I Am the Monarch – Chapter 242: Northern Expedition (3)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 242: Northern Expedition (3)


“It is captured, sir.”


Harrison looked at a widely open castle gate and made a bright smile.

Roan Lancephil wordlessly nodded his head.

In merely three days, they had captured the Hoken Castle of the McGinley Region which was one of the major breadbasket zones.

It was a much easier battle than they had worried.

‘Clay. You thought of me too lightly.’


Roan could roughly understand how the situation was turning.

Clay must had been complacent.


‘But that too should end here.’


By now, Clay should have tightly gripped himself back and newly prepared a counterplan.


‘We must soon prepare the next step.’


Roan pulled his reins and lightly spurred his horse.

The rigidly standing warhorse slowly moved its steps.

The soldiers who had been busy with aftermath cleaning moved to the sides and saluted.

When he entered inside the castle gate, citizens whom swarmed out alongside a street were seen.

Roan, like always, climbed down from his warhorse.

The commanders who followed behind also did the same.

The castle’s residents quietly watched that sight with their mouth closed.

The light in their eyes were hot as flames.

An odd silence swirled.

Roan and the many commanders moved their steps with composed expressions.

For now, they planned to finish the legion’s resupplying by open up the granary and the supply storages at the castle’s center and look after the castle’s citizens.

At that moment.


“G, Grand Commander sir!”

“S, sir Count!”


From here and there, young men’s voices burst out.

Roan paused his steps and looked around.

Pushing through the crowd, three young men showed up.

Instinctively, few taemusas prepared to pulled out their swords.


“It is fine. Move back.”

A gentle voice.

Taemusas lightly lowered their heads at Roan’s order and returned to their positions.

Meanwhile, the young men kneeled down on the ground and lowered their heads.


“We are the Hoken Castle’s farmers, sir.”


Roan wordlessly nodded his head.

The young men’s words continued on.


“We, we also wish to fight together with Sir Count Lancephil!”

“Please take us in as the legion’s soldiers, sir!”

“We’ll fight with our lives!”


Loud voices heat the ears.

Roan quietly looked at the young men’s faces and then slowly moved his steps.

He held their shoulders with both arms and gently pulled them up.


“There is no need to kneel like so.”


A faint smile and a warm voice.

The young men became overwhelmed and couldn’t simply raise their heads.


“I’m thankful of your intentions but I will only take those passion. I do not wish to push even the ordinary people into the battlefields.”


Their number of soldiers were certainly inferior.

And for closing that difference, there was no method more effective than a forced conscription.

Roan, who currently controlled two thirds of the Rinse Kingdom, could instantly recruit in incredible number of soldiers.

However, he did not wish for forced conscription at the least.


‘Pushing people who never held a weapon even once before into the battlefields is the same as simply telling them to die.’


That was nothing more and nothing less than meat shields.

Furthermore, now was the season when many crops would ripen.

It was a state where a crisis to the harvest would immediately form if he were to recklessly conscript young men.

A situation where already the people’s lives were impoverished from the long wars.

He couldn’t place any further harsh ordeal upon them.


“We too understand Grand Commander’s intent, sir!”

“You must be saying so worrying about our lives!”

“But this is something we want, something we decided on our own, sir! We aren’t involuntarily joining because someone made us do it!”


Their voices were heated as the light in their eyes.


“At the very least, let us carry the baggages if we can’t be of help in battle, sir!”
“We’ve farmed all our lives. We can carry ration bags as much as needed!”

“We can clean the roads and put up camps, sir! We can do anything!”


Solely fighting while personally holding spears and swords alone wasn’t war.

Roan looked with a troubled expression at the young men.

At that moment, Harrison, Brian,a dn Pierce came to his sides.


“Aren’t their intents admirable, sir? Do please accept them in.”

“We actually are at a situation where not only the fighting troops but our rear auxiliary troops are very deficient, sir.”

“If it’s Glenn back at the fief, he should teach them well of the necessary things within a short time, sir.”


Glenn already was managing the fief regiment training camp for years and was training the Lancephil soldiers whom were famed as a powerful force.




Roan sank into thought with a quiet groan.

The young men stared straight at that Roan.

A will to absolutely not step back easily could be gleamed.

In the end, Roan had to step back.


“Can’t be helped. I will accept you.”


The instant his words finished.



“Thank you, sir!”


The young men raised their arms up high and cheered.

Roan quickly raised up his right hand and calmed them down.


“But you must absolutely not die without my order.”



The young men blinked their eyes and asked back.

Roan added on with a stern expression and voice.


“Do not die but survive and experience the world that will newly unfold. The world that you personally till and raise with your hands.”

“The world we personally till and raise with our hands……”


The young men looked at each other and faltered their words.

Heated fervor climbed up to their throats.

They had thought of themselves as mediocre existences.


’That us will raise up a world?’

‘We, we will do it.’


Their hearts soared.

The young men quickly clenched their fists and nodded their heads.


“We will absolutely survive to the end as the Grand Commander commanders, sir!”


Resounding voices echoed through the street.

At that moment.


“Sir, I will join too!”

“Sir, please take me along as well!”


Multitudes of young men poured out into the street from amongst the residents.

That was the beginning.


“I cannot personally join due to my old age, but please take this, sir.”

“Please feed the soldiers full with this, sir.”


Those who were too old or weren’t well gave out their foods and possessions.


“I will sew the clothes at the least.”

“I’ll cook up the food.”


Old and young women also stepped up one after another.

It was an incredible sight.

The numerous commanders including Roan all made dumbfounded expressions.


“Do, don’t people usually run away from armies and troops?”

“Aren’t they usually all busy closing their doors when they see soldiers?”


Few taemusas shook their heads as if they couldn’t believe it.

At that moment, Harrison, Brian, and Pierce cheerfully smiled and spoke in a quiet voices as if to whisper.


“Now the people has finally realized.”

“Of the lord’s meaning and sincerity……”

“Though our numbers may be inferior, our lord earned the citizens’ support that can’t be bought with anything.”


The people’s support.

Finally, Roan had earned the ordinary citizen’s hearts.

Thanks to that, Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s numbers, supplies, and rations instead began to increase the longer the time went.

It was all a result achieved without forced conscription nor plundering.

Such rumors spread throughout the entirety of the Rinse Kingdom but even to the North Rinse Kingdom.

The North Rinse Kingdom’s citizens, who already weren’t pleased with allying with the Estia Imperial Army, heard of Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s journey and began to greatly shake.

Clay tried belatedly to soothe the citizen’s sentiments by opening up the treasury, but the citizens’ discontent instead began to slowly, very slowly pile up as parts of the Estia Imperial Army stationed within the kingdom committed misdeeds.

Amongst this, Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment resupplied the legion and once again began their northern march.

And in response, Viscount Heder Myers led thirty thousand elite army and climbed south.

Roan versus Heder.

Now the full-scale battle of the Lancephil Fief Regiment and the Rinse Liberation Army was soon to begin.



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