I Am the Monarch – I am the Monarch – Chapter 244: Northern Expedition (5)

Heder swung the hammer while squirming.


Higgs’s long sword trembled as if it were broken.

“Ke Ugh! What a force to be reckoned with.”

Higgs swayed while biting his lips.
In just one exchange, the momentum has been dampened.
Heder, on the other hand, had more momentum.

“Kehahaha! If it was Higgs Potter I thought he was a well-known leader! Since the Rinse Kingdom is a small country, the leader’s skills are childlike!”

Insulting judgement.

“And how frightened you are, how sweaty you are!”

As Heder said, Higgs’s face was drenched.
If he looked closely, the face as well as the armor and the warhorse looked dampened.
But Heder didn’t notice it.

“The soldiers here are sweaty sir!”
“I think the soldiers of Rinse Kingdom are all cowards, sir!”

Here and there, the Myers’ soldiers struck him.


Higgs swung his sword once again with a very angry expression.


Heder bounced off the sword with a light gesture, that looked like little to no effort.


Higgs once again bit his lips.
A precarious look seemed to show, like at that instant he will drop the sword.
He was in conflict for a moment, but he shouted out forcefully.

“Re, retreat! Retreat now!”

Even if it was not said, the Lancephil’s army was being pushed very subtly back in the siege.
It could not be figured out yet.

“Retreat now!”

Several Adjutants followed and began to step back.
The Lancephil’s army quickly retreated like the downstream current.

“Aa! These cowards!”

Heder frowned with disappointment.
He pointed to Higgs and the Lancephil soldiers fleeing with his large hammer.

“Chase them! Chase them down and cut their throats!”

Soon, with thunderous shouts, the march began once again.
But the Higgs and Lancephil’s soldiers that were seemingly defeated were very orderly, and very quick.
By the time Heder had just sped up the chase, they had already reached the front.

“Chet! Rinse Kingdom guys, their skills in running away is top-notch.”

He hit his tongue and mocked.
At that moment.

“Lo, Lord!”

One Adjutant, who was running alongside him, looked at Heder with a pale face.
A very urgent voice.

“What is it?”

Heder frowned his visage and asked.
Adjutant swallowed with his dry throat and pointed his finger to the floor.

“Flo, look at the floor sir!”

Naturally, Heder and other commanders glanced at the floor.
The wild grass were dry and casually drooping.
At first glance, there’s nothing strange about the scenery.
The Adjutant, who had halted the horse, jumped forward and smacked the grass with the end of the spear.

At that instance, the damp, wet grass was gone and dry grass emerged.
Adjutant grabbed the grass and shook it out.

“It’s oil! it’s completely soaked in oil sir!”

Heder’s eyes turned rounder.
He hurriedly pulled the reins and stopped.
The pursuing Myers’ soldiers hurriedly stopped.
Heder turned his head and looked at the soldiers’ feet and the ground.


Both of his eyes trembled.
The dry wild grass flipped over and the oil-soaked wild grass clung unto the soldiers’ legs.
A chill crawled behind the nape of his neck.
He couldn’t figure out how far the oil-soaked grass spread out to.


He tried to give out order to dodge.
But the sound he never wanted to hear came before him and penetrated his ears.


Sharp sounds cutting the wind.
One was able to gauge what it was without even having to look back.


As it wasn’t a different answer, the fire falling above their heads, the arrows fell in front of their feet.


With the sound of rupture, the flames stretched out in all directions.
At the same time.


The oil-fed wild grass on the floor burned violently.
The flame swells as if it were in tandem.
It was reminiscent of a similar fire path.
The glaring flames, with a great amount of heat, terrified the Myers soldiers.

“Sa, save me!”
“Fi, fire!”

The soldiers became human torch and struggled.
‘Shit. Higgs Potter! It was water, not sweat!’
His frightened expression swelled with smoke.
Heder’s face was nicely distorted.
He quickly examined the battlefield with his two eyes.
The flames burned fiercely, but that didn’t mean all the soldiers were trapped in the flames.
The vanguard and the reaguard troop were fortunately skewed away from the oil zone .
Of course, that didn’t mean it was safe.

‘We must retreat before the flames move.’

He had to safeguard the surviving soldiers and make contingency plan afterwards.
Heder took a deep breath and raised the hammer.

“Myers! Go back to the rear……”

When the command continued.

“Are you going to run away?”

A voice penetrated his ear.
Heder twisted his face and looked in the direction the voice was heard.

“You, you, you are the bastard……!”

He gritted his teeth automatically.
Where his gaze was headed.
There, a man wearing a red armor stood as resplendent as the flames.
War God Roan Lancephil.
Finally he appeared in front of Heder holding a spear.

“If you want to run away, run away.”

A soft voice that treated him as if he was a child.

“What, what did you say!”

Heder trembled.
His anger stretched to his head.
Roan, on the other hand, has a casual look.

“I have no intention of killing cowards.”

The words themselves ended in fear.

“This guy!”

Heder charged towards Roan.
Two huge hammers flew toward Roan’s head.
Roan swung Travias’ Spear lightly by kicking it with his toes.
His head had turned and the spear had cut the wind.


The flame sparked with a heavy steel sound.

“Ke ugh!”

It was Heder who stepped back with the sound of his choking.

“I’m of the Marauders of Empire, and I, how could I The Heder Myers was the one pushed back in power…”

He shook his head in disbelief.
He knew Roan was praised as WarGod, but he thought it was stemmed from the delusions of the people of the small country.

‘I was the one was going to show the might of a real great power…….’

He was confident.
He thought he could break Roan’s head with one confrontation.
But in just one confrontation, his steadfast confidence cracked.
His hands trembled.
His head was running red.
Roan’s soft voice then traversed with the wind.

“You guys made two big mistakes.”

Heder looked up at Roan.
His expression showed that he did not understand.
Roan swung Travias’ spear lightly and continued.

“The first mistake was that you thought the Lancephil Fief Army was all that I had.”

“What are you spouting……?”

Heder’s visage frowned.
Of course, he knew that there were some aristocratic forces who sympathized with Roan.
But the only real threat was the Lancephil Fief Army.
Roan pointed to the flames that spilled over into the spear.

“Ropes, fences, and oil-soaked grass are not prepared by our Lancephil Fief Army. We didn’t have time to prepare for it.”

Heder nodded unknowingly.
It was a clear fact.

Roan and Lancephil Fief Army arrived half a day ago.

‘And I’ve never been informed that they’re preparing for these traps.’

As a result, even simple traps turned into a scathing trap, causing great damage.
Roan smiled at Heder in distress.

“The people who created the traps are the inhabitants of nearby Fief.”

Heder gave out a short shout with an epiphany.
Roan’s smile on his mouth grew wider.

“Thanks to them, we were advantageous.”

It was true.
Roan had been actively embracing their help since confirming the support of the citizens of Hocken Castle.
This allowed the Lancephil Fief Army to literally focus on combat and war.
It was a moment when the mighty army was again reborn as a strong force.
Roan moved the spear and pointed it to Heder.

“Your second mistake…….”

His voice was casual, but he felt a strange sense of overbearing.

“You still underestimated my skills.”

Once again there was a hazy grin formed his mouth.
Clay had a new assessment of Roan as the Lancephil Fief Army quickly captured the southern part of North Rinse Kingdom.
He was a little vigilant.
Nevertheless, Clay and other commanders of the Rinse Liberation still underestimated Roan’s skills.
That misjudgment led to the current results.
In the first place, Heder Myers wasn’t Roan’s opponent.
Heder closed his mouth, took a deep breath, and snorted.

“You’re good at spouting out some nonsensical shit.”

Trying to gain back his momentum with a struggle.
He wanted to keep his self-esteem as if I it would kill him if he did not.

“Why do you want to tell me all of this?”

He is the enemy commander.
Even if Roan’s words were not top secret, there was nothing good if it flowed into Clay’s ears.
Roan responded by waving the spear lightly.

“Whatever happens, you’re going to die, here, now.”

A voice filled with confidence.
It was Roan’s verdict and proclamation.

“Looks like you’re underestimating me.”

Heder gritted his teeth and lifted up his two hammers.
Roan looked at him and whispered in a small voice.

“Tell me. I’ll listen.”

At the sudden talk, Heder’s visage frowned.


Questioned back with a short word.
The answer was also very short.

“Your last words.”

At the moment, Heder’s face was distorted.

“You insolent man!”

A voice filled with malice rang throughout the battlefield.

Roan smiled softly and shook his head.

“Depressing. Only that kind of will be left to the world.”


The black-and-red flames followed with Travias’ Spear.
At the same time, the spear slid through space as if it were dancing.


Heder swung the hammer while shouting out his curse.


With a roar, fire struck in all directions.
Hazy smoke covered the two men.
A short time later, the smoke cleared, revealing Roan and Heder.
Roan was still casual.
The black-red flame from the Travias’ Spear was also extinguished ?
Heder, on the other hand, looked barely conscious.
Also, the large hammer Heder held was only left with shallow handle on his hand.


With the eerie sound, the flames raged from Heder’s left shoulder to his right flank.
The flames spread a little bit and soon began to engulf Heder.
Heder muttered in vain with the pain of melting his whole body.


That was the end.
Finally, the black-red flame sped up to Heder’s head and turned him into a handful of ash.
Roan looked at it and turned his wrists to relax his position with Travias’ Spear.


His lips were slicked, and his short breath sprang out.

“Damn is it…….”

Heder’s last words to the world.

“I’d rather choose to be the insolent guy.”

A soft voice swirled around the battlefield in the wind.
Roan’s surroundings were filled with flames.


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