I am the Monarch – Chapter 243: Northern Expedition (4)

“Is that the formation of Roan Lancephil, the self-proclaimed War God?”

Viscount Heder Myers smiled as he looked over the Lancephil Fief Army’s battle arrangement and encampment fill the plains.

“At first glance, it looks ordinary, but it’s a great formation without a single empty gap.”

His eyes twinkled as he felt heartfelt admiration.
The adjutants around him also nodded and played along with him.

“It’s definitely sturdy looking formation sir.”
“There isn’t any unnecessities sir.”
It was the perfect formation with the great mass in mind.

“But it’s actually a bit ridiculous. We’re bringing 30,000 many, but they’re thinking of employing a standard tactic against us.”

One of the Adjutant snorted.
Heder also gave out an empty smile at the outrageous part of the formation.

“Formation was good, but he’s underestimating our soldiers too much. Although we’re different from the Greenhorns in Rinse Kingdom.”

A voice filled with confidence.
Heder looked to his left.

“Vance Perrin.”

The man, who was as big as Heder, bowed his head slightly.

“Yes, Lord.”

Vance Perrin was a knight who had been a member of the Knights family for Viscount Myers from generation to generation, and was also known for his fencing skills among Heder’s leaders.

“I’m going to give you 3,000 horsemen. Go and stir it up.”

He was going to give him some lessons before the battle began in earnest.

“Yes, I understand.”

Vance understood Heder’s meaning and kicked his horse while answering him.
He held his sword up high and grabbed the horse’s reins, and soon after that, 3,000 horsemen followed him.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

With the sound of horseshoes resounding, the calvary ran across the field towards the infantry of Lancephil Fief Army encampment.

“Enemy calvary is rushing towards us sir. The number is about 3,000.”

One of Lancephil’s scouts, who was watching the situation, cried out loud.
Roan nodded silently.
Thanks to Kalian’s Tears, he was able to identify the leader who was advancing from afar.

‘It’s Vance Perrin who’s the right arm of Heder Myers .’

It was ridiculous.

‘They seem very eager to show the power of Empire…….’

With Vance, it isn’t possible at all.
Roan lifted his right hand lightly.

“Yes, Lord.”

Pierce responded with a low voice as he approached.
Roan just kept looking forward and gave out a clear order.
“Lead the 3,000 horseman squad. Cut the neck of the enemy leader.”

He casually issued out a difficult command.
Pierce, however, bowed his head without hesitation.

“I’ll be back soon sir.”

He responded back with confident voice.
Soon, 3,000 horseguards were deployed, and lead by Pierce.

Doo-doo doo doo doo doo!

Likewise, the sound of horseshoes resounded as thick dust cloud rose up.

“Oh-ho! I had thought that with the miniscule size of the Rinse Kingdom, they would bring out a tiny force! They do seem to have some guts!”

Vance looked at Pierce running, and cried out in a fierce voice.
Pierce shook his head with a grin.

“The Estia Empire guys fight only with words?”

The sense of ridicule clear.

“This, this bastard!”

Vance yelled out loud, and kicked back his horse with his heels.
Compared to the Estia Empire, Rinse Kingdom was a tiny country.
Furthermore, Pierce’s appearance did not seem like an aristocratic one.

‘How dare he look at empire’s knight family with such ridicule!’

He swung his sword at once, and he thought Pierce’s neck would have slitted off.


The warhorse rushed towards Pierce and slammed into him.
Pierce snorted as he saw a long sword flying towards him.


At the same time, the warhorse twisted as he seized the reins.


Vance’s sword cut through the air pleasingly.
Pierce twisted his wrist, staring straight at the blade coming towards him.
The spear swung shook with much force as if the spear danced.


Vance took a deep breath as Pierce’s spear came towards him like a snake.


A single mistake would cause his throat to be cut in a single blow.
He twisted with all his might and swung his sword.

‘I did it!’

A light of relief emerged in both of his eyes.
He was convinced that he had off coursed the spear right in front of him.
But it was a big misunderstanding.


Pierce’s spear, like the wind, passed Vance’s sword and pierced his chest.


The sound of a drum bursting came out from Vance’s mouth.
Pierce twisted his wrist shook his much force to Vance’s chest.


Vance overturned his eyes.
Just before he died.
Pierce leaned down and whispered into his ear.

“Go to hell and say that Roan Lancephil’s spearman Pierce sent you there.”

At the same time, he pulled his wrist and spear, which was embedded in the chest.


Vance shrieked out loud as he shook his head.
That was the end.
He couldn’t move anymore.
Vance, Heder’s proud swordsman and knight, couldn’t stand a single bout against Pierce.
Pierce speared and slashed Vance’s neck.

“The enemy leader’s neck is slitted!”

A roaring voice resounded throughout the battlefield.

“Huck! Ge, General!”
“Sir Perrin Knight!”

The soldiers around him shouted out, startled.
Even though they were already struggling against the mighty Lancephil calvary.
Vance’s head that had fallen as well as the troop and motivation and lost their energy.
The efforts to show the power of the Estia Empire to the Lancephil Fief’s Army rather dealt them a devastating blow back to them.

“How could Vance go down in a single exchange!”

Heder, who was watching, widened his eyes.
His hands trembled as he held the reins.


From a distance, he could hear the screams of the allied soldiers.

“Will you just be watching them, sir!?”

The adjutant around him shouted out in a desperate voice.
Heder quickly calmed down and smiled coldly.

“How could that be possible!”

He picked up a pair of huge hammers that had been tied to the horse’s back.

“We have to pay back Vance’s enemies!”

Heder quickly kicked the horse and yelled.

“Let’s go! Let’s show the real power of our Estia Empire!”

Soon a loud roar erupted.
Nearly 10,000 troops began to rush along with the man who took charge at the front .

Doo-doo doo doo doo doo!

Heder that was running up ahead was actually quite imposing.
It was the momentum that could be called upon as the Estia Empire’s Inferno Bear.

“Who can stand against me?!”

A roaring voice.
It was like a bear’s roar.

“He’s really like a bear.”

Roan smiled, as he watched the situation in front of the main camp.
Of course, it was absolutely not a compliment.

“Send Pierce a retreat signal.”

A short command fell.


The flagbearer nearby waved two small flags with signals.

Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

Soon the signal for the retreat resounded throughout the battlefield.
Pierce and the 3,000 horsemen retreated to the main camp without looking back.

“These guys! Where are you running away to!?”

Heder looked at it and yelled in a frenzy.

“Hahahaha! It can’t be helped for them being a tiny force!”

His announcement burst out.
He kicked the horse in order to catch Pierce, who was running away.
Doo-doo doo doo doo doo!

The sound of horseshoe became louder and the chase was advancing in faster pace.
Roan visage gave out slight smile as he stood still.
How long has it been?
A scout who climbed into the makeshift wooden tower that watched the battlefield shouted out.

“They’re by the trap sir!”

Roan’s smile grew stronger at that moment.
He raised his right hand gently and gave his command in a powerful voice.

“Begin the bear hunt.”

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PR : Fujimaru

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