter betraying and the Center Army and the reinforcement falling into crisis!”

An abrupt shout.
Elva lowered her head with her knee still kneeled.

“The battlefield was too far away and it took too much time confirming, your majesty. Afterwards we tried to march right away, but couldn’t move freely because the Maiel Mountain as well as the nearby regions have all fallen into Roan Lancephil’s……”

Kallum waved his hand and cut her off.
He was trying to push the fault of the battle’s grand defeat on Elva.

“Our main army has came to an annihilation because you have failed to rescue them at the right……”

Kallum who was continuing on his words longly abruptly closed his mouth and sharply opened his eyes.
His gaze passed over Elva and continued to the Dionell Fief Regiment that had now just arrived.
Like Elva, they were all of defeated looks.
But even amongst them, there was a man who alone wore a clean suit and was floating a faint smile.
Kallum quiveringly trembled his entire body.

“Sith Wiggins!”

A thunder-like roar exploded out.
The man Kallum was glaring at was no other than Sith Wiggins.

“Hello. Prince Kallum.”

Sith gave a greeting with a composed voice.
Instantly Kallum’s face flushed.

“Elva! Just what is this! Why is that bastard here?”

A shout like the ears would fall off. Elva, with a troubled expression, answered.

“Sith Wiggins is the enemy’s envoy, your majesty. We couldn’t simply kill……”

The moment her words reached that point, Kallum couldn’t endure and swung his hand.


With a clear sound, Elva’s face spun.
Kallum had hit her face with all his strength.

“My lord!” “Hhm!”

Dionell Fief Regiment’s commanders and soldiers all twisted their faces.
They were forcibly pressing down their anger.
Elva waved her hand as if to say it was okay.
Above her, Kallum’s curses poured down.

“You idiotic woman! Do you not know what kind of situation it is right now! Our lives are ending in seconds! It’s a plight where our necks may get cut! But you worry of the enemy’s envoy at such a condition? You demented……”

The moment his words reached that point.

“Prince Kallum. No, Kallum.”

A quietly sunken voice coldly echoed out.
The owner of the voice was Sith.
He, with the smile he always floated erased, was showing a stiffly hardened expression.
Sith slowly moved his steps and approached towards Kallum.


He passed by a side of a Dionell Fief Regiment’s commander and naturally pulled out the sword at his waist.


The commander who got his sword snatched extended out his hand a moment late but was pushed back at Sith’s light wave.
Sith too had learned as a head of a noble house an above average level of mana technique.

“You, you son of a bitch dare to point a sword at me right now!”

Kallum shouted as he moved back.
Sith faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“Because you hit my friend.”
“F, friend?”

Kallum creased his brows and looked back and forth between Sith and Elva.

“Sith Wiggins. Let go of that sword and step back.”

Elva stood up and waved her hands.
Sith looked at her and formed a smile.

“Elva. I can answer any of your words, but I can’t answer that wish.”

At those words, Elva asked with a complicated expression.

“Why? Because I’m your friend?”

Sith didn’t answer right away and quietly stared at Elva.
He, exhaling a short sigh, shook his head.

“To me, you aren’t just a friend.”

His smile further deepened.

“You’re a friend I love.”

Instantly a tremble waved on Elva’s face.
Her eyes greatly shook.

‘Lo, love?’

She thought it was a crush she alone had.
She thought that Sith saw her as no more than a comrade.

‘Si, since when……?’

Elva looked at Sith and chewed her lips.
Sith understood Elva’s such feeling.

“I understood after the throne succession war began and the moment we 12 Hatchling killed and killed each other came. Whom you are to me……”

A bitter and self-deprecating light.
Sith soon exhaled a long sigh.

“I’m sorry it became like this. But I couldn’t stay still after seeing the person I love getting hit.”

He then aimed his sword towards Kallum.
Kallum boomingly roared at that sight.

“You, you mad bastard! To dare point a sword at a king!”

He gestured towards the nearby knights.

“Kill him! Kill this bastard!”

The instant the order fell, a knight approached towards Sith.
It was one of the knights who had won out all of Lancpehil Fief Regiment’s countlessly ambushes and survived to the end.


The knight pulled out his longsword and stood before Sith.

“I’ll instantly cut off……”

His shout could not reach its end.


With a horrible sound, the spirited knight’s head fell below his feet.


Kallum gasped and stepped back.
His gaze moved towards the sword’s owner.

“E, Elva. Why you……”

The one who cut off the knight’s head was in fact Elva.
She kicked and knocked down the headless knight and then aimed at Kallum with the tip of her longsword.

“Your majesty. It can’t be helped.”

Elva’s gaze turned towards Sith.

“I too wish to protect the person I love.”

Her gentle voice flowed along the wind.

“T, these insane……”

Kallum spat out a curse.
His face flushed.
The thread of sanity he had barely held snapped.

“Kill them! Kill these two little shits! I’ll give the title of a count to whoever cut off Elva and Sith’s heads!”

A mindless order fell.


The knights and soldiers following Kallum dryly gulped.
Their eyes glinted with heated desires.


They pulled out their swords and stepped up in front of Kallum.
It was to cut off Elva and Sith’s heads.
Elva pointed at them with her sword and gave a command with a quiet voice.

“Slaughter them.”

The command was very simple.

“Yes ma’am!”

The Dionell Fief Regiment answered shortly and then kicked off the ground.
There was not one soldier asking back.
They were ones who followed not Kallum but Elva.

“These idiotic bastards!”

Kallum fitfully shouted.
He thought that the Dionell Fief Regiment’s soldiers too would scramble to cut off Elva and Sith’s heads if a reward called the title of a count was given.
He had misjudged that the people of the world were all the same kind as him.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

The battle began with the metallic din.
In the first place, the KaLu Allied Army’s soldiers who were mostly injured couldn’t be Dionell Fief Regiment’s match.
Especially because Elva and Sith’s skills were exceptionally outstanding, the soldiers who recklessly jumped all turned into corpses.


Kallum tightly clenched his fists and trembled his entire body.
There was not one thing that went as he wished.
At that moment, Lukan came up and spoke in a quiet voice.

“The things have became difficult, your majesty. I think us at least should get out for now.”

A state where he had picked out few knights and commanders.
Kallum unwillingly nodded his head and moved back to the rear.
At the same time, they spurred their horses and raced towards the South.

“Do not let the king escape!”

Elva discovered Kallum’s flight a moment later and shouted aloud.
At that moment, Sith faintly smiled and shook his head.

“Let them run. Since they are running into coffins on their own either way.”
“Ah…… are the events after this perhaps also planned?”

Sith wordlessly nodded his head when Elva asked with an incredulous expression.

“How shocking. So we weren’t Count Lancephil’s match in the first place.”

Elva shook her head.
Meanwhile, the Dionell Fief Regiment very quickly suppressed down the KaLu Allied Army’s soldiers.
The KaLu Allied Army’s soldiers’ stamina and skills were already low, and because Kallum and Lukan as well as the commanders had all ran away, they had lost their core.
The battle ended much more simply than had expected.

“Clean the battlefield and treat the injured.”
“Yes. Understood.”

At Elva’s order, the legion’s soldiers took time to reorganize.
At that moment, a group appeared between the hills.
It was Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment that had leisurely chased with distance.

“Baron Sith Wiggins. You are safe.”

Roan faintly smiled as he rode up his warhorse.
Sith brightly smiled and lowered his head.

“It is thanks to your concern, sir.”

Roan cheerfully smiled and shook his head at those words.

“It is all thanks to your ability.”

His gaze naturally turned towards Elva.
Roan did not speak carelessly.
In the end, Elva deeply bowed first.

“I have troubled you for a long time, sir. If you wish for my head, I will gladly give it. But do please let my soldiers live.”

A general-like attitude.
Roan looked at that sight and shook his head.

“The one I need is you and not your head.”

In short, words meaning he would let her live.
Elva deeply breathed in and lowered her head once more.

“Thank you.”

A slightly enervated voice.
Roan pulled his reins and turned his horse.

“Give the thanks to Baron Wiggins. Since he had volunteered as envoy with his life for you.”

Elva let out a quiet exclamation. Sith merely smiled wordlessly.

“Rest well since you must be tired. We will be chasing Kallum’s back.”

At Roan’s words, Sith and Elva slightly lowered their heads.

“Thank you for your concern.”

The two people’s faces seemed greatly eased.
Roan faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“We chase!”

Soon with a short command, the pursuing troops moved chasing Kallum’s back.
The chase, like before, was very relaxed.
Instead, the Lancephil Right Wing that had been hiding beforehand tormented Kallum and Lukan.
At the attacks that restlessly followed, the knights and soldiers lost their lives one after another and ultimately, only Kallum and Lukan, were left.

“Roan Lancpehil. It’s clear that bastard is playing with us.”

Kallum wordlessly nodded his head at Lukan’s words.
It was definitely a highly humiliating situation.
But somehow, a greatly relaxing looks floated up on his faces.

“Roan Lancephil, he certainly is an amazing bastard. But it seems this time at least he had unmistakably erred.”

Kallum pointed at their front with his his hands.
Lukan chased its tip with a puzzled look and soon made a bright smile.
Beyond a low hill, there was a small castle surrounded by a strong wall.

“It’s the Hartford Castle.”

Kallum slowly nodded his head at Lukan’s words.

“That is right.”

A smile hanged on his mouth.

“It seems Roan that bastard had relaxed too much.”
“He wouldn’t have known that we would survive to the end and arrive at the Hartford Castle.”

The two people exhaled long sighs and spurred their horses.
Their mana and stamina had already shown their lasts but a strand of strength bubbled at the thought that they had ultimately survived.


The warhorses, the moment they arrived at the Hartford Castle, fell with rough neighs as if understanding they had done their work.
Kallum and Lukan moved their steps into the castle without even looking after them.


The castle gate’s guards and the castle’s citizens looked at Kallum and Lukan and widely goggled their eyes.

“Y, your majesty?”

Kallum, Lukan, and the KaLu Allied army had previously lodged once before in the Hartford Castle.
Thanks to that, even the castle’s ordinary citizens recognized Kallum and Lukan’s faces.
Kallum greatly twisted his face and shouted.

“Close the gate! The enemy will come attacking!”
“Bring things to eat! We also need clean water and new clothes!”

Lukan too shouted as if to compete.
But for some reason, the guards and the citizens stood still without a twitch and looked at Kallum and Lukan.
Their eyes were fierce.

“Have you all gone deaf!”
“I said bring things to eat!”

At that moment.

“There’s not a thing to eat because your majesty’s soldiers have taken them all!”

A sharp voice hit their ears.
Instantly, Kallum and Lukan’s faces visibly twisted.

“Who! Who is it that shouted just now!”

A cold voice.

“I will cut off every bastard’s head here if you don’t come out immediately!”

His shout continued on.

“Come out right now!”

Kallum glaringly opened his eyes and glanced through the castle’s citizens.
The citizens did not step back and looked at him while standing quietly.

‘The mood isn’t normal……’

Kallum who was at his side noticed the weird mood first.
Before they knew it, countless citizens swarmed around the castle gate.
The lights in their eyes were fierce and sharp.

“Your majesty……”

Lukan quietly called out Kallum who was still raging.
Kallum who was freely raging at the castle’s citizens slightly frowned his forehead as if asking why.

“Look around us.”

Lukan spoke with a slightly tense expression.
Kallum, still floating a puzzled look, looked around themselves.


A quiet exclamation flowed out.
The citizens that fully filled their surroundings.
Each and every one of them were all exuding off ferocious and sharp air.

“Th, these bastards……”

Kallum stuttered with a slightly panicked look.

“M, move back immediately! W, where is the castle’s lord! Chase away these impertinent things immediately!”

Not wanting to be pressured by the mood, he purposefully raised his voice.
However, the air did not easily change.
At that moment.

“The castle’s lord has been killed by your majesty’s hand!”
“K, killed by my hand?

What does that mean!” Kallum fitfully shouted.
Another shouted once again.

“He stepped up to stop the people from getting raped when your majesty’s soldiers freely looted the food and wealth and then got accused of suppressing your majesty’s soldiers and had his head cut off!”

Kallum and Lukan let out quiet exclamations.
They finally remembered.
The atrocities and brutalities the two people, no, the KaLu Allied Army had done in the Hartford Castle here.


Dry spits were swallowed.

‘This isn’t good……’

The two people falteringly moved back.
But they were already surrounded completely by the castle’s citizens and had nowhere to run.

“S, step back. I will not ask of your crimes if you do so at least now.”

A shout spat out still not fully aware of himself.
The castle’s citizens did not even twitch and stood their places.

“F, fine! I will open up the treasury and give plenty compensations to those that were harmed!”

Now he tried appeasement.
But the cold looks of the castle’s citizens did not simply improve.
At that moment, someone raised his voice and shouted.

“My dead wife won’t return however much a compensation you say you’ll give!”

Soon tear-stricken voices followed and burst out.

“My daughter too!”
“My parents don’t come back either!”
“My poor children!”

They exuded heavy sorrow and rage.

“Eh, eh……”

Kallum and Lukan greatly panicked at the resentments that poured down.
If usual, they would had immediately pulled out their swords and pounced, but now their mana and stamina were at an emptied state.
Only two people couldn’t face the countless citizens of the castle.

“Die! You devil!”
“You aren’t our king!”
“Just where is a king that kill and rape his citizens!”

The citizens of the castle began throwing the things in their hands.

“D, damn!”
“Damn you crazy bastards!”

Kallum and Lukan spat out curses and dodged this way and that.
But the number of the castle’s citizens were much greater than they had thought and the objects they threw were many more than that.

Ppuuck! Ppuuck! Ppck!

Blunt sounds of impact.
Things like cups, plates, and farming tools were of course and even the stones that rolled on the ground.
The castle’s citizens threw all sorts of things the moment their hands grasped them.


Kallum and Lukan tightly curled up and collapsed onto the ground.


The castle’s citizens brought to mind a fire.
Their fire of revenge did not easily wane.


Kallum and Lukan threw up blood and crawled on the ground.

“T, these lowly things dare……kuuk.”

Kallum sharply trembled his hands and spat out swears.
He couldn’t believe the current situation.
That was also the same for Lukan.

‘To think I, the Diez Kingdom’s Crowned Prince Lukan Diez am getting hit by stone and crawling on the ground!’

A situation he hadn’t even imagined before.

Ppbuck! Pbubububuck!

The stones and object kept cutting through the air.


Now their bones were all cracked and their breaths stuffily caught.
It felt as if they might just lose their thread of life.

“S, sa, save me……”

They finally came to begging for their lives.
Kallum and Lukan kowtowed their heads.
A wretched state.
A humiliating situation.
The castle’s citizens snorted with cold expressions.

“My daughter begged and begged to let her live like that!”
“And what have you bastards done?”
“You cut off their limbs and heads with swords!”
“Die! You bastards beg for life like that too and die!”

They once again grabbed stones and things and threw them.

Ppbck! Pbububuck!


Kallum and Lukan gasped caught breaths and roundly curled their bodies.

‘Will we die like this……’

At that very moment.


Together with a grand sound of horn, the ground sharply trembled

‘Sound of horse hooves?’

Kallum and Lukan instinctively raised their heads and looked towards the castle gate.
The citizens who were throwing stones and things cautiously scattered.
Through the widely open gate, a group showed up.

< Amaranth Troop. >

Behind the brilliant troop flag, he soaring general’s flag showed off an incredible majesty.

< Roan Lancephil. >


Kallum and Lukan let out deep exclamations.
The pursuing troop with Roan at the lead had finally arrived at the Hartford Castle.


Roan got off his warhorse and stood in front of Kallum and Lukan collapsed on the ground.


Kallum threw up the blood in his mouth and quiveringly trembled his entire body.
He desperately raised his head and looked at Roan.

“S, save me. I, I am a ro, royalty. I, I can’t die like this…… kuuk.”

He poured out tears like a child.
Roan quietly looked at that sight and then gave a signal with his left hand.
Soon two soldiers ran up and raised and kneeled Kallum.


An intense pain was felt due to all his bones cracking.

“Ggruck. Ggruck.”

Kallum continued to threw up blood.

“Sa, save me. Save me.”

He continued begging for his life.

‘I, I am a royalty. Even Roan Lancephil won’t be able to kill me.’

A vague hope.
Sadly, Kallum still did not know well of Roan.
Roan stood in front of him and touched his Travias Spear at his waist.

“Kallum. As the Rinse Kingdom’s Grand Commander, I will adjudicate your crime.”

An incredible pressure exuded out.


Kallum quiveringly trembled his entire body.
He wanted to shout something but his voice did not come out of his mouth.


With a metallic sound, the Travias Spear’s blade appeared.

“Kallum Rinse. You have disturbed the kingdom by pulled in a foreign force and personally impersonated a king. But an even greater crime is that you have carelessly regarded the lives of the kingdom’s citizens. This is a serious offense that absolutely can not be overlooked.”

A stern expression and voice.

“But you as a part of the royal family have the right to personally preserve your life.”

The Hartford Castle’s citizens let out deep sighs.
The had thought that Roan would be different.
It was the moment that hope crumbled at once.
In reverse, Kallum made a faint smile.

‘Right. Roan Lancephil. You too are a bastard with thought.’

He wanted to cheer even immediately.
At that moment, a faint smile hanged on Roan’s mouth.

“And so, I Roan Lancephil……”


His wrist holding the Travias Spear slightly twisted.

“Plan to erase the Rinse Royalty and Kingdom.”
“Wha, what does……?”

Kallum widely goggled his eyes.
Roan, in a small voice, spoke as if to whisper.

“It means something like the royal family’s right you bastard can exercise no longer exist.”

That was the end.


The Travias Spear cut apart the air with a clear sound.


Together with a horrid sound, Kallum’s head was casually cut off.


His head fell to the ground.
A look with his eyes still goggled as if he couldn’t believe it.
Roan quietly looked at the headless corpse and spoke in a cold voice.

“Kallum Rinse. You will be recorded as the very first royalty in history to be killed by the hands of the kingdom’s citizens.”

In any way, Kallum came to leave his name in history.


The castle’s citizens let out exclamations.
Undisguisable lights of joy floated up on their eyes.
Roan, with a wave, commanded to get rid of Kallum’s corpse.

“What should we do with Lukan Diez, sir?”

Pierce approached and asked in a careful voice.


Lukan was still crawling on the ground trembling his body.
Roan faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“Lock him up for now. He has his use.”
“Yes. Understood, sir.”

Pierce answered shortly and soon grabbed Lukan and stepped back.
Roan quietly stood and looked around the surrounding citizens of the castle.
They were all shedding tears.
The hotly burning fire of resentment and revenge died down.
Roan deeply breathed in.
He had merely climbed over one of two large mountains.
His gaze naturally turned towards North.


A peculiar smile hanged on his mouth.

‘Now it is your turn.’

A confident expression and light in his eyes.
The war was now racing towards the end.

< Amaranth (39) > End.

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    Lol, I have started to wonder if this translation is cursed or something…
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