I Am the Monarch – I am the Monarch – Chapter 244: Northern Expedition (5)

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I am the Monarch – Chapter 244: Northern Expedition (5)


Viscount Heder Myers and 10,000 Myers Corps squads crossed the field at a furious pace.
Unstoppable assault.
The whole area was a field, so there were no obstacles.

“Take out the enemies this instant!”

Heder’s voice resonated throughout the battlefield.


Soldiers shouted as if they agreed.
The speed of the cavalry started running a little faster.
At that moment.


With a dull sound, the calvary that ran out earlier fell out of balance.


Soldiers and war horses were also killed at the same time when their neck broke.

“Do, Dodge it!”

The soldiers who were following started yelling as they saw the fallen horsemen.
There were those who escaped their impending doom by jumping off lightly or barely avoided, but most of them stumbled or fell out of balance.
Of course, there were those who weren’t able to endure the momentum and died by breaking their neck or waist.

“What! What’s going on?”

Heder started yelling, and a soldier who was looking at the field shouted.

“Ropes! There are ropes set-up sir!”

The horses that were running upfront fell, because of the ropes.

“Damn! What do you mean by ropes!”

Heder frowned and looked at the ground.
Among the short growing grasses he saw a fairly thick rope.
It was not installed throughout the field, but sparsely installed over a certain section.

“They came out earlier than us, but they have only set this rubbish !”

Heder blows a lot of ridicule.
It was a loud voice, but he too was bewildered at the end.
Because of this simple rope trap, the soldiers who were the creme de la creme of the cavalry lost their lives.

‘I’ll bite this one time.’

Heder grinds his teeth.


He snorted and swung a big hammer over his head.

“Spearmen cut the rope!”

As soon as the order was given, the spearman troop stepped up forward and cut the ropes and searched the field.

No way could not have set it up properly.’

Heder was convinced.

‘According to our information, they only arrived half a day earlier than us.’

Half a day.
it can be a long time as it can be for a short time, but it was not long enough to install traps throughout the entire field ?
Heder’s hypothesis was right on.

“It’s the end! I don’t see anymore ropes, sir!”

Cried out spearman.
The rope search was completed sooner than expected.

“Kuhahaha! That’s more like it! Once again, begin the assault! Charge!”

Heder exclaimed out his order as he kicked his horse.
He spurned the march, which had been delayed for a short time.

Doo-doo doo doo doo doo!

The ground trembled loudly.
A cloud of dust soared.
It was a fierce assault.
Roan smiled mysteriously at the ever-coming Heder.

‘Thanks to the rope, the cavalry collapsed.’

Now the leading ones are the usual horsemen who are somewhat less capable.
So far, everything was as expected.

‘It’s hard to think of a battleground as a flatland, only a power-to-force war.’

Of course, if everything was to be decided in this battle, he was determined and ready to compete.
But for Roan, this battle was only the start of it.
He needed to win while saving as much power as possible.
However, Roan was not really talented in tactics and strategy.
He only had his memories of his past life.
Furthermore, the memories were clearly remembered after the hexmage’s mental attack, even the smaller events.

‘I even feel like my head has improved.’

In fact, as time passed, he felt empowered to study and train.
Roan smiled and looked at the battlefield.
Heder reached out to the front after some time.

“The real importance of war is not strategy or tactics.”

The answer was different.
It was fairly simple.


He had lived two lives, both of which have been a fierce battle of endless wars, and he had come to realize that the real answer is the people.
Roan focused upon Heder before making up a plan.
How would you think and behave if you were that guy ?

‘Heder Myers. I would thoughtlessly order march forwards .’

Heder was such a man.
He is, of the Estia Empire, a proud native of a great country, and his own original personality hated very thought of low-key because he was too good to be held back.
He even thought it was cowardice to conduct ambushes and traps during combat.
Empire’s Bear was a perfectly fitting nickname.
Roan informed Ian Phillips of Heder’s personality and inclination, and Ian came up with an appropriate tactics for him.
In addition, Roan once again compensated for his shortcomings, by recalling Heder’s old battle events and records.

‘The battlefield here has become a huge trap.’

A trap to catch a bear named Heder.
The first trap was the rope.
Traps that can deal moderate damage in a short amount of time.
At that moment Heder who has lost his mind swung his hammer and screamed.

“How dare you! Roan! Stop the cowardly act and come out right away and take my hammer!”

A voice that is so great, suppressed the sounds made from the horseshoe.
But Roan didn’t respond in any shape or form.
Heder quickly burst into tears.

“Kuhahaha! War God, more like dead War God! Roan is a coward!”

There was a sense of ridicule.

“Rather, why did you not come a little earlier, so you could’ve set up a camp, and hide in it!”

Roan smirked at the words.

‘The second trap to catch him…….’

Roan’s eyes shined and beamed. At the same time, his right hand went up above his head.


An unknown sound penetrated through the ear.


The enemy’s momentum and shouting pierced the sky.
That’s when Roan’s right hand fell forward.
In that instance.


A wooden fence, tightly woven in front of the long line of Lancephil made screeching noise, was revealed.
Within the blink of an eye, it felt like a portrait could have formed in that time.
Roan’s smile on his mouth grew stronger.

‘The second trap is a pointed wooden fence.’

The caravan was there, which was sharply cut, and tied to the fence with a rope.
Until Heder Myers approchead up close, they hid on the floor of the field, and when they reached their proximity, they pulled the rope at once and raised it at an angle.


Furthermore, the ground was dug deep downward, securing it so that the bottom of the fence would not move.
The goal was obvious.
It was an enemy assault blockade and the annihilation of the calvary.

“Uh, uh, uh!”

The Myers’ soldiers, who were running with much momentum, quickly pulled the reins when they saw the wooden fence that suddenly appeared before them.
However, the speed was so fast that it was impossible to stop in time.

Puk! pubububuk!

With a terrible sound, soldiers and warhorses were skewered in a pointed fenced caravan.

“Do, don’t push!”
“Oh, it’s a fence! A Fence!”

The soldiers, who were running on the back of the vanguard, found the fence a little too late and screamed.
But it’s almost impossible for them to suddenly slow down now.

Pbububuk! Pubuck!


Like the vanguard, they were also terribly skewered.

“Damn it! Where did this come from?!”

Heder, on the other hand, was also being a header.
rather, he sped up and jumped over the towering fence.

“It’s the Enemy Commander!”
“Kill Him!”

As if waiting, several Lancephil soldiers rushed with the swords and spears.

“Heung! How dare these tadpoles come at me!”

Heder snorted lightly and turned the two hammers vigorously.


With a terrible sound, the soldiers’ heads burst like watermelons.
Heder raised the moral and screamed.

“These stupid things! Don’t slow down and jump over! Step on the corpse and jump over!”
“Yes, yes! Yes sir!”
“Jump over!”

With menacing command, the leading horsemen began to jump over the corpses of their former comrades.
However, it was only after the horsemen were running late and had taken a major blow.
If the elite horsemen had not strayed from the line, they would not have been harmed as much as they were now.
Furthermore, the soldiers who barely crossed the fence and stepped in were quickly defeated from the attack of Lancephil’s arrow.


The vast majority of ordinary soldiers, except the Adjutant and knights, that were killed looked like hedgehogs.

Attack after attacks continued, not even allowing them for a brief breather.

“Ke ugh!”

Screams continued to explode everywhere.

“Damn it! These cowards!”

While Heder looked at the dying soldiers in front of his eyes opened his eyes wider.
He wanted to smash the Lancephil’s soldiers with a hammer in his hands, but the guys were too far away.

“Damn it! Infantry division! Hurry over the fence! Protect the knights and cavalry!”

Following Heder’s call, The Myers Infantry stepped on the bodies of horsemen and warhorses and crossed the fence.


The shield prevented the attacks of Lancephil’s arrows.
The knights and horsemen, including Heder, breathed a long sigh with a reassuring expression.

“The enemy is in front of you! Push up your shield forward and march slowly!”

Even Heder, that shouted out to charge up ahead withouht a thought, wasn’t stupid enough to rush into the situation.
Thump. Thump. Thump.

The entire Myers Army approached the Lancephil army with their feet in sync.
One step after one step carefully followed by a forward march.
Watching the situation, Roan raised his right hand to stop the archer’s attack.
Instead, he turned his finger around to put the cavalry and infantry at the forefront.
Meanwhile, Heder and Myers army were getting a little closer.
The scout, who was watching the situation, cried out in a low voice.

“They’ve stepped in sir.”

Roan nodded slightly and pointed forward with his right hand.


As if they waited for the signal, some of the Lancephil soldiers, led by Viscount Higgs Potter, rushed toward Heder Myers’ army.
A fierce assault continued unrelentingly, as if there were no more traps.

“Damn it!”

Heder looked at Higgs, who was in front of him, and shouted out his swears.
Myers’ soldiers, whom were hiding under the shield, were a little late in getting into a counter-attacking stance.

“Wipe them out!”

Heder screamed and kicked the horseback.

Chang! chachang! chang! chang!

Soon, a battle broke out with the sound of steel.

“Kehahahaha! That’s it! That’s it! This is the real battle!”

Heder swung the hammer with a smile.

Pubuk! Puk!

In one attack, three or four soldiers were smashed in the head.

“This guy! Let me compete with Higgs Potter once!”

Higgs rushed to Heder, looking ahead with the sword.

“If it isn’t Higgs, the traitor!”

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