I Am the Monarch – Chapter 245: Northern Expedition (6)

“For now, shall cross the border?”

Guy laughed at this question.

“It seems that I’m going to have to do something I’ve never done in my life.”

At the end of the day, the Istel Kingdom forces, led by Peid and Guy, began their advance.
Their destination is the Rinse Kingdom.
For now, that’s how it is.

* * *

“Total annihilation on the Left-wing vanguard! Also being pushed to the front of the camp sir!”

Urgent reporting.

“I’ve already sent the Powell Troop of the Post. Austin Inform Captain Walter that I’m going to send him to Mount Pilton.”

A neutral expression.
Soft voice.
In the midst of a fierce battle, Ian Phillips was calm, sober, and relaxed.

“Yes sir!”

The soldier, who had urgently posted the report, smiled brightly and returned to the left-hand camp.
That wasn’t all.
There were countless reports from the center and right-wing forces, as well as the rear-wing force, but Ian was not at any time wondering if he had a clear understanding of the entire battlefield from his seat.
Even before the soldiers reported, he had already taken one or two steps ahead of reasonable action.
Thanks to this, the battle was unfolding very smoothly and effortlessly.

“That’s great.”

Viscount Heath Potter, a member of the Army who was resting after the first round, left his tongue out.
The zone flowed spontaneously.
In his view, Ian was like a monster.

‘Even more of monster than Pierce, Brian, Harrison, and Walter.’

The force of the four leaders was incredible, but they couldn’t possibly deal with more than one or two troops.
However, Ian seemed to be treating the enemies as if he was playing with a little boy in his seat.
Ian, who had just given a new instruction, looked back at Heath and smiled faintly.

“Rather than me, there is someone else who is much greater.”

A light of admiration came to his face.
Heath raised his eyebrows slightly, as if asking who that is.
Ian turned his head and looked at the front of the battle.
He could not see too far away, but his tight, taut momentum was bursting with so much energy that it could be felt from the direction he was looking at.

“The Lord is the one that should be called mighty.”

His voice was proud.

“He’s on top of strategy and tactics. No…….”

His eyes trembled.

“He’s on the top of the battle and war.”

Heath smiled and nodded, terrified to end the speech.

“Well, I can’t disagree with that.”

His gaze followed Ian to the battlefield.
Awe-inspired eyes.
Where Ian and Heath’s gaze stayed was Roan.


With a roar, the ground burst out.
At the same time, a long path of fire came to be.

“Do, Dodge it!”
“Damn it!”

Rinse Liberation Army soldiers escaped the flames and flung their body from side to side.
In that instance.

“Brutal murderer!”

Amaranth Troop, wearing red armor, was spotted within thundering cry.
A valiant figure of sword and spear spread as it traverses between flames and flames.


The Soldiers of the Rinse Liberation Army collapsed without a chance in resistance.
The rear soldiers then fired arrows at Roan.
It was the most challenging and difficult of the Lancephil Fief Army’s battalion.

“Raise up your Parma!”
“Yes sir!”

The nearby Amaranth Troop soldiers quickly lifted a small shield over their heads.
Roan, on the other hand, snorted and swung Travias’ Spear in a long arc.


Hellstorm of fire unfolded over their head.


The arrows that flew through the space in a momentum were unable to penetrate the flames and disappeared within the smoke.
Roan’s eyes glanced behind the enemy.
He could see the archers sighing behind the infantry.

‘I’m going to have to deal with them for now.’

Roan bitterly smiled and kicked the horse.
A merciless assault.

“Stop him!”
“We cannot be pierced through!”

The infantry lined up to maintain their ranks.
It’s hard to break through the guys at once, even for Roan.
Nevertheless, Roan kicked the horse harder.

Doo-doo doo doo doo doo!

The war horse raced like crazy.

“Is he going for head-on collision with us?”
“Did he go mad?”

The Rinse Liberation Army infantry crouched down and shouted out their curses.
Amaranth Troop, on the other hand, did not mind at all, focusing on what they had to do.
Anyway, for them, Roan was beyond the human category.
Meanwhile, Roan and the warhorse had almost reached the front of the Rinse Liberation Army infantry.


Everyone in infantry swallowed a dry needle and shouldered each other.
An expression of a willingness to never back down.
At that moment.


Roan and warhorse, who were rushing furiously, disappeared.


The tense infantry opened their eyes wide to Roan’s disappearance, he vanished like a ghost, like a wind.
Looking left and right, even looking at heaven and earth, Roan could not be seen anywhere.

“Where the hell has he gone…….”

When one of the soldiers started to rant off.


Roan and warhorse appeared behind the infantry with a blast.

“Ro, it’s Roan!”
“It’s the Wargod!”

The Archers, that were breathing relaxedly, screamed with a startle when they saw Roan appearing in front of them.

‘Blink’s power is getting better and better.’

That was the reason why Roan was able to break through the infantry at once.
It was thanks to the blink magic using Brent’s ring.
Roan smiled and twisted his wrists.


The flames soared along the Travias’ Spear.


Every time the spear danced, the flames raged, and every time the flames came, the archers disappeared into black ashes.
It was the annihilation of the Rinse Liberation Army Archers who harassed the Lancephil Fief Army.

* * *

The penholder was broken.


The commanders around him looked a little surprised, while coughing or swallowing their saliva.
Clay was the one who broke the penholder.
A hardened look.
But soon his mouth went up.
Originally, his eyes were so small, but now it could not be seen anymore.

“It looks like the penholder is worn out.”

He trembled, and cleared the remains of penholder he was holding, then turned his head.
At the end of his gaze was a soldier that looked worn out.

“Tell me again.”

A voice was still soft and calm voice as usual.
But not only the nearest commander, but also the defeated and worn-out soldier knew Clay’s innards was burning.
The soldier bitterly smiled and opened his mouth.

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